HQ Webinar review

Overview of HQ Webinar platform

HQ Webinar is the first webinar platform which is using the peer to peer technology. This is one-of-a-kind webinar platform which combines all features of standard webinar platform, plus with more upgrades.

Zero connection problems:
One main problem with other webinar platform is it can be disconnected during the presentation, due to the slow server. HQ Webinar takes it to the next level by fixing this problem. The network is decentralized, so there will be no server or connection problems.

More conversions, more sales:
What good a webinar without massive sales at the end of your presentations? HQ Webinar will surely quadruple your sales at the end of the webinar. For one thing, people who watch your presentation will stay from the beginning until the end. Thanks to the peer-to-peer technology, they won’t be disconnected during your presentation.

Then, HQ Webinar also allows you to present all content and images in True HD format. Which means, your prospects will be impressed with your presentation. By the end of the webinar, they will be happy to purchase something from you.

Effective engagements:
You don’t call that a webinar if you cannot chat or talk with your prospects. This is why HQ Webinar also comes with instant chat function where you can chat with your prospects directly. You can also integrate the HQ Webinar system with popular autoresponder programs like Getresponse. This is important if you want to invite subscribers from your existing mailing list into the webinar. If you don’t use Getresponse, you can also integrate HQ Webinar with Mail Chimp, Aweber, iContact or Sendlane.

The bottom line:
HQ Webinar is the next-generation webinar software that every marketer must have. You don’t want to throw lots of money on the table with the old-school webinar software. You will want to upgrade your webinar system to a more advanced platform like HQ Webinar.

I have seen several webinar software before, and none of them came even close to this one. This is the reason why I highly recommend HQ Webinar platform, especially when you have an email list. You can boost the conversions and sales from your list by running a webinar using the HQ Webinar system.


Product nameHQ Webinar
Product creatorsJai Sharma, Victory Akpos and HQ Webinar team
What is it about?True HD, De-Centralized webinar suite
What are its features?Read the full list of HQ Webinar features
Tour of the member's areaSee inside the member's area
How to use the HQ Webinar?Watch the demo video
Is HQ Webinar recommended?Recommended. 100%.
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
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HQ Webinar Full Review

How can HQ Webinar help your business?

What good a list or traffic if it doesn’t convert? That’s what a webinar and HQ Webinar is all about. It’s all about conversion.

HQ Webinar takes it to the next level by boosting the conversions of your traffic. It gets this job done by providing live, no-lagging webinars in True HD mode.

More conversions mean more happy customers and the more profit for your business. This is very important if you are running a business for a longer term.

Another benefit of HQ Webinar is the ease-of-use. This is important because running an effective webinar takes a lot of hard work. If you’ve been using any webinar software before, you should be aware of this fact.

HQ Webinar eliminates all of these problems by integrating all of the important features into one single system. If you use the HQ Webinar system, the webinar is much easier to manage.

List of HQ Webinar features:

Support up to 15 coordinators. Run a smooth webinar event: If you are running a seminar on the real stage, you cannot do that alone. You need to have a team that can handle the microphone, videos, studio, stage and other resources.

The same goes for a webinar. The more people that you have on your team, the better your webinar results will be. The easier for you to manage and arrange the resources. This is why HQ Webinar allows you to include up to 15 coordinators in one event. You can assign each of them, with a different task. For example handling the webcam, mic, slideshows and other resources.

Full integration with popular autoresponders. No hassle to find other service providers: Sending an email to your list subscribers is one popular method to get the potential attendees to the webinar.

This is why HQ Webinar also compatible with top autoresponder systems. To name a few, those are GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, Sendlane, iContact and Constant Contact.

As an internet marketer, chances are you already using one of these top autoresponders. Therefore, no hassle to find a new autoresponder service and then import all of your email contacts. Just keep the existing list, and move on to HQ Webinar system.

Remind your list, more traffic: This feature is common among all webinar systems. What good a webinar if the attendees show up late or don’t show up at all?

HQ Webinar reminds the potential attendees at a certain period of time. For example, they will be reminded in one day, one hour and then 15 minutes before the webinar begins. The notification will be sent right to their email if they choose to sign up for your webinar.

Waiting lounge is provided, more traffic: Just like a real, offline seminar, a good webinar must have a waiting lounge. This is useful for the attendees can wait and browse through useful materials while waiting for the event to start. You can give them a brief overview of your presentation, such as sample slideshows, files and more.

No delays, fewer dropouts: Your audience will get live streaming access thanks to the HQ Webinar system, with zero delays. The latency is minimum, so you can expect your audience to engage actively during the webinar event. Ask them questions and then you will get the feedback instantly.

Even better, the majority of them will stay until the presentation is completed. Why? Because the system is not disconnected along your webinar, thanks to the decentralized network of HQ Webinar. You can reduce total dropouts along the presentation and increase the engagement, as well as the conversions of the webinar event.

True HD presentation, more conversions: Watching a streaming HD video online could be just a dream in the past ten years. However, thanks to the speed of the internet today, that dream becomes a reality. Even better, it is possible that you can handle a webinar in True HD format.

HQ Webinar is the only webinar software to date that allows you to do that. You can show and impress your prospects with clear images and videos. Show them your powerpoint slideshows, the whiteboard, case studies and more in HD format. The more you become transparent with your prospects in the webinar, the more conversions you can expect.

Impress the audience with more multimedia: Adding videos or slideshows from external resources can help to boost your conversion rates.

HQ Webinar allows you to add videos and study resources from other websites to make your presentation more exciting. Impress your customers with the concept of your products or companies. Make them understand how your companies can solve their problems.

Also included with HQ Webinar system is the screen sharing function. Make the audience understand your experience or products by showing them relevant videos. You can share screen and videos from 3 resources at the same time.

Instant chat option, more happy customers: What makes a webinar different, compared to Youtube video, is the fact it has a chat option. This feature can help you engage and get feedback from customers in real-time. Therefore, the traffic is not a hit-and-miss. The traffic comes from real, willing-to-buy visitors.

This is why HQ Webinar also includes the instant chat option. It lets you get the feedback from prospects. They can ask questions, leave comments, or perhaps give suggestions about your products or companies.

Recorded event and replay later mode are included: In any webinar event, it is normal that prospects could not understand something after the event. Or perhaps they just forgot about something being presented and they need the resource to recap.

This is why HQ Webinar also supports recorded events. Whatever is presented to the prospects during the webinar will be recorded and then sent to them. They will be able to recap back important points that are being presented. For example, the benefits of your product, how your product works, why they need the product and more.

Improve the webinar conversions in the future with in-depth tracking: HQ Webinar also comes with interactive, detailed tracking functions. These include the number of attendees, number of absentees, the number of completions and the number of dropouts.

If a few of attendees leave your webinar, you want to know why. Then, if the majority of the attendees stay during the webinar until the end, you also need to know the reason. In order to improve your presentation in the future, all these information are crucial.



Tour of the entire HQ Webinar system

This HQ Webinar review doesn’t complete if you don’t know how to user’s dashboard looks like. The following are screenshots of the HQ Webinar member’s area.

#1 – Setting up your webinar with the accurate time and date:

#2 – Details of your webinar

#3 – Assigning your webinar coordinators


#4 – Sample email reminder to your potential attendees.

#5 – Adding tracking codes to your webinar. This is important for tracking the results of your webinar event.

#6 – Adding multi-media, such as PDF to your webinar presentation

#7 – The screen sharing and live chat option are also included during the real webinar event.



How to use the HQ Webinar system

In case you are just curious, the following video shows you with a brief overview of the HQ Webinar user dashboard. It will walk you through on how to setup your own webinar right from the member’s area.



My killer HQ Webinar bonus

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3. Also, you can claim your HQ Webinar bonus by contacting me, Thomas Henry via the contact page.

Bonus #1: Profitable Webinars Blueprint

Profitable Webinars Blueprint is a great complimentary of HQ Webinar product.

The reason is simple: HQ Webinar is a good software to run an effective webinar, but it doesn’t have a simple guideline for beginners. If you are still new, you need to look somewhere else if you need a real, solid guidance. This blueprint is the answer that you need.

All the secrets to run an effective webinar, from A to Z are covered in this course. For example, how to get the traffic and joint venture marketing. Then, you will discover about Facebook and how to use it to invite the attendees. Finally, this blueprint shows you how to close the sales by the end of your webinar.

Bonus #2: High Ticket Authority Gold

High Ticket Authority Gold is another suitable bonus for the HQ Webinar product.

Why? Because if you are running a webinar, selling a high-ticket product is one way to monetize your webinar event. Why profit just around $10 per sale, while you can generate at least $1,000 per sale by selling just one high-ticket product?

However, people will think twice before purchasing a high-ticket product.…

Covert Video Press 3.0 review

Overview of Covert Video Press 3.0 product

Covert Video Press 3.0 is an easy-to-use, newbie friendly WordPress theme. This theme allows you to build highly optimized video sites with lots of viral traffic, just like Youtube.

Being a WordPress user for ages, I can tell you that Covert Video Press 3.0 has all the features that you will be needing to create a real, working video sharing site.

Self-optimization, more conversions: If you want to boost the website conversion rate, Covert Video Press 3.0 is the product that you should go for. It comes with the amazing self-optimization function. It will pull highly-converted videos from Youtube, ready to be published in your own website. Therefore, you can boost the conversion rates of your existing site, also with less work on your part.

Social sharing, more traffic: The awesome social sharing feature is also included with this theme for automated viral traffic. Therefore, you’ve published high-converting videos into the website, your visitors will share those videos and the website content Facebook and Twitter. Remember, high-converting videos also mean lots of people are loving them and sharing them.

Lots of video sites to choose from: Other than Youtube, Covert Video Press 3.0 also pulls videos from Vimeo and Metacafe. Therefore, you will have more choices for videos, across any topic to be shared on your website. You don’t need to upload your own videos since you will be publishing and sharing others’ videos from these sites. No hassle to record, edit and upload your own videos.

No technical knowledge required: Other than that, if you are looking for a newbie-friendly WordPress theme for your affiliate site, Covert Video Press 3.0 is perhaps the one that you are looking for. It comes with an easy-to-use wizard, where you will be guided on how to create a stunning WordPress site.

PS: I had been using lots of WordPress themes in the past few years and none of them are even close to Covert Video Press 3.0, especially with just the $17 price tag.

Covert Video Press 3.0 review

Product nameCovert Video Press 3.0
Product publishersIM Wealth Builders team
What is it about?Tube Wordpress theme
What are its benefits?Read all of its benefits here
Do I need Covert Video Press 3.0?See if you need this Wordpress theme
Is it recommended?Highly recommended.
Looking for Covert Video Press 3.0 bonus?View our bonuses here
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
Looking for Covert Video Press 3.0 official website?Click here

Covert Video Press 3.0 Full Review

If you are an online marketer, you should know the power of video marketing. Using videos on your own website or Youtube is a hot marketing method these days, not only because videos can attract lots of audiences, but also increase your conversion rates.

In fact, lots of big advertisers were already switching from traditional offline television into Youtube or Facebook ads, because people are more attracted to videos on Youtube rather than the old-school television.

However, adding videos into your strategy is not as easy as it sounds
Regardless of your experience level, these are some of the common problems you will be facing when creating a successful video sharing site:
– Capturing a high-quality video will cost you a lot of time. You need to keep practicing and making it perfect. It is not as easy as it sounds.
– You need to pay for an expensive video software such as Camtasia Studio or other related video software in order to capture a high-quality video and then publish it online.
– You need to optimize the videos to keep attracting lots of audiences and most importantly boosting your conversion rates.
– You must promote the videos on social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and even Google plus. This is useful if you want to get viral traffic.
– If you want to host or at least to embed one video on your own website, you need to customize the WordPress themes and plugins properly before your website can be configured the way you want.
– Lots of WordPress themes and site builders out there are still not very user-friendly since they cannot be customized easily especially with videos and flash players.
– If you want to upload the videos on your own website, you need to pay extra dollars for the hosting or services like the Amazon S3.

How can Covert Video Press 3.0 help?

Covert Video Press 3.0 will solve all above problems and even more when comes to video marketing.

No technical skills required. Totally newbie friendly:
– Once installed, this theme comes with a step-by-step wizard that anyone can follow to set up and customize any part of your video site.
– You won’t be left alone. Mini tutorial videos are included for every setting in your WordPress admin area, where you can watch these tutorials and follow when you need them.
– Budget-friendly software. For just $17 during the launch day, the Covert Video Press 3.0 theme will surely blow you away and it is worth every penny.

More conversion rates, also with much less work:
– The Covert Video Press 3.0 theme is a self-optimizing theme that can show you the best converting video first and then embed into your website.
– This will reduce lots of trial and error on video optimization. Unlike other WordPress themes, Covert Video Press 3.0 will automatically choose video with the high conversion rate to embed and then share on your own website.
– Thanks to this function, you can also expect higher retention rates and more viral traffic. High-converting video means lots of people are liking them and sharing them, giving your website more traffic, more exposure, and better retention rate.

Forget creating your own videos:
– No uploads required. You can simply pick others’ videos on Vimeo, Metacafe or Youtube and then share on your own website. This will save lots of your time and money on video creation, optimization, and even monetization.
– This will reduce lots of your time recording your own video.
– Forget paying for expensive programs to record and publish a high-quality video.
– However, you are free to upload your own videos on Youtube or Vimeo and then embed those into your own website.

More traffic from top social sites:
– Covert Video Press 3.0 comes with complete integration with top social media sites. Those social sites are including Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Tumblr.
– Save your money on paid advertising. Covert Video Press 3.0 will automatically promote your website on top social networking sites.
– Don’t forget that Covert Video Press 3.0 theme comes with the self-optimization feature, where you can embed only attractive, high-converting videos into your website. Therefore, you can expect your videos and websites to get liked by lots of fans on these social media websites.

Hassle-free monetization:
– In-built theme ads and custom widgets are included for easier monetization. No hassle to pick the javascript codes, paste into your website to run the ads.
– No need to edit every single of your posts to monetize and place ads or affiliate links inside your WordPress site. Just edit the theme and widget and then you are good to go.
– If you are using free or other WordPress themes, expect to do lots of editing works whenever you want to change the ads, Google Adsense scripts or affiliate links. This is not the case with Covert Video Press 3.0 theme.

Who is Covert Video Press 3.0 for?

It is geared for all online marketers or business owners, especially if you are a Youtube video publisher or WordPress user. No matter what kind of business or money-making models that you are into, Covert Video Press 3.0 has its own use for you.

Adsense publishers: If you are struggling hard to earn real money from Google Adsense or its alternatives, then it is time to utilize both video and blogging into your strategy. While Covert Video Press 3.0 won’t make you rich overnight, it can surely help you a lot when setting up your WordPress sites and then share videos inside it. Yes, you can also use the features included with the Covert Video Press 3.0 to embed the Adsense codes together with Youtube videos in order to build a real, working video sites with much easier management.

Video marketers: If you already uploaded your own videos on Youtube, why not compile those videos into one single website and then build your own brand? If you register your own domain name, build a WordPress site and then install this Covert Video Press 3.0 theme, you can get your Youtube or Facebook followers to visit your own blog and build a real brand.

Of course, you can use the Youtube channel feature, but having your own domain name is much better if you want to build a real, solid business for a longer term. This Covert Video Press 3.0 theme will be the shortcut to building a successful website.

Bloggers: One way to attract more traffic to your website or WordPress blog is by using videos. It would be even better if the traffic also comes from social sites like Pinterest or Twitter.

If you are running a blog and don’t know how to get the traffic, Covert Video Press 3.0 can help you, a lot. Unlike free WordPress themes, Covert Video Press 3.0 comes with social sharing features that enable you to drive a massive amount of traffic from social networking sites. In addition to that, this is actually a WordPress theme, which is suitable for you, probably because your blog already run on WordPress. There is no limit on how you can utilize and benefit from the Covert Video Press 3.0 theme.

Webmasters: Do you wish to run a video sharing sites like Youtube or Vimeo? Or perhaps do you want to get more revenue from advertising programs like Chitika, Propeller Ads or even Google Adsense? Then Covert Video Press 3.0 is geared specifically for you. You can embed any of your favorite videos from Vimeo or Metacafe and then share in your website. You can also monetize your websites with ads from Adsense, Propeller Ads, Chitika or any of the advertising networks that you can think of.

Affiliate marketers:Are you struggling hard to make a sale from your affiliate network? Do you want to increase more traffic and conversion rates of your website? One of the most effective methods to do that is by adding videos to your existing website and get more traffic via social media marketing. While it may sound easy, the truth is, getting social media traffic and finding high-converting videos into your affiliate site takes a lot of hard work.

The good news is, Covert Video Press 3.0 can help you a lot. In fact, it is a huge time saver. For one thing, Covert Video Press 3.0 is already a video + social WordPress theme. Therefore, no hassle from your part in case you want to find the third party WordPress theme or plugins to embed videos or drive traffic. Plus, you can also tweak this WordPress theme so you can have a professional-looking website within a few clicks.

My killer Covert Video Press 3.0 bonus

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How to claim these bonuses:
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[JVZoo screenshot]

3. If you have any question, for example, error at the download page, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry via the contact page.…

Azon Funnels review

Overview of Azon Funnels software:

Azon Funnels is an amazing site builder that creates an online store in less than one minute. This is not just another WordPress theme. Instead, the Azon Funnels software is an automated site builder which is integrated with your Facebook account and FB messenger, that you can use to quickly create an online store in less than one minute.

If you want to save lots of your time on site creation, monetization, and traffic, Azon Funnels is just the right software that you are looking for.

Product nameAzon Funnels
Product creatorsSimon Greenhalgh, Kevin Byrne, Schoeffel Jean-Philippe
What is it about?Affiliate marketing, E-commerce
Demo videoWatch the demo video here
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended
Looking for the Azon Funnels official website?Click here
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
More informationRead our full review here
Bonus offerView our bonuses here

Full, in-depth Azon Funnels review

Introduction: Why do you need the Azon Funnels software?

The fact that you know about making money online, then probably you already read somewhere about Amazon Associates program.

It is basically about selling products from Amazon.com, where anyone can register as an affiliate for free, drive traffic and then earn commissions by just making sales from every product he was promoting. No need to create the product, no shipping required and no hassle to deal with payment processors. All of these parts are taken care of by Amazon itself.

However, making money from Amazon is not that easy
Making money from Amazon affiliate program is not as easy as it sounds.
If you are trying to make money from Amazon Associate program for one month or two, you will realize that there are tons of problems that you need to solve first before earning your first $100 :

You need to research for the right keywords and the product demand properly before you can get started and launch your website. Figuring out the right keywords, niche and the product demand is one huge problem that is stopping a majority of new affiliates from making the money.

You need to update your online store regularly. The updates include the change in the product description, impress your visitors, reduce the bounce rate and then boost your existing traffic. Some of Amazon product descriptions are updated regularly, so editing the existing content will take hours of time, especially if you have hundreds of products listed in one online store.

Your website must be professionally designed. Otherwise, your visitors leave empty-handed and not buy anything due to lack of user experience.

You need to add new products once in a while to make sure that your online store can fulfill the market demand and get steady traffic.

You need to pay for the web hosting each month or each year. To some people, paying for a web hosting subscription is a problem which increases their cost.

You need to get traffic to the web store in order to make real money.


Azon Funnels will solve all of the problems above

This Azon Funnels system will solve all of the problems related when comes to making money with Amazon and other affiliate programs:

Save your money and time on web designers or another expensive WordPress theme: Azon Funnels comes with 3 different templates. In other words, you change the look and feel of your website once in a while without paying an additional cost. Not only you can save money on paid WordPress themes, but you can also save your time editing the website since all of these templates are already integrated with Azon Funnels software and web hosting.

Create a professional-looking online store or website within a few minutes: We understand that you are not a professional web designer, and hence you will have the problem of creating a professional-looking website. However, Azon Funnels can solve this problem.

Now you can have a professional-looking online store within a few minutes by just using your Facebook messenger system. All you need to do is enter the keywords relevant to your niche or topic within the Facebook messenger system, and then this program will automatically create a real, working online store for you. This is one big difference between Azon Funnels and other systems related to affiliate marketing or WordPress themes.

No hassle to pay for a third-party web hosting: Subscribe to Azon Funnels and you don’t need to spend a dime on web hosting: Azon Funnels system comes with a free web hosting to all of their customers, so if you are a customer of Azon Funnels rest-assured, you can host all of your websites for free.

Save your time and money on niche research: We know that you are struggling hard with Amazon or other affiliate programs, probably due to niche or keyword research. Now, thanks to the built-in function within the Azon Funnels system, you can now research for profitable niches, with high demand and lots of ready-to-buy visitors.

No hassle to update the product description regularly: Did you know that one of the biggest factors which makes your visitors leave your website or online store is the fact your website content is outdated? Yes, while updating the content of your site regularly sounds easy, in practice, it takes too much time. However, once you’ve utilized the Azon Funnels powerful system, this program will automatically update your website or online store by using its powerful content updater.

Save hours of time adding new product related to your niche: If the fans of your online store are visiting your store every now and then, they will probably look for something new to buy.
Therefore, one easy way that you can get more traffic and more people buy from you is by adding new products to your online store. This will be no problem if your online store is small.

However, what if your online store is big and has too many products? You will take hours, or perhaps days of your time to add new products and then add new content to the website. Thanks to the Azon Funnels system, you can save yourself the time adding new products to your website. The Azon Funnels system will add new products related to your niche or topic automatically.

More viral traffic thanks to the social sharing button: What else could be better than getting the traffic from your existing visitors? Azon Funnels has the ability to add social sharing button on your website or online store so your visitors will be able to share your website all over the web to their favorite social media accounts.

Azon Funnels review

Live demo video – Watch the Azon Funnels software in action and decide before you buy

Who can benefit from Azon Funnels program?

The Azon Funnels system is geared specifically for all affiliate marketers and e-commerce business owners.

Are you struggling hard to make a healthy income from Amazon? Then, the Azon Funnels is perfect for you. Not only the Azon Funnels software will save you lots of money, but also lots of your time on website creation, content, monetization, and traffic.
If you are selling products from Clickbank.com, then Azon Funnels can also help. Azon Funnels is not limited only to e-commerce related niche. In fact, you can design a website or online store in digital product niches as well. You can literally build all kinds of websites across any topic and promote Clickbank products, including the weight loss niche, self-help, cryptocurrency, online games and even computer software.
Do you want to start an e-commerce or drop shipping business? Then, Azon Funnels can save lots of your time. While starting an e-commerce business might sound easy, but the fact is, there are lots of work to be done. For example, you need to find the right niche, contact the supplier, find out how to ship the products to your customers plus a whole lot more. Azon Funnels can save hours of your time on site creation, traffic, and even content creation for this purpose. Just use the Facebook messenger box to create a real, working online store and you are good to go.

My killer Azon Funnels bonuses

1. Purchase the Azon Funnels software only via the links from this website. Click here to purchase.

2. All these Azon Funnels bonuses above are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase you will be directed to the download page.

Azon Funnels bonus

3. If you cannot access the bonuses for certain reasons, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry, at my contact page.

Azon Funnels bonus #1: Rapid Amazon Research
If you are a newbie, we know that niche research, especially when you are an affiliate could be frustrating and tiresome. In fact, for most newbies, finding the right niche could take months of time before they can decide the right niche and product to promote.

Now, what if we do all the hard work for you? What if all the niches are already done for you and then all you need is to replicate the success? That’s what Rapid Amazon Research is all about. Rather than you learn and figure the entire niche research process, we already provided you with 5 niche markets, and 50 products from Amazon that you can promote. All of these products cost more than $100, have more than 10 reviews and on average have more than 4-star rating on Amazon. We also provided you with a list of useful data related to these niches, including the global number of searches, local number of searches, average CPC, total competition on Google and even more. Rapid Amazon Research is free for you, as long as you purchase Azon Funnels from this website.

Azon Funnels bonus #2: Niche Authority Gold
One of the most common mistakes made by newbies is targeting a competitive niche. If you jump into one competitive niche, then chances are, you cannot make the real money online. Now, the big question here is: how do you find the right niche to target?

Niche Authority Gold video course has all the answers to your questions. Niche Authority Gold is an amazing course about niche marketing, where all of the steps related to finding the right niche online, from using free tools like Google Keyword Planner to using paid tools – all are covered. Plus, this video series also highlights some of the most common mistakes made by many new marketers to find the correct niche.

If you are an affiliate, Niche Authority Gold also has something for you; that is how to find the correct niche for affiliate marketers. The Niche Authority Gold course is worth $97 and yours free once you’ve purchased Azon Funnels from this page.

Azon Funnels bonus #3: Smart Agent Pro
Getting the traffic to your online store, sales letter or website is hard enough. Therefore you will want to make sure that every traffic converts. How can you do that? Well, one way would be to include a live chat system where you can prompt a chat box with your visitors. That is what Smart Agent Pro can do for you.

Smart Agent Pro is a live chat software that you can plugin into your website to greet your visitors and then chat with them. Thanks to the Smart Agent Pro software, you can ask your visitor about how you can help them, get feedback or even offer them a discount before they leave. This way, you can make sure that every single traffic converts, whether into real buyers or at least into list subscribers.

Azon Funnels bonus #4: Coupon List Builder
Coupon List Builder is one script that can boost the conversion rates of your website. Just like the name implies, you can build your own high-converting mailing list by offering your visitors the coupon codes of your products.…

Reddule review

Overview of the Reddule course + software:

Just as the name implies, Reddule is about promoting and marketing your brand on Reddit. In fact, this is the ONLY course on the internet so far that teaches you how to market products on Reddit. Plus it comes with cloud-based software that can automate the tiresome process, from research, tracking your progress and increasing your Reddit karma and more.

Product nameReddule
Product creatorsBen Murray, Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav
What is it about?Untapped traffic source from Reddit
Demo videoWatch the demo video here
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended. 100%.
Looking for Reddule official website?Click here
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
More informationRead our full review here
Bonus offerView our bonuses here

Full review of Reddule

Introduction: Why use Reddit?
When comes to social networking sites, many people will have one thing in mind – Facebook. Other than that, they will usually go after Facebook-owned companies such as Whatsapp or Instagram. There is nothing wrong with Facebook marketing, but keep in mind that the advertising cost is high, whether you want to get free or paid traffic from Facebook because there are already too many marketers are using Facebook or FB these days to promote their companies or brands.

Reddit is a brand new, cheap traffic source
If you want an untapped traffic source, Reddit is one of best choices. Believe it or not, Reddit is the 6th most visited website on the internet today. In fact, the popularity of Reddit is on the rise and there is no sign of its popularity is going down. If you don’t utilize Reddit as your traffic source, you will leave lots of traffic and money on the table.

Here comes the bad news
The popularity of Reddit is still new, so many of the giant corporations are struggling hard to get the traffic and run a successful campaign on Reddit. While these companies might perform well with Facebook marketing, so far, they have no idea on how to tap into the Reddit marketing. Plus, the Reddit users are somewhat savvy and they are aware of big, pushy brands that aren’t interested in helping or engaging with the Reddit community.

The good news is……
For small marketers with a tight budget, this is a good opportunity for you if you are willing to follow the rules and then add more value to this Reddit social networking site. So far, there aren’t any guru courses out there that teach anyone how to do marketing on Reddit effectively.

Reddule gives you access to a massive, untapped traffic source

Whether you are a seasoned marketer who wants to diversify the traffic source or perhaps a beginner who want to get more traffic with the lowest budget, Reddule can surely help you.

Reddule consists of 2 parts, the course and the cloud-based app

Reddule comes with 2 parts

Part 1: Reddule Traffic Training System
What good an internet business without traffic? The Reddule Traffic Training system is an in-depth training video series which comes in 9 modules plus PDFs, list of resources and audio are included for easier reference.

All the video tutorials are presented in HD format, so rest assured you can easily follow the entire system and get the idea on how to tap into Reddit traffic.

Reddule review

These are some of the things covered in the Reddule training series:
– The real case study that works: Reddule is created by three marketers and software developers, Ben Murray, Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav. In this video, you can watch hand-to-hand on how to the creators set up a real, working funnel, make lots of leads and then get viral traffic from Reddit.
– Traffic from subreddits: Did you know that Reddit discussions are separated into subreddits? In this video, you will figure out how to discover the easiest subreddits for massive amount of traffic. Other than that, special tricks and tools are included for finding subreddits that can rake easier traffic and leads from Reddit.
– Paid advertising on Reddit: This one is hot. Why? Because it is similar to using Facebook or Google Adwords, but years ago. Reddit PPC is unsaturated because you can get thousands of views with pennies on the dollar. Forget Facebook ads – that traffic source is expensive and saturated already. It is time to get a fresh start.
– Rules to follow: This is important to avoid the “spam trap”. Discover how to easily engage into the subreddit communities and avoid from being labeled as a spammer.
– Money in the list: This video tutorial will explain on how to build a list of potential customers from Reddit. Also, it will explain how to convert those customers into real, repetitive buyers.
– Viral marketing with video: This tactic works like a charm on Reddit. Find out how to “go viral” on Reddit by using the power of video and you will see that your brand can get featured on the homepage of Reddit website.
– How to automate the process: While the Reddule software doesn’t come with full automation, since that will make you being labeled a spammer, but yes, you can automate some of the marketing processes. Just watch over the shoulders how to create a working funnel, on auto-pilot by using the Reddule software and then save hours per day.

Part 2: Reddule Cloud App

This is one of the earliest software related to Reddit marketing. The Reddule cloud app allows you to find the right info and then put your Reddit marketing efforts on auto-pilot. You don’t need to download or install anything; it is actually a web-based app so no download or installation is required.

Reddule cloud app

Watch how the Reddule Cloud-Based App works

Reddit keyword alerts and email notifications to drive traffic:
What if you can get notified when there is an opportunity to enter the traffic source at Reddit? This program will go through all the comments and threads on subreddits for any keyword and then send you the email once the keyword is posted.

This function is somewhat similar to many forums and social sites, where you will be notified via email once there is a relevant discussion on your topic, so you can chime in and then respond quickly.

Reddule keyword alert

Schedule Posts and Links to Specific Subreddits:
You don’t need to login to the Reddit account to post into this social site. You can utilize the Reddule software to build and schedule list of text posts, link posts or video posts to any subreddit. Then, get email alert whenever you need to post new content.

Know and get notified exactly when to post for the most traffic:
This function will save lots of time. If you are into Reddit discussion for a while, you will realize that some of the threads or discussions will active only at certain times. It shouldn’t be a problem if you post into a discussion that you already familiar with.

However, if you want to diversify your traffic source to the different type of topic, you can set this Reddule software to instantly tell you the times and days of the week, when you will get the most views and feedback on your comments.

Reddule Traffic Tracking

Find and schedule viral videos:
The Reddule software can search on Youtube or Facebook for relevant videos that you can post into subreddit that you wish. Once you’ve posted a relevant, viral video, you can expect the traffic to boost, the Reddit “Karma” to increase which means more traffic to you.

Reddule viral videos

Let Reddule tell you what’s driving traffic:
Reddule also comes with a browser extension where you can track popular subreddits, posts, comments, users plus much more. Thanks to this extension, you can get the idea and track a list of proven, using viral content that you can post on a regular basis.

Tracking feature is included:
You don’t want your posts or videos to get down-voted, this is the reason why the tracking feature is very important. The Reddule cloud-based app comes with a function that anyone can track and make sure that your Reddit “karma” is high at all times so your scheduled posts and videos are guaranteed to get tons of views.

Reddule post tracking

You can also add multiple Reddit accounts and commercial license:
Are you a marketing agency? Or perhaps you are running this software app with a team of more than 3 people? Thanks to this feature, you can add multiple Reddit accounts and add more clients across multiple niches.

Research Hot Subreddits:
There are tons of subreddits in one topic. However, which subreddit is hot and which one doesn’t? Reddule allows you to research hot subreddits that you can track, analyze and post. Just research whatever subreddits which are relevant and less saturated in your niche.

Who can profit from the Reddule video training + software?

The answer is Anyone who wants to build a real, steady income online.

Offline business owner: People who are looking for clients in their business are hungry for targeted leads, whether offline or online. Why not send the Reddit traffic to their business? Thanks to the commercial rights to use this Reddule app, you can add your client’s Reddit account and then send them the traffic to their website or business.

Social media marketer: Why pay more for Facebook ads, while you can get the same, plus even cheaper thanks to Reddule and Reddit ads? Reddule will teach you how to tap into Reddit advertising plus marketing.

Video marketer: If you know how to publish a good Youtube video, it is time to expand your reach online. You can utilize the power of Reddit to drive viral traffic to your video and then increase the brand awareness. While you can get some traffic from Youtube, but thanks to Reddit, your videos will be visible to even more people.

My killer Reddule bonuses

Purchase the Reddule software from this website, and then you are qualified to get all my bonuses below.

How to claim the bonuses:
1. Purchase the Reddule app + course only via the links from this website. Click here to purchase.

2. All the bonuses and ebooks above are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase you will be directed to the download page.

3. If you cannot access the bonuses for certain reasons, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry, at my contact page.

List of my KILLER Reddule bonuses

Reddule Bonus #1 – Pinterest Perfection with master resale rights (MRR)
This product is geared for social media marketers. If you are looking for a complimentary product with Reddule software, Pinterest Perfection is just for you.

What else could be better than getting free-targeted traffic from social networking sites? While Facebook could be one of the options, it is not the only player in town. Pinterest, on the other hand, is better if you are looking for a massive, untapped traffic plus less advertising cost.

Today, Pinterest is one hot social media site with millions of visitors per day. You don’t need to learn how to create fancy videos, unlike Youtube marketing. All you need to know is what kind of audience who are interested in the products that you are promoting.

This Pinterest Perfection course is suitable for anyone who wants to diversify his knowledge of social media marketing, especially on Pinterest. This is more than just how to register and use Pinterest; it is actually a real course on how to make real money out of Pinterest. Inside the Pinterest Perfection course, you will discover how to attract lots of audiences, drive the massive amount of fans, how to be more creative and make your images are attractive and finally how to monetize the traffic.

Reddule Bonus #2 – Smart Agent Pro with Master Resale Rights (MRR)
What is more important than traffic is conversions. While getting the traffic to your business website is tiring enough, getting the visitors to purchase something or at least to leave a feedback is even harder.…

Online marketing is about traffic. You know that your business relies on it, but the problem is, how do you get it? Well, in short, you need to rely on bigger websites to drive traffic for you. This is true especially when you are just a small brand or website that just get started.

The following are some of the proven methods to get the traffic to your website:

1. Search engines. This one, without doubt, is the number one method to get traffic to your website on the internet. Search engines, mainly Google and Youtube, are one of the most effective methods to drive a relevant audience to your website. You don’t need to sell your products or services to an irrelevant audience on the internet. You just need to utilize the power of search engines in order to deliver your content to the relevant audience.

There are several tips to get traffic from search engines, but the number one method would be to target only less competitive keywords. You can use software like Ahrefs or Keyword Revealer to reveal less competitive keywords on Google and then get the traffic.

2. Facebook. Facebook is the number one social networking website on the internet. If you post interesting content on your Facebook Wall, chances are that your content and brands will be shared all over the web. You can also follow others and on the other hand, unfollow others. More than that, Facebook also allows you to upload video and then make it goes viral. Just create an interesting video using software like Camtasia Studio or Windows Movie Maker and then upload to Facebook.

3. Youtube. This one needs no introduction. Youtube is the number one video search engine today and to some people, this website already replaced their traditional television. All you need to do is capture videos by using your smartphone and then upload to this number one video sharing site. However, you need to make your videos interesting. By interesting, it could differ depending on the target audience. For example, if your target audience is looking for how to cook something, then make it real by using a real person, and then cook the real thing in the video. On the other hand, if the video is about music, consider not just using plain music, but also adding slideshow like Powerpoint in order to make the video interesting and goes viral.

4. Niche forums. While Facebook could be a good place to start with social media marketing, free forums, especially the niche-targeted forums are not bad. The reason is simple – the rules of these forums are not as strict as it was on Facebook. Facebook has billions of users worldwide already that they need to incorporate lots of new rules and terms when opening a new account. Free forums, on the other hand, has much fewer restrictions. Even better, these forums are topic specific, so whoever browse these forums already interested in whatever content that you are posting in the forum or your website. You can link to your website by adding a signature in your forum profile. …