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Design Like Pro Review

Design Like Pro Review, Complementary Bonus + Discount

Overview of Design Like Pro product


Design Like Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create professional-looking graphics right from your WP admin area.

Why WordPress users need the Design Like Pro plugin?
The answer is simple: it makes the WordPress site or blog more attractive and goes viral. A simple WordPress site without any graphics is just like a boring textbook.

Nobody loves to read plain text. If your WordPress site only has lots of text, there will be no engagements from your existing visitors.

On the other hand, adding graphics or images, on the other hand, will make the blog attractive. As the result, your visitors will keep visiting your website every now and then.

But, let’s face the fact. Hiring a professional graphic designer will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This is why Design Like Pro software will be able to help you.

Design Like Pro WordPress plugin will:
– Turn your boring WordPress site into a beautiful website.
– Reduce the overall cost of hiring a professional graphics designer.
– Help you generate more visitors virally by making your WordPress site more attractive.
– Save the time on learning and crafting professional graphics yourself.

Overview of Design Like Pro software

Product name:Design Like Pro
Product creator:Daniel Adetunji
Launch date:July 20th 2018
What is it about?Graphics for Wordpress sites
Bonus offers:View our complementary bonuses here
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official homepage:Visit Design Like Pro homepage here
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee

Design Like Pro review

Features of Design Like Pro

Over 1000 templates that you can choose from
This function will save your thousands of dollars. Forget hiring an expensive graphic designer. All of these templates are provided for to Design Like Pro customers. All you need to do is choose the appropriate design from the templates provided.

Drag & Drop Graphics Editor
Why pay for expensive graphic design software that takes time to learn? Wouldn’t it be better if the software produces the results within a few clicks?

Introducing the Drag and Drop Graphics Editor software. This feature comes together for free with Design Like Pro plugin. Yes, it can be operated right inside your WordPress admin area.

You don’t need to take hours of time to craft beautiful graphics thanks to this feature. Simply choose the images, templates and then a few tweaks. After that, you are good to go.

Over 1000 Built-In Images & Vector Graphics
Just like the Drag And Drop Editor above, this feature will save days of your time. You don’t need to look elsewhere for graphics and images.

All of them are given for free, and even better they are available inside your WP dashboard. Design Like Pro plugin will pull images and vectors from a wide range and get going.

Video Training
Learning technical stuff could be difficult if they are presented in text format. However, if they are provided with video training, that would be another story. Which is why, customers will be given free training, via videos, on how to use this powerful WordPress plugin.

My real experience

I had been using WordPress for ages and in my opinion, Design Like Pro plugin is a great plugin. If I have to get started from zero, I would probably grab this plugin right away.

From my experience, adding logo and images to your website, especially on WP, takes a lot of hard work. Not only I need to learn how to use Photoshop from scratch, but also I need to pay extra money on images and graphics. To make it worse, some of the freelancers I’ve found online charged too much on graphics.

If I have the choice, I would probably save all my money back then on something like this. It saves me the trouble of creating a new logo each time I want to build a new website.

Design Like Pro bonuses

The following bonus offers will be sent to you once you’ve purchase Design Like Pro theme only from this website.

These bonus offers are complementary with the Design Like Pro plugin. You need to combine my bonus offers together with Design Like Pro for more traffic, conversion, and sales.

All these bonuses are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so once you’ve made your purchase, you will be taken right to the download page. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Bonus #1: WP Profitable Post

If are using WordPress, WP Profitable Post is a must. This powerful plugin can help you with monetization and conversion.

It is no secret that WordPress is a site builder that can be customized and monetized easily. However, that applies only if you have less than 20 posts.

If you have hundreds of WordPress posts, that is another story. If you don’t have some kind of plugin that can be used to edit all of your posts simultaneously, this will be a huge problem. You don’t want to log in and then edit every single of the posts. It will take days of time to do that.

The answer is: Just use the WP Profitable Post plugin. This plugin will automatically add affiliate links or other monetization models anywhere on of your blog posts.

The monetization models that you can add includes:
– Banner Ads
– Google Adsense.
– Javascript.
– Opt-in form.
– Affiliate links.

Bonus #2: WP Review Me Plugin

One way to boost your conversion rates is by adding customer reviews. Once your new visitors see the reviews left by the existing customers, they will trust you even more.

WP Review Me Plugin is a useful plugin to let anyone leave a review on your WordPress site.
Features of this plugin:
– Ease of customization. Just log in to the WP admin area to customize and then add your review page.
– The ability to create pages with review sections.
– Any of your visitors or your existing customers can easily leave a review on your website.
– Master resale right is included. You can sell this plugin again to anyone if you wish.

Bonus #3: WP Sales Robot with PLR license

The WP Sales Robot will quadruple the overall sales of your website. This product will be useful if you are using WordPress to create a sales letter or perhaps to design an online store.

Features of this plugin:
– Newbie friendly. Anyone can learn and understand how to use this plugin. If you can register an email account then you should be able to learn how to use it.
– Get traffic from Facebook. This plugin will prompt a one-time offer to your visitor. He or she will be able to get a special discount from your website in exchange for likes or share on Facebook. Once your website gets shared, expect to get more traffic from social sites.
– Offer a discount to your visitor. WP Sales Robot plugin can be customized easily within the dashboard. You can set the discount offer at any rate if you wish.
– Private label right is included. WP Sales Robot is a PLR product. Which means, you can sell it if you want, or perhaps you can also modify it if you want.

Bonus #4: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

The internet today is more than just about Google or Yahoo. It is now about social. Since the rise of Facebook, there are tons of other social media sites are on the rise. Each of them has a different type of audience and has its unique way to attract visitors.

If you own a website, sharing your website on social sites is vital. Otherwise, you will leave a lot of money on the table. You don’t need to share your websites on all of the social sites. Just focus on the popular ones.

This blueprint will teach you how to profit from 2 of the most popular social networking sites, Reddit and Instagram. Reddit is currently ranked number 4 of the most trafficked websites in the US and number 6 across the globe. While Instagram is the number one photo sharing site on the planet today.

What’s included in this blueprint:
– Overview of the Reddit website.
– Reasons why you should tap into Reddit marketing.
– The list of target audience on Reddit.
– Discover the secret to identifying your subreddits.
– The difference between a huge subreddits and the smaller ones.
– The exact plan to make your content goes viral.
– Introduction to the Reddit Karma.
– Techniques to use the Reddit Karma to increase your followers.
– List of tools that you can use for Reddit marketing.
– Reddit buttons and functions that you shouldn’t miss.
– Instagram marketing overview.
– The complete plan for Instagram marketing.
– Reasons why you should use Instagram for traffic.
– Discover how to create amazing content for Instagram.
– Uploading your photos and the secrets to make it viral.
– Introduction to Instagram functions.
– Tags feature on Instagram and why you should use it.
– Things that you should avoid when posting content on Instagram.
– Cheat sheet and roadmaps that anyone can follow.
– Discover how can you drive traffic from Instagram to your website.
– Find out the secret how the big businesses are making a killing with Instagram.

Bonus #5: SEO Success Blueprint

Who doesn’t want free traffic from Google? Literally, every webmaster and business owners need it. You will get free traffic on the internet and even better the visitors are already interested in buying.

However, for most people, getting free traffic from Google or even Bing is hard. The reason is simple – they don’t know the exact techniques to get ranked.

If you are one of them, the SEO Success Blueprint can help. Just as the name implies, SEO Success Blueprint is about making your website ranked on Google. The main focus of this ebook is to optimize the content of your WordPress site.

However, you can also use some of the techniques on other types of website builders, including Blogger, Joomla or plain HTML.

Below is the list of techniques that you will learn from this blueprint:
– The introduction to WordPress.
– List of tools and plugins that you should activate in your WordPress website.
– The importance of getting backlinks pointing to your website.
– Discover the secret to utilize article directories for backlinks.
– Social media traffic secrets. Find out how you can use to get free traffic and backlinks from social sites.
– Why promoting your website on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook is important.
– On-page SEO checklist. This checklist will outline the factors counted by Google to rank your WordPress site.
– Press release technique. Learn how to use press release sites and services to get traffic, exposure, and backlinks.
– A press release can be done for cheap. This blueprint will expose to you whether you get cheap services for a news release.
– People on Google also search for images. Discover the exact methods to drive traffic from Google and Bing image search.

Bonus #6: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Social media marketing is not limited to Facebook or Instagram only. Pinterest also can guarantee tons of traffic if utilized properly.

Just because you know how to use Facebook or Instagram, it doesn’t mean that you already know about Pinterest. The Pinterest target audience is somewhat different. Its features and functions are also different when compared to Facebook, Instagram or even Reddit.

If you know nothing about Pinterest traffic, this blueprint will guide you, one-on-one on Pinterest marketing tactics.
Below are some of the techniques exposed inside this course:
– The reasons why you should use Pinterest.
– List of things that you should avoid on Pinterest.
– The right mindset to get started.
– Discover the right offers whether CPA or affiliate offers to promote on this social site.
– Tips to become more creative. How to avoid being pushy.
– How to generate traffic from Pinterest to your WordPress blog.
– Techniques to approach other bloggers in your niche and then partner with them by using Pinterest.
– The list of tools to get started and get your traffic from.
– Checklist and step-by-step plan to ensure your success.

Bonus #7: Youtube Traffic Secrets course

If you think that getting traffic from Google is hard, then you might want to consider using Youtube. Unlike Google traffic, Youtube traffic requires less work, but the kind of audience is different.

However, Youtube also guarantees targeted traffic. People on Youtube will use the search function to look for something that is relevant to them.

If you know how to use it properly for site promotion, you can earn the same, even more than you could with Google. The trick is to use the tools and features provided for free on this website.

Youtube Traffic Secrets will expose the techniques used by top channels to get thousands of views per week. This is very important if you are using Youtube to advertise your business.

Some of the videos on the Youtube site could barely receive 1000 views per month. While some others go viral and receive 10,000 views per week. Have you ever wonder why?

All of the recipes to get massive Youtube views and traffic and exposed inside this ebook.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the Design Like Pro WordPress plugin from this website. Click here to purchase Design Like Pro product.

2. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the bonus files. I already integrate the download page with JVZoo.com system, so rest assured they will be delivered once you’ve made the purchase.

3. Other than that, you can also claim these bonuses by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

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