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Live Video Bot Review

Live Video Bot Review + Killer Bonus

Overview of Live Video Bot product:

Running a live video, just like a webinar is a powerful internet marketing strategy. The internet is getting bigger and faster than before. Therefore, almost everyone can run a live video right from their Facebook or Youtube accounts. The problem is, you need to be online right on time. Otherwise, you cannot run the live video event.

However, thanks to Live Video Bot, things won’t be the same. Live Video Bot is an awesome software program that allows you to run a live video on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. The best part is: you don’t need to sit in front of your PC or smartphone to run the live video. You can upload the video into the Live Video Bot system and let the bot takes care of the rest.

Live Video Bot Full Review

The benefits of Live Video Bot

There’s a lot of benefits of Live Video Bot software that I highly recommend this product to all internet marketers:

1. A live-streamed video content creates urgency to your audience
The majority of online users take passive actions on the web. This includes making a purchase or signup for the newsletter. However, a live streaming video is different. You can create urgency to all viewers. As the result, the conversion rate of a live streaming video is much higher.

2. The live streaming videos make you stand out from the crowd
Do you want to avoid competition? Then, the live streaming events and content will make your business stands out from the crowd. The reason is simple: people will be able to engage with you right on time. They will ask questions, comments, give feedback and even make a purchase during the live video event.

3. More views than ever
Customers love to watch internet videos on certain times only. They are busy with their day job or other daily activities. If you can schedule your video, it will be watched by them right on time. Even if you can’t attend the live event, the Live Video Bot will play the recordings automatically.

4. Bigger audience
If you run a seminar offline, your target audience is much lower. People who live far from the seminar event won’t be able to attend your live event. However, if you run a live video seminar by using Live Video Bot, it will be a complete game changer for you. You can run the seminar anywhere that you want. Best of all, it can be automated. You don’t need to be online when the online seminar is played in front of your viewers.

How the Live Video Bot works

Step #1: Add your video
Upload your pre-recorded video and upload it into the software. The pre-recorded video could be webinar recordings, your existing videos or you can also create one from Live Video Bot member’s area.

Step #2: Schedule the live video broadcast
This is where you set up the live broadcast event. The system allows you to choose what pages, group or profile that you want the video to go live on. After that, choose the date and time to broadcast the live video. Your fans will be notified that you are going to live on the chosen date.

Step #3: Automatically go live
Once all the preparations are ready, your video will be live on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

Live Video Bot user experience

Based on my experience, live video such as a webinar is proven to convert for us internet marketers. It will be even better if you can automate the process. You don’t have to attend the live webinar event. This is where the Live Video Bot comes in.

My killer Live Video Bot bonus

As the way to say thanks, I will be sending you the following products as bonus offers. They are not part of the Live Video Bot product. However, these bonus offers can help you build a successful online business.

You can claim the following products via email. (More information at the bottom of this page).

Live Video Bot Bonus #1: Webinar Success Formula

If you are running a live webinar or live video, this product can help you, a lot. Webinar Success Formula is a compilation of PDFs and video series on how anyone can run successful webinars from home.

You don’t need to become a techie geek in order to run a successful webinar. Just use your Facebook or Youtube account. However, you need to know how to get the attendees.

This product will explain to you how to do so:
– Tips to attract the attendees from Facebook.
– Joint venture partners and how they can help you in terms of getting more webinar attendees.
– The secret to close a sale.
– How to make the webinar automated.

Live Video Bot Bonus #2: Youtube Traffic Secrets

You should realize by now that online video streaming is very powerful for traffic. In fact, more people are watching videos online these days, rather than watching traditional television shows.

As an online marketer, you can leverage the power of Youtube to your advantage. This PDF course can show you how. Unlike other traffic courses, Youtube Traffic Secrets methods are easy to follow and implement. Best of all, the strategies can be implemented for free.

Youtube Traffic Secrets is free for you if you purchase Live Video Bot from this page.

Live Video Bot Bonus #3: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest Traffic Formula is a complete course on getting the traffic from Pinterest. Pinterest is one hot social networking site that is being overlooked by many marketers and big businesses. Which means, a huge goldmine for average people like you and me.

If you are new to Pinterest marketing, this blueprint can guide you hand-to-hand on how to utilize Pinterest for a huge amount of traffic. Learn the following plus even more from this course:
– The secret of using Pinterest to partner with fellow bloggers.
– Tools that you can use to automate the traffic and promotion part.
– The rules of Pinterest that you must know and comply with.
– Tips to promote on Pinterest without being pushy.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the Live Video Bot product from this website. Click here to visit Live Video Bot official website and purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Live Video Bot bonus”. Please include the Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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