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Azon Funnels review

Azon Funnels review – Awesome Amazon Store Builder Software

Overview of Azon Funnels software:

Azon Funnels is an amazing site builder that creates an online store in less than one minute. This is not just another WordPress theme. Instead, the Azon Funnels software is an automated site builder which is integrated with your Facebook account and FB messenger, that you can use to quickly create an online store in less than one minute.

If you want to save lots of your time on site creation, monetization, and traffic, Azon Funnels is just the right software that you are looking for.

Product nameAzon Funnels
Product creatorsSimon Greenhalgh, Kevin Byrne, Schoeffel Jean-Philippe
What is it about?Affiliate marketing, E-commerce
Demo videoWatch the demo video here >>>
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended
Looking for the Azon Funnels official website?Click here >>>
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
More informationRead our full review here >>>
Bonus offerView our bonuses here >>>

Full, in-depth Azon Funnels review

Introduction: Why do you need the Azon Funnels software?

The fact that you know about making money online, then probably you already read somewhere about Amazon Associates program.

It is basically about selling products from Amazon.com, where anyone can register as an affiliate for free, drive traffic and then earn commissions by just making sales from every product he was promoting. No need to create the product, no shipping required and no hassle to deal with payment processors. All of these parts are taken care of by Amazon itself.

However, making money from Amazon is not that easy
Making money from Amazon affiliate program is not as easy as it sounds.
If you are trying to make money from Amazon Associate program for one month or two, you will realize that there are tons of problems that you need to solve first before earning your first $100 :

You need to research for the right keywords and the product demand properly before you can get started and launch your website. Figuring out the right keywords, niche and the product demand is one huge problem that is stopping a majority of new affiliates from making the money.

You need to update your online store regularly. The updates include the change in the product description, impress your visitors, reduce the bounce rate and then boost your existing traffic. Some of Amazon product descriptions are updated regularly, so editing the existing content will take hours of time, especially if you have hundreds of products listed in one online store.

Your website must be professionally designed. Otherwise, your visitors leave empty-handed and not buy anything due to lack of user experience.

You need to add new products once in a while to make sure that your online store can fulfill the market demand and get steady traffic.

You need to pay for the web hosting each month or each year. To some people, paying for a web hosting subscription is a problem which increases their cost.

You need to get traffic to the web store in order to make real money.


Azon Funnels will solve all of the problems above

This Azon Funnels system will solve all of the problems related when comes to making money with Amazon and other affiliate programs:

Save your money and time on web designers or another expensive WordPress theme: Azon Funnels comes with 3 different templates. In other words, you change the look and feel of your website once in a while without paying an additional cost. Not only you can save money on paid WordPress themes, but you can also save your time editing the website since all of these templates are already integrated with Azon Funnels software and web hosting.

Create a professional-looking online store or website within a few minutes: We understand that you are not a professional web designer, and hence you will have the problem of creating a professional-looking website. However, Azon Funnels can solve this problem.

Now you can have a professional-looking online store within a few minutes by just using your Facebook messenger system. All you need to do is enter the keywords relevant to your niche or topic within the Facebook messenger system, and then this program will automatically create a real, working online store for you. This is one big difference between Azon Funnels and other systems related to affiliate marketing or WordPress themes.

No hassle to pay for a third-party web hosting: Subscribe to Azon Funnels and you don’t need to spend a dime on web hosting:¬†Azon Funnels system comes with a free web hosting to all of their customers, so if you are a customer of Azon Funnels rest-assured, you can host all of your websites for free.

Save your time and money on niche research: We know that you are struggling hard with Amazon or other affiliate programs, probably due to niche or keyword research. Now, thanks to the built-in function within the Azon Funnels system, you can now research for profitable niches, with high demand and lots of ready-to-buy visitors.

No hassle to update the product description regularly: Did you know that one of the biggest factors which makes your visitors leave your website or online store is the fact your website content is outdated? Yes, while updating the content of your site regularly sounds easy, in practice, it takes too much time. However, once you’ve utilized the Azon Funnels powerful system, this program will automatically update your website or online store by using its powerful content updater.

Save hours of time adding new product related to your niche: If the fans of your online store are visiting your store every now and then, they will probably look for something new to buy.
Therefore, one easy way that you can get more traffic and more people buy from you is by adding new products to your online store. This will be no problem if your online store is small.

However, what if your online store is big and has too many products? You will take hours, or perhaps days of your time to add new products and then add new content to the website. Thanks to the Azon Funnels system, you can save yourself the time adding new products to your website. The Azon Funnels system will add new products related to your niche or topic automatically.

More viral traffic thanks to the social sharing button: What else could be better than getting the traffic from your existing visitors? Azon Funnels has the ability to add social sharing button on your website or online store so your visitors will be able to share your website all over the web to their favorite social media accounts.

Azon Funnels review

Live demo video – Watch the Azon Funnels software in action and decide before you buy

Who can benefit from Azon Funnels program?

The Azon Funnels system is geared specifically for all affiliate marketers and e-commerce business owners.

Are you struggling hard to make a healthy income from Amazon? Then, the Azon Funnels is perfect for you. Not only the Azon Funnels software will save you lots of money, but also lots of your time on website creation, content, monetization, and traffic.
If you are selling products from Clickbank.com, then Azon Funnels can also help. Azon Funnels is not limited only to e-commerce related niche. In fact, you can design a website or online store in digital product niches as well. You can literally build all kinds of websites across any topic and promote Clickbank products, including the weight loss niche, self-help, cryptocurrency, online games and even computer software.
Do you want to start an e-commerce or drop shipping business? Then, Azon Funnels can save lots of your time. While starting an e-commerce business might sound easy, but the fact is, there are lots of work to be done. For example, you need to find the right niche, contact the supplier, find out how to ship the products to your customers plus a whole lot more. Azon Funnels can save hours of your time on site creation, traffic, and even content creation for this purpose. Just use the Facebook messenger box to create a real, working online store and you are good to go.

My killer Azon Funnels bonuses

1. Purchase the Azon Funnels software only via the links from this website. Click here to purchase.

2. All these Azon Funnels bonuses above are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase you will be directed to the download page.

Azon Funnels bonus

3. If you cannot access the bonuses for certain reasons, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry, at my contact page.

Azon Funnels bonus #1: Rapid Amazon Research
If you are a newbie, we know that niche research, especially when you are an affiliate could be frustrating and tiresome. In fact, for most newbies, finding the right niche could take months of time before they can decide the right niche and product to promote.

Now, what if we do all the hard work for you? What if all the niches are already done for you and then all you need is to replicate the success? That’s what Rapid Amazon Research is all about. Rather than you learn and figure the entire niche research process, we already provided you with 5 niche markets, and 50 products from Amazon that you can promote. All of these products cost more than $100, have more than 10 reviews and on average have more than 4-star rating on Amazon. We also provided you with a list of useful data related to these niches, including the global number of searches, local number of searches, average CPC, total competition on Google and even more. Rapid Amazon Research is free for you, as long as you purchase Azon Funnels from this website.

Azon Funnels bonus #2: Niche Authority Gold
One of the most common mistakes made by newbies is targeting a competitive niche. If you jump into one competitive niche, then chances are, you cannot make the real money online. Now, the big question here is: how do you find the right niche to target?

Niche Authority Gold video course has all the answers to your questions. Niche Authority Gold is an amazing course about niche marketing, where all of the steps related to finding the right niche online, from using free tools like Google Keyword Planner to using paid tools – all are covered. Plus, this video series also highlights some of the most common mistakes made by many new marketers to find the correct niche.

If you are an affiliate, Niche Authority Gold also has something for you; that is how to find the correct niche for affiliate marketers. The Niche Authority Gold course is worth $97 and yours free once you’ve purchased Azon Funnels from this page.

Azon Funnels bonus #3: Smart Agent Pro
Getting the traffic to your online store, sales letter or website is hard enough. Therefore you will want to make sure that every traffic converts. How can you do that? Well, one way would be to include a live chat system where you can prompt a chat box with your visitors. That is what Smart Agent Pro can do for you.

Smart Agent Pro is a live chat software that you can plugin into your website to greet your visitors and then chat with them. Thanks to the Smart Agent Pro software, you can ask your visitor about how you can help them, get feedback or even offer them a discount before they leave. This way, you can make sure that every single traffic converts, whether into real buyers or at least into list subscribers.

Azon Funnels bonus #4: Coupon List Builder
Coupon List Builder is one script that can boost the conversion rates of your website. Just like the name implies, you can build your own high-converting mailing list by offering your visitors the coupon codes of your products.

This way, rather than your visitors leave the website after a few minutes, you can make sure that he or she joined into your list before leaving. Then you can keep following-up them with warm, engaging emails to keep reminding them about you, your products and whatever recommendations that you have to your subscribers.

Azon Funnels bonus #5: List Authority
How can you build a long-lasting online business? One way would be to build your own mailing list. An email list or mailing list is a database of subscribers and buyers where you collect your visitors or buyers email into an autoresponder system, let say Aweber and then keep following them up with new, fresh content every week or month.

What if you are a newbie into email marketing? List Authority is the answer that you are looking for. List Authority is a comprehensive blueprint about email marketing, where you will be walked through, step-by-step on how to build a profitable email list from scratch, right from setting up your own opt-in form, giving the offer to your potential subscribers, adding follow-up email sequences and finally making real sales from your list.

Azon Funnels bonus #6: Buyers Generation 3.0
While List Authority above is about getting leads to your database of subscribers, Buyer Generation 3.0 is more than just about list building; it is basically about getting buyers to join your mailing list.

Some of the tactics exposed inside this course are:
– How to use viral reports to get buyers.
– Where to get potential JV partners to promote your products and then build a big, targeted buyer list. These are a list of websites that you can utilize to find affiliate partners who will promote your product and then build your list of buyers from scratch.
– How to master the art of persuasion, this is 4 critical points in your proposal to build your buyers’ list
– How to build your credibility and be seen as an authority. This part is a very important piece of the puzzle in getting the real buyers in your topic. Once they know who you are and learn to trust you, it will be much easier to push them and sign up for your list.
– How to maximize the revenue of your new list for recurring profits every month.
– Mistakes made by newbies when comes to list building.



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