Youtube Live Income Stream Review, Complementary Bonus & Discount Offer

Youtube Live Income Stream is a high-quality PLR product about Youtube marketing. Youtube is a hot marketing channel these days, and you will learn about it in this course. Even if you already experienced, you will surely pick decent tips from here blueprint.

To add more value, this course comes with the private label right. In other words, you can sell this to your list subscribers, and keep 100% of its profits. Share the Youtube marketing secrets with your existing customers and get paid for it. It’s that simple.

Overview of Youtube Live Income Stream program

Youtube Live Income Stream review

Youtube Live Income Stream – The front-end offer

This product is geared for you if you are looking for a PLR product. In case you didn’t know, a PLR product can be sold as your own, or perhaps be given away in exchange for an email.

The front-end offer of Youtube Live Income Stream comes with a PDF course, cheat sheet, list of resources and mind map. No video tutorial here. Inside the PDF ebook, the author explains in details how to drive a massive amount of Youtube traffic and monetize them.

Other than that, the sales materials are also included. Those are professional graphics, banners, a high-converting sales copy, legal pages. In case you want more conversion, you can also include video in your sales letter. Yes, customer sales video is also included.

Youtube Live Income Stream – The upsell

The upsell is worth it if you want more happy customers. The reason is simple: The upsell part is more than just a PDF ebook – it also comes with video series.

Youtube Live Income Stream upsell comes with 15 high-quality videos, powerpoint slideshows plus some marketing tools. Yes, your customers can use this product on its own together with the marketing tools included. Those marketing tools are the squeeze page, the graphic, free report and also follow-up email swipes.

Other than that, if you wish to sell this PLR product, sales materials are also included. Those include high-converting sales copy, expert sales video, minisites and swipe emails.

My killer Youtube Live Income Stream bonus, with MRR and PLR

Get Youtube Live Income Stream from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below.

Youtube Live Income Stream is a PLR product, so if you are looking for something similar, those would be my bonus files below. Some of my bonus below comes with master resell right and also private label right.

They are available only when you purchase Youtube Live Income Stream from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #1: Youtube Traffic Secrets with MRR

If you are looking for a complementary product to Youtube Live Income Stream, then this one is for you. Youtube Traffic Secrets comes with master resell right and it is also about getting the traffic from Youtube.

By now you should know that Youtube could be very powerful to drive massive traffic to your business. The problem is, not many people can use it to the fullest.

I have seen a lot of videos which are 30-minute long but received only 1000 views per lifetime. On the other hand, I noticed that some videos are only 10-minutes long, but they receive 10,000 views per week.

If you want to know the secrets to gain massive views per week like that, then read this ebook. It covers all important tools on Youtube that you can use for maximum exposure and massive traffic.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #2: Buyers Generation 3.0 with MRR

You know that having an email list is important. However, money doesn’t be made by setting up a list itself. It is actually about growing a buyer list. This is one big difference between newbies and super affiliates when comes to list building.

Having a list might give yourself traffic, but not necessarily sales. On the other hand, having a buyer list will give you a long-term, life-changing income.

Buyer Generation 3.0 is a neat, video course that will teach you how to get lots of buyer traffic to your website or affiliate links.

Learn all these and more from this video series:
– The 5 effective methods to build a list of buyers. These techniques are proven to work for years that you don’t want to miss it.
– The secret to convincing others to send buyers to your list. Inside this chapter, you will discover how other people, including your competitors, are willing to send real buyers to your list.
– Discover the secret to leverage free viral reports to build a buyer list.
– Gain easy traffic and subscribers by becoming an expert in your topic. This part is very important. Once people know and trust you, it will be much easier for others to subscribe to your list.
– Launch jacking methods. The reasons why launch jacking works and how to leverage product launch for traffic.
– Joint venture marketing secrets. Discover how to make others work hard for you by recruiting them as affiliates.
– Top newbie mistakes that you should know and avoid when comes to list building.
– List monetization: Discover how to maximize your newly built list of buyers for lifetime profits.

Buyers Generation 3.0 comes with MRR, and then sales letter is also included. You can sell this product to anyone and keep 100% of its profits.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #3: SEO Success Blueprint

Are you struggling hard to get free traffic from Google? We all do at some point. The reason is simple: most of us think that getting Google or Bing traffic is hard.

Well, the truth is, getting search engine traffic is easy. Yes, it takes a little work, but it is possible.

SEO Success Blueprint will uncover the truth for you. This course comes with 2 parts. Discover all these and more inside the SEO Success Blueprint:
– Overview and introduction to SEO.
– Content is the king. Discover what kind of content that Google wants. Then learn how you need to outline your content, as well as your on-page SEO. These factors are important for easier Google ranking.
– Backlinks still play important role in SEO. Find out the truth about getting backlinks here.
– Social media sites and what it has to do with SEO.
– Find out how to leverage the power of press release not only for backlinks but also for massive traffic.
– Discover how to use article directories for free traffic and backlinks for search engine ranking.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint

Shopify Blueprint is a video series that will teach you how to build your e-commerce store with Shopify. In case you didn’t know, Shopify is the #1 e-commerce software today. If you want to take advantage of the e-commerce boom in 2018, this blueprint is a must.

List of chapters and content:
1 – Shopify At A Glance: An overview of Shopify system. The comparison between Shopify and the other e-commerce platform.
2 – Getting started with Shopify: This software comes with the monthly and yearly plans. Watch the videos to make a precise decision on which one is the best for you.
3 – Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you operate this software and configure your e-store. This video will walk you through the configuration process.
4 – How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: Shopify is a newbie-friendly platform. All the technical parts are already taken care of. Just choose any appealing template and you are good to go. Then, learn how to set up your payment and shipping methods.
5 – How To Identify Hot Selling Products: If you choose the wrong products or niches, you won’t make the money. This video is basically about niche research for physical products. All the tools recommended are free tools, so you can get started instantly, with a lower cost.
6 – How To Create Buy Button / Shopping Cart: This is where the money comes in. The shopping cart needs to be configured properly with your bank account. You can also set up any payment processor that you wish.
7 – Launching Your E-Store: This part is where basically about getting the traffic and make the real money. See the results and profits come in.
8 – Other Money Making Ideas: What if you don’t know how to stock your own products? Don’t worry. You can still use Shopify not only as drop shipper but also as an affiliate marketer. This video will explain the details.
9 – How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: If you are new to e-commerce, this part is not needed. However, if you already have an e-commerce store this part is for you. This chapter will explain how to migrate from other platforms to Shopify.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #5: Niche Authority Gold

Niche hunting is rather a broad concept for many people. The majority of people, especially newbies, have a hard time researching for profitable niches. Even for some experienced marketers, finding the right niche is still a challenging task.

Do you want to learn how to find the correct niches? This blueprint is for you. Niche Authority Gold comes with the exact steps to uncover profitable online niches.

Learn all these and more inside the video series:
– Mistakes that you need to avoid.
– It all begins with the right mindset. Discover how to develop the right mindset when comes to niche research.
– Begin the journey with things that you know.
– Learn how to find a niche that you are not familiar with.
– Advantages of a broad, and big niches.
– Advantages of choosing a much smaller, narrower niches.
– The top 10 niche finding tools that you should always use.
– Learn how to find suitable niches as an affiliate.
– Top 3 methods to create your own products fast.

Niche Authority Gold itself is worth at least $97, and you can sell this like your own products. MRR + sales letter are included.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #6: Profitable Webinars Blueprint

The internet today is more than just about videos or Youtube. It is now also about running a webinar. Unlike ordinary Youtube video or Facebook page, webinar has more advantages in terms of conversion.

People who attend your webinar can ask a question, and then you can gather the feedback on the spot. You can run a contest, get feedback, increase your support level plus much more.

Profitable Webinars Blueprint is just the video course that can help you get started. Learn the following from this blueprint:
– Profitable Webinar Formula.
– The secret to making a sale.
– Techniques to get more attendees.
– Get the traffic from joint venture partners.
– Leverage the power of Facebook to get more attendees.
– Discover how to make the webinars automated.

Youtube Live Income Stream Bonus #7: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Despite its name, Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is not about Facebook marketing. Yes, I know that Facebook is the #1 social networking site today. But the problem is, Facebook is too competitive.

This blueprint is basically about getting traffic from Reddit and Instagram. Reddit’s popularity is rising in 2018. This is the #4 most trafficked websites in the US and the #6 most popular websites in the world.

The good news is, you still have the chance to utilize Reddit in 2018. This is different from Facebook, which is super competitive these days. It is like using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads years ago.

The following are the content of this course:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– A quick view of the Reddit website.
– Discover why you should jump into Reddit.…

Affiliate Genie Review 2018 With Complementary Bonus & Discount

Let’s face the fact that making money from affiliate marketing is hard. Yes, you need to research for the right niches, find the hot products to sell and then get traffic.

However, what if you can reduce the learning curve for the entire process? That is what Affiliate Genie 2018 is all about.

Affiliate Genie is the ultimate Amazon, Clickbank and software in 2018. This is the ultimate tools to create six-figure campaigns in just a few clicks. You can steal the traffic not only from Google but also from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


A little bit about the creators, Teresa Shirley and Chris X

Teresa Shirley and Chris X are both long-time internet marketers. If you had been subscribing to internet marketing lists in the past few years, you should know Chris X. He is the guy behind products like Video Titan, T-Shirt Titan and then Affiliate Titan X.

In fact, I had been following Chris since 2007 and I knew tons of killer Clickbank products from Chris X back in 2007 to 2012. Chris and his products help a lot of people all over the web. For newbies, his products are top-notch and they can gain massive advantages over the competition these days.

What is Affiliate Genie 2018 and how can it help

This is actually a powerful package of software for affiliate marketers.

Features of Affiliate Genie 2018:
– Ready-made campaigns are included. No hassle to learn and create the entire work from zero: These including 20 fully responsive web pages, 25 Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram campaigns and then 30 professionally-designed videos.
– Complete training for everyone: This is super important so you don’t get lost during the process. Even if you already experienced, you can still benefit from the training. The training materials are presented in PDFs, videos and much more.
– Resell rights to two of best-selling JVZoo products.

Affiliate Genie review

My killer Affiliate Genie bonus, with MRR and PLR

The following bonus offers are available to you once you’ve purchased Affiliate Genie 2018 from this website. They are not really needed, but they can add more value to your purchase. Some of these products come with Master Resale Right and Private Label Right. So, if you purchase Affiliate Genie and looking for PLR, MRR products, you’ve come to the right place.

The bonus download page is already integrated with the system. Hence, once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the #1 source of online traffic. Even if you are not a tech-savvy user, you should realize by now that the majority of the websites can be found by using Google.

However, did you know that you can use search engines to your advantage? If you know how to get ranked on the first page of Google, you can rake-in a lot of money.

This 2-part PDF blueprint has all the answers that you want. SEO Success Blueprint is a newbie-friendly course on getting the search engine traffic. All important aspects regarding SEO are covered from A to Z inside this blueprint.

What’s inside this course:
– Introduction to search engine optimization.
– Content creation and on-page SEO. Discover the factors you need to take care of in order to get ranked on Google.
– The reasons why you should focus on getting backlinks for Google ranking.
– The secret used by top super affiliates and webmasters to steal Google traffic.
– Social media marketing and the reasons why you should concern about it.
– Article directories and its importance to your ranking and traffic.
– Find out how to appear on the news release and then steal a massive amount of traffic from Google.
– Other backlink sources that you need to know and leverage.


Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #2: FBA Profit Mastery

Making money from Amazon is more than just Kindle or Amazon Associates. It is also about selling your own physical products. This is what Amazon FBA is all about.

While the Amazon FBA program had been around for years, it is actually something new to many people. In fact, most people don’t know how to sell on Amazon marketplace via the FBA program.

If you are one of them, the FBA Profit Mastery is the course that can help you get started. The FBA Profit Mastery will make the entire process of selling products on Amazon much easier. Discover how to leverage the Amazon marketplace itself and profit from it.

The list of videos inside FBA Profit Mastery:
– Overview of the entire system.
– Sourcing is the technique that you can use to find products and sell on Amazon. Discover how to source the products successfully.
– Tricks and techniques on how anyone can become a successful Amazon FBA seller.
– Other sources to search for relevant products to your niche in websites like Craigslist, offline newspapers and even eBay.
– Find out how you can do local auctions and real estate sales.

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #3: Alibaba Profit System

Alibaba is the #1 online retailer today. If you want to sell physical products anywhere on the web, you cannot avoid using Alibaba.

For a lot of people, making money from Alibaba is a new thing. Therefore, they don’t even know how to get started.

The good news is, the Alibaba Profit System can guide you, on how to utilize this site to the fullest. Anyone can start from scratch and then see the real profits with Alibaba and his or her online store.

Learn the following and more from this system:
– Trade Assurance account: What is it and why you should set it up.
– Product research: Discover how you can find the correct products to sell online from Alibaba marketplace.
– Risk when using Alibaba: Find out what kind of risk and how you can reduce the risk when using this online retailer.
– Product sample: Get the product shipped to you, and then discover how to test them.
– Payment processing and other related tasks.

Alibaba Profit System comes with MRR, sales letter and also sales video. You can sell this product just like your own product. Then, keep 100% profit to yourself.


Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #4: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Money is inside the list. This is no secret since people on the internet always rely on emails to exchange information and then communicate with each other. Hence, it makes sense that you can make a lot of money from email marketing.

You don’t need to become a tech-savvy individual in order to have a huge mailing list. However, you need to learn somewhere in order to get started.

The Autoresponder Profit Formula can help you start a profitable email list from scratch. This is no ordinary course since you will get more than just a video series – you will be receiving the real example of follow-up emails and PDF reports.

Autoresponder Profit Formula consists of three parts:
Part 1: List building basics
– The introduction of email marketing, autoresponder.
– Discover the solid plan that you can replicate to start a profitable list.
– You will be needing more than just autoresponder service. Discover the list of tools that you need to get started.
– Forget learning it. See the real examples of a high-converting squeeze page and replicate those to your advantage.
– Traffic generation basics.

Part 2: Get more buyers. Separate the freebie seekers.
– Discover why some of your list subscribers are not going to buy anything from you.
– The techniques that you can use to differentiate between buyers and freebie seekers.
– Tricks that you can use to gain tons of buyers rather than freebie seekers.
– Find out how to become an expert in your topic and then gain a lot of free traffic.
– The secret to using joint venture partners for cross-promotion and long-term traffic.
– Forum marketing is the way to go when comes to gathering a list of buyers. Find out the list of free forums that you can leverage on.
– Common list building mistakes that you should avoid.
– Launch jacking: What is it about, and how to leverage it for traffic and list building.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– The difference between selling low-ticket products and high-ticket products.
– Find out how super affiliates are making big commissions by selling a $2000 high-ticket products.
– The exact system that you can use to make your subscribers purchase a high-ticket product from you.

Also included:
– List of autoresponder emails that you can use.
– Sample of upsell page, free report and sale videos that you can use.
– Squeeze pages that you can modify or use as it is.

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #5: Pinterest Power with Master Resale Right

You know about Facebook marketing, but I doubt that you know how to market on Pinterest. In fact, many marketers neglect using Pinterest altogether. This is a good news for you since Pinterest is one of the most trafficked websites on the internet today.

In this Pinterest Power PDF course, discover how you can tap into a new traffic goldmine and profit from it.

Learn the following tactics and more from this ebook:
– Overview of the Pinterest website and your target market here.
– Not all type of websites converts on Pinterest.
– Find out the right CPA offers or ads that you can use to monetize Pinterest traffic.
– The secret is to get more followers. Find out how to grow a huge list of followers.
– Discover how to market yourself there without being pushy.
– Automation and tools for Pinterest marketing.
– Recap of the entire system.

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #6: Pinterest Perfection with Master Resale Right

Pinterest Perfection is also about Pinterest promotion and marketing. However, this course goes deeper into the techniques and features on this website.

Find out the following techniques and more inside Pinterest Perfection course:
– The relationship between Pinterest and blogging.
– Discover how to link up and partner with bloggers in your topic.
– The trick is to promote on Pinterest without being pushy.
– Find out how to maintain the traffic by providing useful, updated information.
– Viral traffic on Pinterest. Find out how to become creative and post your images here the correct way.
– Be careful and watch your etiquette.

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #7: Youtube Traffic Secrets

Youtube is the number one place for videos. In fact, many people already dump traditional television series after the rise of Youtube, Vimeo, and other online streaming sites.

Just like traditional television, Youtube can increase your brand awareness and traffic if utilized correctly. However, the question is, how to use it properly?

The secret doesn’t lie on the length of your video. There are tons of videos here which are 30 minutes long, but there aren’t many people viewing them. The secret lies in the video content and promotion. The more that you promote and use the features on Youtube, the more traffic you will receive.

Youtube Traffic Secrets is the PDF ebook that will explain how to use Youtube correctly for effective marketing and promotion. This is the exact methods used by top channels to gain 10,000 views per week and thousands of subscribers per month.

Affiliate Genie 2018 Bonus #8: WP Sales Robot with PLR

Do you want to boost the sales on your website? Or perhaps you want to gain more free, viral traffic? Why not get them both?

This is what WP Sales Robot is about. Not only this WordPress plugin can increase your website sales, but it also can be sold as your own.…

Anik Singal eSCAPE Review, Complementary Bonus & Discount Offer

eSCAPE: The 4 Stages To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur is a comprehensive course written by Anik Singal. I had been following Anik in the past 7 years and he is the real deal. He is the guy behind products like Inbox Blueprint, Lethal Commissions and tons of other killer product launches. His products are launched on various platforms, mainly on Clickbank and JVZoo.

Just like other products from Anik, eSCAPE is the real deal. Best of all, it is free to download and read.

eSCAPE is a must-read if you want to become a successful entrepreneur

The reason this book is authored was simple – to turn failure into success. The author, Anik Singal was baffled by one question: “Why some entrepreneurs fail while some others achieve huge success?”.

This book has the answer and the exact formula. It is based on the experience of the author, Anik himself, as well as the interview of top students at #Lurn. If you are struggling hard to become successful online, you must read this book.


Anik Singal Escape review

The upsell #1 – The Millionaire Mentor course + bonus

This is one amazing video series where Anik literally mentor someone through the process of becoming a millionaire. It is $197 in value and worth every penny. I highly recommend this video series if you are serious about profiting from the eSCAPE product.

Downsell #1
You will get the Millionaire Mentor course at half of its original price. However, you are also not qualified the receive the bonus included with the Millionaire Mentor course if you choose to take the downsell.

If you are on low budget, or perhaps looking for a discount, then I recommend this one.

Upsell #2 – The eSCAPE Masterclass

This is an 8-week intensive course that you can take with Anik guides you, one-on-one weekly. The difference is, you will be receiving a huge discount if you purchase this upsell today.

Just like the previous products from Anik, it is worth every penny. It is priced at $477 but this is actually a discounted price.

Downsell #2
You won’t be really saving money if you take this downsell. However, you have the option to make $177 in 3 different payment plan. So, if you cannot decide whether the eSCAPE Masterclass is for you or not, then this downsell is a good option.

My killer Escape bonus, with MRR and PLR

Get the eSCAPE ebook + the upsell and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. eSCAPE from Anik Singal is basically about internet marketing, so my bonus will be a perfect match for the eSCAPE book.

Unlike other launches, eSCAPE ebook is free, but the upsells are not. In order to qualify for my bonuses, you need to take at least one of the upsells or downsells.

These bonus files are available ONLY when you purchase eSCAPE Anik Singal from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, please send me an email so I can send you the download link. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

eSCAPE Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

As an internet marketer, you cannot make the real money without search engine traffic. Since the creation of the internet, search engines play an important role when comes to traffic.

The question is, how to get them? In other words, how to get ranked on Google? This 2-part PDF blueprint has the answers. SEO Success Blueprint is a newbie-friendly course on SEO. All of the important aspects of SEO are covered from A to Z.

List of techniques that you will learn from this course:
– Introduction to SEO.
– On-page SEO and your content. What are the factors counted by Google in order to rank your website.
– Backlinks and its importance in getting the ranking on Google.
– Discover how top webmasters and marketers are getting top ten ranking on Google.
– The relationship between social media and SEO.
– Find out how to use directories for Google ranking.
– Learn how to use article directories to your advantage.
– Press release marketing. Find out how to use the press release to get ranked on Google results and also on the news results.

eSCAPE Bonus #2: Autoresponder Profit Formula

You should know by now that having an email list is important. As an internet marketer, you cannot live without growing your own mailing list.

The big question is: how to start your own list? If you are a newbie, the Autoresponder Profit Formula is just perfect for you. There are so many resources teach you about list building. Yes, you can pick one tip or two from these books, but none of them compiles all the techniques into one single blueprint.

Autoresponder Profit Formula, on the other hand, is different. This PDF + video course covers all aspects that any newbie needs to know about list building, such as autoresponder, buyer traffic, and list monetization.

Autoresponder Profit Formula consists of three parts:
Part 1: List building basics
– An overview of email marketing, list building, and autoresponder.
– The recommended plan for anyone to get started with list building.
– You will be needing a complete toolset to get started. Find out all of them here.
– The conversion rates of your squeeze page are the key. See the samples of the squeeze page that you can replicate.
– Offering a PDF report is the way to grow a list. This blueprint also comes with a free PDF report that you can give away to anyone to copy.
– Traffic generation techniques for list building.

Part 2: Get the buyers and not freebie seekers
– Your subscribers are not equal.
– Discover the truth about building a list and building a buyer list.
– Find out how you can separate buyers and freebie seekers.
– 5 tactics that you can replicate to grow a list of willing-to-buy subscribers.
– Discover how to gain people’s trust by becoming an authority in your niche.
– Joint venture marketing and the reasons why you should be utilizing it.
– Find out the list of free forums that anyone can gain real, buyer traffic and make others subscribe to your list.
– Product launch secret – how you can leverage it for traffic and list building.
– Top list building mistakes that anyone should avoid.
– How to ask others to drive traffic to your website and then build the list for you.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– Selling high-ticket products to your list is the key to make real profits online.
– The step-by-step system that you can replicate to make your list purchase a high-ticket product from you.
– The sample of autoresponder email series that you can use. Simply copy and paste.
– Forget learning them yourself. Discover the example of the sales page, report, and video that you can use. You can modify them or use them as it is.

eSCAPE Bonus #3: Pinterest Power with Master Resale Right

Find out how to leverage one of the top social sharing sites on the web. That is Pinterest. In this short PDF, you will learn how to utilize the features of Pinterest to drive massive traffic, and gain advantages before your competitors do.

Learn the following and more inside this book:
– Introduction to Pinterest and the target audience there.
– Find out the right niches and websites for Pinterest traffic.
– Discover the secret to gain more followers and build a solid network.
– The truth about Pinterest marketing. Discover the correct way to sell your products there.
– Tools and automation that you can use.
– Summary.

eSCAPE Bonus #4: Pinterest Perfection with Master Resale Right

Pinterest Power is a basic course on Pinterest marketing. This PDF, Pinterest Perfection, on the other hand, is a more advanced course.

Discover the following techniques and tricks on Pinterest promotion:
– Pinterest basic user tips.
– Find out how to partner with trusted bloggers.
– The secret to promoting without being pushy.
– Discover how to become different and unique.
– Always provide helpful info.
– Be creative and post your images the correct way.
– Update your post and images frequently.
– Watch out for your etiquette.

eSCAPE Bonus #5: Youtube Traffic Secrets

You know about the popularity of Youtube. This is the second largest search engines in the world, owned by Google.

While you know that you can get a lot of traffic from Youtube, it is not that easy. If you browsed this website for one month, you will realize that some short videos attract up to 100,000 views per month. However, longer videos, while it could be helpful, attract only 1,000 per lifetime.

So, what’s the difference between these videos? The answer is: it is the promotion. The more you promote your videos on Youtube, the more traffic you will gain. There are tons of functions and features on Youtube that anyone can use for effective promotion.

That is what this blueprint is all about. In the Youtube Traffic Secrets blueprint, you will learn how to use features such as title, tags, video response and more. All of these functions are essential for long, lasting Youtube traffic.

eSCAPE Bonus #6: WP Sales Robot with PLR

WP Sales Robot is more than just a PLR product; it is actually a high-quality PLR product that you can sell.

Features of WP Sales Robot plugin:
– Easy to use. Just upload the file and activate within the WP dashboard and you are good to go.
– Receive more viral traffic. This plugin will ask your visitors to share your websites and Facebook in exchange for the discount code.
– Increase the conversion rates. The visitors, who already receive the coupon code will make his/her purchase immediately. People who already receive a special one-time-offer will less likely resist buying from you.
– The sales letter, cover graphics, and PLR are included. Use this software as you please, or you can also sell it if you want.

eSCAPE Bonus #7: Shopify Blueprint

You know that e-commerce is a big industry these days. The question is, how can you get started? Shopify Blueprint is the answer.

Shopify is the number one e-commerce platform that helps you sell physical products all over the web. You will find out that using Shopify is much easier when compared to other shopping carts or e-commerce platforms. This is the reason why I highly recommend this blueprint.

List of techniques that you will learn from Shopify Blueprint:
– Shopify at a glance: This part is an overview of Shopify software. Find out why Shopify is the best when compared to other platforms.
– Getting Started With Shopify: This is the pricing part. See the difference between the monthly and yearly payment plans.
– Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you operate everything related to Shopify. Discover how to configure your account and shopping cart.
– How to setup your e-store: In this section, you will learn how to choose the right templates, set up the payment methods and shipping.
– How to identify hot-selling products: The key is to sell something that is high in demand. You don’t want to sell something that people don’t want to pay for. This section will teach you how to x-ray for hot-selling products, which are trending.
– Setting up the shopping cart and the buy button: The shopping cart is one of the most important parts of your online store. In this chapter, you will figure out how to integrate the shopping cart with your website. Then, connect the cart with your bank account.
– Launch your e-store: This module is the most exciting part. Discover how you can launch the e-commerce store in a few hours and then see the money comes in.
– Other money-making ideas: You can sell your own products via Shopify. That is not a secret.…

YouZon Review, Demo and Complementary Bonus Offers

Introduction to YouZon

Just imagine if you can create high-quality video reviews quickly and post to Youtube. Or perhaps you can also drive traffic from search engines and social sites thanks to the power of video marketing.

Yes, it is possible with the YouZon software. YouZon is an easy-to-use video software for Amazon affiliates.

Overview of the YouZon software

YouZon review

How can YouZon help?

Customers of are always looking for reviews on Youtube first, before making the purchase. They want to figure out how the product works, its features, specifications and so on.

Now here comes the real problem. Publishing a helpful and professional video takes a lot of time. This is true if you are using an old-school software like Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia or even your own camera.

However, if you use the YouZon software, that will be another story. YouZon is a 1-click video software to quickly generate money-making review videos.

You can easily create, publish and upload a video review in a few minutes. Then, monetize the videos by using your Amazon affiliate links.

This is a huge time saver and a big help for Amazon affiliates. You don’t need to gain experience or knowledge when comes to video creation.

Features of YouZon software

Newbie Friendly: We all don’t like any video app that is hard to learn and use. This is the reason why YouZon is a newbie-friendly software. All you need to do is choose the correct settings and templates and then your video will be ready.

Complete Training: As the YouZon customer, you won’t be left alone in the dark. The training videos are provided, for free. From installing the app to maximizing its potential, all of these will be taught to you.

Unique Cloud-Based Software: No installation required. Then, you can run this app anywhere you like, as long as you have the internet connection. No hassle to save the images, videos, and templates into your PC. Save your time and money on backups.

Curate High Converting Products On Amazon: The user dashboard comes with a search function where you can navigate within Amazon marketplace. Then, search for hot converting products to sell.

Create a Fully Fledged Review Video With 1-Click: This function lets you choose the images, templates and audio files for the review video. You can also set the right video title to publish.

Upload To Youtube Instantly & Enjoy Traffic And Commissions: You can easily integrate with your Youtube account within the user dashboard. Then, upload the video to Youtube without having to download the file onto your PC.

Watch how YouZon works in this demo video:

My killer YouZon bonus, with MRR and PLR

Purchase YouZon from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. They are not really needed, but they will add more value to your purchase.

Plus, they are complementing the YouZon product. For example, if you wish to learn how to get more traffic my bonus files will cover the traffic parts.

If you are looking for PLR or MRR products, then some of my bonus below have these rights. So, feel free to sell them if you wish.

They are available only when you purchase YouZon from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

YouZon Bonus #1: Youtube Traffic Secrets

If you want to profit from the YouZon system to the fullest, you will want to utilize Youtube. Youtube is the number one video search engine today and soon it will be replacing the old-school television.

Youtube Traffic Secrets is the exact blueprint used by top channels to get thousands of subscribers per month. It doesn’t matter what kind of videos that you are publishing.

All that matter is how to use the features and functions on Youtube for maximum exposure. For example, the video tag, video title plus your relevancy. This blueprint will explain all of those to you and even more.


YouZon Bonus #2: Rapid Amazon Research with PLR

Let’s face the fact that keyword and niche research is hard. In fact, lots of newbies are struggling hard to make the real income online due to niche research part. The niche that you should jump into shouldn’t be too broad, but it also shouldn’t be too narrow.

Rapid Amazon Research is a complete set of niche research package. Inside it, you will be given keyword list, together with the search volume, average CPC and more. All of those in hot, high-demand niches.

Plus, you will also have access to the top 5 best selling niches on Amazon, as well as sample video reviews that you can replicate and profit from.

YouZon Bonus #3: FBA Profit Mastery with MRR

Making money from is more than just its affiliate program these days. It is also about selling your own physical products, that is via the FBA program.

FBA Profit Mastery will outline the things that you can do to get started and profit from this program.

These are some of the tips that you will learn from this video series:
– Sourcing and tips to source your product successfully.
– Local sources: How can you find local retailers and wholesalers to source your products locally.
– Discover the tricks to use Craiglist and eBay to search for products.
– Offline methods: The local newspaper can also help you find the products that will fulfill the market demands. This video course will explain how can you do it.
– Coupon and rebates: This is the secret to get started with FBA at a lower cost.
Plus, a lot more.

FBA Profit Mastery also comes with professional video sales letter, as well as MRR. So, feel free to sell this course to anyone and keep 100% of your profits.

YouZon Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most relevant traffic source on the internet. This rule is true since the creation of the internet. If your website doesn’t get ranked on Google, you will be missing lots of money on the table.

Now, here comes the real problem: Getting top ten ranking on Google sounds hard to most people, especially newbies. That’s why, if you are a newbie, this course is made just for you.

SEO Success Blueprint teaches you how to use all of them for Google ranking: link building, keyword research, images, and content.

Some of the techniques that you will learn from this PDF course:
– Link building and social media: The reasons why you should promote your website on social media sites.
– List of directories that you can get the backlinks from.
– Google image search and how it can help you get relevant traffic.
– Article marketing and SEO. The reasons why article directories are a good source of traffic and backlinks.
– Google Keyword Planner and SEO. Discover how to use this tool for effective keyword research and ranking.
– Press release and news. Find out how can you utilize the power of news and press release not only for SEO but also for traffic.

YouZon Bonus #5: Pinterest Power

You know about Facebook, but perhaps you didn’t read a lot about Pinterest. Pinterest is another top social media site, with millions of visitors per month. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest traffic is less competitive.

Which means it is a good opportunity for average people like you and me. It allows you to promote the products and services for cheap.

Pinterest Power is a basic course on Pinterest marketing. If you are new to social media marketing, this course is for you.

The list of chapters:
– Introduction to Pinterest and your target market there.
– The type of websites or content which are suitable for Pinterest traffic.
– The secret to driving a huge amount of traffic to your site.
– Networking and following: Discover how to gain lots of followers from this site.
– Start selling: Find out how to market to the Pinterest visitors, the correct way.
– Automation and tools that you can use. Get the traffic from this site on auto-pilot.
– Recap and conclusion.

YouZon Bonus #6: Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest Perfection course is geared for experienced Pinterest users. If you are a newbie, start with Pinterest Power course above.

However, once you’ve gained enough experience, Pinterest Perfection can take your traffic and profits to the next level.

The Pinterest Perfection course adds up more tips and secrets that most people won’t tell you.

Some of them are:
– Creativity and how to make your content goes viral.
– Discover how to provide useful info on this site.
– List of things that you shouldn’t do on Pinterest.
– Blogging and joint venture marketing. Discover how to use Pinterest to partner up with fellow bloggers in your niche.
– The key to becoming unique and different. Find out how to be unique and attract your own followers.
– Frequent update on your profile will attract consistent traffic to your site. Find out what should be included when updating your own profile and post.

YouZon Bonus #7: Shopify Blueprint

If you are starting an online store, you cannot avoid using Shopify. This is the number one platform when comes to the e-commerce store today. For starters, setting up an e-commerce store could sound hard.

The good news is, the Shopify Blueprint video series will make the entire process sounds easy. Everything is laid out in video series. Plus, this product also comes with Master Resell Right, so you can sell it and keep 100% profit.

List of chapters:
– Overview of Shopify. Discover the pricing and the most suitable Shopify package for you.
– Shopify dashboard. The dashboard will help you configure the account and walk you through the process.
– Setting up your online store. Discover how to choose the shipping methods plus how to set up your payment processor.
– How to identify hot-selling products. This part is very important. Once you mastered this part, it would be easy.
– Adding the shopping cart. It is very important that you set up the buy button and shopping cart correctly. This chapter will teach you how.
– Launch the online store. This is the most exciting part. Once you launch the online store, you can see the results and profits pouring in, after a few days.

YouZon Bonus #8: Alibaba Profit System with MRR

If you are into e-commerce, Alibaba is also another website that you should be using. While both Amazon and eBay are good companies to start with, Alibaba has something different to offer.

Alibaba Profit System is one solid video course on how to use this online retailer for profits.

What you will learn from this course:
– Introduction of Alibaba, its pros, and cons.
– Overview of Trade Assurance account, how to set it up and how to use it.
– Figuring out the right product to sell. This part will outline things that you should consider when looking at and choosing one particular product.
– Learn how to reduce your risk as the buyer. Know the functions and features of to avoid fraud inside the marketplace.
– Begin by contacting the suppliers. This part is a checklist about suppliers, what to ask them and how to negotiate with them.
– Testing the samples. Before you made the order in bulk, it is important that you test the sample first.
– Get your products shipped. Find out how the correct way to fill the order form. And then, how to have your products shipped. This part is important so you are fully satisfied with the purchase.

Plus, a lot more new stuff will be exposed in this course.

Alibaba Profit System also comes with a high-quality video sales letter and MRR. Hence, you can make easy money by selling this video course.…

LogoBiz Review, Features And Complementary Bonus


LogoBiz is a compilation of logo images for various purposes. If you run a company whether big or small, you should realize the importance of having a logo to represent your company.

Of course, you can hire a freelancer to do the work for you, it will cost you a lot of money. Especially when you have hundreds of websites on different topics.

You don’t want to lose money each time you’ve launched a new website on various topics. You want to save the money and reduce the business operation cost. Yes, it is possible with LogoBiz product.

LogoBiz review

How can LogoBiz help

The benefits of LogoBiz is not limited only to your own company, but also to others. In other words, if you have a graphic design company, you can use the LogoBiz images to sell your service to clients. Yes, the developer right is included with the LogoBiz purchase, so your potential is endless.

The following are some of our suggestions to benefit from LogoBiz product:
Get paid to design graphic. You can sell your own graphic design service on websites like Fiverr, or Other than that, you can also sell the graphic design service offline.

Use on your own website. Impress the visitors by adding professional-looking logos on all of your sites. It doesn’t matter what type of websites that you’ve created since LogoBiz has templates in various topics.

Offline promotion. You can also print the logos and then use it offline. For example, you can craft stunning business cards and pass the cards to your potential clients offline.

Start a web design business. Selling a website, whether online or offline is the way to earn real money. Use both WordPress and then to LogoBiz images and then sell your websites to clients.

Use them as e-cover. Feel free to use the LogoBiz images as part of your ebook cover. You can edit the images by using software like Photoshop. Then, sell your ebook, together with the e-cover on websites like Amazon Kindle or Clickbank.

Attract more viral traffic. This is possible if you know how to edit and craft a stunning logo. Then, share it on websites like Instagram, Pinterest or even Facebook. If your graphic design is awesome, others will share it every now and then. You can link your own websites from Pinterest for massive viral traffic.

What’s inside the LogoBiz package?

For a small price, you will have access to a stunning compilation of “Pro-Level” logo templates. Plus, awesome bonus files, as well as the training videos are also included.

What templates are included?
The front-end offer contains more than 300 templates in both PSD and PNG files. All of these templates are designed on hot, in-demand niches. Those niches are:
– Animals
– Accounting
– Beauty
– Automobiles
– Clothing
– Books and journals
– Dance and entertainment
– Communication
– Education
– E-commerce
– Fitness
– Electronics
– Gaming and sports
– Foods
– Health and medical
– Hotels
– Web business
– Real estate
– Nature and environment
– Technology and software

Plus, many more.

What’s inside the bonus package?
– 1000 Stock Image Bundle
– 200 Motion Background Video Bundle
– 123 Logo Kit

The training video
What if you are new to the logo and graphic design? Worry not. The step-by-step training is included. Discover how to edit the PSD, PNG files and design your own unique logo images.

Yes, you can use the existing images if you wish. But, by following the training, you can benefit even more from LogoBiz package.

License is included
This feature will add more value to this LogoBiz package. If you want to use any of the LogoBiz images for clients, you are free to do so.

Edit the graphic as you wish. Then, sell your logo design service to clients just like your own images. There is no limit on how to use this software.

LogoBiz Upsell

LogoBiz product comes with awesome one-time upsell. If you are serious about logo design or perhaps want to add more value to your purchase, the upsell can help.

What’s included with LogoBiz upsell?
– More logo templates in both PNG and PSD files.
– Done-for-you sales materials. Those include minisites, sales video, sales letter, swipe email, sales letter plus graphics.

Just like the front-end offer, the upsell of LogoBiz comes with developer rights. In other words, you can edit and sell them if you wish while keeping 100% profits to yourself.

My LogoBiz bonus

The following products will be delivered to you if you purchase LogoBiz from this page. They are not really needed, but they are complementary to the LogoBiz product.

In other words, if you want to add more value to your purchase, it will be worth for your money to grab these bonus files.

All of them are already integrated with the system, so worry not. You will be directed to the download page once you’ve made the purchase. (More details about this below).

LogoBiz Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest Traffic Formula will match your needs perfectly if you purchase the LogoBiz product. The reason is simple – LogoBiz is about getting images, while Pinterest is about traffic.

Once you acquired the right images, you will want to share interesting photos on social media. One relevant social site that you can use is Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows you to pin whatever topic or content that you think interesting. This will give you and others the time to view, read and share the content.

If you want to benefit from Pinterest to the fullest, I highly recommend this Pinterest Traffic Formula course. This course will outline the exact steps need to be taken in order to earn the real money from Pinterest.

Here are some of the tactics that will be exposed in this course:
– Introduction.
– The reasons why you should focus on Pinterest.
– Creativity and what it has to do with your marketing efforts.
– The right mindset to promote your content and gain viral traffic.
– Complete checklist and plan to get started.
– Blogging and how to use Pinterest to promote your blog.
– Effective monetization techniques. Not all offers convert well with this social site.
– Know your target audience. Discover what kind of people that you will engage on Pinterest.
– Complete tools that you should use in order to get started.

LogoBiz Bonus #2: WP Sales Robot with PLR license

One thing that we, as the webmasters, hate is the fact our visitors leave the website empty-handed. Just imagine, you already invest months of time on your website only to find out that the visitors leave without purchasing anything from you.

However, all of that can be changed with WP Sales Robot plugin. Rather than letting your visitors go, this plugin will prompt a one-time discount offer to them. If your visitor really wants to buy something, they won’t resist this one-time discount offer.

Even better, this plugin can also be customized as you please for viral traffic. For example, you can ask the visitors to share your website on Facebook.

Private label right is included once you own this software. In other words, you can profit from it, using whatever methods that you wish. For example, give it away for free, sell it to your list or perhaps offer this software as a bonus.

LogoBiz Bonus #3: WP Profitable Post

What good a website without monetization? This is why, if you are using WordPress, this plugin is very useful. WP Profitable Post is a monetization plugin.

You can insert any kind of monetization models inside your WordPress site. For example:
– Google Adsense.
– Affiliate links.
– Opt-in form.
– Anything that uses javascript.
– Images or banner ads.

Of course, you can also do the same manually, but that will take too much time. Especially when your WordPress site has thousands of posts. You don’t want to log in, click and then edit every single of your posts. You want to insert the ads, in all posts, but in just a few clicks.

Master resale right is included with this product, so feel free to sell this plugin and profit from it. If you are creative, there are tons of ways you can sell, modify or profit from this software.

LogoBiz Bonus #4: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

I think LogoBiz is not complete without this bonus offer. Of course, the LogoBiz software can help you create awesome logos for your business, but what about the traffic part?

This is why I offer you this course, which will match your needs perfectly. Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint will outline all the steps to profit from Reddit and Instagram.

These are 2 of the most popular sites n 2018. I highly recommend that you focus on Reddit this year because its popularity is on the rise. By the time is post is written, Reddit is ranked #4 as the most trafficked websites in the US. Soon, the entire world will follow this trend.

This blueprint consists of 2 parts. The first part is about Reddit marketing. Then, the second part is about Instagram marketing.

What’s included in this blueprint:
– Overview of the Reddit social networking site.
– Reddit marketing and why you should go for it.
– Know your potential visitors on Reddit.
– Subreddits and what it has to do with your promotion.
– Huge subreddits and smaller subreddits. Which one is better?
– The action plan that you can follow.
– Viral marketing and tricks to make your posts go viral.
– The checklist, tools, and guidelines that you can follow right away.
– Gain more trust by increasing your Karma.
– The action plan that you should follow on Instagram.
– Photo sharing and how to make your photos and videos go viral on Instagram.
– Instagram tags are the key to successful promotion. Discover how to use the tags function effectively.
– Find out how big companies are making real money from Instagram. Then, how can you follow them.

LogoBiz Bonus #5: Youtube Traffic Secrets course

Who wants Youtube traffic? We all do. Youtube is the new television in 2018 and beyond. If you don’t take Youtube and video marketing seriously, you will be missing lots of money and traffic.

The question is, how to get started? And more important than that, how to get lots of real views? This blueprint has the answer.

Unlike other Youtube or traffic courses, Youtube Traffic Secrets will expose what others won’t tell you. That is the secret to get 10,000 views per week. This is a hot method that you should figure out.

It is not about how awesome, long or expensive your video is. It is about how you promote and use the features on Youtube to the fullest. And, this course will outline features and functions on Youtube that you can benefit from.

Once you’ve implemented the technique inside this course, you will realize that a short video can attract thousands of subscribers per month. However, a long video doesn’t necessarily being shared or liked by others, due to lack of promotion.

LogoBiz Bonus #6: Smart Agent Pro

Smart Agent Pro is a chat script that you can insert into your website. In other words, you can chat with anyone who views your website. While it might sound just like an ordinary script, Smart Agent Pro takes it to the next level.

For instance, you can block and chat with your visitors on the exit. Yes, this script will prompt a chat box right before your visitors leave. This can increase the conversion rate.

People who are leaving your website will have a suspicious frame of mind. You need to ask them questions, try to fulfill their needs and offer something relevant to them. If you can explain properly and show that you really want to help, the visitors will convert into buyers.…