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JVZoo Academy

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JVZoo Academy is an incoming product from Sam Bakker. Just as the name implies, this is a comprehensive course about building a solid business by using JVZoo.com.

More information will be added here soon.

My killer JVZoo Academy bonus

JVZoo Academy is already a great product. However, it would be even better if you grab all my bonus offers below. All my bonus files below are complementary with the JVZoo Academy product.

In other words, they will add more value to your purchase and then save you lots of time. If you want to learn even more techniques about e-commerce and internet marketing, then my ebook offers can help. The same goes for other topics like niche marketing and conversion rates.

Other than that, if you want to sell products to your list, feel free to sell one of my bonus files below. Some of them come with MRR and PLR. Sales letter and cover graphics are also included.

These bonus packs are available only when you purchase JVZoo Academy from this website. They will be sent you automatically. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

JVZoo Academy Bonus #1: Niche Authority Gold

Niche Authority Gold is going to help everyone, whether you or your customers. The reason is simple – This product is going to teach you the niche research part. Niche research is one of the toughest parts when comes to online marketing.

However, the Niche Authority Gold will make it much easier. All the lessons are taught in video format, so everyone can easily digest the content and get the right idea. Plus, all the techniques and important tools are mentioned in the video tutorial. So, you won’t be missing anything.

This product also comes with a master resale right. So, in case you also want to help others, sell this product to them. They will thank you for it. And you will be happy recommending this video course to others for 100% profits.

Lessons taught inside this course:
– The wrong way to do niche research.
– The correct mindset that you should develop.
– Begin the journey with things that you know.
– Tricks to find a niche in topics that you are not familiar with.
– Broad niches vs smaller niches.
– Ten of the best niche research tools. Most of them are free.
– Finding the right niches and products as an affiliate.
– 3 ways to publish your own niche products fast.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #2: SEO Success Blueprint

It is no secret that search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google are the best traffic source on the web. Since the creation of the internet, people always rely on these search engines to help them. Plus, most of the websites that you and I visit today, are probably being found by searching on Google.

The traffic from search engines is so big that you shouldn’t ignore them. However, how to get started? How to start ranking on Google for real?

SEO Success Blueprint is the exact course for newbies and intermediate SEOers. This product is not for you if you are looking for ways to rank for tough keywords. However, if you want a real, step-by-step system that will start ranking for easy keywords, this product can help.

Learn the following lessons from this blueprint:
– A quick glance of search engine optimization.
– Content creation and why is it important.
– On-page SEO factors that you should know and include in your content.
– Backlinks are very important to get ranked on search engines. Find out why.
– List of backlink sources that you should know and leverage from.
– Social media marketing strategies that you should know and implement.
– The relationship between article directories, the content and your Google ranking.
– Press release marketing methods which you should know and implement.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #3: Rapid Amazon Research

Do you want to make quick money on Amazon? Then, this product will save your time. Rapid Amazon Research is not a keyword software or course. Instead, this is actually a done-for-you product.

Inside the Rapid Amazon Research, you will receive the following:
1. Done-for-you product research:
– 5 list of 10 products. All of them are in different niches.
– All products are priced at more than $100.
– Only good products are recommended. That is more than the 3-star rating.

2. Done-for-you keyword research:
– Grab local search volume, as well as global search volume for all 5 niches.
– Average cost-per-click for all keywords.
– The total number of competition on Google is also included for all keywords.
– EMD for every keyword is also mentioned.

3. Done-for-you review:
– Grab 50 product review videos.
– One for each of the main products.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #4: WP Sales Robot with PLR

Let’s face the fact that getting traffic and sales from your website is hard. However, the WordPress Sales Robot makes it much easier. This WordPress plugin can be activated within your dashboard. Even better, it also comes with PLR. So, you can do whatever you wish with this product, including giving it away for free, sell it, modify it or repackage as a new product.

In case you want to use this robot on your website, this is how it works:
1. The plugin will hover a message to one visitor offering him/her a coupon code. This is a special code to unlock your product at a lower price.

2. In order to unlock the coupon code, your visitor needs to share your website on Facebook.

3. In most cases, real buyers won’t think twice before sharing. If the visitor shares your website on Facebook, you will get free traffic. Then, the visitor will get the code.

4. It doesn’t stop there. Your visitor will make his/her purchase right away. He/She won’t waste the code just like that. As the result, you can see the increase in the total number of buyers.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #5: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a comprehensive video course about list building. This is not just about setting up a squeeze page and then get the traffic. Instead, Autoresponder Profit Formula covers all important aspects about list building from ground to above.

This product consists of 3 parts. The following are the list of its modules:
Part 1: The basic of email marketing
– An overview of email marketing and autoresponder.
– The complete list of tools that you should be using.
– Squeeze page setup process.
– Tips to boost the conversion rates of your squeeze pages.
– Traffic generation tips for email marketers.

Part 2: Getting the buyers
– The big difference between a buyer list and the ordinary list.
– Joint venture marketing secrets and why you should always leverage the power of your joint venture partners.
– Secrets to introduce yourself and be seen as an authority.
– The correct methods to distribute free reports to grow a huge list. If you do this the wrong way, the report only attracts lots of freebie seekers.
– Launch jacking strategy that really works and how to leverage it for list building.
– Top list building mistakes that you should avoid.

Part 3: Monetize the list
– The big difference between high-ticket product and low-ticket product.
– Complete tools to sell and make real money from high-ticket products.
– Step-by-step video to setup complete funnel and sell high-ticket products.
– Sample swipe email, upsell page and squeeze page that you can use.

JVZoo Academy Bonus #6: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Let’s face the fact that getting Facebook traffic is hard these days. It’s been years since the rise of FB, and more businesses are using Facebook. Therefore, you can expect to get lots of competition on Facebook, whether via free or paid methods.

However, the Pinterest Traffic Formula is completely refreshing. Rather than Facebook, this product gives more attention to Pinterest. Pinterest is also a social media site, but the competition is much lower. Even better, the site is much easier to use and navigate.

Learn the following lessons from this course:
– A quick glance of Pinterest.
– The people who always use this social site.
– Techniques to generate massive traffic to your website.
– Pinterest followers and why you should focus on getting them.
– Networking with other bloggers in your niche by using Pinterest.
– Tips to become more creative and unique in your promotion.
– Mistakes that you should avoid.
– The correct approach to market and promote your offer to Pinterest users.
– Tactics to make your campaign runs on auto-pilot.
– Features of stunning images that get lots of shares and viral traffic from Pinterest.
– The frequent update is the key to success.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Visit the JVZoo Academy website here and make your purchase.

2. I already integrate my bonus download page with JVZoo system. In case you didn’t know, JVZoo is the third-party which handled the JVZoo Academy product + bonus delivery.

So, once the purchase is complete, you will receive the download link to both my bonus pack + JVZoo Academy product. In other words, this process is automatic.

3. This is not really needed, but you can also claim these bonus files by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Compose an email, include the date of purchase, as well as the Paypal transaction ID. Then, send it to support[at]italica-virtus.com.

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