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Advantages of using social media marketing

One thing that differentiates between a successful company and the failed ones is marketing. In fact, in the world of business, marketing itself is essential. Thanks to the new technology, like smartphones, computers and the internet, traditional marketing are becoming less effective and online marketing, especially social media marketing is becoming more important.

So what are some of the advantages of social media marketing? Here are some of them:

1. Free traffic and exposure of your brand. In fact, social media marketing is actually free for most parts. Consider if you are using Facebook or Twitter to advertise your business. All you need to do is post on the Facebook wall or perhaps tweet about your latest promotion, blog posts or news relevant to your company. All of these are free.

2. Viral marketing. Again, if you are using Facebook, expect to get lots of likes from your Facebook friends or at least the fans of your company. Your product or blog post will get shared here and there in the number one social media. Viral marketing not only effective for Facebook, but also to its competitors like Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr. Each of these social sites has unique features to encourage sharing among its users.

3. More savings on a traditional advertisement. Why pay more for ads on television or newspapers, while you can earn the same, even more by paying less on Facebook Ads? Traditional advertisement like television requires lots of budgets to get started and maintain, but that’s not the case with Facebook Ads or Plenty Of Fish ads.

4. Get feedback from your existing customers. One big problem with offline advertisement like television is the fact your product or ads is just a hit and miss. Whether your customers like or don’t like your products, you cannot get direct feedback from them. So, if people don’t buy, you don’t understand why. However, that’s not the case with social media marketing. If you are into blogging, Facebook or Twitter for 2 minutes, you will realize that these social sites allow people to comment. You will get the response right away from your customers or Facebook followers. By getting the right feedback, you will learn what kind of improvements that you need to do with your products and services.

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