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6 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

On the internet, social media is one of the most trafficked sites, with millions to billions of visitors every month. People browse social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to share their interest, interact with friends or perhaps just to exchange information and kill their time. Therefore, social media sites like Facebook or Instagram are huge traffic sources that all entrepreneurs shouldn’t neglect.

However, getting traffic and increasing your brand awareness on social media sites is easier said than done. Most people tried marketing on Facebook, for example, only to fail miserably.

This article will highlight some of the most important steps to generate steady traffic from social media sites:

1. Have a proper plan. You cannot just register for a social media account and then expect the traffic to come. You need to have a plan in order to make it work. One way would be to focus on just one social media sites until you get steady traffic and master it properly before moving on.

2. Which social sites? There are so many social media these days, each of them is targeting a different audience. Youtube, for example, is targeting people who are looking for product reviews, tutorial or perhaps just free songs. Instagram or Pinterest are geared for people who want to share interesting pictures or photos, whether they found those on the net or offline. Facebook on the other hand targets broader audience, because you can do lots of things on Facebook, from sharing videos, to live webinars, live chat with fellow friends plus much more.

You need to understand your audience properly before starting your social media campaign. Make sure that your prospects only hang out at that social site before even creating your social media accounts.

3. Content is king. While you are not going to get traffic from Google, it is still important that you create your own website, with a real domain name rather than using a free Facebook account or Tumblr account. This is because people on the internet, whether on social media or search engines are looking for real, helpful content. If you can create useful content for your readers, you can expect to get lots of steady traffic for years to come.

4. Pay attention to engagement. If your prospects or clients start commenting on your social sites, let say Facebook, then you need to pay attention to their comments or likes. Figure out what they like and what they really want. Reply their questions if necessary. That being said, try not to distract yourself with spam comments or perhaps offensive messages on social media sites since those are not going to help anyone.

5. Keep in touch. You don’t want to waste the traffic for just one day or two. You will want the visitors to keep returning and read your content for years to come. One way would be to collect their email and grow your list. While you cannot put an opt-in form on some social media sites directly, you can still put those on your own website. Sign up for Aweber or Getresponse account for this purpose.

6. Avoid selling directly. Unlike Amazon or eBay, people on Facebook or Pinterest are not in the buying mode. They don’t like to get pitched, especially when they are not on Facebook to buy – they are on FB to kill time or chat. Therefore, avoid selling directly from Facebook such as offering your products or services directly or perhaps include your affiliate links.

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