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LogoBiz Review

LogoBiz Review, Features And Complementary Bonus


LogoBiz is a compilation of logo images for various purposes. If you run a company whether big or small, you should realize the importance of having a logo to represent your company.

Of course, you can hire a freelancer to do the work for you, it will cost you a lot of money. Especially when you have hundreds of websites on different topics.

You don’t want to lose money each time you’ve launched a new website on various topics. You want to save the money and reduce the business operation cost. Yes, it is possible with LogoBiz product.

Product nameLogoBiz
Product creatorsFirelaunchers team
What is it about?Compilation of logo templates
Launch date:July 31st 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here
Official website:Visit LogoBiz website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee

LogoBiz review

How can LogoBiz help

The benefits of LogoBiz is not limited only to your own company, but also to others. In other words, if you have a graphic design company, you can use the LogoBiz images to sell your service to clients. Yes, the developer right is included with the LogoBiz purchase, so your potential is endless.

The following are some of our suggestions to benefit from LogoBiz product:
Get paid to design graphic. You can sell your own graphic design service on websites like Fiverr, Upwork.com or Freelancer.com. Other than that, you can also sell the graphic design service offline.

Use on your own website. Impress the visitors by adding professional-looking logos on all of your sites. It doesn’t matter what type of websites that you’ve created since LogoBiz has templates in various topics.

Offline promotion. You can also print the logos and then use it offline. For example, you can craft stunning business cards and pass the cards to your potential clients offline.

Start a web design business. Selling a website, whether online or offline is the way to earn real money. Use both WordPress and then to LogoBiz images and then sell your websites to clients.

Use them as e-cover. Feel free to use the LogoBiz images as part of your ebook cover. You can edit the images by using software like Photoshop. Then, sell your ebook, together with the e-cover on websites like Amazon Kindle or Clickbank.

Attract more viral traffic. This is possible if you know how to edit and craft a stunning logo. Then, share it on websites like Instagram, Pinterest or even Facebook. If your graphic design is awesome, others will share it every now and then. You can link your own websites from Pinterest for massive viral traffic.

What’s inside the LogoBiz package?

For a small price, you will have access to a stunning compilation of “Pro-Level” logo templates. Plus, awesome bonus files, as well as the training videos are also included.

What templates are included?
The front-end offer contains more than 300 templates in both PSD and PNG files. All of these templates are designed on hot, in-demand niches. Those niches are:
– Animals
– Accounting
– Beauty
– Automobiles
– Clothing
– Books and journals
– Dance and entertainment
– Communication
– Education
– E-commerce
– Fitness
– Electronics
– Gaming and sports
– Foods
– Health and medical
– Hotels
– Web business
– Real estate
– Nature and environment
– Technology and software

Plus, many more.

What’s inside the bonus package?
– 1000 Stock Image Bundle
– 200 Motion Background Video Bundle
– 123 Logo Kit

The training video
What if you are new to the logo and graphic design? Worry not. The step-by-step training is included. Discover how to edit the PSD, PNG files and design your own unique logo images.

Yes, you can use the existing images if you wish. But, by following the training, you can benefit even more from LogoBiz package.

License is included
This feature will add more value to this LogoBiz package. If you want to use any of the LogoBiz images for clients, you are free to do so.

Edit the graphic as you wish. Then, sell your logo design service to clients just like your own images. There is no limit on how to use this software.

LogoBiz Upsell

LogoBiz product comes with awesome one-time upsell. If you are serious about logo design or perhaps want to add more value to your purchase, the upsell can help.

What’s included with LogoBiz upsell?
– More logo templates in both PNG and PSD files.
– Done-for-you sales materials. Those include minisites, sales video, sales letter, swipe email, sales letter plus graphics.

Just like the front-end offer, the upsell of LogoBiz comes with developer rights. In other words, you can edit and sell them if you wish while keeping 100% profits to yourself.

My LogoBiz bonus

The following products will be delivered to you if you purchase LogoBiz from this page. They are not really needed, but they are complementary to the LogoBiz product.

In other words, if you want to add more value to your purchase, it will be worth for your money to grab these bonus files.

All of them are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so worry not. You will be directed to the download page once you’ve made the purchase. (More details about this below).

LogoBiz Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest Traffic Formula will match your needs perfectly if you purchase the LogoBiz product. The reason is simple – LogoBiz is about getting images, while Pinterest is about traffic.

Once you acquired the right images, you will want to share interesting photos on social media. One relevant social site that you can use is Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows you to pin whatever topic or content that you think interesting. This will give you and others the time to view, read and share the content.

If you want to benefit from Pinterest to the fullest, I highly recommend this Pinterest Traffic Formula course. This course will outline the exact steps need to be taken in order to earn the real money from Pinterest.

Here are some of the tactics that will be exposed in this course:
– Introduction.
– The reasons why you should focus on Pinterest.
– Creativity and what it has to do with your marketing efforts.
– The right mindset to promote your content and gain viral traffic.
– Complete checklist and plan to get started.
– Blogging and how to use Pinterest to promote your blog.
– Effective monetization techniques. Not all offers convert well with this social site.
– Know your target audience. Discover what kind of people that you will engage on Pinterest.
– Complete tools that you should use in order to get started.

LogoBiz Bonus #2: WP Sales Robot with PLR license

One thing that we, as the webmasters, hate is the fact our visitors leave the website empty-handed. Just imagine, you already invest months of time on your website only to find out that the visitors leave without purchasing anything from you.

However, all of that can be changed with WP Sales Robot plugin. Rather than letting your visitors go, this plugin will prompt a one-time discount offer to them. If your visitor really wants to buy something, they won’t resist this one-time discount offer.

Even better, this plugin can also be customized as you please for viral traffic. For example, you can ask the visitors to share your website on Facebook.

Private label right is included once you own this software. In other words, you can profit from it, using whatever methods that you wish. For example, give it away for free, sell it to your list or perhaps offer this software as a bonus.

LogoBiz Bonus #3: WP Profitable Post

What good a website without monetization? This is why, if you are using WordPress, this plugin is very useful. WP Profitable Post is a monetization plugin.

You can insert any kind of monetization models inside your WordPress site. For example:
– Google Adsense.
– Affiliate links.
– Opt-in form.
– Anything that uses javascript.
– Images or banner ads.

Of course, you can also do the same manually, but that will take too much time. Especially when your WordPress site has thousands of posts. You don’t want to log in, click and then edit every single of your posts. You want to insert the ads, in all posts, but in just a few clicks.

Master resale right is included with this product, so feel free to sell this plugin and profit from it. If you are creative, there are tons of ways you can sell, modify or profit from this software.

LogoBiz Bonus #4: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

I think LogoBiz is not complete without this bonus offer. Of course, the LogoBiz software can help you create awesome logos for your business, but what about the traffic part?

This is why I offer you this course, which will match your needs perfectly. Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint will outline all the steps to profit from Reddit and Instagram.

These are 2 of the most popular sites n 2018. I highly recommend that you focus on Reddit this year because its popularity is on the rise. By the time is post is written, Reddit is ranked #4 as the most trafficked websites in the US. Soon, the entire world will follow this trend.

This blueprint consists of 2 parts. The first part is about Reddit marketing. Then, the second part is about Instagram marketing.

What’s included in this blueprint:
– Overview of the Reddit social networking site.
– Reddit marketing and why you should go for it.
– Know your potential visitors on Reddit.
– Subreddits and what it has to do with your promotion.
– Huge subreddits and smaller subreddits. Which one is better?
– The action plan that you can follow.
– Viral marketing and tricks to make your posts go viral.
– The checklist, tools, and guidelines that you can follow right away.
– Gain more trust by increasing your Karma.
– The action plan that you should follow on Instagram.
– Photo sharing and how to make your photos and videos go viral on Instagram.
– Instagram tags are the key to successful promotion. Discover how to use the tags function effectively.
– Find out how big companies are making real money from Instagram. Then, how can you follow them.

LogoBiz Bonus #5: Youtube Traffic Secrets course

Who wants Youtube traffic? We all do. Youtube is the new television in 2018 and beyond. If you don’t take Youtube and video marketing seriously, you will be missing lots of money and traffic.

The question is, how to get started? And more important than that, how to get lots of real views? This blueprint has the answer.

Unlike other Youtube or traffic courses, Youtube Traffic Secrets will expose what others won’t tell you. That is the secret to get 10,000 views per week. This is a hot method that you should figure out.

It is not about how awesome, long or expensive your video is. It is about how you promote and use the features on Youtube to the fullest. And, this course will outline features and functions on Youtube that you can benefit from.

Once you’ve implemented the technique inside this course, you will realize that a short video can attract thousands of subscribers per month. However, a long video doesn’t necessarily being shared or liked by others, due to lack of promotion.

LogoBiz Bonus #6: Smart Agent Pro

Smart Agent Pro is a chat script that you can insert into your website. In other words, you can chat with anyone who views your website. While it might sound just like an ordinary script, Smart Agent Pro takes it to the next level.

For instance, you can block and chat with your visitors on the exit. Yes, this script will prompt a chat box right before your visitors leave. This can increase the conversion rate.

People who are leaving your website will have a suspicious frame of mind. You need to ask them questions, try to fulfill their needs and offer something relevant to them. If you can explain properly and show that you really want to help, the visitors will convert into buyers. It’s that simple.

LogoBiz Bonus #7: Coupon List Builder with MRR

Do you have a problem to grow a list? Well, if you are new to list building or even online marketing itself, this is one common problem.

Your traffic won’t convert into subscribers for several reasons. For example:
– Your bonus offers are not interesting.
– They don’t trust you.
– The squeeze page is not optimized enough for conversion.
– They are looking for freebies.

Whatever the reason is, there is one powerful technique that works most of the time. That is by offering your visitors a coupon code. In other words, you can offer your visitors coupon code in exchange for their email.

That is what Coupon List Builder is about. Once activated, you can paste a script into your website. Then, anyone who views your website will be offered a special coupon code, in exchange for email contact.

LogoBiz Bonus #8: List Authority

If you are new to list building and autoresponder, List Authority is for you. You know that money is inside the list, but the question is, how to get started?

This blueprint has the answers. You will learn the following from this blueprint:
– Introduction to list building.
– Opt-in forms and bribes.
– The importance of your landing page and its conversion.
– Learn how to craft effective follow-up emails and broadcast emails.
– Effective traffic generation for list building.
– Tricks to monetize your list.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the LogoBiz product from this website. Click here to purchase LogoBiz product.

2. I already integrate all my bonus files with the JVZoo.com system. Once the purchase is made, you will be given access to the download page. All the bonus files are ready on that page.
Reminder: You will have access to the above bonus files ONLY if you purchase LogoBiz product from this page. If you purchase it elsewhere, then you won’t receive the bonus offers from me.

3. Alternatively, you can also drop an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com for bonus claim. Replace [at] with @. Please include your proof of purchase in your email. For example, the time and date of purchase, Paypal ID etc.

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