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Looking for Amazon Associates alternatives in 2018?

If you want to monetize traffic from your site, one way would be to use affiliate programs. In most cases, people will go for Amazon Associates program, because Amazon Associates is one of the largest and oldest affiliate programs on the web.

However, some of you might don’t want to stick with just Amazon Associates due to lots of restrictions, such as a short-term cookie, low commission rate plus lots of account termination cases for certain reasons.

If you are looking for alternatives to Amazon Associates, there are plenty of them on the web. Below, we listed some of them:

1. AliExpress. This is perhaps one of the closest online stores when compared to Amazon.com. It is a part of China’s Alibaba group with more than 100 million products. The popularity of AliExpress has increased in the past few years with no signs of slowing down. Unlike Amazon, AliExpress has a 30-day cookie period with the affiliate commission rate ranging from 8% to 50%.

2. Newegg. If you have a tech-related website, then Newegg is perhaps one way to monetize your website. This is a huge online retailer specializing in electronics and tech products. Newegg affiliate program is run by Commission Junction, which is a third party affiliate network. The only drawback is the commission percentage is very low, that is just 2.5%, but you can’t expect more, especially when they are selling electronic products.

3. Best Buy. Best Buy affiliate program is run by Rakuten network. This is one of the most popular retailers for electronics and tech products. You can find anything that is related to technology or electronic gadget. While this can also be one of the competitors of Amazon, I don’t recommend this one over Amazon, unless if you are already banned from Amazon Associates program. The reason is simple: the commission rate is very low, that is just 1% which is awful for most webmasters and affiliate marketers.

4. eBay Partner Network. If you are looking for ways to get paid directly via Paypal, eBay Partner Network is perhaps the only option that you have, unless if you are not selling physical products. While eBay Partner Network can be a good option to Amazon Associate program, it is not available to most people, unless if you have a website with good Alexa ranking. However, it is free to register and you can try your luck with the approval process.

5. Banggood. This is one of China’s leading online stores with thousands of products. Just like Amazon or AliExpress, Banggood is a global brand and you can expect to make money in popular niches, with a wide target market, since their products are shipped all over the world. This is an advantage over Amazon, since most of Amazon products, except books, are shipped only to certain countries, depending on the seller. Another advantage of Banggood over Amazon is the fact the cookie last for 15 days, which is quite long.

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