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Covert Context 2.0 review

Covert Context 2.0 Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Covert Context 2.0 is for Amazon Affiliates

Covert Context 2.0 is actually a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. If you want to make easier commissions with Amazon, then this plugin is just for you. In fact, you will be happy with your purchase since Covert Context 2.0 comes with various features for Amazon affiliates.
– Set and the forget system.
– Covert Context 2.0 works with all Amazon regions whether the US, Canada or UK.
– Choose the products and keywords to be displayed as the ads on your website.
– The self-optimizing system will learn and then automatically select the best converting keywords and products.

A quick glance of the Covert Context 2.0

Product name:Covert Context 2.0
Launch date:November 8th, 2018
Product creators:IM Wealth Builders team
What is it about?Amazon Contextual Plugin
Official website:Visit Covert Context 2.0 website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
More information:Read our review here
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Covert Context 2.0 Full Review

Note: This product is not yet available. Therefore, this review is partially complete. For the full review, please check back during the launch day.

How does the Cover Context 2.0 works?

Automatically display contextual ads on your blog post: Just as the name implies, this plugin will read the content of your blog post and then select one keyword to display ads on it.

For example, if your post contains the phrase “cereal” this plugin will display relevant product, from the Amazon marketplace. You can think of it like Kontera text link ads, except for this one, you will earn affiliate commissions.

Automatically integrates with your Amazon Associates ID: Just enter your Amazon Associates ID from the dashboard and then you are good to go. This plugin will embed your affiliate link within every contextual ad displayed on your website.

Automatically integrates with other Amazon Affiliate networks: This plugin is working not only for Amazon US but also for Amazon UK, Canada, and other regions. All you need to do is apply for the affiliate program across these countries and then grab your affiliate ID. Then, paste the ID into your WordPress site.

Therefore, no hassle to login into your amazon.co.uk just to fetch the affiliate links and then embed into your website. Just set up the entire affiliate ID once and then forget your website. It’s that simple.

Learn as you go: This feature is very useful. Covert Context 2.0 plugin will become smarter if you use it longer. It will learn as you go and then automatically select the best-converting keywords and products for you.

What’s inside Covert Context 2.0 product?

The main program, Covert Context 2.0 WordPress plugin: Automatically displays products or ads from Amazon Associates program. Automatically embed your affiliate links within the content. Send thousands of customers to your Amazon affiliate links on auto-pilot.

Done-for-you Amazon keyword research: This is a “one-click-import”, a completely done-for-you keyword research. Finding the correct niche is a big challenge for most people, especially beginners. This feature will save a lot of time. Just select the niche and keywords given and then start your Amazon website right away.

Covert Store Builder software is included: This is the best-selling Amazon affiliate store WordPress theme. Covert Store Builder allows people like you to create a simple, but professional-looking Amazon store quickly. Combine this WordPress theme and then Covert Context 2.0 plugin to build a successful Amazon web store.

Training videos are included: What good a powerful tool if you cannot use it properly? Covert Context 2.0 comes with complete video training which is free to all members. Learn how to set up an Amazon website from scratch and then combine the knowledge with the Covert Context 2.0 plugin.

Support and updates: Covert Context version 1.0 has been released years ago and members are happy with this plugin. Not only because it is a good product, but also because it always being updated by the creators, the IM Wealth Builders team.

If you purchase Covert Context 2.0 today, you will get years of support from the creators with no extra cost.

My Covert Context 2.0 bonus, only from this site

As the way to add more value and help you, I will give you free bonus offers. They are complementary with the Covert Context 2.0 software. In other words, if you are looking for WordPress plugins, then I’m offering you even more useful WordPress plugins as an additional bonus offers.

You can claim these bonus products only via email. After the purchase, please send an email to me, Thomas Henry – support[at]italica-virtus.com. (Read full instructions at the bottom of this page).

Covert Context 2.0 Bonus #1: WP Review Me

One way to boost the conversion rates of your website is by displaying testimonials or reviews from your visitors. That’s what WP Review Me is all about.

Once activated, WP Review Me plugin will display a survey form to let the visitors review about your website and products. In other words, this process is done by your visitors themselves- You don’t need to ask them to do so.

You can do things manually if you wish, but this plugin will save a lot of your visitors’ time (and your time too).

Displaying reviews about your company or brand will make the visitors trust you even more and then boost your existing conversion rates.

Covert Context 2.0 Bonus #2: WordPress Sales Robot

WordPress, without doubt, is a powerful marketing tool. It gets even better with the WordPress Sales Robot.

Just as the name implies, this plugin will increase both sales and traffic to your website. The trick is by offering a special discount code to your visitors in exchange for a special coupon code.

This is how WordPress Sales Robot plugin works:
1. Once activated and configured this plugin will display a message to your visitor offering her/him a coupon code.

2. In order to unlock the coupon code, the visitor must share your website in her/his Facebook account.

3. As the result, you will get free exposure and traffic from Facebook. Then, your visitor will get the coupon code.

4. The visitor will immediately apply the coupon code and make the purchase. People with a coupon code is already in the buying mode, so of course, they won’t let this opportunity go away.

5. Then, you will get a sale.

6. It doesn’t stop there. Remember the free Facebook shares that I told you in step 2 and 3? This Facebook share will bring you even more traffic from Facebook. Then, more people will continue to unlock the coupon code and then made their purchases.

WordPress Sales Robot is a great product and relevant to you if you are looking for a WordPress plugin like Covert Context 2.0.

Covert Context 2.0 Bonus #3: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest Traffic Formula is one great course about getting free, targeted (and cheap) Pinterest Traffic. I think if you are building an Amazon Affiliate site, Pinterest Traffic Formula is going to help you a lot. Especially when comes to traffic generation.

Depending on your niche, you can earn the same, even more with Pinterest when compared with Facebook. These are a few advantages of Pinterest over Facebook:
– Less competition since it is less popular among giant companies.
– Cheaper traffic which means a huge ROI for new businesses and affiliate marketers.
– Pinterest terms are not as strict as Facebook.
– Pinterest is easier to understand since the features are not as much as Facebook.
– You can automate the traffic generation part and this course will show you how.

I am offering the Pinterest Traffic Formula together with the purchase of Covert Context 2.0, as a way to help you. After all, once you’ve set up the website, you will need the traffic.

How to claim the above bonus offers
1. You need to purchase Covert Context 2.0 only from this site. Click here to visit the Covert Context 2.0 and make your purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Covert Context 2.0 bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase for verification.

3. Send the email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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