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How to get more traffic to your website or company blog for free

Online marketing is about traffic. You know that your business relies on it, but the problem is, how do you get it? Well, in short, you need to rely on bigger websites to drive traffic for you. This is true especially when you are just a small brand or website that just get started.

The following are some of the proven methods to get the traffic to your website:

1. Search engines. This one, without doubt, is the number one method to get traffic to your website on the internet. Search engines, mainly Google and Youtube, are one of the most effective methods to drive a relevant audience to your website. You don’t need to sell your products or services to an irrelevant audience on the internet. You just need to utilize the power of search engines in order to deliver your content to the relevant audience.

There are several tips to get traffic from search engines, but the number one method would be to target only less competitive keywords. You can use software like Ahrefs or Keyword Revealer to reveal less competitive keywords on Google and then get the traffic.

2. Facebook. Facebook is the number one social networking website on the internet. If you post interesting content on your Facebook Wall, chances are that your content and brands will be shared all over the web. You can also follow others and on the other hand, unfollow others. More than that, Facebook also allows you to upload video and then make it goes viral. Just create an interesting video using software like Camtasia Studio or Windows Movie Maker and then upload to Facebook.

3. Youtube. This one needs no introduction. Youtube is the number one video search engine today and to some people, this website already replaced their traditional television. All you need to do is capture videos by using your smartphone and then upload to this number one video sharing site. However, you need to make your videos interesting. By interesting, it could differ depending on the target audience. For example, if your target audience is looking for how to cook something, then make it real by using a real person, and then cook the real thing in the video. On the other hand, if the video is about music, consider not just using plain music, but also adding slideshow like Powerpoint in order to make the video interesting and goes viral.

4. Niche forums. While Facebook could be a good place to start with social media marketing, free forums, especially the niche-targeted forums are not bad. The reason is simple – the rules of these forums are not as strict as it was on Facebook. Facebook has billions of users worldwide already that they need to incorporate lots of new rules and terms when opening a new account. Free forums, on the other hand, has much fewer restrictions. Even better, these forums are topic specific, so whoever browse these forums already interested in whatever content that you are posting in the forum or your website. You can link to your website by adding a signature in your forum profile.

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