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1-Click Niche Site Builder review

1-Click Niche Site Builder Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

What Is 1 Click Niche Site Builder?

This is a powerful auto blogging WordPress plugin that allows you to create and launch a website in any niche, which is 100% Fully GDPR compliant. Unlike the rest of auto blogging plugins, 1-Click Niche Builder is super easy to use and doesn’t slow down your website.

Thanks to 1-Click Niche Site Builder:
– You can launch a profitable WordPress site in a few minutes.
– Eliminate all mundane tasks like writing the privacy policy, about and contact pages. This plugin will do those for you.
– Save a lot of time on downloading and installing plugins like Yoast SEO, Smush, Pixabay Images, Vaultpress and more.
– Get a lot of traffic from social media sites.
– Rank better and easier on the search engines, thanks to the built-in content spinner.
– Maintain the existing traffic and reader’s engagement since the content is updated on auto-pilot.

An overview of the 1-Click Niche Builder product

Product name:1-Click Niche Site Builder
Product creators:OJ James
What is it about?Auto-blogging plugin
Launch date:November 3rd, 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit 1-Click Niche Builder website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
More information:Read our full review here
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

1-Click Niche Site Builder Review

Features if the 1-Click Niche Builder plugin:

The 1-Click Niche Builder plugin can assist you not only during the website set up but also when you already receive the traffic.

1-Click Niche Builder features and benefits during the website setup:

Super easy to use, with simple interface: This is a WordPress plugin, so all you need to do is upload and then activate the plugin files. The user dashboard is simple and easy to understand.

Automatically create the GDPR-compliant pages: Writing these pages could take a lot of time. However, since you are looking forward to publishing a GDPR-compliant website, it is actually super important. Thanks to the 1-Click Niche Builder, you can have these pages created automatically for you. The pages are including cookie permissions, about us, contact us, privacy policy and other pages.

Install important plugins for you: Just as the name implies, 1-Click Niche Builder will fetch important plugins into the WordPress.org website and then install those automatically for you. The plugins are including Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO, Smush, VaultPress, Link Checker, Pixabay Images.

Delete all the junk posts: Deleting junk posts like the “Hello World” post from your new WordPress site is a mundane task. While you can do this manually, this function will ease the process of setting up your new website.

Features of the 1-Click Niche Builder plugin on content and traffic

Find long-tail keywords to get traffic quickly: Just enter one keyword within the software dashboard and then you will automatically generate a lot of long-tail keywords with low competition. Use one of these keywords as the blog post’s title and then you will get ranked on Google easily.

Competition analysis plugin is included: This is one powerful SEO plugin that will give you the edge over your competition. It will analyze your competitor’s website and then reveal their hidden SEO ranking secrets to you. Copy their strategies and then beat your competitors in their own game.

Automatically pull and spin the content for you: Search engines love unique content. On the other hand, you love automation. This plugin will fetch relevant content across the web and then spin the content to make it unique. Once you’ve posted unique content, search engines will crawl and then rank your website. This plugin can also embed videos into the blog post, making it unique to readers.

Automatically syndicate your posts to multiple social media sites and backlink account: This powerful feature will give you a lot of free traffic from social media sites. As the result, people will keep coming and then share your post around the web. Best of all, all of these are done on auto-pilot, so you can focus on the other tasks, rather than keep promoting your URL to social media sites.

Post scheduler function is included: Set your WordPress posts to be published on daily basis, or weekly basis. You can also set the website to post on certain dates.


1-Click Niche Builder launch week bonus:

The following are additional product packs which will be sent to you by the creator himself. These are available only during the launch week. So, if you don’t act fast, it will be gone for good.

Limited time bonus 1: Free Webinar – How To Generate Traffic And Make Profits
This is limited to the 1-Click Niche Site Builder customers only. Inside this webinar, you will learn the real, proven strategies and tactics to bring tons of traffic. Plus, how to automate the process with the secret, underground tool.

Limited time bonus 2: Traffic Generation Rolodex
This is the compilation of the best materials to to write and publish relevant content to drive a lot of targeted traffic.

My 1-Click Niche Builder bonus, only from this site

Get 1-Click Niche Site Builder from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonus offers below. I offer a few PLR and MRR products, in case you are looking for extra product to sell on your website or list.

Some my bonus files are complementary with the 1-Click Niche Site Builder product. In other words, they will fill the gap and points which are missing from 1-Click Niche Site Builder product.

They are available only when you purchase 1-Click Niche Site Builder from this website. If you purchase somewhere else, you won’t be receiving them. Once you’ve made the purchase, please send an email to me, Thomas. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #1: WordPress Optimization Secret

– The importance of backlinks.
– List of WordPress settings and plugins that you should be using.
– Directories and how to utilize them for powerful backlinks, traffic and Google ranking.
– The importance of including sitemaps and other SEO plugins.
– List of article directories that you should be using for traffic, backlinks and conversions.

1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #2: WP Health Checker Whitelabel
If you are using WordPress, this tool will be very useful. The WP Health CHecker plugin will perform a number of tests and then detect common errors and known issues. While it may seem to be an easy task, but if you have a lot of WordPress sites, this plugin will save yourself a lot of time.

1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #3: EZ Viral Contest Whitelabel
This is another contest tool. The ultimate contest tool for generating viral leads and sales.

1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #4: Viral Discount Engine Whitelabel
Offering a discount can give you massive amount of additional viral traffic. In fact, in can be more effective when compared to making a contest. This plugin can assist you in getting more viral traffic from contest.



1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #5: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

If you are tired of high competition on Facebook or Google, then this blueprint will solve your problem. The Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is not about Facebook. It is about getting traffic from Reddit and Instagram.

Reddit is the most popular social networking site in 2018. It’s popularity is rising quickly and there is no sign of stopping for now. If you are looking for a less competitive, cheap or even free traffic, Reddit is the way to go.

This blueprint doesn’t just stop there. It also introduce you into Instagram marketing. Unlike Facebook or Youtube, Instagram is much less saturated. But still, your website or brand can go viral if the marketing is done properly.

The following are some of the tips that you will learn from this blueprint:
Reddit marketing
– Overview of the Reddit website.
– The reasons why you should focus on Reddit.
– Subreddits, whether big and small have its own weakness and strength.
– The Reddit Karma system and how you should be using it.
– The features of Reddit that you should be utilizing.

Instagram marketing
– Intro of the Instagram website.
– Features of the Instagram website that you can utilize for traffic.
– Tags is one of most powerful feature. Discover the correct way to use tags to your advantage.
– Learn how to promote on Instagram without being banned for spamming.
– Complete tools are provided to ease your marketing efforts. Those include cheat sheet, roadmaps and PDFs for more reference.

1-Click Niche Site Builder Bonus #6: WP Sales Robot

Are you looking for a quality PLR product? Then, you can download and use this WP Sales Robot plugin. You can sell it, give it away for free, modify it or perhaps repackage with other products.

Unlike other PLR products, WP Sales Robot is a quality PLR product. Not only it can increase the sales of your website, it can also boost the existing traffic.

How this plugin works:
– Offer the visitors coupon code in exchange for Facebook shares: This plugin will hover a message to you visitors, offering them coupon code. They need to share your website or sales letter on Facebook in order to unlock this code. Once your visitors do that, you will get more viral traffic on FB, while they get a special discount code.

– More sales by offering them lower price: On the internet, people who are looking for coupon code or discount offers are real buyers. They want to save money, and they are willing to do something to buy one product at lowest cost. This is the reason why WP Sales Robot works – because you offer them lower price. The visitors who receive your special discount code will surely buy from you.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. The bonus files above only available if you purchase 1-Click Niche Site Builder product from this website. Click here to purchase.

2. Compose an email, with the subject “Send me 1-Click Niche Site Builder bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

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