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Flickstr – The #1 Video Marketing Software Is Here

Flickstr introduction – What is Flickstr?

This is actually a powerful video creator software for literally everyone, especially video marketers. While you can get the same with Adobe After Effects or Camtasia Studio, Flickstr (flickstr.com) takes it to the next level by offering even more at a much cheaper price.

Video marketing is a one powerful marketing method that everyone in this generation shouldn’t miss, not only because video marketing is a proven way to attract visitors, but also encourage viral traffic and also boost your conversion rate.


Who is Flickstr for?
If you need more traffic or perhaps you don’t know how to get started with video marketing, then Flickstr is just for you.

For video marketers: Flickstr.com software can help you increase the traffic to your existing website or business.

For affiliate marketers: If you are just getting started or perhaps already experienced with affiliate marketing, then you can save lots of time and money on learning how to utilize the power of video marketing. Just use the Flickstr software to create a professional-looking video, get viral traffic from Youtube or Facebook and then increase more traffic to your existing website.

For web designers: You can use the Flickstr software to embed a high-quality video into your client’s website and then boost its conversion rate.

For list builders: You can use Flickstr to increase the opt-in rate of your website. If you are using a squeeze page method, then Flickstr can boost the signup rate and finally increase your total of list subscribers.

For freelancers: Get more clients by adding a high-quality, professional-looking video in your resume or gig. Impress them with a simple 30-second video made by using the Flickstr software.

For small business owners: Increase the brand awareness of your company or website by using a simple, but good-looking video ads posted on Youtube or Facebook. Make it viral but informative.

Impress the audience with Flickstr software
The following are some of the examples of benefits that you can get thanks to the FlickstrĀ (flickstr.com) software:

More viral traffic thanks to Flickstr
Video marketing and viral marketing comes hand-to-hand. If you have informative or impressive videos on Youtube or Facebook, chances are the videos get shared by hundreds, if not thousands of users in two of the most popular social media sites.

Unlike other video software, Flickstr allows you to create videos not only quickly, but also professionally-designed. Anyone who loves your videos will share those all over the web, giving your videos and websites a massive exposure.

Create a 6, 12, 15, 20 or 30 minutes videos with Flickstr
If you want to introduce the visitors to your companies or products, this feature will be useful. You can also steal search engine traffic from Google or Youtube by targeting a long-tail keyword and then create a short video like this to rank on Google. This function is useful if you are an affiliate marketer.

If you are targeting lots of long-tail keywords, then you will need to create lots of videos and upload those on Youtube. The problem with using traditional video software like Camtasia Studio is the fact you need to learn how to use them and then you will take even more time to craft and edit the videos to impress your audience. Save yourself the time. You can get the same, even more at much lower cost with Flickstr.com software.

Want to use social media as the traffic source? Flickstr can help
Flickstr has the ability to create short or longer video for Facebook and Youtube ads. Youtube has been one of the biggest sources of traffic especially when comes video. If you are into television or offline advertising, you should consider using Flickstr and then Youtube ads as the traffic source. Not only it is much cheaper, it is also much more targeted.

Add Flickstr videos to your online store
Did I mention that Flickstr.com also comes in handy with an e-commerce store? You can add literally any type of video introducing the products that you are selling in the e-commerce store. Impress the visitors with short 1-minute videos about the new products that you are selling, place them on the homepage of your e-commerce website, make them understand your products and services very well.

Boost the conversion rate with commercial or infomercial videos
This feature is useful if you want to create a short, one-minute video with Flickstr. Just introduce the products or brands that you are advertising with Flickstr and then you can expect lots of viral traffic and conversions.

If you purchase Flickstr from this website, you are qualified for my exclusive Flickstr bonuses below.

All my bonuses below are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, you will be directed to the download page once you’ve made the purchase at the Flickstr official website.

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My Flickstr bonuses

Flickstr Bonus #1: Smart Agent Pro
Ever wonder how to keep your existing visitors from leaving your website? This is the software that you will be needing. Smart Agent Pro will greet your visitors with a live chat, where you can interact, find out their problems, answer their questions and then make the sale. Thanks to Smart Agent Pro, you don’t need to waste your money and time on traffic, because you can make more money with the existing traffic.

Flickstr Bonus #2: Discount Motivator Pro
One thing that most people fail is to increase the conversion rates. In most cases, when the visitors try to leave, nothing can stop them from leaving your website. However, what if you offer them a discount before leaving? The Discount Motivator Pro is just the right tool that can help. This program will boost the conversion and sales rate by offering a one-time discount on any of your visitors before leaving the website.

Flickstr Bonus #3: High Ticket Authority Gold
Lots of business gurus are focusing on selling high ticket products – for good reasons; because they can make lots of money from it. Why spend hours and hours of your time just to make a $20 per sale, while you can get the same, even more per sale? By selling a high ticket product, you can make up to $1000 per sale with just one product.

However, selling a high ticket product is not as easy as it sounds. Thanks to High Ticket Authority Gold, you can cut the learning curve since this is more than just a video course – this is actually a complete set of package where you will be provided with affiliate toolkit, list of forums that you can jump into, social media sites that you can try, feature images plus much more.

Flickstr Bonus #4: Shopify Blueprint
Shopify Blueprint is a complete step-by-step blueprint on how to use the #1 e-commerce platform, Shopify. The e-commerce industry is booming, with more and more people are turning to the internet to buy something online. Shopify Blueprint will give you a good start on how to utilize the power of Shopify, from navigating the dashboard, how to identify hot selling products, plus much more. This video series comes with master resale rights (MRR).

Flickstr Bonus #5: List Authority
If you are just getting started with list building, the List Authority course can help. By having a real mailing list, anyone can enjoy not only more conversions, but also more consistent sales. List Authority will walk you step-by-step, one-by-one on what to do with your website, how to create a squeeze page, how to increase the opt-in rate of your squeeze page and how to write the correct follow-up sequence.

Flickstr Bonus #6: Buyers Generation 3.0
What’s more important than having a list is the fact you have more buyers. If you are into the list building, you can get lots of traffic from different sources, like the social media, search engines, forums and so on. However, what if you want to boost the conversion rate? You will need more than just a list. You will find a targeted audience who are interested in buying whatever you are offering – those are buyers.

Buyers Generation 3.0 is the blueprint that will walk you through the entire process of getting massive, targeted buyers to your list. Some of the steps include how to find joint venture partners, how to use launch jacking to get the traffic and much more.

Flickstr Bonus #7: Niche Authority Gold
Ever wonder how super affiliates make a killing online? Or are you a newbie who don’t know what kind of niches to tap into? Niche Authority Gold has the answers. One thing that stopped most newbies into online marketing is the fact they fail to discover profitable niches. If you jump into a less profitable niche, then chances are you are not making the money. Niche Authority Gold will expose lots of secrets and tricks to find profitable niches, from using tools like Google Keyword Planner, to mistakes made by newbies in finding the right niches.

Flickstr Bonus #8: Pinterest Perfection
If you are using Flickstr video software for viral traffic, then Pinterest Perfection can take it to the next level. Pinterest Perfection not only will reveal the secrets to get traffic from Pinterest but also make your marketing efforts looks more natural and not pushy. Pinterest is one of the most popular social sharing sites with millions of traffic per month, also with social sharing feature, so this blueprint will come in handy.

Flickstr Bonus #9: Profitable Webinars Blueprint
One thing that stops most people from making a real sale online, is not traffic, but conversion. How to increase the conversion rate? Profitable Webinars Blueprint has the answer. This blueprint will hand you, step-by-step on how to get the attendees, how to close the sales, how to make your webinars automated, how to get the joint venture partners to promote your webinar links for you plus a lot more. Having a webinar will allow you to generate more conversions, more money plus with much less effort.

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A little bit about video marketing
Video marketing is one form of the new type of advertising. It is somewhat similar to traditional television and radio show in the past, but it is much cheaper. Why? Because anyone can register for a Youtube account and then upload the videos to Youtube. You don’t need to have a big studio to enter video marketing. If you can capture a simple, short video from your mobile phone, then you are good to go.

There are several reasons why you need to enter video marketing in this era:
– Video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion will soon replace traditional television.
– People love watching videos on Youtube not only because they are relevant to their topics of interest, but also those videos can be watched anytime, anywhere as long as there is the internet connection.
– Thanks to the mobile phone, people can also watch videos from Youtube right from their mobile phones. If you learn and master video marketing, you can gain tons of viral traffic and exposure to your brand.
– Video ads made by Youtube is much cheaper compared to traditional advertising on television. Why pay more for TV ads, while you can get the same plus even better at much lower cost?
– You can create a simple, short video by using software like Flickstr or Camtasia Studio. It doesn’t necessarily a film or something that complicated. It could be something related to your passion such as a tutorial, how to do something, how to cook something, how to fly a plane or something like that.
– Videos can be shared not only on Youtube but also on Facebook these days. This will encourage viral traffic, and then increase your brand awareness on the internet. Social sharing and viral traffic mean free traffic to your business. People on Facebook, for example, can like your videos, embed them into their wall, share with friends on applications like Whatsapp or Instagram. There is no limit on how you can profit from video marketing traffic.
– More conversion rates thanks to the video. People who are looking for a short tour, product reviews or anything informative will look for videos on Youtube or your website. By adding a video to your website, you can boost the conversion rates and increase your sales dramatically.

Want to get started with video marketing? Use Flicsktr. Click here to get started with Flicsktr.

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