How to increase your brand awareness online

1. Use search engines. Getting top ten ranking on search engines should be your number one priority because traffic from search engines like Google, Bing or even DuckDuckGo are targeted. People who are looking for relevant products or services to your companies will turn to search engines look for information or at least relevant websites to the topic. If they found that your website contains useful information or services, they will more likely to buy again and again from you.

In order to get traffic from search engines, first, you need to create quality content on your website, and then get backlinks from relevant websites, which is easier said than done. However, software like Local SEO Pro or other SEO software which being sold online can help you, a lot.

2. Grow a mailing list. Always include an opt-in form on your website to collect email address from existing customers or at least people who browse your website every now and then. Having a mailing list is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers and also to keep reminding them of your brand, product or service.

3. Pay for online advertising. One big difference between getting traffic online and offline is the fact the advertising cost is much cheaper when compared to traditional media like television, newspaper or even magazine ads. There are tons of advertising programs to choose from. You do not necessarily need to go after big brands like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You can try alternatives like Traffic Vance, which is a pay-per-view, or should I say PPV program.

If you want cheaper alternatives, you need to become more creative. For example, rather than paying for expensive Facebook Ads, you can find relevant websites or blogs in your niche and then pay for banner ads on their website. This allows you to get more targeted audience rather than having to learn all of the advertising systems from scratch.

4. Pay to affiliates. If you are into online business for even two minutes, should know about affiliate marketing. If you are a generous merchant, then you can pay up to 75% commission to your affiliates. Your affiliates will work hard for you and drive more than just traffic – they drive real customers to your business, so it is worth it to be generous to your affiliates. If you think that learning how to use and set up an affiliate program is hard, then use the third party affiliate systems, like Clickbank, JVZoo or Commission Junction.

5. Guest blogging. Guest blogging is one method to get more and relevant exposure to your business. The concept is somewhat similar to having joint venture partners, but by becoming a guest writer in other people’s blogs. You need to find relevant, authority blogs to your niche and then become a guest writer. If you can contribute useful posts in there, people will be interested in visiting and reading your own blog or website. In addition to that, guess blogging will also push your ranking to the first page of search engines because Google or other search engines will see that your website content is relevant to the niche that you are talking about.…

Local SEO Pro review, demo and bonus

What is Local SEO Pro?
This is a desktop SEO software that can help anyone rank on Google for local related keywords. Unlike lots of outdated SEO software in the past, Local SEO Pro analyze the competition based on the latest Google update, those are backlinks and citations.

Who is Local SEO Pro for?
It is made for SEO Professionals, marketers or entrepreneurs who want to rank on Google or their clients’ websites on Google. If you want to perform SEO on your clients, then Local SEO Pro¬†( is for you.

How can Local SEO Pro help local business owners?
The fact is, every business want to get more sales to their products or services. If you are into online marketing, one way would be to shoot the position to the top of Google. It is easier said than done, unfortunately, because most people, probably your clients don’t know how to get ranked on the first page of Google, especially the top 3 spot.

This is the good news for you because if you are a SEOer, you can rank the clients’ websites on the first page of Google, and then charge a handsome fee for it. If you have Local SEO Pro as your number 1 software, your task will be much easier.

Benefits of Local SEO Pro:
Save yourself the time to find backlinks for your website or clients’ website. If you are into SEO for 2 minutes, probably you know that backlink is one of the most important algorithms for Google to rank a website. With Local SEO Pro, you can discover endless backlink opportunities. Even better, you can get backlinks from relevant sites, which is important to get ranked on Google in 2018.

Just enter a niche keyword, select a built-in footprint and then push the button, this software will then retrieve suitable sites for your target niche, where you are able to get the backlinks from. You can also tweak some other settings with this feature, such as location to get varied results.

Save the time by analyzing a competitor’s citation. One way to outrank the competition is by knowing its citation. In case you didn’t know, a citation is a business name, address and phone number published on other websites. However, some backlinks and citations are more powerful than others. This is important when you want to do SEO for local business.

Local SEO Pro ( allows you to identify the exact sites where your client’s competitors have their business “cited”. This will allow you to get citations from the same sites, and then push your client’s website higher up the Google rankings. Then, you can rinse and repeat this process.

Outrank the competition with relevant backlinks. Getting backlinks alone is not enough. If you are into SEO, you should know that not all backlinks are equal. In fact, getting one relevant, powerful backlinks is much better than getting hundreds of irrelevant backlinks. Thanks to the Local SEO Pro, you can uncover relevant backlinks in almost any niche. Getting relevant backlinks is super important if you want to get ranked on Google, especially for competitive keywords.

Uncover various metrics to evaluate and then outrank the competition. This part is really a powerful part of Local SEO Pro. While getting backlinks or citation is useful, it is still not enough. This is like shooting in the dark. It would take you a while before you can rank your client’s website to the first page of Google.

Local SEO Pro allows you to retrieve all the important data on any website which is ranked on top ten of Google, so you can easily and quickly identify the most powerful, authoritative sites to publish your backlinks and get citations on.

Export all important metrics and data to the local machine. Local SEO Pro allows you to retrieve all the metrics data for all of your backlink sites or citation sites above, and then export them to your PC. All of this data includes Domain Authority, Page Authority, External Equity Backlinks, MozRank URL and MozRank Subdomain Data. All of the important metrics you need to instantly identify the best sites to utilize when working on your client’s website or perhaps your own website.

What is included with Local SEO Pro?
– A desktop software that does exactly what it is supposed to do, analyzing competition to get relevant, powerful backlinks plus citations from.
– A step-by-step training on how to use the software to rank your website or perhaps your client’s website.

The step-by-step guide to using Local SEO Pro

How to get backlinks:
1. Enter a keyword into the software, and then choose one of the footprints provided.

2. You can also choose a target country.

3. Just push the blue button, and then Local SEO Pro software will retrieve a list of URLs where you can get relevant backlinks from. All of these sites are relevant to your niche.

4. From here, you will have the option to view the URL’s metrics, like MozRank URL, Domain Authority, Page Authority plus you can also view the top five keywords for the website.

How to reverse engineer the competitor’s citation:
1. Just type in the relevant keywords to your client’s niche or industry on Google.

2. Find the website which is ranked on top of Google search results and then grabs its address.

3. Enter the address and business name into the Local SEO Pro software.

4. The software will retrieve the list of websites where your client’s address and business names are cited.

How to retrieve the URLs data from MOZ directory:
1. Copy and paste the list of URLs from standard files like a notepad.

2. Click the remove duplicate sites button.

3. The software will automatically remove duplicate sites and leave a master list that you can export.

4. Copy and paste into the MOZ section to analyze.

5. Export the list of URLs together with their MOZ metrics into a standard CSV file.

A little recap of what Local SEO Pro can do for you
– Save hours perhaps days of your time on finding niche relevant backlinks to rank a website.
– Analyze the competition before you even start building backlinks.
– Export valuable metrics and data for any relevant URL.
– Increase the Google ranking for any business or your client’s website.
– Get rank on the first page of Google in 2018.
– Tap into an almost unlimited supply of varied backlinks.
– You can rank your client’s website in almost any niche or location.
– Discover where your client’s competitors get their citations from.

Ready to get started with Local SEO Pro?
Check out the Local SEO Pro official website here >>>

A little bit about search engine optimization, SEO
Today, people can search for business, information, product, service or even information faster than searching for them inside a book or local library. One way for local business to get as many clients as they can is by ranking on the first page of Google search results.

What are some of the criterias to get ranked on Google?
While search engines, especially Google keep their algorithm a secret, there’s a few things that SEOers and online entrepreneurs know.

One of them is by getting relevant, powerful backlinks to your website will surely boost your ranking to the first page of this search engine. If lots of relevant sites to your niche are linking to you, then Google will see your website as relevant to that topic or keyword. You can consider total backlinks as total number of votes from other websites.

Another criteria of getting ranked on Google is by providing relevant content to your topic. This is making sense since the purpose of Google and also your searchers are to find relevant information about your product or service. If you are using Google or Bing for a while, then probably you will notice that most of the search results appear on the top of these search engines are packed with relevant information and content. One of such sites is Wikipedia.

What does SEO has to do with local business?
Every business needs more exposure. This is the reason why traditional business owners, especially large corporations are willing to pay thousands per month for traditional advertising like TV ads, newspaper ads or even pay-per-click ads.

One cheap, yet cost efficient method to get more customers is by getting your website ranked on Google. With this method, people who are already interested in your products or services will just search on Google to find you and your contact information. There’s no need to find your products or services all the way to your office and there’s also no need to pay thousands for expensive television or newspaper ads.

How can Local SEO Pro help a local business?
You can use the Local SEO Pro functions to rank your local business site or perhaps your client’s website to the top of Google. There’s so many different algorithm to get ranked on the top of Google search these days, and Local SEO Pro will save you the time on analyzing the competition, finding the right keywords, fetching relevant backlinks plus much more.

If you are a local business and want more exposure, then Local SEO Pro will rank your business site for relevant keywords to your niche. This will give yourself free exposure for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you are an internet entrepreneur, you can sell an SEO service to a local business and get paid. Yes, clients will gladly pay you money because paying for an SEO expert is still much cheaper when compared to paying for traditional advertising like television ads, radio ads or even standard pay-per-click ads.

My Local SEO Pro bonus

As a way to say thank you for getting Local SEO Pro from this website, I offer you the following bonuses.

Bonus #1: High Ticket Authority Gold
High Ticket Authority Gold is more than just a video blueprint – it is a complete set, done for you package where you can use the autoresponder series, audio files, list of keywords to promote and make money by selling high ticket products. Why make $10 commissions per sale on low ticket items, while you can earn up to $500 to $2000 per sale with high ticket product? If you want to make a killing online, High Ticket Authority Gold is the answer.

Bonus #2: Buyers Generation 3.0
Buyers Generation is more than just a list building course – it is a course on how to build a list of buyers instead of ordinary list of freebie seekers. Getting more buyers is the key to a life changing income because buyer list are more interested to buy something from you rather than freebie seekers. Inside Buyers Generation 3.0, discover how to use launch jack method to grow your list, how to use forums to find joint venture partners to promote your own products plus much more.

Bonus #3: Pinterest Power
In this neat report, discover how to drive massive amount of traffic from one of the largest social media sites, Pinterest. Discover what kind of audience are there at Pinterest, teh perfect type of sites for Pinterest traffic, increasing your following and networking and finally how to make Pinterest run itself.

Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint
E-commerce is one big industry online and will continue to boom in the future. If you are just getting started with an e-commerce store, Shopify is a platform that you should go for. But, the question is, how to get started with Shopify?

Shopify Blueprint is just the answer that you need. This is a complete video series that will walk you step-by-step on how to build your e-commerce empire with Shopify. Discover how to navigate and setup your online store with Shopify, configure your account, identify hot selling products, create buy button and finally launching your online store.…

Advantages of using social media marketing

One thing that differentiates between a successful company and the failed ones is marketing. In fact, in the world of business, marketing itself is essential. Thanks to the new technology, like smartphones, computers and the internet, traditional marketing are becoming less effective and online marketing, especially social media marketing is becoming more important.

So what are some of the advantages of social media marketing? Here are some of them:

1. Free traffic and exposure of your brand. In fact, social media marketing is actually free for most parts. Consider if you are using Facebook or Twitter to advertise your business. All you need to do is post on the Facebook wall or perhaps tweet about your latest promotion, blog posts or news relevant to your company. All of these are free.

2. Viral marketing. Again, if you are using Facebook, expect to get lots of likes from your Facebook friends or at least the fans of your company. Your product or blog post will get shared here and there in the number one social media. Viral marketing not only effective for Facebook, but also to its competitors like Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr. Each of these social sites has unique features to encourage sharing among its users.

3. More savings on a traditional advertisement. Why pay more for ads on television or newspapers, while you can earn the same, even more by paying less on Facebook Ads? Traditional advertisement like television requires lots of budgets to get started and maintain, but that’s not the case with Facebook Ads or Plenty Of Fish ads.

4. Get feedback from your existing customers. One big problem with offline advertisement like television is the fact your product or ads is just a hit and miss. Whether your customers like or don’t like your products, you cannot get direct feedback from them. So, if people don’t buy, you don’t understand why. However, that’s not the case with social media marketing. If you are into blogging, Facebook or Twitter for 2 minutes, you will realize that these social sites allow people to comment. You will get the response right away from your customers or Facebook followers. By getting the right feedback, you will learn what kind of improvements that you need to do with your products and services. …

How to make a killing with CPA marketing

If you are into making money online for a while, probably you’ve heard the term affiliate marketing. However, some of the newbies might not aware that there is another pay-per-performance marketing model called CPA marketing.

CPA marketing is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing. CPA stands for cost-per-action, and it means that CPA networks will pay their publishers or affiliates each time the traffic take certain action, like filling the form, taking a survey or perhaps install an app on their phone.

The actions required to profit from CPA marketing depends on the program, but unlike affiliate marketing, with CPA marketing, you will be paid just when your referrals or traffic take the action, and not making the purchase.

Perhaps you already came across websites or pop-up ads that offer “Win the brand new iPhone 6s” or “Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card”. These are some examples of CPA offers.

How to drive traffic to CPA offers?
There are tons of traffic sources that anyone can utilize to profit from CPA marketing. Most of them are not even search engines like Google. Below, I listed a few of them:

1. Pay-per-view, PPV.
Pay-per-view is an advertising model which you pay an amount based on the total number of views that your ad receives. If you can figure out the right network, you can make this type of advertising work. PPV advertising is relatively cheap compared to traditional banner advertising or even pay-per-click advertising since it can cost you just $0.01 per traffic and you can start with the budget as low as $50.

2. Instagram.
Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is one top photo sharing website that focuses on sharing images and videos. Instagram received millions of unique daily visitors and there are tons of new images and videos being posted on this social site every day.
All you need to do is capture and edit interesting photos and then share those via Instagram. You can tag those images and follow others. If your images go viral, you can expect to get more exposure and traffic. Then, you can drive the traffic from Instagram to a CPA offers, such as filling a form, Amazon gift cards, survey and more.

3. Other social media sites.
You can try Facebook or Pinterest to drive traffic to the CPA offers. Facebook is one large social media site, but keep in mind that the term for promotion on Facebook is somewhat strict these days that you will want to try other social sites. Pinterest and Tumblr are 2 of the Facebook alternatives that anyone can try. Just as the name implies, Pinterest allows anyone to pin the images, anything that they feel interesting. If you can share something that catches people’s attention, you can drive the traffic to your squeeze page or website and then get them to sign up for the CPA offer. …

How to do affiliate marketing on Youtube and killing with it

Youtube is the new television, plus even better it can be watched anywhere, whether from your tablet PC or smartphones. This is the reason why the mother company, Google keep focusing on Youtube ads because it generates lots of revenue just like advertisement on television in the past. Also, large corporations are starting to use Youtube these days, otherwise they will lose lots of customers.

How to use Youtube to generate affiliate revenue
There are a few steps need to be taken to use Youtube to generate steady affiliate revenue:
– Understanding your audience.
– Create a nice video.
– Link to your website.
Let me dissect one by one of these steps.

Understanding your audience
Generally speaking, people on Youtube love to search for product reviews before buying. This happens when you are promoting products from Amazon such as microwave oven, digital camera or perhaps game console. If you purchase the latest digital camera, then you might want to post the review on Youtube. Focus on things like the specifications, buttons, memory cards and other functions such as sharing the photos online.

Other than that, people usually love to watch tutorials in order to learn something from Youtube. This is due to the fact that videos can be understood much easier than plain text. Lots of internet marketers are using tools like Camtasia Studio to capture video tutorials and promote their website.

Create a nice video
This takes some time to practice, but it is worth it. You can use your handphone to capture videos from the camera and then upload or edit it. If you capture videos from a camera, let say a camcorder or perhaps your own smartphone, make sure that the lighting is okay and people can see the video and hear your messages clearly.

Otherwise, if you are using a screen recorder software, you will want to buy a microphone to record the voice clearly. Use Camtasia Studio software to record the screen of your computer and publish a niche, outstanding video tutorial.

Link to your own website
While you might want to utilize Youtube to promote affiliate products, you will likely gain even more traffic and attention by linking to your own website, and not an affiliate link. Just make sure that you post outstanding content on your website to grow viral traffic and attract more attention from your audience.…