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NewsBuilder review

NewsBuilder Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

An introduction to the NewsBuilder:

Just as the name implies, NewsBuilder is basically a set of tools that you can use to build news websites. Even better, the NewsBuilder will allow you to leverage the existing news websites and their content.

But first, why build a news website?
The reason is simple: to make a killing online. News websites are big businesses. People will browse these websites daily or even hourly to receive the latest updates and read something that is interesting. Plus, due to today’s political climate, the news business is now bigger than ever. More people are addictive to news websites and online magazines.

Top news websites are making up to $20,000 per day by publishing news and selling ads on their domain names. The following are a list of top news sites and their average daily revenue:
Mashable – $15,781/day.
Huffington Post – $29,896/day.
Engadget – $3,918/day.
TechCrunch – $14,816/day.

These news websites are making thousands per day and millions per year through ad revenue and affiliate links.

What if you can leverage these news sites and earn the same?
That’s what the NewsBuilder product is all about. Thanks to the WordPress plugin and tools provided within the news builder product, you too can do the same.

The NewsBuilder not only allows you to build your own news website but also leverage the existing news sites. This is done automatically by using the NewsBuilder plugin.

Product name:News Builder
Product creators:Ben Carroll and Gee Sanghera
What is it about?Wordpress auto-blogging software tools
Launch date:October 30th, 2018
Do we recommend it?Yes. 10/10 rating from us.
Official website:Visit News Builder website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
More information:Read our full review here
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

NewsBuilder List Of Features:

What you will get with NewsBuilder package:

Like being mentioned earlier, you will get a set of tools, including WordPress theme and plugin in order to build a profitable website by using the NewsBuilder system.

However, there is more to that. The NewsBuilder is a taking everything to the next level by including traffic software, training, and even done-for-you package.

Let me dissect one by one on what’s included with this product:

Auto-blogging tools are included: The tools are actually a combination of WordPress theme and plugin. The NewsBuilder theme and plugin will update the content automatically by pulling them from the existing sites. Plus, monetization features like ad space are also included. So, rest assured, you will be building an auto-pilot income from these set of tools. The WordPress plugin can do a lot of tasks, like content spinning, list building and even translating the content.

Video tutorials are included: Don’t know where to start? This is a complete set of training videos on how to build a successful news website. Yes, you can start from scratch and eventually earn big money by following these tutorials.

Get the 20 done-for-you news websites: This is the fastest way to profit from your NewsBuilder pack. While it is powerful, the NewsBuilder plugin requires some learning curve. The good news is, the DFY (done-for-you) pack is provided. The NewsBuilder team will build 20 DFY NewsBuilder website. Just order the package, plugin and start seeing the traffic comes in.

The Traffic Builder software is included: This feature alone makes NewsBuilder worth every single penny. The Traffic Builder software can drive free, targeted traffic to your newly built website.

Commercial rights are included for website developer: Do you want to sell your ready-made websites to clients? Then, the NewsBuilder Premium lets you do so. Earn tons of easy money selling the powerful NewsBuilder websites to clients. Plus, gain a lot of happy, long-term customers selling your service to them.

What the NewsBuilder WordPress plugin can do?

The NewsBuilder plugin + WordPress theme have the ability to pull and then auto-update your website. Therefore, you can keep getting the traffic and fresh content on auto-pilot.

Pull the content from up to 300 news websites: You can publish the news in whatever topic that you like. Thanks to this feature, you can always find fresh, quality content from hundreds of websites on any topic. RSS support is included for unlimited fresh, engaging content.

Control the update frequency as you wish: You don’t want to update the news portal or website too often. People are not necessarily browsing your website every hour. They usually read the news on the daily basis. This is why the ability to control the news frequency is also included within the NewsBuilder plugin.

Create unlimited news website: Why limit your income from just one website? The NewsBuilder gives you the option to publish as many sites as you can. By having several websites, you can increase the overall revenue of your business weekly or even daily basis.

List-building functions are included: While you can add an opt-in form manually, this feature will save you from the trouble. The NewsBuilder plugin can be integrated with any popular autoresponder service to manage your newsletter.

Content spinner integration: This feature will attract a lot of search engine traffic. We all know that search engines love unique content and will filter out duplicate content. The problem is, if you pull content from other websites, it is no longer unique. It is actually a duplicate content. However, thanks to this function, you can keep having fresh content posted on the news website on regular basis.

A lot of monetization features: What good a website if you can’t monetize it? The WordPress plugin lets you add banner ads or script into the widgets section of the WordPress site. Monetizing one website with banner ads or text link is common for news websites. So do your NewsBuilder sites.

Google translate integration:Want to attract traffic in different languages? This feature will be very useful. Just turn on the Google Translate function and you are good to go.

NewsBuilder official website

My NewsBuilder bonus, only from this site:

If you purchase NewsBuilder from this website, I will send you the following products as the bonus. These products are not part of NewsBuilder product, so these products are not being offered somewhere else. The reason why I am offering these products is simple – because I really want to help you.

The bonus offers below can add more value to your purchase. For example, you can learn a lot of useful tips from these products to assist you in running a successful, profitable business. Other than that, I also offer you tools like WordPress plugin to boost your website revenue.

If you wish to claim these products, please contact me, Thomas Henry via email. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

NewsBuilder Bonus #1: SEO Success Blueprint

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your online success. Just as the name implies, this is the skills to get top ten ranking on Google and free traffic.

There are several reasons why webmasters and marketers want to get to the first page of Google:
– People who search on Google are already in the buying mode. If you target certain keywords, the conversion rates of your traffic is super high when compared to social media sites.
– Search engines are big brands online. People will always rely on the search engines to find something that they need. Therefore, your SEO skills won’t be wasted even after years.
– The profit potential and overall traffic volume can easily be estimated. Google has a huge database of keywords, called Google Keyword Planner. Therefore, you can view the overall traffic volume for one particular market and estimate your profits.

The SEO Success Blueprint is the all-in-one SEO course for beginners. While you can pick decent tips about SEO for free, this course is a compilation. It will teach you, step-by-step on how to get ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

All the important steps are included. From finding the correct keywords, to on-page SEO and finally getting backlinks from varios sources. This course even give you tips on what to ask one particular SEO company before hiring them.

NewsBuilder Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

The internet is getting bigger and people love to spend time on social media sites these days. However, one big problem with social media marketing, is generating traffic from huge websites, is getting harder.

Take Facebook, for example. If you tried competitive niches and invest in Facebook Ads, you will be wasting a lot of money. It will take a lot of trial and errors before getting good ROI from Facebook Ads. It is not as easy as it was years ago.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is not about getting the Facebook traffic. In fact, it will focus on two of the hottest Facebook alternatives in 2018. Those are Reddit and Instagram.

While some people rarely use Reddit, its popularity is on the rise this year. In fact, Reddit is ranked at the forth most popular social networking site in 2018.

The best part is, the competition on Reddit is very low and the traffic is super cheap. It is like using Facebook Ads for traffic, but years ago. If you are looking for the real traffic goldmine that will give you positive ROI, Reddit is the way to go this year. Yes, you can learn all the strategies and marketing tactics on Reddit inside Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint.

NewsBuilder Bonus #3: Wp Profitable Post

It is no secret that WordPress is the easiest CMS to use. Not only you can easily add and edit the content, but also you can place banner ads or javascript on a WP site.

However, what if you have thousands of posts on your WordPress site? Then, adding banners on every single post is not that easy. In fact, it will take hours, if not days of time.

The good news is, WP Profitable Post can reduce the entire process of editing and monetizing the content. This plugin can be configured within your WordPress dashboard. Yes, you can place any monetization models, including javascript, Google Adsense, banner ads, opt-in box or even affiliate link.

NewsBuilder Bonus #4: WordPress Sales Robot

It is no secret that getting the traffic to your WordPress site is vital. However, what’s even more important is to get the conversion.

You already spent a lot of money on advertising and traffic. However, the entire advertising cost will be wasted away if you can’t make a sale from the existing WordPress site.

The question is, how to make the real sales from your WordPress site? Well, WordPress Sales Robot is the answer. This plugin will offer a special discount code in exchange for free traffic from your visitors.

As the result, you will get both of them: traffic and sales.

NewsBuilder Bonus #5: Niche Authority Gold

Finding for a profitable niche is important for all type of business, especially online business. The niche that you jump into must not be too competitive, otherwise it will be hard to earn the real money from it.

On the other hand, you will want to avoid the niches which are too narrow, since these niches are less popular, with no buyers inside them.

The Niche Authority Gold is one complete niche research blueprint for everyone. If you are a newbie, this product will outline the list of mistakes that you should avoid before researching for profitable niches. Plus, this product will also highlight the tips to find for a profitable niche as an affiliate marketer.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced entrepreneur, the Niche Authority Gold will give you useful tips here and there on finding and uncovering profitable niche markets. You will also learn the secrets to create profitable niche products fast.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the NewsBuilder product from this website. Click here to visit NewsBuilder website and make your purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me NewsBuilder bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and also your date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

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