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Chatterbot review

Chatterbot Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info


It is no secret that Facebook is a powerful platform to get the traffic and customers to your online business. Thanks to Facebook, you can get a lot of followers, and then get them to subscribe into your list and make the purchase.a?pc

Now, what if you can take it to the next level? What if you can automate the traffic and lead generation process? This is what Chatterbot is all about.

Just as the name implies, Chatterbot is a platform to build your own AI chatbot. It will automatically send messages, respond to your visitors, engage with real humans on your website. Plus, much more.

Note: This product will be launched on November 27th 2018 and is not yet available. I will post more review + demo video during the launch day. 


Chatterbot Full Review

Chatterbot Main Functions

The Chatterbot Builder software: This is the software to create chatbots, which can be used on social media sites like Facebook. You can use chatbots to automatically send messages, help customers to track orders, give the prospects tour of an online store. Plus, a whole lot more.

The beauty of TheChatterbot Builder is the interface is super easy to use. Hence, anyone can publish a working bot quickly.

Facebook and social media marketing is popular these days, therefore, the demand for chatbots is very high. Which means, it’s a huge opportunity for marketing agencies, freelancers and marketers.

Webviews feature: Webviews is the technology that allows you to sell your product or service through the bot. The Webviews feature will take your customers from point of contact through the sale or reservation. All of these are done without leaving the bot. You can do this even with just one-page website. It’s that simple and powerful.

Full features of Chatterbot software

Chatterbot platform allows you to program chatbots which are suitable for various purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you are on Facebook, or perhaps about to take payment.

Start by selecting list of ready-made templates: You might not be a real programmer. Therefore, to make the work much easier, Chatterbot product already provides a few ready-made templates.

All you have to do is pick one template and then start programming the type of bot that you wish. This will remove the common blocks that stop you from building an effective bot.

Up to 5 ready-made templates are included: Do you want to configure 5 different type of bot? Then, there are various templates for the various kind type of chatbots.

Wide Selection of Trigger Types for effective engagement: In order to make your chatbot user-friendly to your visitors, this feature is included with Chatterbot software. You can set the bot to send the message automatically based on the visitors’ response.

Your visitors won’t feel like chatting with a bot. Instead, they will think that they are having a conversation with a real human. This is the way to build an effective engagement.

Easy and Fast Integration with Facebook. No bugs or errors: This feature will not only save the time but also the common problems with automated software like this.

Automated messaging system. Sell your products or services on auto-pilot: This is what a chatbot is all about – automation. Just configure your bot with Facebook and then let it chat with your fans. The bot will reply and comment based on the user’s responses.

Keep track of the messages for full control: The conversation between a chatbot and the users will be recorded. You can then view the log information for further reference or improvements.

Comment Reply by Message: Let the bot leave an automated message in case users leave a comment on Facebook.

Collect payment: TheChatterbot support payment collection via Stripe or Paypal.

The chat plugin for the normal website is included: Now you can let the bot chat in your website with the visitors. This will turn your standard site into a lead capturing magnet.

The ability to integrate with popular marketing tools: Combine this bot with any marketing software that you like.

Webview Widget is included: Webview is the program that lets the bot take over the entire conversion, just like a normal website does. This is the widgets that you can use to customize your pages.

Commercial license is included for agencies or freelancers: Create the chatbots and then impress your clients. Sell the bots for 100% profits if you wish.

Other features of Chatterbot software:

– Integrate with emoji and variables.
– The lead-capture feature is also included.
– The bot support all type of Facebook messenger interface and elements.
– Button creator is included so your visitors can click the button on your website and chat with the bot.
– Messenger Box allows the users to interact with the bot without having to leave the page.
– Send unlimited broadcast messages via your bot to all of the fans on Facebook.

Who needs the Chatterbot software

In short, just about anyone who wishes to make the real, solid income online:

Affiliate marketers: Automate the process of marketing and sending traffic with Chatterbot. Why spend hours of time chatting with your prospects, while you can let this bot do the work for you?

Social media marketers: If you are running a social media marketing agency, then the Chatterbot product will be very useful. You can save a lot of time getting the traffic and sales for clients. I know that you can do the task manually, but it will take a lot of time. You can automate the process and best of all, take a lot more clients thanks to the Chatterbot software.

Ecom business owners: The Chatterbot software will drive a lot of traffic to your website. Even better, you can send coupon code, promotions and more to the existing customers by using the power of Chatterbot software. Save a lot of time connecting and sending the offers manually.

Bloggers and webmasters: Need more traffic to your blog? Or perhaps do you want to grow a huge database of fans on your own website? Then, let this bot takes care of the rest for you. Getting the traffic from Facebook takes a lot of time when done manually. However, if you automate this process, that will be another story.

My Chatterbot bonus, only from this site

As the way to help you, I am offering the following products as a bonus with your Chatterbot purchase. They are not part of Chatterbot so you cannot get them somewhere else.

However, they will be very useful if you are looking for ways to diversify your knowledge of online marketing. You can claim these products only via email. (More information at the bottom of this page).

Chatterbot Bonus #1: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Social Media Marketing is one complete blueprint about getting the traffic from Reddit and Pinterest. These are 2 of the most popular social media sites.

While you can get the traffic from Facebook or FB, the problem is Facebook is saturated with a lot of businesses are trying to promote their brands here.

Reddit, on the other hand, is different. The traffic is less competitive and much cheaper when compared to Facebook. Plus, Reddit is the 4th most trafficked websites on the internet this year.

Learn the following and more from this PDF course:
– The reasons why you should focus on Reddit.
– Discover the correct methods to attract fans via the Reddit karma.
– The type of content that attracts visitors and traffic.
– Reddit has its own rules to eliminate spammers. Discover the rules and avoid from being flagged here on Reddit.
– The concept of subreddits and what it has to do with your marketing plans.

Chatterbot Bonus #2: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest is another popular social media site. This website, while receiving millions of users per month, is less competitive when compared to the top social networking site, Facebook.

Pinterest Traffic Formula is one solid course on using Pinterest for traffic and sales. You can learn the following and more from this course:
– Getting started with Pinterest and your audience here.
– Tips to promote your brands on Pinterest without being pushy.
– Rules of Pinterest that you need to comply in order to avoid from being flagged.
– Tricks to get more followers and fans quickly and easily.
– The correct techniques to link between fellow bloggers on Pinterest.
– Tools that you can use to automate the traffic generation part.

Pinterest Traffic Formula is free with the Chatterbot product only from this website. If you are into social media marketing, then I highly recommend that you grab Chatterbot and Pinterest Traffic Formula.

Chatterbot Bonus #3: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing are the best traffic source. For a few reasons:
– The traffic is highly targeted. People enter relevant keywords on Google to look for relevant information.
– Search engines like Google are big brands. The majority of web users know about them and will keep using them.
– People will always enter keywords on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to look for information or solutions. While they can also exchange the information on Facebook, but they will get the same, even more on Google.

However, many people don’t know how to get the top ten ranking on Google. For a good reason: the way Google rank websites are being kept as secret. However, based on the information shared by webmasters and SEOers on certain forums, we know a few things.

The SEO Success Blueprint is the compilation of all that. It will outline the secrets used by top webmasters, bloggers and super affiliates to get free traffic from search engines.

Unlike other courses, this blueprint will explain all the details from A to Z about keyword research, link building, content creation and finally conversion.

How to claim these bonus offers:
1. You need to purchase Chatterbot only from this page. Click here to visit Chatterbot official website and purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me Chatterbot bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.

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