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LiteApp Studio Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Overview of LiteApp Studio product

LiteApp Studio is a one-of-a-kind software that creates awesome mobile phone apps by using the AI Technology. In short, if you want to create awesome mobile phone apps with ease, LiteApp Studio is the one that you should go for.

What makes LiteApp Studio different

You might already know other mobile app builder software, but LiteApp Studio is different. It takes mobile apps to the next level by producing Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This is the app that combine the best of the native apps and web apps.

As the result, users will get the best experience in terms of speed, convenience, monetization and virality. Also, the apps can be installed on the smartphones without the need to use AppStore or Google Play.

Why do you need to create a mobile phone app?

You should know the importance of having a mobile app by now. More and more people prefer to do transactions via mobile phone apps these days. This is why, lots of giant companies, telcos and banks already published their mobile apps via Google Play or iOS AppStore.

Your company should have one too. It is not that hard to produce a mobile app by using the LiteApp Studio. All you need to do is use your existing website URL. In a few minutes, the website will turn into an awesome mobile app.

Features of the LiteApp Studio software

If you want to produce a mobile phone app quickly, LiteApp Studio has all of the features that you need:

Visit the LiteApp Studio official website

No technical skills required: This program works by using simple Q & A wizard. And then, your mobile phone app is ready. No need to learn any programming language from scratch.

No hassle to deal with AppStore or Google Play terms: The App made with this software is independent of App Store or Google Play. Therefore, you don’t need to comply with their strict rules to distribute your smartphone app. Once published, the app with anyone that you like.

Others can easily access your app via URL or QR code: Once the LiteApp Studion publish your own smartphone app, you can easily share it anywhere by using a URL or QR code. If you want to share the app offline, then print QR code on a business card. Then, let others scan it on their mobile devices. Other than that, if you want to make the app goes viral online, share your URL on social media sites. Anyone who clicks your URL or scans the QR code will be able to download and access your mobile app.

Publish amazing apps from any type of URL: All you have to do is answer some simple questions. And then, you are ready to publish amazing apps from any of your own URL. This includes your own domain name/website, Amazon or eBay listings, blog posts, Shopify Stores.

All niches are welcomed: The app that you can produce is not limited only to a certain type of topic. You can publish smartphone app in these topics or more: e-commerce, shopping, health, car dealerships, restaurants, travel, or even charity.

The apps are search engine friendly: Your progressive app will be recognized as an “application” thanks to W3C manifest and service worker registration scope. Therefore, search engines can detect, rank and then send traffic to you quickly.

Video training course is included: Full step-by-step training on how to use LifeApp Studio software is included. Therefore, you won’t be left alone in the dark. This software is idiot-proof with no technical skills required.

Commercial right is included if you want to sell this to clients: Do you know any offline clients who are interested in mobile apps? Then, you can help them, by using the LiteApp Studio software. Just publish the smartphone app and then sell it to them.

Samples of mobile apps published by using LiteApp Studio

LiteApp Studio samples

LiteApp Studio Extra 1: HyperSoci Machine – Full License [Value $297.00]
This software is a social media management and content marketing software. Crush your competition by using targeted creative content and laser targeted ads across social platforms. Dominate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more social sites.

SyndSocial Full License [Value $397.00]
Grow a big list by using the power of this software. SyndSocial will bring in tons of traffic, and then turn those into subscribers. All with free traffic.

Instant Content Creator [Value $197.00]
Powerful article creator that will make you rich. This is a proven method, plus a step-by-step software that will guide you along the way. Content is the king and if you are serious about building a real internet empire, this tool should be added into your list.

Vid Curator [Value: $197.00]
Video marketing is super powerful these days. Use this software to drive instant, targeted video traffic with just a push of button. Just enter the keywords and your videos will be ready.

Igloo Website Builder [Vaue: $147.00]
Igloo is the fastest software to build and manage profitable website. If you want to build tons of profitable websites and manage those with ease, Igloo is a must-have.

LiteApp Studio review


My killer LiteApp Studio bonus, with MRR and PLR

Get LiteApp Studio from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. They are complementing the LiteApp Studio product. In other words, bonus files can help you quadruple the income from LiteApp Studio program.

They are available only when you purchase LiteApp Studio from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

LiteApp Studio Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a complete course for the newbie in list building. While it is true that money inside the list, it is also a fact that many newbies fail with it.

The reason is simple – many of the list building courses out there are not that complete. For some reason or two, they lack things like the traffic part, case studies, monetization and so on.

Autoresponder Profit Formula, on the other hand, is different. It will cover from A to Z, all about list building. All the training are presented in the video tutorial, so it is super easy to understand. Not just that, tools and checklist of things that you should do are also included.

Lessons and modules inside this course:
Part 1: List building basics
– A quick glance of autoresponder, email marketing, and list building.
– The gameplan, system, and list of tools that you should use.
– Squeeze pages and conversion secrets. Find out what makes people subscribe to your squeeze page.
– Traffic generation basic.

Part 2: Get the right kind of traffic
– Not all traffic and subscribers are equal.
– The big difference between buyer list and freebie seeker list.
– Leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow a huge list of buyers.
– Forum marketing is a great way to get a lot of buyers. This module will explain the correct forum marketing technique, as well as the list of free forums.
– Launch jacking is one of the best technique to get a lot of buyer traffic. Discover the launch jacking technique and how to do it correctly to grow the massive amount of buyers.
– Find out how becoming an authority in your topic can help you get lots of free traffic.
– Common mistakes made by newbies when comes to list building.

Part 3: Getting rich with email marketing
– Discover why you should always aim to sell a high ticket product to your list.
– Learn why getting sales from a high-ticket product is much harder and how can you succeed with it.
– The step-by-step system that you should implement in order to make the real, life-changing income from your list.
– Complete tools are provided in this module, including swipe emails, upsell page, sample videos plus much more.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

Utilizing the social media or social networking site is a great way to gain tons of traffic. The internet is connecting people, and one way to do that is by using social media sites.

However, unlike search engine optimization, social media marketing is not that simple. Each social site has a different type of rules, as well as a different type of audience. Plus, some social media sites are somewhat competitive and some don’t.

The Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is basically about getting the traffic from an untapped traffic source. That is Reddit. While Facebook was good, getting traffic from it today is getting harder.

Reddit traffic, on the other hand, is much better. In fact, Reddit is the fastest rising social networking site in 2018. It is like Facebook back in 2010.

If you are new to Reddit, then this blueprint can help. While you could be making a killing with Facebook, there is no guarantee that you can do the same with Reddit. That is because the Reddit system is somewhat different.

Let me explain what you will learn from this course:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– Overview of the Reddit website.
– The reason why you should focus on Reddit this year.
– Subreddits, how people use it and how you can too.
– When to focus on bigger subreddits.
– How to find smaller subreddits and then when to focus on them.
– Tactics to utilize the Karma system to gain more fans, followers and most importantly, viral traffic.
– Under-the-radar tools and features of Reddit that you can take advantage of.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– A quick glance about Instagram and its system.
– The Instagram website is a good place for viral traffic. Discover how to attract lots of viral traffic on Instagram.
– The tags, title and more of Instagram features that you should know and use.
– Promotion techniques that really work on Instagram, without being banned.
– Steps to link-up between Instagram and your website.
– The cheat sheet, PDF file, roadmaps and more so you can easily implement the tactics.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #3: WP Sales Robot

I know that you might be looking for quality PLR product to modify or sell. This is the reason why I offer you WP Sales Robot as a bonus with the purchase of LiteApp Studio product.

WP Sales Robot comes with private label right, sales letter, and graphics. So, you can do whatever you want with it. For example, give it away for free, modify it or perhaps sell it for profits.

Another cool feature of WP Sales Robot is the fact you can also use it to boost the conversion rate. Yes, it is based on WordPress, so all you need to do upload and then activate it.

This is how the WP Sales Robot works:
– Boost viral Facebook traffic: This plugin will hover a special message to your visitors offering them a coupon code. In exchange for the code, your visitors need to share your website on Facebook. People who want to save money will surely share it on FB, giving you additional free traffic.

– More sales, more profits: Coupon code is a proven method, that works for years to increase sales. Once your visitors unlock the coupon code, they will surely make the purchase without a second thought. They don’t want to lose the chance to save money. As the result, you will end up with even more sales than before.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

Most people don’t even know how to get ranked on search engines. They think that it is hard, or perhaps they are just distracted by a lot of techniques on social media marketing.

However, this blueprint will end all of that problems. The SEO Success Blueprint is a comprehensive PDF course for beginners.…

ClipMagix Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Introduction: Why you always get poor conversion rates

Being an online marketer, getting the attention of your visitors is vital. However, the problem is, how to get their attention for real?

Sure, you can use a lot of content such as text, photos or even videos. However, in most cases, it is a hit and miss. Your visitors will scroll down your blog content, stop reading and then leave your website.

It is very rare that you can find a content or something that really catches people’s attention, and then make them share or like your content. This is where the ClipMagix software becomes very useful.

Click here to visit ClipMagix official website

Overview of ClipMagix software

How can ClickMagix help

ClipMagix can take any clip and makes them magically addictive to others. So, you get the attention that you deserve for profits. The results? You’ll get 40 times more exposure than before. This is the #1 system to stop your visitors and customers in their tracks and then pay attention to you.

This software works like a charm on any form of media on the web, whether on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook Ads, WordPress site, E-commerce store or Facebook Ads.

How the ClipMagix works

Step 1: Pick a clip.
You have the option to upload your own video, pick one from the library or find one from Youtube. No hassle to create your own video.

Step 2: Set
Trim, highlight, add background images in your video clip for mouth-watering effects in a few clicks. Add a few elements and then you are good to go.

Step 3: Render
Once all of these are set, yo are good to go. The ClipMagix video is ready to give extraordinary attention, build the real visitor engagements.


ClipMagix review

What’s included with ClipMagix

The ClipMagix software: This is the main software that you will be using. It is a cloud-based app to publish attention-grabbing clips and videos. Grab the attention of your traffic and promote your products and services. Save yourself a lot of time – Create your own clip, publish and syndicate. All of these can be done in 1 click. This is how big brands are making a killing on the net today and you should too.

1-Click Automated syndication: 1-click posting to popular social networks including Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Just set and schedule this tool to broadcast, syndicate and then distribute your ClipMagix content. Then, watch your traffic grows like crazy.

100 Clipmagix HD Videos: Thanks to this bonus, you can now publish even more attention-grabbing clips. You have full rights to use these videos as you please with no extra costs. Do whatever you want with them, like edit, trim and add more special effects to impress your viewers. Best of all, these are HD-quality videos, so once published online, your audience will be impressed with the content.

Amazing Filtering & Special Effects: Stand out from the crowd by filtering out the content and customize the images. Add more shadows, lightning, blur, grayscale, contrast, saturation and more.

My killer ClipMagix bonus

If you purchase ClipMagix from this website, you are qualified to get my bonus pack below. They are not part of ClipMagix product. In other words, you won’t get these bonus files if you purchase ClipMagix somewhere else.

However, this pack is complementary with ClipMagix product. In other words, if you want to learn something new, you can do so by watching the videos inside the courses below. Plus, if you have an existing website or perhaps a list, you can sell some of my bonus offers below. Some of them have PLR and MRR.

They will be delivered right to you automatically by the JVZoo system. You don’t need to do anything. (Full details about this at the bottom of this page).

ClipMagix Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important skills that every online marketer must have. Even if you don’t want to start an SEO company, you still need to know one thing or two about SEO. The reason is simple: Search engine traffic is the best when comes to online traffic.

Unlike the traffic from social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest, the traffic from search engines is much easier to understand. The potential customers will enter relevant keywords into their query, so you can understand what they really need. Plus, people will always rely on search engines to surf the internet. They need to use some kind of tools to find relevant information on the web, and the search engine is the tool.

Now, the question is, how to get search engine traffic? SEO Success Blueprint has the answers. This PDF book will expose the secret to appear on the first page of Google for beginners and experienced.

You do not necessarily need to make it complicated or target competitive keywords. All you need to do is target easy keywords first, and then target even harder keywords.

Lessons inside the SEO Success Blueprint:
– An overview of the search engine optimization techniques.
– Quality content is the key for successful ranking. Learn how to craft, edit and post quality content.
– Search engines count backlinks are the ranking factor and you should care about them too.
– Techniques to use social media sites not only for traffic but also for free backlinks from these sites.
– The secret to leverage article directory websites for massive traffic and free inbound links.
– Press release techniques for people who are on low budget.
– Other lists of backlink sources that you need to know and take advantage of.

ClipMagix Bonus #2: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is basically one of the best course to help you build a solid business. The reason is simple: this course is about email marketing and list building.

It is proven for years that people turn to the internet to read emails. Therefore, building a list is a proven method to build an online business. Once you have an email list:
– You will get steady traffic and sales from your marketing efforts.
– No need to worry about search engines or social media algorithm.
– You can see more conversion and sales rates since people who subscribe to your list trust you.
– Enjoy more ROI if you spend money on the traffic and list building.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a comprehensive email marketing course that will show you how to build an email list from scratch. It consists of 3 parts. The first part is for newbies, while the second and third part is for experienced.

The following are what you will learn from this course:
Part 1: Starting up a list building campaign
– A quick glance on email marketing and autoresponder.
– Squeeze pages and its relation to email marketing.
– List of factors that will increase the signup rates of your squeeze pages.
– Examples of follow-up emails that really convert.
– Traffic generation tips for list builders.

Part 2: Getting the traffic and buyers
– Discover why growing a buyer list is super important.
– The huge difference between buyers and freebie seekers.
– Techniques to make others recognize you as an authority in your topic and get lots of traffic from it.
– Tricks to make others send the buyer traffic into your list, even if they are your competitors.
– Find out how to leverage the power of joint venture marketing.
– A checklist of free forums and blogs that you can register, post into and then get lots of buyer traffic.
– Common list building mistakes made by newbies that you should avoid.
– The secret to taking advantage of internet product launches for massive, free traffic.

Part 3: Monetization
– An overview and plan that you need to know.
– Selling high-ticket product vs low-ticket product.
– Reasons why selling a high-ticket product is the best.
– A complete toolset that you can connect together and the create an effective sales funnel.
– The step-by-step system to set up a funnel and make your list purchase high-ticket product from you.

ClipMagix Bonus #3: Niche Authority Gold

One fact that all online marketers face, is you cannot avoid the niche research part. While it could take months of time to decide on a good niche, all online marketers must perform niche research.

These are some of the problems faced by most people when comes to niche research:
– There are thousands of ways to research for profitable niches. Therefore, the techniques to research for profitable niches is confusing.
– Some of the techniques require you to invest in expensive paid keyword tools. This part alone stops most newbies from finding profitable niches.
– Marketers cannot find a way to profit from the niche. For example, if they want to make money from affiliate programs, they cannot find a suitable affiliate offer for that niche. This is true even after they already found less competitive keywords or traffic sources on the internet.

Niche Authority Gold is a complete blueprint that will solve all that. The techniques exposed inside this video course is one of the best niche research techniques.

Learn the following lessons, plus more from this video series:
– The wrong way to do niche research.
– Getting started by correcting and developing the right mindset.
– Finding profitable niches in the topic that you are familiar with.
– Uncover hidden, profitable niches in the market that you are not familiar with.
– Ten niche research software that you must know and use regularly.
– Finding the correct niche market for affiliate marketing.
– 3 methods to publish your own products in any niche fast.
Plus, much more.

Niche Authority Gold is a great product and you will be impressed with the presentation in the video. Even better, you can be proud to sell this video tutorial and keep 100% of the profits. Yes, the Niche Authority Gold comes with MRR plus sales letter. So, feel free to sell it to anyone and keep 100% of its profits.

ClipMagix Bonus #4: Youtube Traffic Secrets

Unless you live under the rock in the past 10 years, you should know Youtube. In fact, you should’ve watched any of the Youtube videos for at least once.

Youtube is the number one video search engine today. Many people already dump their traditional television after the rise of Youtube. The videos can be watched from anywhere around the world, plus you can watch only relevant videos. You don’t need to watch the show or video clip that doesn’t match your interest.

As an online marketer, you know that this is one huge traffic source. However, the question is, how to get it? How to leverage the power of Youtube to the fullest?

This PDF ebook has the answers. Youtube Traffic Secrets is the techniques used by top channels to steal tons of traffic and get 10,000 views per week. Even better, the same channel gets 1,000s of subscribers per month. This is a great exposure.

Inside Youtube Traffic Secrets, you will discover tricks to use free tools available on Youtube, like the video response, tag, video title and more for traffic.

ClipMagix Bonus #5: WP Sales Robot

If you are looking for a quality PLR product, then I highly recommend the WP Sales Robot. WP Sales Robot is both conversion and traffic plugin.

Yes, both traffic and conversion are important to us as online marketers. However, most of us struggle at some points to get great conversion rates and easy traffic.

Just as the name implies, this is a sales robot. Which means it will increase the sales dramatically. It is done by offering your visitors a special discount code. When your visitors grab the discount code, they won’t hesitate to buy from you. In fact, this is the chance for them to save money. In exchange, you can expect to get more sales and happy customers.…

SMSBot Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Overview of SMSBot product

Just as the name implies, the SMSBot is a unique software to automatically send SMS to anyone. And then, capture their phone number. Software like this has never been released before. It will generate you tons of mobile traffic and generate autopilot sales.

Why use the SMSBot?

You should already know this, but SMS stands for short-messaging service. SMSBot allows you to tap into one new traffic source, that is the phone SMS.

While SMS is not a new thing, most companies and marketers still neglect the power of SMS marketing. However, it is still way better than other traffic sources like email marketing or even Whatsapp marketing.

Here’s why:
More open rates: People are more likely to open and read an SMS. SMS has a huge open rates, that is 98% open rates. This is a huge amount of traffic source. If you don’t use SMS for marketing, you are missing a lot of money on the table.

More engagements: The average respond time for SMS is 90 seconds. People are more likely to respond via SMS, so you have automate this process by using a software. SMSBot is the only software that allows that kind of automation.

More sales: Most people love an offer via a text message, not email or messenger service. SMS promotion is less spammy when compared to email promotion.

SMSBot demo video – Watch how SMSBot works


About the creators of SMSBot

Gaurab Borah is a well-known marketer with proven track records. He teaches others killer marketing strategies in products like Simple CPA Siphon, Tube CPA Loophole, Buyers List Blueprint and Viral Funnel Builder. All of these courses prove that Gaurab Borah walks the talk and really deliver. Now, you can also learn and implement his strategies inside getsmsbot.net

SMSBot review – How the SMSBot works

With SMSBot, you can Capture and convert visitors in 3 steps (and, they are easy to follow):
Step 1: Capture the phone number.
Just use one of the special opt-in forms to capture your visitors’ phone number from anywhere that you wish.

Step 2: Follow up (automatically).
The SMSBot software will automatically send follow-up messages to your visitors every now and then. Yes, you can schedule the follow-up SMS, just like an email autoresponder. This will build you a smart funnel that will convert into sales.

Step 3: Generate the profits.
Let this SMSBot do all the hard work. All you need to do then is count the profits. Just rinse and repeat the entire process.

The features of SMSBot software

The automatic phone system is included for more profits: Thanks to this function, you let the bot respond to your client’s phone call. Yes, this will take your profit to the next level since you can showcase yourself as a big corporation.

The robot will answer your client’s phone call whether with male or female voice. You can also customize the calls, greetings plus the accents used. Just like the SMS system, the phone calls works anywhere around the world.

Free training is included: You won’t be left alone in the dark. Once inside, you will get a comprehensive training series. The entire training videos cover 7 different modules. Each of them explains in details how to collect leads, get traffic and scale-up your profits to the next level.

Reseller license is included: SMSBot is a new, hot program. What makes it better is the fact a reseller license is also included. Therefore, you can sell products to clients or marketers for big profits.

Global audience: The SMSBot can send SMS to anyone, anywhere around the world. It doesn’t matter what the cell phone service provider is and what country your visitors from.

Capture a lot more information: SMSBot software can capture the visitors’ name, city, zip, race, age, income, sex, address plus a lot more info. After that, you can save these important data and then export somewhere else.

Send/Schedule Mass SMS: We all like automation. Nobody wants to send thousands of SMS manually. SMSBot also comes with the feature not only send mass SMS but also to automatically schedule your messages.

Receive notification when others reply: Some of your visitors will probably reply to the SMS that they received. For example, they want to know more about your companies, services, products. If they do, you will receive notification on their messages. Just turn on this function via the SMSBot system. This feature is useful for e-commerce stores, offline business or perhaps high-ticket offers.

The bot logic can be programmed: When your visitors answer the SMS, you can guess what they really want or need. Then, you can program the bot to create logic based on their responses.

Let the bot take over the conversation: This feature lets SMSBot takes over by responding directly to your leads. It is very useful to answer important questions from potential customers and then close the sale.

SMSBot Review – Video Training Inside The Members Area

What good a software if you cannot understand how to use it? This is why, SMSBot comes with complete video training to assist you along the way.

The following are list of video modules inside SMSBot:

Video Module 1: Get the your account ready
If you don’t have an account, you cannot use the system. This section is basically about creating an SMS service account, sign in and then follow the links to use the system.

Video Module 2: Create Your LOGIC Bot
SMSBot allows you to collect more than just phone number. This video will explain what you can add into the opt-in form. This includes the email, age, location and more.

Video Module #3: Copy-Paste The Mobile Widget
Follow this video to start collecting phone numbers or leads. Once you’ve finished the steps in module 2, your opt-in form should be ready. The code is available inside SMSBot user area and then you can copy the code and paste into your website or blog. Other than that, feel free to share the code in the emails, flyers, social media profiles or even PPC ads.

Video Module #4: Simple Traffic
Don’t understand how people can opt-in into your contact list? This video will explain everything. Your clients can send you a special “keyword” to the phone number and then they will automatically be subscribed. Or they can also enter the phone number inside a form which will trigger a text message confirmation.

Video Module #5: Scaling Your Campaigns
Once you’ve made the profits, it is time to make your business bigger. This video will show you the correct way to re-invest and scale-up your entire campaigns.

Video Module #6: The Free Traffic Hack
If you are new to online marketing, you should watch this part first. This video will demonstrate how to get free online traffic with little or no money. No hassle to invest in paid advertising.

Video Module #7: Maximize Profits With Intelligent Retargeting
Retargeting your campaign is the best way to boost your profits and minimize the overall traffic cost. This function works like a charm with the real landing pages that ask for a phone number. If you don’t understand how the process works, don’t worry. Just watch this video and you will get the correct idea of the whole concept.


See the inside of SMSBot user’s dashboard:

Features of SMSBot with images:

My killer SMSBot bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you the following products as bonuses with SMSBot purchase. They are not really part of SMSBot product, but they can add more value to your purchase.

You can use these products in many ways. For example, you can sell them since most of these products come with master resale rights. Other than that, you can also watch the video course or use them as it is. These are high-quality internet business products, so expect to learn a lot of useful stuff from them.

These bonus packs will be delivered to you once the purchase is made. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

SMSBot Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

It is no secret that email marketing works. This is why having an email list is important to all online entrepreneurs. Unlike other marketing channels, emails are always being read every now and then by your readers. Even better, the subscribers are targeted customers. In other words, you know that they are interested in your products, and that’s why they subscribe to your list.

Despite all that, most people are struggling not only to build their list but also to profit from them. While you can grow a list of subscribers, if you don’t know how to laser-target them properly, you won’t make the money.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a comprehensive course on email marketing. This video series is jammed-packed with hours of training videos, plus complete tools to build a profitable list.

Let me explain what you will get from this course:
Part 1: List building basics
– A quick glance of list building, email marketing, and squeeze page.
– Your entire gameplan to build a profitable list.
– The list of tools that you should be using.
– Squeeze page conversion secrets.
– Tricks to send the traffic into your opt-in page.

Part 2: Grow a buyer list
– The reasons why some of your subscribers won’t buy something from you.
– Tips to become famous, known as an authority in your topic and get a massive amount of traffic to your website.
– Traffic tactic to make anyone, including your competitors, send you the real buyer traffic. Hint: It is no ad swap or solo ads.
– List of free forums where a lot of buyers are hanging around. You can register, post into these forums and then grow a list of buyers.
– Joint venture partners are your secret weapon to push yourself from the ground up. Find out more about joint venture marketing.
– 4 websites where you can register, and then post your JV proposals.
– Common list building mistakes made by a lot of new marketers.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– The difference between selling a low-ticket product and a high-ticket product.
– Find out the reasons why you should aim to sell a high-ticket product into your list.
– This module comes with complete tools that you can use. This includes an upsell page, swipe emails, sample of the squeeze page, videos plus a lot more.
– Video instructions on how to connect between these tools with your traffic source. As the result, you will get a powerful cash-producing machine.

SMSBot Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is a refreshing course. Why? Because it is no longer about getting the traffic from Facebook or SEO. Yes, you still can get traffic from these websites, but it is no longer profitable as it was years ago.

As you might know, today, Facebook and Google Ads are saturated with a lot of competitors. It would be hard to get a single traffic onto your website with good ROI. This is why Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is not going to teach you about Facebook Ads. Instead, it is actually about Reddit marketing.

Reddit is one solid platform and in fact, its popularity is rising in 2018. This year, 2018, Reddit has ranked the 4th most trafficked websites in the US.

The good news is, Reddit is a new traffic goldmine and the competition is much lower. You can think like using Facebook or Gooogle Ads, but years ago. It is completely a refreshing experience.

The bad news is, not many resources that you can find online, whether free or paid, is going to teach you Reddit marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is different. It is going to reveal the exact steps to use and benefit from Reddit.…

JVZoo Academy Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website


JVZoo Academy is an incoming product from Sam Bakker. Just as the name implies, this is a comprehensive course about building a solid business by using JVZoo.com.

More information will be added here soon.

My killer JVZoo Academy bonus

JVZoo Academy is already a great product. However, it would be even better if you grab all my bonus offers below. All my bonus files below are complementary with the JVZoo Academy product.

In other words, they will add more value to your purchase and then save you lots of time. If you want to learn even more techniques about e-commerce and internet marketing, then my ebook offers can help. The same goes for other topics like niche marketing and conversion rates.

Other than that, if you want to sell products to your list, feel free to sell one of my bonus files below. Some of them come with MRR and PLR. Sales letter and cover graphics are also included.

These bonus packs are available only when you purchase JVZoo Academy from this website. They will be sent you automatically. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

JVZoo Academy Bonus #1: Niche Authority Gold

Niche Authority Gold is going to help everyone, whether you or your customers. The reason is simple – This product is going to teach you the niche research part. Niche research is one of the toughest parts when comes to online marketing.

However, the Niche Authority Gold will make it much easier. All the lessons are taught in video format, so everyone can easily digest the content and get the right idea. Plus, all the techniques and important tools are mentioned in the video tutorial. So, you won’t be missing anything.

This product also comes with a master resale right. So, in case you also want to help others, sell this product to them. They will thank you for it. And you will be happy recommending this video course to others for 100% profits.

Lessons taught inside this course:
– The wrong way to do niche research.
– The correct mindset that you should develop.
– Begin the journey with things that you know.
– Tricks to find a niche in topics that you are not familiar with.
– Broad niches vs smaller niches.
– Ten of the best niche research tools. Most of them are free.
– Finding the right niches and products as an affiliate.
– 3 ways to publish your own niche products fast.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #2: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google are the best traffic source on the web. Since the creation of the internet, people always rely on these search engines to help them. Plus, most of the websites that you and I visit today, are probably being found by searching on Google.

The traffic from search engines is so big that you shouldn’t ignore them. However, how to get started? How to start ranking on Google for real?

SEO Success Blueprint is the exact course for newbies and intermediate SEOers. This product is not for you if you are looking for ways to rank for tough keywords. However, if you want a real, step-by-step system that will start ranking for easy keywords, this product can help.

Learn the following lessons from this blueprint:
– A quick glance of search engine optimization.
– Content creation and why is it important.
– On-page SEO factors that you should know and include in your content.
– Backlinks are very important to get ranked on search engines. Find out why.
– List of backlink sources that you should know and leverage from.
– Social media marketing strategies that you should know and implement.
– The relationship between article directories, the content and your Google ranking.
– Press release marketing methods which you should know and implement.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #3: Rapid Amazon Research

Do you want to make quick money on Amazon? Then, this product will save your time. Rapid Amazon Research is not a keyword software or course. Instead, this is actually a done-for-you product.

Inside the Rapid Amazon Research, you will receive the following:
1. Done-for-you product research:
– 5 list of 10 products. All of them are in different niches.
– All products are priced at more than $100.
– Only good products are recommended. That is more than the 3-star rating.

2. Done-for-you keyword research:
– Grab local search volume, as well as global search volume for all 5 niches.
– Average cost-per-click for all keywords.
– The total number of competition on Google is also included for all keywords.
– EMD for every keyword is also mentioned.

3. Done-for-you review:
– Grab 50 product review videos.
– One for each of the main products.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #4: WP Sales Robot with PLR

Let’s face the fact that getting traffic and sales from your website is hard. However, the WordPress Sales Robot makes it much easier. This WordPress plugin can be activated within your dashboard. Even better, it also comes with PLR. So, you can do whatever you wish with this product, including giving it away for free, sell it, modify it or repackage as a new product.

In case you want to use this robot on your website, this is how it works:
1. The plugin will hover a message to one visitor offering him/her a coupon code. This is a special code to unlock your product at a lower price.

2. In order to unlock the coupon code, your visitor needs to share your website on Facebook.

3. In most cases, real buyers won’t think twice before sharing. If the visitor shares your website on Facebook, you will get free traffic. Then, the visitor will get the code.

4. It doesn’t stop there. Your visitor will make his/her purchase right away. He/She won’t waste the code just like that. As the result, you can see the increase in the total number of buyers.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #5: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a comprehensive video course about list building. This is not just about setting up a squeeze page and then get the traffic. Instead, Autoresponder Profit Formula covers all important aspects about list building from ground to above.

This product consists of 3 parts. The following are the list of its modules:
Part 1: The basic of email marketing
– An overview of email marketing and autoresponder.
– The complete list of tools that you should be using.
– Squeeze page setup process.
– Tips to boost the conversion rates of your squeeze pages.
– Traffic generation tips for email marketers.

Part 2: Getting the buyers
– The big difference between a buyer list and the ordinary list.
– Joint venture marketing secrets and why you should always leverage the power of your joint venture partners.
– Secrets to introduce yourself and be seen as an authority.
– The correct methods to distribute free reports to grow a huge list. If you do this the wrong way, the report only attracts lots of freebie seekers.
– Launch jacking strategy that really works and how to leverage it for list building.
– Top list building mistakes that you should avoid.

Part 3: Monetize the list
– The big difference between high-ticket product and low-ticket product.
– Complete tools to sell and make real money from high-ticket products.
– Step-by-step video to setup complete funnel and sell high-ticket products.
– Sample swipe email, upsell page and squeeze page that you can use.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #6: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Let’s face the fact that getting Facebook traffic is hard these days. It’s been years since the rise of FB, and more businesses are using Facebook. Therefore, you can expect to get lots of competition on Facebook, whether via free or paid methods.

However, the Pinterest Traffic Formula is completely refreshing. Rather than Facebook, this product gives more attention to Pinterest. Pinterest is also a social media site, but the competition is much lower. Even better, the site is much easier to use and navigate.

Learn the following lessons from this course:
– A quick glance of Pinterest.
– The people who always use this social site.
– Techniques to generate massive traffic to your website.
– Pinterest followers and why you should focus on getting them.
– Networking with other bloggers in your niche by using Pinterest.
– Tips to become more creative and unique in your promotion.
– Mistakes that you should avoid.
– The correct approach to market and promote your offer to Pinterest users.
– Tactics to make your campaign runs on auto-pilot.
– Features of stunning images that get lots of shares and viral traffic from Pinterest.
– The frequent update is the key to success.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Visit the JVZoo Academy website here and make your purchase.

2. I already integrate my bonus download page with JVZoo system. In case you didn’t know, JVZoo is the third-party which handled the JVZoo Academy product + bonus delivery.

So, once the purchase is complete, you will receive the download link to both my bonus pack + JVZoo Academy product. In other words, this process is automatic.

3. This is not really needed, but you can also claim these bonus files by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Compose an email, include the date of purchase, as well as the Paypal transaction ID. Then, send it to support[at]italica-virtus.com.

SpyCom Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official


Running an e-commerce business is one hot trend this year. In fact, lots of marketers and small businesses are starting their own e-commerce sites these days.

However, let’s face the fact that starting up a profitable e-commerce store is not that easy. In fact, one thing that stops you is the niche and keyword research part. This is true whether you are using Amazon or AliExpress.

Aliexpress is a never-ending maze of products. Without the right tools and methods to research, you will always end up selling bad products. This is why you need to SpyCom software.

SpyCom: What is it and how can it help you

SpyCom is an all-in-one e-commerce software. In fact, if you are using AliExpress, then this tool is perfect for you.

Thanks to SpyCom, you can easily find the perfect products that you can sell. This can be done with one click. Even better, this software will pull all relevant data before you can promote or sell that product. This includes product images, pricing, descriptions, shipping details, total units sold, testimonials, cashback plus a lot more.

SpyCom official website


What can SpyCom research for you

Simply enter one keyword and then SpyCom will pull and bring you all the details you need to know. This data is from the AliExpress marketplace and include the following:
– The product name plus its description.
– Relevant shipping information including the shipping time, default shipping details and shipping time per country.
– The information about its sellers, including the feedback from their users.
– Sellers’ and product rating. This is super important.
– Total inventory.
– Product profit calculator.
– Estimated revenue for that product. This is important if you want to sell the same product later on.
– Relevant images.
– Product item ID.
– All reviews from past customers.
– Product details, including the size, weight, dimensions.
– Information data to estimate the profits, including product cost, estimated units sold per month, the total number of products sold, estimated unit cost per month.

List of hot SpyCom features:

No hassle to download and install: SpyCom is a cloud-based application. Therefore, you don’t need to install anything. Even better, you can run this program anywhere that you want. Just use your favorite browser and log in with your password.

Built-in AliSpy Technology: This product integrates with AliSpy technology built into this system. This makes the research on AliExpress can be done quickly.

One-Click FB Ads Creator: If you found the best product to promote, then this function is very useful. You can get the traffic quickly and start making the money. Just use this feature and within one click, you can add all the product images into ready-made FB ad templates. Full customization is included.

Trending Products: This part helps you uncover profitable niches fast. By getting the list of popular and trending products, you can get the idea what kind of niches which are high in demand. Then, you can go further by discovering the related keywords, similar products and start selling.

Top Selling Products: Again, this part will save your time on niche research. All you need to do is figure out the best-selling products and then leverage the information.

Niche Finder: SpyCom will uncover profitable niches within the physical product industry. The niche finder function will return the results, the most profitable niches in the e-commerce industry.

Display The Related Products Function Is Included: Related products list can be useful if you want to do more research. Or perhaps if you want to promote more products in one single niche.

Favorite, Follow & Save Searches: You don’t want to waste the time searching for niches, products and then lose the data. This is the reason why SpyCom will save previous searches so you can follow up later on. Then, you can easily add to favorite and follow the updates on products that you’d like to get the updates from.

PDF Export: Want a quick way to view your projects? Export your search results into PDF and save into your computer. Then, you can view the documents later on.

Other cool features from the SpyCom software:

– No limit on how many searches you can perform per day.
– Automatically create unlimited Facebook Ads.
– You can choose from 100 different Facebook Ads templates to craft attractive ads. Then, get lots of traffic to your website.
– This software can also be managed by the third-party virtual assistant.
– Developers’ license is included in case you want to manage and handle the research part for clients.
– E-Commerce Empire System video training is also included. This video series is very useful for most people, probably you. Whether you are a newbie into e-commerce or already experienced, you can learn something from this course.
– SpyCom Page Builder software gives you access to 200 ready-made blogs with content. Save the time to write the content on your own. Just paste your Adsense, Amazon ID and then you are good to go. After that, you can make the money around the clock, on auto-pilot.
– SyVid Agency License also comes with SpyCom software. This is actually a traffic machine. SyVid lets you submit your video content on 7 different video sharing sites and 13 different social media websites. The result? Your visitors will come from various sources, on auto-pilot.

SpyCom review

My killer SpyCom bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you my bonus packs below. They are all available when you purchase SpyCom product only from this website. You won’t get these elsewhere since they are not part of SpyCom product.

These bonus files will add more value to your purchase. For example, if you are looking for something to sell, then you can sell some of my products below. Some of them come with master resale rights.

Other than that, you can also learn new tips and tricks related to internet marketing or MMO. For example, if you want to learn more about Shopify, just refer to the Shopify Blueprint video course below. You don’t need to purchase similar courses somewhere else.

All the following products will be sent to you once the payment is completed by JVZoo system. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

SpyCom Bonus #1: Shopify Blueprint with MRR

Running an e-commerce business is one exciting business model. Not only because it is much cheaper than retails stores, but it also much more profitable. E-commerce is a growing industry and a lot of people around the globe are buying online these days.

Hence, if you don’t want to miss this huge opportunity, you should start your own online store today. If you think that starting and running an e-commerce store is hard, think again. It is actually much easier. The Shopify Blueprint course will expose to you the truth.

Unlike other e-commerce courses, Shopify Blueprint gives attention only to the Shopify Platform. Shopify is the best and easiest e-commerce site builder that you can try to date. Therefore, you can easily follow this video series and implement the techniques inside it.

Let me explain what you will get inside this video series:

Shopify At A Glance: This module will give you an idea of what you can get from the entire video course. Plus, why Shopify is the best when compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Getting Started With Shopify: Introduction to the pricing and plans. Shopify comes with different plans, yearly or monthly. This module will compare the difference between each type of plans. Once you’ve watched the video, you will be able to decide which plan is the best for your business.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard is where you, as the admin, control everything from one place. Watch how to configure important settings inside your Shopify account.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: The beauty of Shopify is the fact you can create a beautiful online store quickly. No need to learn HTML or design those from scratch. Just use the existing templates and you are good to go.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: Selling unprofitable products is the number one way to fail in your business. Yo don’t want to sell anything that is not in high demand. There are various techniques to discover profitable products, which are high in demand. This video will elaborate in details on how to use free tools to uncover profitable niches.

How To Create Buy Button / Shopping Cart: This video will demonstrate how to set up the shopping cart of your e-commerce store. It is somewhat important since you need to do it carefully. Otherwise, the money won’t go into the payment processor or your bank account.

Launching Your E-Store: Don’t believe that you can make the real money from your store? Wait until you watch this video. Just watch how to launch, get the traffic and generate the real income from your online store. See the results in a few hours. All of those will be demonstrated in this module.

Other Money Making Ideas: Selling your own products is not the only way to profit from a Shopify store. You can also sell other people’s products via your Shopify store. If you think that making money from Shopify is hard, think again. You will be surprised to see that selling products inside your Shopify website is much easier.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: Finally, if you already have an e-commerce store, then you can switch to Shopify. One amazing feature of Shopify is the fact you can easily migrate from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify. No hassle to re-design the content from scratch.

This Shopify Blueprint course is quite enjoyable to watch. Even better, you can share it with others. Yes, this course comes with master resale rights, so feel free to sell this product for profits. Your buyers will thank you for this.

I think Shopify Blueprint is a great combination with SpyCom product. Yes, it is free for you, as long as you grab the SpyCom software from this website.

SpyCom Bonus #2: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Finding profitable niches is confusing and hard for most people. In fact, the majority of new online marketers fail and quit, because they stuck in the niche research part.

The truth is, you don’t need to jump into competitive niches like diet, technology or even business. There are tons of other niches that you can choose from.

The problem here is, most newbies don’t know what they are doing. There are thousands of ways to find a profitable niche, and this variation is the problem for most newbies. Most newbies keep jumping here and there, trying one technique to another.

The truth is, you don’t need to try thousands of methods to profit online. Just focus on one technique until you discover the truth. The Niche Authority Gold outlines the best techniques used by successful niche marketers.

Learn the following tips and more from this video course:
– Top mistakes made by newbies when comes to niche research.
– The correct mindset that you need to know and develop.
– Start the long journey only with things that you are familiar with.
– Steps to analyze and profit from niches that you know nothing about.
– Broad brush, narrow beam approach. Discover what they are and when to use any of these approaches.
– Top 10 niche finding software that you can use.
– Steps to uncover profitable niches for affiliates.
– 3 ways to publish your own niche products fast.

SpyCom Bonus #3: SEO Success Blueprint

Search engine optimization or SEO is one big industry since the creation of the internet. In fact, most successful online entrepreneurs are doing well because they know SEO and get the traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Many people think that getting ranked on Google is hard. Some even think that it is impossible. However, the SEO Success Blueprint will reveal the truth.…