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How to do affiliate marketing on Youtube and killing with it

Youtube is the new television, plus even better it can be watched anywhere, whether from your tablet PC or smartphones. This is the reason why the mother company, Google keep focusing on Youtube ads because it generates lots of revenue just like advertisement on television in the past. Also, large corporations are starting to use Youtube these days, otherwise they will lose lots of customers.

How to use Youtube to generate affiliate revenue
There are a few steps need to be taken to use Youtube to generate steady affiliate revenue:
– Understanding your audience.
– Create a nice video.
– Link to your website.
Let me dissect one by one of these steps.

Understanding your audience
Generally speaking, people on Youtube love to search for product reviews before buying. This happens when you are promoting products from Amazon such as microwave oven, digital camera or perhaps game console. If you purchase the latest digital camera, then you might want to post the review on Youtube. Focus on things like the specifications, buttons, memory cards and other functions such as sharing the photos online.

Other than that, people usually love to watch tutorials in order to learn something from Youtube. This is due to the fact that videos can be understood much easier than plain text. Lots of internet marketers are using tools like Camtasia Studio to capture video tutorials and promote their website.

Create a nice video
This takes some time to practice, but it is worth it. You can use your handphone to capture videos from the camera and then upload or edit it. If you capture videos from a camera, let say a camcorder or perhaps your own smartphone, make sure that the lighting is okay and people can see the video and hear your messages clearly.

Otherwise, if you are using a screen recorder software, you will want to buy a microphone to record the voice clearly. Use Camtasia Studio software to record the screen of your computer and publish a niche, outstanding video tutorial.

Link to your own website
While you might want to utilize Youtube to promote affiliate products, you will likely gain even more traffic and attention by linking to your own website, and not an affiliate link. Just make sure that you post outstanding content on your website to grow viral traffic and attract more attention from your audience.

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