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In-depth Viralightning review

Introduction – What is this program about?
Viralightning a ready-made online business system where you can get tons of other people send you the traffic, just like a guru earn traffic to their products. However, the best part is, you don’t need to have your own product, in other words, if you are a beginner or perhaps intermediate internet marketer this product can give you a life-changing income.

In this in-depth Viralightning review , I will demonstrate to you step-by-step on how Viralightning ( works, and why you need it, especially when you are an affiliate marketer.

It’s all about viral marketing – no SEO, no Facebook Ads, no JV
While lots of top publishers on JVZoo make millions per year from their own affiliates, you don’t need to do that in order to achieve the same. You can simply utilize the power of viral marketing and list building in order to generate steady traffic and earn the life-changing income from affiliate marketing.

Who is Viralightning for?
This product is geared for almost everyone who into making money online, especially beginners or intermediate marketers. is about getting steady traffic and sales with list building and affiliate marketing.

While we all agree that making money with affiliate marketing is indeed a solid business model, we also agree that getting the traffic, building a list and finally making a sale to your affiliate link is a tiresome work. That’s where people will need a powerful income system like Viralightning.

Why you need the Viralightning software?
Have you ever wondered how super affiliates and gurus on top affiliate networks like JVZoo and Clickbank are doing? The real secret is simple – they have their own products. As a matter of fact, once they launch a product on these networks, they will have thousands of affiliates sending the traffic, growing the list and making money for them on auto-pilot.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this business model. In fact, having your product and an army of super affiliates to sell for you is one solid business model. However, the worst part is, you, as the affiliate, need to compete with the rest of other affiliates just to enjoy a fraction of the pie.

Viralightning introduction

These are some of the most common problems that stop most people, especially newbies from earning a real income online:
– They don’t have their own product. They only sell other people’s products as an affiliate.
– They don’t know how to build a real list of buyers.
– They don’t know how to drive traffic to their website.
– They don’t know how to make other affiliates to promote for them.

However, thanks to Viralightning software, all these problems come to an end. Once you utilize the power of Viralightning program, rather than working for others to drive traffic, you can make others drive the traffic for you. 

What is inside the member’s area?
This product comes with a built-in system where you can promote any product from JVZoo or Clickbank marketplace with its ready-made website. All you need to do is adjust some of the settings inside the member’s area of software and you are good to go.

Viralightning dashboard

What’s the difference between Viralightning and having my own website?
In short, there’s a huge difference in this.
– Viralightning comes with a real, built-in referral system where your visitors and subscribers will refer to other people to the JVZoo products of your choice.
– You don’t need to register a domain name, subscribe to a hosting company or perhaps hire a graphic designer from scratch. Viralightning is a cloud-based software where the websites, squeeze page and graphic are built-in and integrated together with the system.
– You don’t need to have the experience to profit from the Viralightning system.
– Viralightning is basically about viral marketing and list building. Hence, not only you will be getting massive, free traffic from viral marketing, but also from your own mailing list.
– You don’t need to have your own product to launch the campaign. However, the best part is, you can still have other people, in other words, you referral send the traffic for you. That is via viral marketing. In other words, once you utilize the power of system, it will become like this:
viralightning results 2

The step-by-step guide on how Viralightning works:
1. Just set up your Viralightning campaign within the dashboard, together with your JVZoo or Clickbank affiliate link. Also, you need to set the number of referral in order for the social unlock to work (more about this in later steps). In this example, let say you set the total number of referral to be 3.

Viralightning step 1

2. Once you do so, you will get a link to your own funnel and start promoting or sharing this link however you want. The concept is similar to guru product owner who promotes their JV offer from Facebook to their latest product launch.

You can also replicate the same. There are tons of methods to do this. For example, you can your social sites like Facebook or perhaps any traffic methods, like solo ads, SEO, your own blog, guest blogging, anything that you choose from.

3. Your Viralightning funnel is designed to turn small results into bigger one. This is how viral marketing works and that is the entire purpose of Viralightning.

4. Once your visitors arrive at your funnel, they will be presented the opportunity to join the new Viralightning campaign for free. Of course, many of them will do because this is one of easy, free money-making opportunity for them.

Viralightning step 4

5. Your visitors will be automatically given a free version of your web funnel, but with a difference, they need to unlock it first. In other to unlock the funnel, they have the options to choose Coupon Unlock and Social Unlock.

Coupon Unlock: This is where your visitors will buy your built-in featured affiliate offer. This is where you will make the sale. Once they’ve made the purchase, they will get a special coupon code which instantly unlocks their own Viralightning website so they can also earn on the built-in affiliate offer as well.

Social Unlock: If your visitors don’t choose to buy, then they will have to refer others to your funnel. These participants will have to refer ‘X’ number of people to your funnel in order to unlock their own Viralightning funnels. You set this ‘X’ number of people back in step one.

Viralightning step 5

6. From this point on, the way Social Unlock feature continue to make your campaign go viral is very brilliant. For example, if one visitor, let say Bob chooses to use social unlock and then refer to 4 people, then the rest 4 people also refer to other for people, that is 16 new subscribers being added to your list.

Viralightning step 5a

In other words, this is no different then getting your videos shared and viral on Youtube, but with one big exception, it is not video marketing. Viralightning ( is actually a form of affiliate marketing and list building.

A little bit about affiliate marketing
You might already know this, but affiliate marketing is about selling other people’s products online. This is one of the biggest opportunity thanks to the internet. All you need to do is register for an affiliate network, get approved to promote a certain product.

After that, you will be given a referral link called the affiliate. All you need to do is send traffic to your affiliate link and if you made a conversion, in other words, a sale, you will earn commissions.

What are JVZoo and Clickbank?

Both JVZoo and Clickbank are top affiliate networks for digital products. While anyone can earn money from selling physical products, let say from Rakuten Network or Amazon Associates, I highly recommend that you get started with these two networks first.

For a few reasons:
Massive payout per sale. Clickbank and JVZoo are top networks for digital products. Digital products are easier to sell and ship to the buyers because they can simply download these products right from the internet. So, there’s no need to pay for a shipping cost. Hence, expect to earn 50% or sometimes 100% commissions per sale.
Easy to register, easy to get paid. JVZoo, especially, is easier to register and get paid. All you need is a Paypal account. Once you do, all of your affiliate commissions will be sent right to your Paypal account. Even better, some of the merchants here offer you instant commissions per sale.
Great support for both customers and affiliates. JVZoo provides excellent support and how to guides for new affiliates and merchants. Once you’ve registered, all the tutorials and training videos are provided within the member’s area.

A little bit about list building
If you read any internet marketing blog, forum or perhaps read any materials related to online marketing, you should know by now that having your own list is the key to online success. In fact, many gurus out there claim that the money is inside the list for a reason – because list building is important not only for conversions but also for steady traffic and sales.

However, if you are a new marketer, then having your own list, let alone your own product can be very tiresome. Here’s why:
– You need to learn how to use an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse from scratch.
– You must know how to design a website or at least know people who can design a real, working website. Otherwise, you cannot sell online.
– You must know how to design fancy graphics page or banner for your website or squeeze page.
– You must write follow-up email series to your mailing list before earning your first dollar from your list.

In other words, for any newbie, in order to get things done, from setting a website to building list and making money from it is a big job to do.

Viralightning can reduce years of your time and at least half of your initial cost on list building and traffic generation.

Finally, if you purchase Viralightning from this website, then you are qualified to get my bonuses below:

Bonus #1 – Buyers Generation 3.0 with Master Resale Rights
Viralightning software is not complete without this course. Buyers Generation 3.0 is about getting a huge list of buyers to your autoresponder account. While we agree that the money is inside mailing list, but super affiliates and gurus know that there’s a huge difference between growing a list of freebie seekers and growing a list of real buyers.

Too bad that many of the courses out there are teaching on how to get traffic and grow a list, but not many of them are focusing on getting more buyers. However, that is not the case with Buyers Generation 3.0.

Viralightning bonus 1Bonus #2 – High Ticket Authority Gold with Master Resale Rights
Why make just $20 commissions on low ticket products, while you can earn even more per sale with high ticket products? If you are selling a low ticket product, you will need lots of traffic to earn your first $1000. However, if you are selling a high ticket product, you just need a few traffic to earn your first $2000. The problem is, selling a high ticket product, especially with $1000 price is easier said than done.

High Ticket Authority Gold is the answer. This is the course that you need if you wish to sell a $500 or perhaps a $2000 product to anyone online. It comes with 11 modules with a different set of tools, from the special free report to autoresponder series, upsell page plus much more.

Bonus #3 – List Authority with Master Resale Rights

List Authority is a complete course on how to build an email list of 1000 subscribers in 30 days. This video series comes with a complete game plan, step-by-step system on how to create a bribe, follow-up emails, squeeze page and finally traffic generation.…

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Where to upload your videos for viral marketing

If you are into online marketing or perhaps want to increase the conversion rate of your own website, one way to do that would be to use video on your website or at least upload on any video sharing sites.

There are tons of video sharing sites on the internet that you can try and upload your videos into, some of them have even more features than the other. The following are the list of popular websites to upload, share and store your videos online.

1. Youtube
Unless if you live under the rock in the past ten years, you should know about Youtube. Youtube is one of the oldest video sharing sites owned by Google. Ten years ago, this website had gone viral with massive exposure and sharing all over the web. Today, it becomes even better since Youtube app is available directly on any of your smartphones.

If you want to increase traffic via viral marketing and search engine marketing, Youtube is still the number one way to go. For one thing, people who are looking for something on Google or Youtube will probably enter relevant keywords into the search box. Then, anyone who likes your video will probably share them all over the web, since Youtube encourage social sharing.

2. Amazon S3
Amazon S3 is one of the most popular video platform used by internet marketers to upload video tutorials, ebooks, and even sales video. However, this online storage requires low payment and it is a charge for the usage. Once uploaded, all of your files will be there permanently.

You can use Amazon S3 to boost the conversion rates of your website, that is by uploading HD videos to pre-sell or sell to your target audience on your website.

3. DailyMotion
This is one of the biggest video sharing sites for years. DailyMotion has over 110 million new visitors per month so you can expect to get lots of traffic from this video sharing site. Even better, DailyMotion also offers various methods for your videos to get shared all over the web. The look and design of DailyMotion are somewhat similar to the Youtube but years ago.

Just like Youtube, DailyMotion gets even better by having the ability to upload videos on different languages, different video topics, with more than 3 billion videos are watched every month.

4. Vimeo
If you are looking for an HD-type video, then Vimeo is the place that you should go for. For the users, they can watch any type of high-quality videos for free on Vimeo from a different type of topics, like Art, Animation, Documentary, Travel plus much more.

As for the video marketer, Vimeo also provides you with video hosting where you can upload high-definition videos to boost your conversion rate, or perhaps share tutorials, how-tos, tips, facts and a lot more than you can imagine.

Another cool thing about Vimeo is the fact you an watch all kind of videos on this website without annoying ads. This is contradicting to Youtube which always displays ads before the videos are being played.

5. Veoh
This website is a combination of video sharing site plus social media platform. If you are looking for a place to upload video, Veoh is an option. From short videos and longer ones, Veoh is providing videos of all length. Just like Youtube, you can upload videos on just about any topic, from games, movies, trailers, presentations plus a lot more.

Another feature that makes Veoh unique is the fact it also comes with social media functions, such as the ability to mark your favorite videos, create playlists plus you can also send a message to any of the Veoh’s users. …

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Flickstr – The #1 Video Marketing Software Is Here

Flickstr introduction – What is Flickstr?

This is actually a powerful video creator software for literally everyone, especially video marketers. While you can get the same with Adobe After Effects or Camtasia Studio, Flickstr ( takes it to the next level by offering even more at a much cheaper price.

Video marketing is a one powerful marketing method that everyone in this generation shouldn’t miss, not only because video marketing is a proven way to attract visitors, but also encourage viral traffic and also boost your conversion rate.


Who is Flickstr for?
If you need more traffic or perhaps you don’t know how to get started with video marketing, then Flickstr is just for you.

For video marketers: software can help you increase the traffic to your existing website or business.

For affiliate marketers: If you are just getting started or perhaps already experienced with affiliate marketing, then you can save lots of time and money on learning how to utilize the power of video marketing. Just use the Flickstr software to create a professional-looking video, get viral traffic from Youtube or Facebook and then increase more traffic to your existing website.

For web designers: You can use the Flickstr software to embed a high-quality video into your client’s website and then boost its conversion rate.

For list builders: You can use Flickstr to increase the opt-in rate of your website. If you are using a squeeze page method, then Flickstr can boost the signup rate and finally increase your total of list subscribers.

For freelancers: Get more clients by adding a high-quality, professional-looking video in your resume or gig. Impress them with a simple 30-second video made by using the Flickstr software.

For small business owners: Increase the brand awareness of your company or website by using a simple, but good-looking video ads posted on Youtube or Facebook. Make it viral but informative.

Impress the audience with Flickstr software
The following are some of the examples of benefits that you can get thanks to the Flickstr ( software:

More viral traffic thanks to Flickstr
Video marketing and viral marketing comes hand-to-hand. If you have informative or impressive videos on Youtube or Facebook, chances are the videos get shared by hundreds, if not thousands of users in two of the most popular social media sites.

Unlike other video software, Flickstr allows you to create videos not only quickly, but also professionally-designed. Anyone who loves your videos will share those all over the web, giving your videos and websites a massive exposure.

Create a 6, 12, 15, 20 or 30 minutes videos with Flickstr
If you want to introduce the visitors to your companies or products, this feature will be useful. You can also steal search engine traffic from Google or Youtube by targeting a long-tail keyword and then create a short video like this to rank on Google. This function is useful if you are an affiliate marketer.

If you are targeting lots of long-tail keywords, then you will need to create lots of videos and upload those on Youtube. The problem with using traditional video software like Camtasia Studio is the fact you need to learn how to use them and then you will take even more time to craft and edit the videos to impress your audience. Save yourself the time. You can get the same, even more at much lower cost with software.

Want to use social media as the traffic source? Flickstr can help
Flickstr has the ability to create short or longer video for Facebook and Youtube ads. Youtube has been one of the biggest sources of traffic especially when comes video. If you are into television or offline advertising, you should consider using Flickstr and then Youtube ads as the traffic source. Not only it is much cheaper, it is also much more targeted.

Add Flickstr videos to your online store
Did I mention that also comes in handy with an e-commerce store? You can add literally any type of video introducing the products that you are selling in the e-commerce store. Impress the visitors with short 1-minute videos about the new products that you are selling, place them on the homepage of your e-commerce website, make them understand your products and services very well.

Boost the conversion rate with commercial or infomercial videos
This feature is useful if you want to create a short, one-minute video with Flickstr. Just introduce the products or brands that you are advertising with Flickstr and then you can expect lots of viral traffic and conversions.

If you purchase Flickstr from this website, you are qualified for my exclusive Flickstr bonuses below.

Click here to get Flickstr software + all my bonuses only from this website.

My Flickstr bonuses

Flickstr Bonus #1: Smart Agent Pro
Ever wonder how to keep your existing visitors from leaving your website? This is the software that you will be needing. Smart Agent Pro will greet your visitors with a live chat, where you can interact, find out their problems, answer their questions and then make the sale. Thanks to Smart Agent Pro, you don’t need to waste your money and time on traffic, because you can make more money with the existing traffic.

Flickstr Bonus #2: Discount Motivator Pro
One thing that most people fail is to increase the conversion rates. In most cases, when the visitors try to leave, nothing can stop them from leaving your website. However, what if you offer them a discount before leaving? The Discount Motivator Pro is just the right tool that can help. This program will boost the conversion and sales rate by offering a one-time discount on any of your visitors before leaving the website.

Flickstr Bonus #3: High Ticket Authority Gold
Lots of business gurus are focusing on selling high ticket products – for good reasons; because they can make lots of money from it. Why spend hours and hours of your time just to make a $20 per sale, while you can get the same, even more per sale? By selling a high ticket product, you can make up to $1000 per sale with just one product.

However, selling a high ticket product is not as easy as it sounds. Thanks to High Ticket Authority Gold, you can cut the learning curve since this is more than just a video course – this is actually a complete set of package where you will be provided with affiliate toolkit, list of forums that you can jump into, social media sites that you can try, feature images plus much more.

Flickstr Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint
Shopify Blueprint is a complete step-by-step blueprint on how to use the #1 e-commerce platform, Shopify. The e-commerce industry is booming, with more and more people are turning to the internet to buy something online. Shopify Blueprint will give you a good start on how to utilize the power of Shopify, from navigating the dashboard, how to identify hot selling products, plus much more. This video series comes with master resale rights (MRR).

Flickstr Bonus #5: List Authority
If you are just getting started with list building, the List Authority course can help. By having a real mailing list, anyone can enjoy not only more conversions, but also more consistent sales. List Authority will walk you step-by-step, one-by-one on what to do with your website, how to create a squeeze page, how to increase the opt-in rate of your squeeze page and how to write the correct follow-up sequence.

Flickstr Bonus #6: Buyers Generation 3.0
What’s more important than having a list is the fact you have more buyers. If you are into the list building, you can get lots of traffic from different sources, like the social media, search engines, forums and so on. However, what if you want to boost the conversion rate? You will need more than just a list. You will find a targeted audience who are interested in buying whatever you are offering – those are buyers.

Buyers Generation 3.0 is the blueprint that will walk you through the entire process of getting massive, targeted buyers to your list. Some of the steps include how to find joint venture partners, how to use launch jacking to get the traffic and much more.

Flickstr Bonus #7: Niche Authority Gold
Ever wonder how super affiliates make a killing online? Or are you a newbie who don’t know what kind of niches to tap into? Niche Authority Gold has the answers. One thing that stopped most newbies into online marketing is the fact they fail to discover profitable niches. If you jump into a less profitable niche, then chances are you are not making the money. Niche Authority Gold will expose lots of secrets and tricks to find profitable niches, from using tools like Google Keyword Planner, to mistakes made by newbies in finding the right niches.

Flickstr Bonus #8: Pinterest Perfection
If you are using Flickstr video software for viral traffic, then Pinterest Perfection can take it to the next level. Pinterest Perfection not only will reveal the secrets to get traffic from Pinterest but also make your marketing efforts looks more natural and not pushy. Pinterest is one of the most popular social sharing sites with millions of traffic per month, also with social sharing feature, so this blueprint will come in handy.

Flickstr Bonus #9: Profitable Webinars Blueprint
One thing that stops most people from making a real sale online, is not traffic, but conversion. How to increase the conversion rate? Profitable Webinars Blueprint has the answer. This blueprint will hand you, step-by-step on how to get the attendees, how to close the sales, how to make your webinars automated, how to get the joint venture partners to promote your webinar links for you plus a lot more. Having a webinar will allow you to generate more conversions, more money plus with much less effort.

Click here to get Flickstr software + all my bonuses only from this website.

A little bit about video marketing
Video marketing is one form of the new type of advertising. It is somewhat similar to traditional television and radio show in the past, but it is much cheaper. Why? Because anyone can register for a Youtube account and then upload the videos to Youtube. You don’t need to have a big studio to enter video marketing. If you can capture a simple, short video from your mobile phone, then you are good to go.

There are several reasons why you need to enter video marketing in this era:
– Video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion will soon replace traditional television.
– People love watching videos on Youtube not only because they are relevant to their topics of interest, but also those videos can be watched anytime, anywhere as long as there is the internet connection.
– Thanks to the mobile phone, people can also watch videos from Youtube right from their mobile phones. If you learn and master video marketing, you can gain tons of viral traffic and exposure to your brand.
– Video ads made by Youtube is much cheaper compared to traditional advertising on television. Why pay more for TV ads, while you can get the same plus even better at much lower cost?
– You can create a simple, short video by using software like Flickstr or Camtasia Studio. It doesn’t necessarily a film or something that complicated. It could be something related to your passion such as a tutorial, how to do something, how to cook something, how to fly a plane or something like that.
– Videos can be shared not only on Youtube but also on Facebook these days. This will encourage viral traffic, and then increase your brand awareness on the internet. Social sharing and viral traffic mean free traffic to your business. People on Facebook, for example, can like your videos, embed them into their wall, share with friends on applications like Whatsapp or Instagram.…

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NinjaShoppe – The Ultimate E-commerce Store Creator

NinjaShoppe – The Powerful 1-Click Affiliate Software
In this NinjaShopee review, I am going to demonstrate how NinjaShopee can help any affiliates in create a high-converting e-commerce store with hours of time on site creation and finally get the website ranked on Google.

Who is NinjaShoppe for?
In short, this product, is for Amazon Associate and also for eBay affiliate partners. If you are into affiliate marketing, especially with Amazon, you should know by now that creating a real e-commerce store that works and sells takes a lot of time and often times, it also cost you money. This product can save lots of trouble to create an effective e-commerce store for Amazon and eBay affiliate programs.

Is Ninjashoppe based on WordPress?
Yes, it is. It is a combination of WordPress theme plus plugins and more features included. So, rather than using free themes, takes it to the next level to save you the time and money on creating a real-working e-commerce store.

NinjashoppeWhat kind of problems that Ninjashoppe can solve?
The Ninjashoppe software can solve tons of problems especially when you are going to sell products online from Amazon or eBay website.
– You don’t need to learn HTML, coding or web design.
– You don’t need to update your web store regularly.
– You don’t need to learn and master the basic on-page SEO.
– No hassle to find and paste your Amazon affiliate links into your online store which is created by using the NinjaShoppe software.
– No hassle to find a suitable e-commerce WordPress theme for your Amazon online store.
– No limitations on how many online stores that you can build.
– No need to worry about getting the traffic to your online store.

Features of Ninjashoppe – What can NinjaShoppe do for you?
In short, can create a real-effective online store with just one click. With just the basic Ninjashoppe membership:

Give your e-commerce store a unique, stunning design:
– Impress your website visitors with stunning and beautiful 5 different color WordPress themes.
– Built-in sliders also included to improve the design and allows your traffic to navigate around the web store.
– Ninjashoppe theme is 100% mobile friendly, just in case you want to attract mobile traffic.

Generate more traffic to your new web store:
– Save yourself the time on SEO. theme has built-in SEO functions which allow you to get easier ranking on Google and save yourself the time on learning SEO from scratch.
– Thanks to the awesome built-in article spinner, Ninjashoppe allows you to update the content of your website regularly also with unique and fresh content, which is good for search engines.
– Ninjashoppe software also comes with sharing features to let anyone share your awesome web store on social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook.
– No hassle to change the geo-location of your visitors. Ninjashoppe has a built-in feature that allows you to target and sell to anyone within any country in the world with multiple geographic locations by using multiple TLD’s with Amazon and eBay.
– You can sell products as an affiliate to customers in various countries by creating beautiful affiliate stores, also in different languages.

No hassle of website content:
– Ninjashoppe has the ability to auto-update the content making it unique every time plus saving you the trouble of finding and rewriting the real content on your website.
– Pull related videos on Youtube and then add those to this web store.

More money in your pocket:
– Generate more conversions and money in your pocket by displaying discounts and special offers from Amazon.
– Add more stats to your web store.
– The cookies are stored in 90 days to handle multiple payment processes and transactions easily.
– Allows you to store 90 days cookies in your visitor’s browser to ensure repeat purchase.
– You can use the Ninjashoppe not only with Amazon but also with Ali Express and eBay.

Easy to use, easy to understand:
– Step-by-step training videos are included in the member’s area for all of the customers. You can just figure out how to use this software, what to do, how to setup and most importantly, how to profit from the Ninjashoppe software.

More benefits for you:
– You can create unlimited web stores with just the basic Ninjashoppe membership. No hassle to find the WordPress theme elsewhere.
– Adjust and manage the products based on categories, tags.

Ninjashoppe EliteNinjashoppe Elite (upsell) :
You have the option to upgrade to Ninjashoppe Elite and then add top-selling products from 2 more top e-commerce giants eBay and Ali Express.
– More customizations. Additional 15 themes along with banner ads on your affiliate web stores are included.
– You have the option to grow your list. The upsell, Ninjashoppe Elite comes with autoresponder integration where you can grow your list and boost your conversion rates, which means more money in your pocket.
– You can also set the traffic automation on Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr.

Ninjashoppe Enterprise (upsell):
– Use Twitter and LinkedIn to get the traffic.
– More traffic from Instagram and Pinterest. These are 2 of the most popular image sharing sites.
– Boost your search engine ranking thanks to social backlinks included for free with Ninjashoppe Enterprise only. Which means even more traffic.
Ninjashoppe Enterprise– More control, automation, and viral traffic since the ability for your visitors to share your website via top social media sites are included.
– Boost your conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate and attract more visitors thanks to in-depth analytics and tracking reports.
– You can also automatically add Amazon product reviews and also its user reviews. Automate the content creation plus even more conversions.
– The ability to integrate this product with a webinar software so you can follow-up your clients, and convert prospects into real buyers.
– Add stunning banner ads into your website and display those on the WordPress post or anywhere around your website.
– More money into your pocket thanks to the Google Adsense integration.
– Suitable for companies since your website can be shared with 5 different people.

Ninjashoppe Reseller (Upsell):
If you wish to resell the Ninjashoppe WordPress theme, you can do so with the Ninjashoppe reseller version. The reseller version allows you to sell this Ninjashoppe theme and keep 100% profits. If you are an online marketer or perhaps a seller at JVZoo or Clickbank marketplace, the Ninjashoppe Reseller edition is a must-have.

Can I create a web design service by using Ninjashoppe?
In short, yes you can. However, you need to purchase the upsell, that is Ninjashoppe Agency License for this purpose.

Grab Ninjashoppe from this page and you are qualified to download my exclusive bonuses below.

Bonus #1: WordPress Profitable Post with master resale rights (MRR)
This is an exclusive new WordPress plugin that anyone can use to monetize all of your WordPress blog posts at once. It doesn’t matter if you want to generate income from affiliate commissions, banners or Adsense. You can also place an opt-in form on every post of your WordPress blog to turn your blog posts into lead generation machine and grow your very own mailing list. This product comes with master resale rights, cover graphics and sales letter, so you can sell this anywhere just like your own product.

Bonus #2: Shopify Blueprint
Do you want to build a real online store for dropshipping? Then, use Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for creating an online store, thanks to its updates, ease of use and popularity. If you are just getting started with Shopify, this Shopify Blueprint video course can help you, a lot. Discover how to setup Shopify software on your own website, choose a hot-selling product, how to navigate the dashboard, how to launch the online store, how to get the traffic plus much much more. If you are into e-commerce or dropshipping, Shopify Blueprint is a must-have.

Bonus #3: Discount Motivator Pro
How to increase the conversion rate? The short answer is: Offer your visitors a discount. By offering limited time discount offer, your visitors will be more eager to buy, rather than leave your website. Discount Motivator Pro is just the software that you will be needing to boost the conversion rate by offering limited time discount to any of your visitors. No need to learn programming or web design from scratch. This software program will let you create the right offer with ease.

Bonus #4: WP Profit Doubler
WP Profit Doubler is another conversion booster plugin. If you are using NinjaShoppe WordPress theme, then this one will be another bonus for you, since this is also a WordPress plugin. Just as the name implies, WP Profit Doubler will double your profits from existing traffic. If you experience bad conversion rate from your existing WordPress site, or if you want to double your profits, but at the same time reduce the cost on advertising, WP Profit Doubler is the plugin that you should go for.

Bonus #5: WP Bad Ass Countdown
Some of your visitors might not eager to buy due to certain reasons. One of them would be they are not in the buying mode or at least want to think twice before buying. Introducing the WP Bad Ass Countdown. This powerful WordPress plugin will add the countdown timer on your website in order to boost the conversion rate. So, rather then your visitors leave your website empty-handed, they will make the right decision to purchase or at least to subscribe to your list.

Bonus #6: Smart Agent Pro
Want an easy method to add a live chat box to your website? This is the software that you will be needing. If you visitors or traffic are just looking around then greet them with the live chat feature. Ask them what they need, how can you help, what they are looking for plus a lot more. If you are selling services on your websites, such as web design, social media marketing or perhaps a web hosting company, this software is a must-have.

Bonus #7: Pinterest Perfection
If you know social media marketing, you should know about Pinterest. Pinterest Perfection is the course that allows you to find, get real traffic and boost your income from one of the hottest social media sites, Pinterest. Unlike traffic from e-commerce store or search engines, people on Pinterest are not in the buying mode. However, you can still drive traffic to your website and make more money for longer term thanks to Pinterest. Why? Because if you know how to market your company or website properly, you can drive and generate steady traffic by utilizing the power of Pinterest. Pinterest Perfection is more than just a course to beginners – it is a course for experienced marketers to attract, and use the power of Pinterest to the fullest. Pinterest Perfection also comes with master resale rights, sales letter and cover graphic, so you can sell this ebook can keep 100% profits.

Bonus #8: Niche Authority Gold
Finding the right niche is a tough work for all newbie entrepreneurs. Even if you are already an experienced entrepreneur, you still want to diversify the knowledge on how to find the correct niche to jump into. Niche Authority Gold has the answer to all of your questions. For a newbie entrepreneur, Niche Authority Gold will show you, step-by-step on how to crack the code, how to use free and paid keyword software tools to find the correct niches, how to find a niche that you are not familiar with, what are the top ten niche research tools and the most common mistakes when finding the niche. This product is presented in a neat, step-by-step video blueprint and has something for everyone.

Bonus #9: List Authority
List Authority is more than just a marketing course. It is a list building course. If you want to make the real money on the internet, one of the methods would be to grow and utilize the power of list building and mailing list.…

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Why do you need to use Youtube for effective marketing?

Unless if you live under the rock in the past ten years, you probably know about Youtube. This is the hottest video sharing site, owned by Google. While there could be tons of other competitors of the Youtube, such as Vimeo, Daily Motion or even Facebook, Youtube is still the number one video sharing site.

In fact, if you don’t utilize Youtube for marketing yet, you are missing lots of traffic and also real money on the table. The following are some of the reasons why you should utilize Youtube for internet marketing:

1. Relevant traffic: People use Youtube not only for entertainment but also for product reviews, tips, how-tos, and tutorials. One thing that differentiates between Youtube and other social sites like Instagram is the fact this website has a search feature where anyone can enter relevant keywords to find the tutorial, how-tos and product reviews that can help them. Therefore, you are going to advertise and reach an only relevant audience for your products or services.

2. Social sharing: Youtube allows anyone to share the videos not only via social bookmarks but also by embedding your videos all over the web for massive exposure. If you place a link in the video and then the video goes viral, or get embedded here and there all over the web, then people will know your website and visit it often. This will give more brand awareness to your company or your website.

3. Ease of use: Youtube also has lots of features for video publishers not only to upload but also to edit the video before publishing to the mass. Yes, you don’t need to purchase an expensive webcam in order to upload a video to Youtube. You can simply use your Android smartphone to capture video from your phone and then upload via Youtube app. Then, you can also edit the video, add subtitles, description, tags and even clickable links on the video.

4. More conversions: People who are already in buying mode usually go to search engines, including Youtube to hunt for product reviews. This rule is true especially when you are promoting physical or electronic products from your own e-commerce store or perhaps as an affiliate, let say Amazon Associates. If you are selling a brand new smartphone, then you can demonstrate how to use it, its features, new improvements, additional functions plus much much more on Youtube. If you can give a full review of the products you are selling, then people will be more eager to buy, because they know what they will get.…

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Videosly Review – Fastest Video Creation Software

Videosly review – What is Videosly?

In this Videosly review, I am going to demonstrate to you, step-by-step on how Videosly works, how to use it, who needs the Videosly software plus I am going to offer you my killer bonus at the end of this page.

Just as the name implies, Videosly is a video creation plus traffic generation software. This is the latest video software program that will ease you in creating high-quality, stunning video.

Unlike the rest of video-making software, Videosly ( takes it to the next level by offering the same, even more in a cloud-based storage. In other words, no download or installation required. Even better, you can publish and distribute the videos made by using the Videosly software right to other video sharing sites, like Instagram, Youtube, and even Facebook.

Is this product the same as Windows Movie Maker?
In short, it isn’t. It is even better because you don’t need to provide your own video or music. You can simply embed any URL of your favorite videos on Youtube and then edit those with built-in music, plus a video editor.

I am a Mac user. Can I use this program?
Absolutely. In fact, you don’t need to download anything. You can run this program right on your browser, whether the OS is Windows, Mac or even Linux. This is a cloud-based video software and not a typical software that runs on Windows only.

Why use Videosly? List of benefits of Videosly program
Save your time on video creation: Just grab any URL from your favorite video on Youtube, paste into Videosly dashboard for further editing. Yes, any video that you found online whether on Youtube or Instagram can be converted and then modified thanks to the Videosly software technology.
Ease of use thanks to the drag and drop video creator: Drag and drop feature is perhaps the easiest way to understand and perform certain task online. This is Videosly is all about.
No hassle to find background music or video content: Free background music and videos are included. Just modify the video, images or text as you please and then include the appropriate background music provided together with your Videosly purchase.
No backup needed: Videosly can be integrated together with your Amazon Web Service account so rest assured, once uploaded, these videos are safe in the cloud. No further backup needed. You don’t need to store the mp4 files in your local PC. Just upload into your Amazon account.
More traffic, more exposure: If you are new to video marketing, Videosly can help you, a lot. Yes, you can export the videos in mp4 format so this is not only compatible with Youtube, but also with other social sites that allow video sharing including Instagram.

Videosly review

Who is Videosly for?
This product is for anyone who wants more traffic, increase brand awareness and conversions. It doesn’t matter if he is a small business owner, marketers or even established companies.

For video marketers : If you are video marketer, Videosly is perhaps the most relevant product for you. Not only you can boost the conversion rate of your videos or websites, but also you can save lots of time since lots of free, ready-made background music and videos are included.

For social media marketers : Are you a social media marketer? Then you can build a huge audience and then increase engagement from any of your post or social sharing.

For small business owner : If you are a small business owner, then you can utilize the power of Videosly plus video marketing to boost the conversion rate on your website.

For list builders : Videosly can boost the opt-in rate of your website, that is by adding a high-converting, working video to your opt-in page. Imagine that you can boost the sign-up rate of your list within just a few clicks.

Freelancers and service providers : Get more interested clients by adding videos to your Fiverr gig or service description. This will make your gig or service looks more professional and then attract even more buyers.

What is included with Videosly?
– A simple, but professional video creator software with drag and drop interface.
– Built-in stock music tracks that you can add to your video or slideshow and then makes it looks professional.
– Free built-in stock video footages.
– Integrate with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Youtube, depending on your Videosly package.

The step-by-step guide on how Videosly works:
Step 1: Get started
– Once you’ve registered on the Videosly official website, you will be given the username and password to the member’s area.
– No download required. Just log in to the secure, cloud-based dashboard and then set up your one-time profile. These include Youtube account and then Amazon Web Service account.
– Click the “Create Video” link to get started.

Step 2: Create a new one or modify the existing online video content
– Just enter any URL from a video that you have found online, whether that is your own video, or anyone else.
– You can also upload your own content if necessary.
– Customize everything inside the dashboard.

Step 3: Customize for your very own unique videos
– The next 2-screen canvas is the place where you can edit the existing content.
– The complete content of the video appears on the left, while you can see the existing content on the right.
– Which means you can instantly create a fully-custom video from any existing content or perhaps your own video or any combination.
Step 4: Edit and produce your video
– Finally, the software automatically creates frames for your videos. In other words, one long video will be separated into different timelines called frames.
– If you add text in step 3, the text will be automatically added into each of these frames. Each frame is ready for you to add images, text, music and video footage.

Once you’ve finished with step 4, your video is ready and you can upload to social media sites to share and get a massive amount of traffic. The beauty of software is the fact anyone can create a professional-looking video in a few minutes.

My Videosly Bonus. ONLY During The Launch Week.

If you purchase Videosly from this website, I will send you my Videosly bonuses. These early bird bonuses are available for Videosly launch week only, so please hurry if you don’t want to miss anything.

How to get started with Videosly + claim the exclusive Videosly bonus:

1. Just go to the Videosly official website ( to become a Videosly member, get your login details and finally grab the bonuses listed below.

2. Once you’ve made the purchase, your bonuses will be in the member’s area and you will also be able to find them in your JVZoo customer portal, listed as “SamBakkerBonus”.

3. If you don’t see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we will get your bonuses to you right away.

4. This offer only valid for the launch week only. So if you buy Videosly after the launch week, that is after 16th of May 2018, probably you will be missing this.

My HOT Videosly Bonuses. ONLY During The Launch Week.

Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights – Video Script Software
You can use or sell this video script software and keep 100% of the profits. Or you can rebrand or modify this to use on your own.
– Create your own scripts in a few minutes.
– You can publish scripts as PDF or Word file.
– User-friendly interface.
– Save and then edit your scripts.
– Fully flexible script editing.

Early Bird Bonus #2: Video Sales Blueprint with White Label Rights
Just repackage and then sell this sales blueprint for 100% profit. This is the all-in-one guide to creating a 6-figure video plus a massive resources pack.

Early Bird Bonus #3: WP Profit Doubler Software
– WP Profit Doubler software is an easy-to-use software to instantly create your own complete money making video site together with popular monetization models such as Google Adsense, Amazon Ads with unique web pages, SEO options plus much more.
– 120 videos are sourced from Youtube. Once you use this software it fetches the latest selection of popular video relevant to your niche. So, once you’ve completed the website, you can be sure that it will be fully up to date with the latest videos on Youtube, even better those are relevant to your niche.
– The content provided with this software is provided by extracting random snippets from a set of 20 private label articles, ensuring that your pages are completely unique and then contain niche-targeted content.
– Optional Adsense ad units embedded with your own Google Adsense publisher ID on each of the video pages.
– Add more optional custom text ad units as alternatives to Adsense ads on each video page. You can advertise on these ads anything that you like. The custom text ads can be entered by just editing a simple text file.
– SEO ready thanks to this WP Profit Doubler software. Randomly generated cross-links on all pages to make the site structure different to of any other website, and to ensure that search engines index the entire website.
– Get professional looking home pages, plus thumbnails of each video on the homepage.

Early Bird Bonus #4: WP Testimonial Pro
Need more conversions? This plugin is really helpful. The WP Testimonial Pro will not only save you time and money but at the same time, it will allow you to boost your online profits to the next level. In fact, this plugin can easily be used and installed in less than one minute.
– Display real testimonials from your existing clients or fans.
– Display reviews of your product or service.
– Display a list of quotes or reviews from your existing clients.
– You can also link to real case studies.


Early Bird Bonus #5: WP Tube Monetizer
Monetize any Youtube video within a few clicks today.

Early bird bonus #6: WP Tube Maximizer
What good a Youtube video if you cannot monetize it? Introducing WP Tube Maximizer. This software program allows you to monetize and add any content to Youtube video in a few minutes. Save your time on video creation and monetization. If you are into video marketing, WP Tube Maximizer is a must-have tool.

Early Bird Bonus #7: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3
Marketing Graphics Version 3 comes with tons of high-quality images and also PSD files that you can edit, and use for any of your marketing campaigns. The graphics toolkit includes video skins, minisite templates, squeeze page templates, premium headers, 3D e-covers, HTML boxes, lots of “Add To Cart” buttons, and tons more images that you can edit or add to your website to boost conversions and maximize your online profits.

Early Bird Bonus #8: Evergreen Internet Profits
Building a real business is not about getting rich quick overnight. It is about generating steady income for years to come. Evergreen Internet Profits is the exact blueprint for building a real, solid internet business for years to come also with passive profits for you. Discover the secret used by successful entrepreneurs to grow, enhance and make lots of money out of their business.

Early Bird Bonus #9: List Building Profit Kit
Having a mailing list is similar to having a real online asset. In fact, many successful online entrepreneurs recommend that you build a mailing list for a good reason – because they work and they will continue to work. List Building Profit Kit walks you through the process of building a successful and scalable online business with list building and email marketing.

Early Bird Bonus #10: The Digital Marketing Lifestyle
Discover how to manage the work, life, time, finance and more the correct way. The Digital Marketing Lifestyle is the guideline where anyone can implement and achieve the success they desire during this internet age.…

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