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Covert Curator Review

Covert Curator Review, OTO Info, Discount + Complementary Bonus


In short, Covert Curator is a powerful WordPress plugin that you will love. Why? Because this plugin will save a lot of your time on the content creation part. Just as the name implies, it will curate other people’s content and post into your WordPress site. Yes, it is legal.

If you had been using WordPress or WP for a while, you should know that writing content is very tiresome. Sometimes you might need to publish hundreds, if not thousands of post to impress the readers and get traffic.

Therefore, if there is a plugin which can save the time on content creation, it will be a big help. Yes, this plugin can be activated within the WordPress dashboard. So, it is super easy to use and activated.

Overview of the Covert Curator product

Product name:Covert Curator
Product creators:IM Wealth Builders team
What is it about?Wordpress plugin with the automated function
Launch date:Sept 25th 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit Covert Curator website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Covert Curator official website

Features of Covert Curator WordPress plugin

1. Automated content posting (that you will love):
– Publish impressive blog content without writing a single word. Now you can build a website full of great content in a few minutes.
– Just as the name implies, this plugin will curate other people’s content (legally).
– Get others to post the content for you. Covert Curator Plugin allows other bloggers to register, curate and then post. In exchange, they will get backlinks from your website.
– Automate the list building process. This plugin will automatically add new members into your mailing list. Yes, it can be integrated with your favorite autoresponder.

2. Free viral traffic from social media sites:
– Get viral traffic from social media sites. Just enter the details and this plugin will integrate with top social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+.
– Integrate the comment function with Facebook. Which means, each time someone leaves a comment, it will attract traffic from Facebook.

3. Flexible and easy to use:
– Just follow the step-by-step wizard to configure this plugin with your WordPress site.
– Short videos are provided for every setting in the admin area.
– Very flexible and can be used for several purposes including affiliate sites, portal sites, and authority sites.
– Very easy to monetize with custom widgets and inbuilt theme ads.

Covert Curator review

How can of Covert Curator WordPress theme help

In short, it can solve a lot of problems related to WordPress and content writing. Let’s face it. While WordPress is the best CMS and site builder to date, but there are still problems with it. We all need to write a lot of content before start seeing the traffic and profits.

Covert Curator will solve all of the above problems. These are some of the benefits of Covert Curator WordPress theme:

1. Hassle-free content writing. Why write the entire website content on your own, while you can make others work for you? Does it make sense to pay thousands per month to content writers, while you can have others write for you, for free? Yes, it is impossible in the past to do this, but today not anymore. You can do that with Covert Curator theme.

2. More traffic. Let’s face the fact traffic is and will always be a hard work for online marketers. In fact, even giant companies are willing to pay thousands for advertising, in other words, traffic. While Covert Curator won’t solve the traffic problems completely, but it helps, a lot when comes to traffic. Thanks to the content sharing feature, people will like and share your website on social media websites.

3. Consistent profits. Unlike other software out there, Covert Curator also comes with the list building function. Therefore, not only you can get a consistent amount of visitors per day, but also a steady amount of sales per week. Yes, money is in the list and that’s why you should use the Covert Curator software – to build your own mailing list.

Why you will love the Covert Curator WordPress plugin

The lazy way to publish content on your website: Many people hate blogging or even WordPress for good reason. That is, they don’t like to write. This is true especially when you are already busy with other business tasks or perhaps your offline daily job. Forget that, let others create and then publish the content for you. Yes, it is possible today, thanks to the Covert Curator WP plugin.

Super easy to use:The dashboard and navigation of this plugin is very easy to understand. Even if you have some kind of problem with it, you can always refer to the video. Free tutorials are included to explain the function of each feature inside Covert Curator.

The all-in-one plugin: One big problem with WordPress is the fact you need to install multiple plugins within the admin area. Some plugin might have only one feature, but doesn’t have another. However, Covert Curator is different. This WP plugin has all the important features not only to publish quality content, but also to build list and traffic. Therefore, you don’t need to configure the settings separately, by using a third-party plugin. Just use this one only.

Easy-to-configure viral feature: Getting the viral traffic from social sites like Pinterest or Facebook is important these days. The good news is, Covert Curator comes with both Facebook comments and social share buttons, all of them in just one plugin. Yes, you can add the FB comments feature into your website by using other plugin, but most of them are not easy to use. Also, you need to install another plugin, if you want to add the social share buttons into your website.

My killer Covert Curator bonus, with MRR and PLR

Get Covert Curator from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. They are complementary with the Covert Curator product. In other words, bonus files can help you quadruple the income from Covert Curator program.

They are available only when you purchase Covert Curator from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Covert Curator Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

Remember the first website you’ve found on the internet? Probably you know and start liking the website thanks to search engines.

Not just you, but billions of people worldwide are using search engines to find information and discover new websites every day. Therefore, if you need traffic badly, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of getting ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

SEO Success Blueprint is the course that will help you get started. While there are tons of other blogs related to SEO on the net, you will need this course. The reason is simple: it compiles all the important steps need to be taken for Google ranking.

What you can learn from this course:
– An overview of SEO and the importance of getting the ranking.
– On-page SEO basics.
– Content creation and the importance of having good content for successful ranking.
– The importance of backlinks in order to get the ranking for real.
– Social media marketing, its techniques and why you should pay special attention to it.
– The power of article marketing and article directories for traffic and ranking.
– Press release and Google news secrets.
– Find out how to leverage the power of press release.

Covert Curator Bonus #2: WP Sales Robot with PLR

Are you looking for a quality PLR product to promote or give away for free? WP Sales Robot is just the product that matches your needs.

This is not just another crappy PLR ebooks or videos. In fact, it is a high-quality WordPress plugin that your list will love.

It is super easy to use. Just upload the file just like you do with other free WordPress plugins and then activate. Setup everything within the WordPress dashboard, just like you did with a standard WordPress plugin.

Here’s how WP Sales Robot can help you or your customers:
Increase the sale rates: You can set up a special coupon code or discount offer from within the WordPress dashboard. Offer your visitor this code when they are about to exit and tell him or her that the offer is for a limited time. They will surely use the code and made the purchase.

The reason is simple – People who are just about to leave your website are looking for a discount. If you offer the same product, but at a much lower price, they won’t hesitate to buy.

Bring in more viral traffic: In order to unlock the coupon code, your visitor needs to share your website on Facebook. Therefore, you will get more traffic and exposure here for free.

WP Sales Robot also comes with a sales letter and a cover graphic, so you can simply upload the sales page and sell this product for profits.

Covert Curator Bonus #3: Shopify Blueprint

Shopify Blueprint is an e-commerce course. However, it focuses only on the Shopify platform. The reason is simple – Shopify is the best e-commerce software today, with tons of important features.

If you are new to Shopify or e-commerce, Shopify Blueprint video course can help you get started. It is an enjoyable video series that you don’t want to miss.

List of videos inside this course:
Shopify At A Glance: This is an overview of the system and why Shopify is the best.

Getting Started With Shopify: There are a lot of plans to choose from. This part will compare each plan and then recommend the best one that matches your needs.

Shopify Dashboard: The dashboard itself is the heart of Shopify software. This video will explain the features of Shopify and its functions.

How To Set Up Your Shopify E-Store: There are a lot of templates to choose from, and once you do, the online store is ready. This video will explain not only about the templates but also about payment and shipping methods.

How To Identify Hot Selling Products: This part is very important since it is about niche research. In fact, failing to research properly is the first thing that will kill your online business. Worry not, this video will teach you how to do the niche research effectively before you even start an online store.

How To Create Buy Button / Shopping Cart: You won’t make the money without the buy button or a shopping cart that works. This video will walk you through the process, and it needs to be done correctly. Learn how to integrate Shopify with your payment processor and a bank account.

Launching Your E-Store: This is the most exciting module. Discover how to launch the store, get the traffic and see the real results pouring in.

Other Money Making Ideas: Want to diversify your income? Or do you find out that selling your own physical product is hard? Then, this module explains how to monetize the Shopify store without selling your own products.

How To Migrate Your Shop From Bigcommerce To Shopify: BigCommerce is another popular e-commerce software. However, it is not as simple as Shopify. If you already had an online store made with other software, you need to watch this part. This module will explain in details how to migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify.

Covert Curator Bonus #4: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Niche Authority Gold is one solid course on finding profitable niches. I know that you might already learn how to find profitable niches somewhere else, but this one is different.

The methods inside Niche Authority Gold is easy to undersand and implement. Plus, this course doesn’t recommend that you go for a competitive topics like business, diets or travel. This video blueprint outlines the tricks to uncover profitable niches in less competitive markets.

Discover the following techniques plus a lot more inside this video series:
– How not to do the niche research.
– The correct mindset to become a successful niche marketer.
– Get started with topics and markets that you know a lot about.
– Uncovering the profits within markets that you are not familiar with.
– Broad brush or narrow beam approach. Discover which one that you should choose, plus is advantages.
– Top 10 niche finding tools that you should know and use.
– How to combine both niche research and affiliate marketing.
– 3 methods to produce and sell your own niche products fast.

Covert Curator Bonus #5: Pinterest Power

Need more traffic? Then, it is time to diversify. Forget Facebook or Google for a while. You should tap into Pinterest. The Pinterest Power course can help not only you but also your existing customers in getting more traffic and sales.

Pinterest Power PDF course will teach you several methods:
– Getting started with Pinterest.
– The type of offers that convert well on Pinterest.
– The system that anyone can use to get lots of followers.
– Rules that you need to follow.
– How to sell or promote your brand here without being labeled a spammer.
– List of tools that you can use to automate your promotion.
– Summary of the entire course.

Pinterest Power also comes with MRR and tools to sell this product. If you like this ebook, feel free to sell it just like it is your own product.

Covert Curator Bonus #6: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a complete blueprint for email marketing and list building. You know that you can make a lot of money from an email list, but the question is, how can you get started?

This course will outline all the details that you need. It comes with 3 important parts.

Part 1: List building basics
– An overview of the process, such as email marketing basics and autoresponder.
– The solid plan that you can implement to build a real, profitable list.
– List of tools and software that you will be utilizing for effective marketing.
– Samples of squeeze pages that convert well. These are examples of the squeeze page that you can edit, plugin and then get the traffic on your website.

Part 2: Get more buyer traffic
– Find out why it is important to separate buyers and freebie seekers.
– The step-by-step system to get only buyer traffic and reduce freebie seekers from your mailing list.
– How to leverage the power of affiliate partners for tons of free visitors, who are willing to buy from you.
– Discover why it is important to become an authority in your topic in order to get massive traffic and exposure.
– Launch jacking is a simple, but powerful concept when comes to making money online. Discover the launch jacking methods that you can implement to grow a huge list of buyers.
– Top list building mistakes that you need to avoid.

Part 3: Monetize the list
This part is about selling the product to your list. Whether it is your own product or an affiliate product, it is important that you know the right skills.
– Discover how to make $2000 per night or $20,000 per week by selling a high-ticket product to your list.
– The step-by-step system that anyone can use to make his list purchase high-ticket products.
– List of the toolset that you can use to sell a high-ticket item. This includes the sample of upsell page, free report, sale videos and also squeeze page.

Covert Curator Bonus #7: Smart Agent Pro

Smart Agent Pro is the key to massive conversion. You can quadruple the conversion rates, whether to increase more sales or perhaps to increase the signup rates.

The following are benefits of Smart Agent Pro:
Slash website abandonment: Catch the visitors’ attention before they leave and then encourage them back into your website with a new, relevant offer.

Get more ROI: Thanks to Smart Agent Pro script, you can increase the dollar value of each visitor. If you pay for advertising, expect more ROI for each ad spent.

Exit surveys: Invite your visitors to a survey. Ask them why they are leaving, what they really want, and try to fulfill their needs.

Re-iterate important bonuses: Remind your visitors about your special bonus offers before they leave. Include your USP, as well as the benefits of your products.

Motivate potential affiliates: You can also include the Smart Agent Pro script on the affiliate invite page to encourage them promoting your products. Remind them of your JV contest, prizes, and all other benefits.

Upsell & Cross-sell: This is one powerful benefits of this script. Boost your sales rates by offering them upsells or cross-sells while the customers are in “buying mode”.

Covert Curator Bonus #8: Webinar Success Formula

It is no secret that webinar is the key to effective engagements and conversions. During a webinar, your prospects can ask questions or give feedback about your companies or products. You can also answer the questions on the spot, try to solve their problems and finally close a sale.

However, running an effective webinar is not that easy for most people because they don’t even know how to get started. For example, if you want to run a webinar, you have to get the right software. Not just that, you also need to get the traffic, in other words, the audience to your webinar.

Webinar Success Formula is just the video course that can solve all the above problems. This product consists of several chapters:
Video #1: The formula for an effective and profitable webinar.
Video #2: Secret to making the sales.
Video #3: Traffic generation secrets.
Video #4: Getting traffic with the help of your affiliates.
Video #5: How to invite more attendees from Facebook.
Video #6: List of tools and tricks to make your webinar automated.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Order the Covert Curator product from this website, italica-virtus.com. Click here to visit the Covert Curator official website and purchase.

2. Your browser will be cookied, and then once you’ve made the purchase, you will be sent right to the bonus download page. All the bonus files and pages are already integrated with JVZoo.com system. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download area.

3. Do you have any question regarding this product or my bonus? Or perhaps the download link doesn’t work? Then send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com (Thomas Henry). Please include your proof of purchase in your email. For example, the time and date of purchase, Paypal ID etc.

Covert Curator official website

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