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How to use your list for viral marketing

Now that you have a list, it is time to make the money. That is by keeping a good relationship with your existing subscribers and then sending them promotional offers every now and then.

While I agree that selling to your list of buyers is the right marketing tactic to do, there is more to do with your list – that is getting more traffic from your existing subscribers. Below are some suggestions to use your list to get more traffic to your website or brand.

1. Have a good content.
In order to get your subscriber’s attention, always include good content for them to read. If you keep selling to your list each and every single time, chances are, that your existing subscribers will leave, or should I say, unsubscribe.

However, if you always include good content in your email newsletter, chances are, that your subscribers will not only stay subscribed but also will share your email messages to people who they know, such as their families, friends or relatives.

2. Include messages to share with others.
This small snippet can be added to the footer of your email newsletters. You can say things like: “if you like the content of this email, feel free to share it with your friends or relatives, as long as you are not spamming.”

While some people who already liked your content might share your email messages on their own, it is important that you remind them to do so.

3. Include social sharing buttons on your WordPress site.
Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram are some of the most popular social sharing sites these days. If you a have list of thousands of subscribers, send them to your existing WordPress site and then include social sharing buttons on your website to encourage social sharing.

Remember, content is the king here. If your content is not interesting, they will less likely share. People these days can share your content not only via Facebook but also via instant messaging services such as Whatsapp or WeChat, so be sure to include these social sharing buttons on your WordPress site.

4. Offer a gift in exchange for referrals.
This method is powerful if you know how to utilize it properly. All you need to do is setup a high-converting squeeze page and then tell your existing subscribers to refer to 3 or more people in exchange for a gift.

They will likely refer their friends from Facebook, for example in order to get your gift. You can also encourage them to like your squeeze page on Facebook in order for them to unlock your existing content.

5. Invite them to become an affiliate.
This is one of the hottest methods, not only to boost your number of subscribers but also to boost your existing conversion rates. Why? Because people who become your affiliates will likely send real buyers to your companies or squeeze pages, rather than ordinary freebie seekers.

In fact, most gurus are using this method to launch their products every now and then. All you need to do is invite them or at least notify them about your latest product launch and then send them the link to the JV invite page. Create a content and offer them prizes based on total number of customers that they refer.

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