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Evergreen Traffic Academy review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Evergreen Traffic Academy product:

Evergreen Traffic Academy is a solid online business course by Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko. Members of the Evergreen Traffic Academy will be given a powerful case study of how Stefan and Greg are using 100% free traffic sources to build a simple buy powerful passive money making websites.

This is not just fluff of theory. Instead, this is the real-life examples of how to build a solid online business with 100% free traffic.
– No need to create your own product.
– No paid traffic.
– The traffic is 100% free and not expensive.
– No hassle to do freelancing.
– No need to outsource if you don’t want to.

Product name:Evergreen Traffic Academy
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Product creators:Stefan and Greg (real super affiliates)
What is it about?Free, proven traffic strategies
Official website:Visit Evergreen Traffic Academy website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Evergreen Traffic Academy Full Review

How the Evergreen Traffic Academy works

Step 1: Watch the training videos and pick one business model. There are several business models that you can replicate and make the money from. For example, affiliate marketing, display ads.

Step 2: Build your own fully-optimized, high-converting website.

Step 3: Distribute your website across various platforms which generates you 100% free traffic.

See what’s inside the base course of Evergreen Traffic Academy

Let’s take a look at all the training modules inside the member area:

Module 1: Overview and Case Studies
– Youtube case study, rankings, traffic stats and earning.
– Pinterest Case Study, traffic stats, earnings and more.
– SEO case study, earnings, traffic stats, rankings.
– Summary of these traffic strategies, the cons and pros of each strategy.
– The creator will explain how these traffic sources can benefit your online business.

Module 2: Niche research
– Generate a list of ideas. These are ideas for you to start with.
– Monetization models. In this module, you will learn to see what your competitor is doing.
– Techniques to figure out whether you can make the money in the niche.

Module 3: Basic website creation
– Domain name.
– Domain registration.
– Hosting setup.
– WordPress setup.
– Installing SSL.
– Install Flatsome.
– Website logo.
– Adding admin pages – about page, contact, terms, privacy policy, cookie policy.
– Linking the pages via the menu.
– Final words on initial site layout.
– Installing the social sharing plugin.
– Making 1st sample post.
– Filling out the front page.
– Finishing the front page.
– Finalizing the website.

Module 4: Youtube
– Youtube overview and its benefits.
– The Youtube channel and its creation process.
– Researching for profitable Youtube keywords for free.
– The techniques to research for profitable Youtube keywords by using paid methods.
– Factors that will make your Youtube video ranked and profitable.
– How to structure your video and make it profitable.
– Video creation by using software.
– Uploading the video.
– Growth roadmap and monetization.

Module 5: Pinterest
– An overview of Pinterest.
– Pinterest account creation.
– 10 pins and boards setup.
– Tricks to get the first 50 followers.
– Discover how to research 10 content ideas.
– Using iWriter to outsource your content.
– Writing the content on your own.
– Adding the images into your pos.
– Create Pinterest image.
– Finalize post and then pin it to Pinterest.
– Create rich pins.
– Traffic and scheduling.

Module 6: SEO Traffic
– An overview of SEO.
– MOZ toolbard and how to use it.
– Using Google Keyword Planner for research.
– Keyword generation methods with Keyword Shitter.
– SEM Rush as the competition analysis and keyword research software.
– Crafting your own SE optimized content.
– Link building strategies.

Module 7: Making Money From All The Traffic
– List of monetization models.
– Adsense program – how to participate and set it up.
– List building and optin form techniques.
– Set the follow up messages and creation the proper image.
– List building, opt-in form and autoresponder.
– How to setup the follow up messages.

Module 8: Monetization
– Monetize the traffic with affiliate links/affiliate marketing.
– Profit from your traffic by using Google Adsense.

Full features of Evergreen Traffic Academy

The base course:

This is a video training course based on real case studies, showing methods that Greg and Stefan used to build the passive income by using simple but effective free traffic systems. Thanks to this method, the creators are able to get not only consistent traffic but also passive income online. This is the real techniques that work 2018 and more.

The case studies pack:

Greg and Stefan are using their techniques on various niches. This pack allows you to view some of their best websites. Plus, they will expose the exact techniques that they use. Customers can copy and paste these examples to get the results faster.

The ready-made niche packs:

This is actually a 10 done-for-you campaign for 10 niches. The DFY campaigns come with various products within this pack. Those are:
– Niche research pack. DFY niche research for 10 niches.
– Ad copy pack. DFY ad copy pack for 10 niches.
– Ad targeting pack. DFY ad targeting for 10 niches.
– Affiliate products to promote. The creators already researched and then compile all the recommended products for 10 different niches.
– Massive niche list that you can use for the next campaign.
– Over 500,000 royalty-free images that you can use for your websites.

The done-for-you blog:

This part is basically a ready-made website for customers who want the real automation. The creators will get a full setup blog. This blog is optimized for free search engine traffic, conversions, profits, and monetization.
– Done-for-you website logo header is included.
– Premium WordPress theme, plugins, layout setup and optimization are included.
– 10 fully-optimized articles, for long-term traffic.
– 10 blog images and 10 Pinterest graphics for each article.
– Complete Pinterest profile with DFY outreach and 50-100 followers.
– Free access to the Board Traffic Academy course and software suite.
– 1-year coaching from the creators.

Who needs the Evergreen Traffic Academy?

This product is just for anyone who wishes to run a successful, profitable online business. However, it is not for you if you are looking for an automated software. Evergreen Traffic Academy is basically about getting the traffic and build a long-term profitable business with real, manually written content.

Affiliate marketer: Are you struggling hard to get the traffic for an affiliate offer? Then, this product is just for you. You don’t need to spend a dime on traffic. Even better, if you have the money to invest, this course is going to show you how to outsource some, if not all of your work.

E-commerce business owner: If you are into e-commerce, then you need the traffic. The Evergreen Traffic Academy is just the course that will help you. While the case studies are based on affiliate marketing business, you can also implement the techniques in an e-commerce business.

Digital entrepreneur: The Evergreen Traffic Academy methods work like a charm for Clickbank super affiliates. Therefore, if you are selling your own product via a website, the Evergreen Traffic Academy tactics will surely work like a charm for you.

My Evergreen Traffic Academy bonus

If you grab the Evergreen Traffic Academy from this website, I will send you the following bonus offers. These products are not part of the Evergreen Traffic Academy.

However, they can help you build a long-term profitable business for years to come. Plus, they will also cover up the gaps within the Evergreen Traffic Academy. You can claim the following bonus offers only via email. (More information at the bottom of this page).

Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest is one popular social media on the internet. While there could be tons of other social sites like Facebook or Twitter, these social media sites are saturated with competition.

However, Pinterest is different. It is less saturated among marketers and big business. Even better, the Evergreen Traffic Academy is about getting free traffic from Pinterest. If you purchase the Evergreen Traffic Academy product, you will get this course for free.

Discover the following and more from the Pinterest Traffic Formula course:
– Introduction to Pinterest and your target audience there.
– The type of offers that you can sell on Pinterest.
– Tips to send traffic on your website without being pushy.
– Terms and rules on Pinterest that you need to follow to avoid from being banned.
– The correct methods to get followers on Pinterest.
– Tools and automation that you can use.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus #2: WordPress Sales Robot

WordPress Sales Robot is one unique plugin that can help you get more sales and traffic. If you are a WordPress user, then you should be able to use and activate this plugin with no problem.

This is how the WordPress Sales Robot works:

1. Once activated, WordPress Sales Robot will prompt a special message to your visitors offering them coupon code in exchange for Facebook shares.

2. If one visitor shares your website on Facebook, you will get free traffic from his Facebook profile. Your visitor will be able to grab a coupon code.

3. After that, your visitor will make his/her purchase directly. This is her/his chance to save the money, so of course, he/she will purchase before leaving your website.

4. As the result, you will make even more sales.

5. It doesn’t stop just there. The Facebook shares which were done in step 2 will bring in more new visitors from FB.

6. These new visitors will repeat the same process again and again.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus #3: Niche Authority Gold

One of the biggest obstacles that stop newbies from making the real money online is finding for a profitable niche. One niche market mustn’t be too broad or too narrow. If that niche market is too small, then there is not much profit that you can make from it. On the other hand, if that niche is too broad, then you can expect a lot of competition from it.

The Niche Authority Gold course is one solid video training that will walk you through the process of finding profitable, less competitive niches.

Discover the following techniques and more inside this course:
– The correct mindset niche research.
– Getting started with the subjects that you really know.
– Discover how to find profitable niches in topics that you are not familiar with.
– Broad vs narrow approach.
– The list of tools which are commonly used for niche research.
– Common mistakes made by newbies when comes to niche research.
– Techniques to create and sell your own niche products fast.
– Niche research and affiliate marketing.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that the search engines are important to the online business. Even if your main traffic source is social media sites, you can get the same, even more, thanks to the search engines.

The SEO Success Blueprint is one solid SEO course on getting your website ranked on the first page of Google. Discover the following plus much more from this PDF course:
– On-page SEO factors that you should know and care about.
– Backlinks still play an important role to search engine ranking. Find out how to get the backlinks the correct way.
– Social media marketing and its relation with SEO and link building.
– Press release techniques that you can implement for cheap.
– Discover how to find and then outsource your SEO service to an SEO company for cheap.

Plus, a lot more will be exposed inside this blueprint.

How to claim the bonus products above:
1. You need to purchase the Evergreen Traffic Academy course. Click here to visit Evergreen Traffic Academy website and make your purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Evergreen Traffic Academy bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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