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Instagram Features For Internet Marketers

There are so many social media sites these days that we internet marketers cannot neglect the importance of social media marketing. For example, if you are into video marketing that website is Youtube. When comes to social, that site is Facebook. However, when comes to photo sharing, those sites are Instagram and Pinterest.

In this article, I want to highlight some of the features of Instagram and why it is so powerful plus easy for social media marketing.

There is one reason why I placed hashtags on the top. If you want to get started with Instagram marketing and earn real traffic, you shouldn’t neglect the hashtags function.

Almost all social sharing sites allow tags in your posts or files. The same goes for Instagram. When you want to introduce your company, be sure to include the hashtags or at least relevant tags to your company so people who already know about your company or brand will be able to find and then follow your company on Instagram.

For example, if your company name is Samsung, then the hashtags that you can try are samsung, samsungphone, samsunggalaxy, samsungsmartphone.

Other than that you can also use hashtags which are relevant to your niche. For example, if you are into smartphone niche, then the hashtags that you should use are: smartphone, androidphone, latestsmartphone, smartphone 2018.

These are some of the relevant hashtags that people in the Instagram community will be using to find relevant topics to your company or products. However, keep in mind that Instagram has a limit of 30 tags per post.

IG Videos:
While Youtube is one suitable channel for video marketing, you can also post the very same video on Youtube to Instagram. Just create an awesome or helpful video to others at Instagram, then make it viral by using hashtags or other functions inside this social media site. IG Videos can easily go viral and even better, depending on your target market, it is much easier to get traffic from this social site than Youtube.

You do not necessarily need to become an expert to create an awesome IG video. Just use your smartphone and then upload it by using the Instagram app. This app can be downloaded right from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS.

Instagram Ads:
If you want to pay for the traffic, then the Instagram Ads is the way to go. One of the main difference between Instagram Ads and other social media platform is the fact Instagram Ads offers full-screen ads, unlike other social media platform and also PPC ads. It also reaches at least 60% of the target audience.

Instagram also has the stories features. These stories are added to your archives after 24 hours. Anyone can choose to share these stories through Instagram’s Stories Highlights feature.

The Instagram Stories will help you grow your brand awareness and keep in touch with your existing audience because you can keep sending them news and keep in touch with your existing audience, or perhaps your existing customers.

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