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Affiliate Hub

Affiliate Hub Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official

Introduction to affiliate marketing with e-commerce:

It is no secret that you can earn money as an affiliate of big e-commerce stores, like Amazon these days. However, the problem with Amazon, Aliexpress or even eBay Partner Network, is they have a lot of limitations to affiliates.

Take Amazon, for example. New affiliates are either denied or approved within 180 days. Amazon.com will test a new affiliate for 180 days period and then deny her/his application. This is why most Amazon site builder software just doesn’t work as it should.

How can Affiliate Hub help

Most software related to affiliate marketing only integrates with Amazon. However, Affiliate Hub is different. It works with all type of online stores, even if the stores don’t have API. Therefore, your earning potential with this Affiliate Hub software is unlimited.

An overview of the Affiliate Hub product

Product name: Affiliate Hub
Product creator:Abel Chika
What is it about?Affiliate marketing software
Launch date:October 8th 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit Affiliate Hub website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here


What Affiliate Hub is about?

This is actually a WordPress plugin. So, you can activate the Affiliate Hub within the WordPress dashboard. And then, pull the data right from WP admin area. You can start building an e-commerce store immediately without the standard API issuance or approval hassle.

Thanks to Affiliate Hub:
– You can build a custom affiliate store without hassle to deal with Amazon or other approval processes.
– Earn more commissions as you can promote other local e-commerce stores.
– More control over your overall profits since it comes with built-in custom cookies, currency conversion, and price comparison addons.

Main features of the Affiliate Hub plugin

The ability to integrate with Facebook and other social media sites: Facebook Shop Integration is included. When people are still using Facebook, they want to stay there. They don’t want to leave. This is why this feature will be very useful to maintain your traffic and conversion rates. Other than that, you can also publish the post and then integrate with other social media sites.

Easy to import products from various marketplaces: Just use the WP admin area to import product updates and prices from several online stores. No hassle to modify the prices every now and then. It also integrates with Woocommerce too.

The done-for-you feature is included: Every month, 20 new online stores will be added to the member’s area. Feel free to integrate these stores with you Affiliate Hub WordPress plugin.

Product Import Via Direct Parsing: No need to wait for APIs approval. You can fetch the products right from local stores and then add the deep links.

Keyword Research Built-in: Looking for a product to promote? No need to browse the e-commerce site itself. Just search for relevant products via your WP dashboard.

Auto Price Comparison: This part is useful for both you and your visitors. Potential customers will compare prices from different stores before making the right decision. This will boost the sales rates on your part. Even better, Affiliate Hub plugin will do this to you automatically. No need to fetch prices from each store manually, one-by-one.

Sales Notification Trigger: Again, this function is useful to your visitors. it will display the recent, hot-selling product in front of your customers. Therefore, they will be able to decide, check recent reviews, before making the buying decisions.

Product Review Import: Posting review as your website content is always the way to sell one product. Thanks to this feature, writing a review on your website is now much easier. Just enter the API and then this plugin will fetch the reviews.

The auto blogging function is included: Autoblogging is a hassle-free way to publish content and generate the traffic from. Now, you can easily add any affiliate product to your blog posts and its content.

Premium themes are included: You can choose up to 4 themes for the store. Customize the styles, look and feel.

Developer’s license is included: Are you selling your web design services offline? Then, you can use the developer’s license to upload, activate and then sell unlimited stores to clients.

My killer Affiliate Hub bonus

As a way to say thanks, I’m sending you my bonus offers below. These products are complementary with Affiliate Hub.

They will help you save more money in the future. In other words, if you want to learn more about niche marketing, you don’t need to purchase more courses. Just learn about niche marketing from my Niche Authority Gold product below.

Plus, if you have an existing website, you can sell some of the products below, since they come with master resell rights and private label right. The products I am offering below are good products, so you can be proud to sell them and get a lot of happy customers.

All the bonus products below will be sent to you after the purchase is complete by the JVZoo.com system. You don’t need to do anything since the process is automatic. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Affiliate Hub Bonus #1: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Finding profitable niches is perhaps the hardest task in marketing. However, we all cannot neglect the niche research part, since it is super important.

One of the reasons why niche hunting is hard is because of the fact lots of different resources out there are teaching different methods to find a profitable niche. For people who are still new, this variation is the problem.

The fact is, you don’t need to implement all thousands of methods to uncover profitable niches. All you need to do is find and stick to just one method. This is the reason why the Niche Authority Gold course is useful.

The strategies outlined in the Niche Authority Gold is easy to follow, and most of them can be done for free.

Learn the following and more from this video course:
– The wrong way to research for profitable niches.
– Developing the correct mindset before you get started.
– Start small with the topics that you are familiar with.
– Techniques to uncover hidden profits inside niches that you are not familiar with.
– Broad brush and narrow beam approach. Find out when to use either approach.
– Top 10 tools used by successful niche marketers.
– Affiliate marketing and niche research.
– 3 ways to produce and sell your own niche products fast.

Affiliate Hub Bonus #2: SEO Success Blueprint

We all know the importance of search engines. In fact, the majority of websites that you and I know today are being discovered by using search engines.

Therefore, an online marketer, you cannot deny the power of search engines when comes to traffic. However, the problem is, if your website doesn’t get ranked in the top ten of Google or Bing, you won’t get the traffic.

This is why learning and mastering SEO is a must for all online marketers. SEO Success Blueprint is a comprehensive course about getting ranked on search engines. Of course, you can learn thousands of different SEO methods out there, but this course lays out the fundamental parts.

In other words, you know how to get ranked for much easier keywords first, before moving on to the harder ones.

Discover the following tips and more inside this course:
– Introduction to WordPress and why you should use it.
– Top WordPress plugins commonly used to get ranked on Google for real.
– On-page SEO techniques plus how to craft quality content.
– The importance of including a sitemap in your website.
– The proven link building techniques, anchor text and their relation with your ranking on the search engines.
– Promoting your website on social media sites and how it can improve your ranking.
– The strategies to use article websites for free traffic plus quality inbound links.
– Long-tail keywords and why you should be using them.
– Finding an easy-to-rank keyword by using free tools provided by Google itself.
– Press release marketing techniques.

Affiliate Hub Bonus #3: FBA Profit Mastery

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a new way to start a real business online. If you don’t take this opportunity, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here’s why FBA is the way to start a business this year and beyond:
– Amazon itself is a trusted brand. By listing your products inside the Amazon marketplace, you can easily get the traffic and conversion since people trust Amazon and hence, they will trust you.
– E-commerce is a huge industry on the internet and is getting bigger. By starting a business on Amazon, you will be able to build a solid brand and run a successful e-commerce business from scratch.
– Amazon is a buyer search engine. Therefore, you can weed out a lot of freebie seekers and then get real, targeted buyer traffic.

However, if you are starting from scratch, starting an FBA business is not that easy. However, the FBA Profit Mastery video series will guide you, one-on-one from scratch.

List of videos inside this series:
Overview: Here in this video, you will discover what’s inside this course. Plus, you will learn what you can really sell in the Amazon FBA Business.

Tips For Sourcing Successfully: Running a business via the FBA program requires you to source the product Discover tips and other information that you need when sourcing.

General Tips And Recommendations: Learn from the experts, the tips and recommendations of the FBA program. These tips will surely contribute to your success as a seller on Amazon.

Local Sources: Learn about the sources for products which you can find locally.

Craigslist, Classifieds, Local Newspapers, and eBay: Again, this video is about finding the physical products to sell. Yes, you can use Craigslist, Classifieds, eBay and even offline newspapers to find the products and then sell those at Amazon.

Local Auctions And Estate Sales: This video will explain how to use an awesome tool for local auctions. Plus, discover how to do estate sales, also in this chapter.

Storage Unit And Charity Stores: What if you have products which are not selling? What to do with them? This video will talk about that topic.

Extreme Rebates And Coupons: When you are starting from scratch, of course, you want to save the money. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on the business venture that doesn’t necessarily profit. This is why it is important to find rebates and coupons. Therefore, you can start with minimal funds by applying these coupon codes.

Online Auction And Liquidation Houses: Discover how to find liquidation houses the correct way. Plus, how to use the online auction to your advantage.

FBA Profit Mastery is a great course. However, it gets even better since you can sell this video series and then keep 100% of its profits. Yes, it comes with master resale rights (MRR), sales letter and cover graphics.

Affiliate Hub Bonus #4: WordPress Sales Robot with PLR

It is no secret that coupon code is a great way to increase the sales rates. When someone searches for a coupon code online, she/he will have the real credit card in hand, and ready to buy something.

In case you didn’t know, a coupon code is a special code which you can activate at the shopping cart before checking out. Once activated, you can get the same product but at a lower price. This is why, real buyers online are usually looking for a coupon code, because it helps them save the money.

WordPress Sales Robot takes it to the next level by using the coupon code as a way for you to get more traffic. Here’s how this WordPress plugin works:

1. Once activated, your visitors will be able to see a message offering them a coupon code, in exchange for a Facebook share. In other words, your visitors must share your website on Facebook first, before unlocking the code.

2. The majority of your visitors will share the website on Facebook. After all, they already in the buying mode and want to save the money. Once they share on Facebook, you will get free viral FB traffic. While the visitors will get the coupon code.

3. The visitors won’t leave your website empty-handed. They will make the purchase first, before leaving. As the result, you will make the money. And then, your customers will be happy with their purchases.

4. The snowball effect goes on. Remember the Facebook shares I mentioned in step 2? Thanks to that share, people will know and come to your website from Facebook. They will know your website name, and then also make the purchase from you.

WordPress Sales Robot is a genius way to boost both of your traffic and sales. It gets even better since this plugin comes with private label rights (PLR). Which means you can sell it, rebrand it or give it away for free. You will be proud to do so since this is actually a great product.

How to claim the above bonuses:

1. All the above bonuses will be sent to you once you’ve made the purchase. Click here to visit Affiliate Hub website and then purchase Affiliate Hub product.

2. I already link my bonus offers above with the JVZoo.com system. Once you’ve made the purchase, the offers will be sent to you automatically.

JVZoo is the party which handles the product delivery to you. So, after the payment is confirmed, you will get both Affiliate Hub product and my bonus package above.

3. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry. Send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. In case you want to claim the bonus offers above via email, please include your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase, as proof of payment.

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