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LiteApp Studio

LiteApp Studio Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Overview of LiteApp Studio product

LiteApp Studio is a one-of-a-kind software that creates awesome mobile phone apps by using the AI Technology. In short, if you want to create awesome mobile phone apps with ease, LiteApp Studio is the one that you should go for.

What makes LiteApp Studio different

You might already know other mobile app builder software, but LiteApp Studio is different. It takes mobile apps to the next level by producing Progressive Web Apps (PWA). This is the app that combine the best of the native apps and web apps.

As the result, users will get the best experience in terms of speed, convenience, monetization and virality. Also, the apps can be installed on the smartphones without the need to use AppStore or Google Play.

Also, LiteApp Studio can design professional app faster than any other programs out there. There is no learning curve here, just follow the wizard, enter the URL and you are good to go.


Product name:LiteApp Studio
Product creators:Dr. Ope Banwo, Robin, Simon Warner
What is it about?Unique, mobile app creator software
Launch date: Oct 15th 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit LiteApp Studio website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our killer bonus offers here

Why do you need to create a mobile phone app?

You should know the importance of having a mobile app by now. More and more people prefer to do transactions via mobile phone apps these days. This is why, lots of giant companies, telcos and banks already published their mobile apps via Google Play or iOS AppStore.

Your company should have one too. It is not that hard to produce a mobile app by using the LiteApp Studio. All you need to do is use your existing website URL. In a few minutes, the website will turn into an awesome mobile app.

Who will benefit from the LiteApp Studio and Progressive Web Apps?

Mobile App Consultants and Freelancers: Rake in big profits. Build a big business by designing tons of apps to clients. 
Mobile app development is a big business these days. People who can develop mobile apps for millions of business all over the world will rake in big profits this year and beyond. Use the LiteApp Studio software and start raking in serious money by selling amazing apps like a pro for millions of clients worldwide. Best of all, the apps can easily be built in seconds, so you can take a lot of orders from clients and big a build business by designing mobile apps.

eCommerce Business Owners: Generate more sales from existing buyers
This is a dream comes true for eCom marketers and business owners. Not only your web app can be shared quickly and easily, but they can also be accessed offline. As the result, your buyers can browse the marketplace of your website anywhere they want.

Also, a Progressive Web App can give you the edge over competitors thanks to its ease of use, lightning fast uploads, stress-free notifications, and dynamic geo-location.

Social Media Marketers: Get more traffic from social websites
Like being said, you can build Progressive Web Apps with LiteApp Studio software. You can share the apps freely on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp without having to pass the Google Play store.

As the result, more people will use the app and know about your website and brand. You can also utilize this software for clients in case they need more traffic from mobile phones.

Business People and Corporate Executives: More free traffic
Increase your brand awareness and get more customers with LiteApp Studio. Design your own mobile app and then share it all over the web.
You can share the Progressive Web Apps without having to upload into Google Play. Just print and share the QR code via banners, flyers or business cards.

After that, watch more customers are interacting with you via email, text or even on your own website. If you are looking for the best, free viral traffic source, LiteApp Studio is the answer.

Bloggers / Content Marketers: More subscribers, more engagements
Now your readers can read the content even when offline. Even better, it is on their smartphones. So, they will have more time to read your blog content than on their computer.

As the result, you can get more engagements and fans thanks to the Progressive Web Apps, built with LiteApp Studio.

Features of the LiteApp Studio software

If you want to produce a mobile phone app quickly, LiteApp Studio has all of the features that you need:

Visit the LiteApp Studio official website

No technical skills required: This program works by using simple Q & A wizard. And then, your mobile phone app is ready. No need to learn any programming language from scratch.

No hassle to deal with AppStore or Google Play terms: The App made with this software is independent of App Store or Google Play. Therefore, you don’t need to comply with their strict rules to distribute your smartphone app. Once published, the app with anyone that you like.

Others can easily access your app via URL or QR code: Once the LiteApp Studion publish your own smartphone app, you can easily share it anywhere by using a URL or QR code. If you want to share the app offline, then print QR code on a business card. Then, let others scan it on their mobile devices. Other than that, if you want to make the app goes viral online, share your URL on social media sites. Anyone who clicks your URL or scans the QR code will be able to download and access your mobile app.

Publish amazing apps from any type of URL: All you have to do is answer some simple questions. And then, you are ready to publish amazing apps from any of your own URL. This includes your own domain name/website, Amazon or eBay listings, blog posts, Shopify Stores.

All niches are welcomed: The app that you can produce is not limited only to a certain type of topic. You can publish smartphone app in these topics or more: e-commerce, shopping, health, car dealerships, restaurants, travel, or even charity.

The apps are search engine friendly: Your progressive app will be recognized as an “application” thanks to W3C manifest and service worker registration scope. Therefore, search engines can detect, rank and then send traffic to you quickly.

Video training course is included: Full step-by-step training on how to use LifeApp Studio software is included. Therefore, you won’t be left alone in the dark. This software is idiot-proof with no technical skills required.

Commercial right is included if you want to sell this to clients: Do you know any offline clients who are interested in mobile apps? Then, you can help them, by using the LiteApp Studio software. Just publish the smartphone app and then sell it to them.

Samples of mobile apps published by using LiteApp Studio

LiteApp Studio samples

LiteApp Studio Extra 1: HyperSoci Machine – Full License [Value $297.00]
This software is a social media management and content marketing software. Crush your competition by using targeted creative content and laser targeted ads across social platforms. Dominate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more social sites.

SyndSocial Full License [Value $397.00]
Grow a big list by using the power of this software. SyndSocial will bring in tons of traffic, and then turn those into subscribers. All with free traffic.

Instant Content Creator [Value $197.00]
Powerful article creator that will make you rich. This is a proven method, plus a step-by-step software that will guide you along the way. Content is the king and if you are serious about building a real internet empire, this tool should be added into your list.

Vid Curator [Value: $197.00]
Video marketing is super powerful these days. Use this software to drive instant, targeted video traffic with just a push of button. Just enter the keywords and your videos will be ready.

Igloo Website Builder [Vaue: $147.00]
Igloo is the fastest software to build and manage profitable website. If you want to build tons of profitable websites and manage those with ease, Igloo is a must-have.

LiteApp Studio review


My killer LiteApp Studio bonus, with MRR and PLR

Get LiteApp Studio from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. They are complementing the LiteApp Studio product. In other words, bonus files can help you quadruple the income from LiteApp Studio program.

They are available only when you purchase LiteApp Studio from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

LiteApp Studio Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a complete course for the newbie in list building. While it is true that money inside the list, it is also a fact that many newbies fail with it.

The reason is simple – many of the list building courses out there are not that complete. For some reason or two, they lack things like the traffic part, case studies, monetization and so on.

Autoresponder Profit Formula, on the other hand, is different. It will cover from A to Z, all about list building. All the training are presented in the video tutorial, so it is super easy to understand. Not just that, tools and checklist of things that you should do are also included.

Lessons and modules inside this course:
Part 1: List building basics
– A quick glance of autoresponder, email marketing, and list building.
– The gameplan, system, and list of tools that you should use.
– Squeeze pages and conversion secrets. Find out what makes people subscribe to your squeeze page.
– Traffic generation basic.

Part 2: Get the right kind of traffic
– Not all traffic and subscribers are equal.
– The big difference between buyer list and freebie seeker list.
– Leverage the power of affiliate partners to grow a huge list of buyers.
– Forum marketing is a great way to get a lot of buyers. This module will explain the correct forum marketing technique, as well as the list of free forums.
– Launch jacking is one of the best technique to get a lot of buyer traffic. Discover the launch jacking technique and how to do it correctly to grow the massive amount of buyers.
– Find out how becoming an authority in your topic can help you get lots of free traffic.
– Common mistakes made by newbies when comes to list building.

Part 3: Getting rich with email marketing
– Discover why you should always aim to sell a high ticket product to your list.
– Learn why getting sales from a high-ticket product is much harder and how can you succeed with it.
– The step-by-step system that you should implement in order to make the real, life-changing income from your list.
– Complete tools are provided in this module, including swipe emails, upsell page, sample videos plus much more.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

Utilizing the social media or social networking site is a great way to gain tons of traffic. The internet is connecting people, and one way to do that is by using social media sites.

However, unlike search engine optimization, social media marketing is not that simple. Each social site has a different type of rules, as well as a different type of audience. Plus, some social media sites are somewhat competitive and some don’t.

The Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is basically about getting the traffic from an untapped traffic source. That is Reddit. While Facebook was good, getting traffic from it today is getting harder.

Reddit traffic, on the other hand, is much better. In fact, Reddit is the fastest rising social networking site in 2018. It is like Facebook back in 2010.

If you are new to Reddit, then this blueprint can help. While you could be making a killing with Facebook, there is no guarantee that you can do the same with Reddit. That is because the Reddit system is somewhat different.

Let me explain what you will learn from this course:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– Overview of the Reddit website.
– The reason why you should focus on Reddit this year.
– Subreddits, how people use it and how you can too.
– When to focus on bigger subreddits.
– How to find smaller subreddits and then when to focus on them.
– Tactics to utilize the Karma system to gain more fans, followers and most importantly, viral traffic.
– Under-the-radar tools and features of Reddit that you can take advantage of.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– A quick glance about Instagram and its system.
– The Instagram website is a good place for viral traffic. Discover how to attract lots of viral traffic on Instagram.
– The tags, title and more of Instagram features that you should know and use.
– Promotion techniques that really work on Instagram, without being banned.
– Steps to link-up between Instagram and your website.
– The cheat sheet, PDF file, roadmaps and more so you can easily implement the tactics.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #3: WP Sales Robot

I know that you might be looking for quality PLR product to modify or sell. This is the reason why I offer you WP Sales Robot as a bonus with the purchase of LiteApp Studio product.

WP Sales Robot comes with private label right, sales letter, and graphics. So, you can do whatever you want with it. For example, give it away for free, modify it or perhaps sell it for profits.

Another cool feature of WP Sales Robot is the fact you can also use it to boost the conversion rate. Yes, it is based on WordPress, so all you need to do upload and then activate it.

This is how the WP Sales Robot works:
– Boost viral Facebook traffic: This plugin will hover a special message to your visitors offering them a coupon code. In exchange for the code, your visitors need to share your website on Facebook. People who want to save money will surely share it on FB, giving you additional free traffic.

– More sales, more profits: Coupon code is a proven method, that works for years to increase sales. Once your visitors unlock the coupon code, they will surely make the purchase without a second thought. They don’t want to lose the chance to save money. As the result, you will end up with even more sales than before.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

Most people don’t even know how to get ranked on search engines. They think that it is hard, or perhaps they are just distracted by a lot of techniques on social media marketing.

However, this blueprint will end all of that problems. The SEO Success Blueprint is a comprehensive PDF course for beginners.

Learn how to get ranked on Google or Bing from this course:
– The introduction to SEO.
– On-page SEO, content creation and how you should design your website for faster, easier Google ranking.
– Reasons why backlinks are vital and learn how to get backlinks.
– Learn how super affiliates steal Google traffic and make a lot of money.
– Social media marketing techniques and how it relates to SEO.
– Learn how to steal even more traffic from article directory sites. Then, find out how to use these sites for Google ranking.
– Find out how to leverage Google news and press release sites for more traffic and targeted traffic from Google and Bing.
– List of additional backlink sources that you should know.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #5: Publish Ebook On Kindle

Do you want an easy way to make money online? Then, consider publishing ebooks. There are a lot of places online where you can publish the ebook. Clickbank, Udemy are some of the examples. However, I highly recommend that you start with Amazon Kindle marketplace.

This is because Kindle is owned by Amazon.com, and Amazon is the largest book retailer on the internet. The target audience is relevant and of course, you can make a killing publishing ebooks here.

If you think that ebook publishing is hard, this video series will make it easier for you. Learn how to properly format the ebook, setting up your account and then edit your product. You will also discover the benefits of Kindle Direct Publishing and how to use it.

LiteApp Studio Bonus #6: FBA Profit Mastery

One of the best methods to profit from Amazon.com is via its FBA program. Unlike Amazon Associates, as an FBA seller, you can sell your own products via Amazon.com. You won’t earn the small percentage of commissions as an affiliate. Instead, you will earn even more for each sale. Best of all, you can make other affiliates work hard for you.

However, getting your feet wet with FBA is not an easy task. There are lots of crucial steps that you need to take know and implement before getting started.

Lucky for you, the FBA Profit Mastery video series can teach you and eliminate a lot of trial and errors. This course is presented in video series, so rest assured, you will be able to understand the concept properly. Best of all, it is free for you, if you purchase LiteApp Studio from this website.

Here are some of the things you will learn from the FBA Profit Mastery:
– A quick glance at the Amazon FBA program.
– Introduction to product sourcing.
– Tips to source the products effectively and successfully.
– The difference between successful FBA sellers and those who are failing.
– Learn the local sourcing techniques.
– Find out how to use Craigslist, Classifieds, offline newspapers, and eBay to search for products.
– Discover how to do local auctions and estate sales.

How to claim my LiteApp Studio bonus:

1. Visit the LiteApp Studio official website from this website and then purchase the LiteApp Studio product. Once you’ve paid via Paypal, you will be given access to the LiteApp Studio product.

2. You need to contact me, Thomas Henry, via email. Compose an email, with the subject “Send me LiteApp Studio bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID, as well as the date of purchase.

3. Send the email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

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