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NinjaShoppe – The Ultimate E-commerce Store Creator

NinjaShoppe – The Powerful 1-Click Affiliate Software
In this NinjaShopee review, I am going to demonstrate how NinjaShopee can help any affiliates in create a high-converting e-commerce store with hours of time on site creation and finally get the website ranked on Google.

Who is NinjaShoppe for?
In short, this product, Ninjashoppe.com is for Amazon Associate and also for eBay affiliate partners. If you are into affiliate marketing, especially with Amazon, you should know by now that creating a real e-commerce store that works and sells takes a lot of time and often times, it also cost you money. This product can save lots of trouble to create an effective e-commerce store for Amazon and eBay affiliate programs.

Is Ninjashoppe based on WordPress?
Yes, it is. It is a combination of WordPress theme plus plugins and more features included. So, rather than using free themes, Ninjashoppe.com takes it to the next level to save you the time and money on creating a real-working e-commerce store.

NinjashoppeWhat kind of problems that Ninjashoppe can solve?
The Ninjashoppe software can solve tons of problems especially when you are going to sell products online from Amazon or eBay website.
– You don’t need to learn HTML, coding or web design.
– You don’t need to update your web store regularly.
– You don’t need to learn and master the basic on-page SEO.
– No hassle to find and paste your Amazon affiliate links into your online store which is created by using the NinjaShoppe software.
– No hassle to find a suitable e-commerce WordPress theme for your Amazon online store.
– No limitations on how many online stores that you can build.
– No need to worry about getting the traffic to your online store.

Features of Ninjashoppe – What can NinjaShoppe do for you?
In short, Ninjashoppe.com can create a real-effective online store with just one click. With just the basic Ninjashoppe membership:

Give your e-commerce store a unique, stunning design:
– Impress your website visitors with stunning and beautiful 5 different color WordPress themes.
– Built-in sliders also included to improve the design and allows your traffic to navigate around the web store.
– Ninjashoppe theme is 100% mobile friendly, just in case you want to attract mobile traffic.

Generate more traffic to your new web store:
– Save yourself the time on SEO. Ninjashoppe.com theme has built-in SEO functions which allow you to get easier ranking on Google and save yourself the time on learning SEO from scratch.
– Thanks to the awesome built-in article spinner, Ninjashoppe allows you to update the content of your website regularly also with unique and fresh content, which is good for search engines.
– Ninjashoppe software also comes with sharing features to let anyone share your awesome web store on social media sites like Tumblr, Reddit, and Facebook.
– No hassle to change the geo-location of your visitors. Ninjashoppe has a built-in feature that allows you to target and sell to anyone within any country in the world with multiple geographic locations by using multiple TLD’s with Amazon and eBay.
– You can sell products as an affiliate to customers in various countries by creating beautiful affiliate stores, also in different languages.

No hassle of website content:
– Ninjashoppe has the ability to auto-update the content making it unique every time plus saving you the trouble of finding and rewriting the real content on your website.
– Pull related videos on Youtube and then add those to this web store.

More money in your pocket:
– Generate more conversions and money in your pocket by displaying discounts and special offers from Amazon.
– Add more stats to your web store.
– The cookies are stored in 90 days to handle multiple payment processes and transactions easily.
– Allows you to store 90 days cookies in your visitor’s browser to ensure repeat purchase.
– You can use the Ninjashoppe not only with Amazon but also with Ali Express and eBay.

Easy to use, easy to understand:
– Step-by-step training videos are included in the member’s area for all of the Ninjashoppe.com customers. You can just figure out how to use this software, what to do, how to setup and most importantly, how to profit from the Ninjashoppe software.

More benefits for you:
– You can create unlimited web stores with just the basic Ninjashoppe membership. No hassle to find the WordPress theme elsewhere.
– Adjust and manage the products based on categories, tags.

Ninjashoppe EliteNinjashoppe Elite (upsell) :
You have the option to upgrade to Ninjashoppe Elite and then add top-selling products from 2 more top e-commerce giants eBay and Ali Express.
– More customizations. Additional 15 themes along with banner ads on your affiliate web stores are included.
– You have the option to grow your list. The upsell, Ninjashoppe Elite comes with autoresponder integration where you can grow your list and boost your conversion rates, which means more money in your pocket.
– You can also set the traffic automation on Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr.

Ninjashoppe Enterprise (upsell):
– Use Twitter and LinkedIn to get the traffic.
– More traffic from Instagram and Pinterest. These are 2 of the most popular image sharing sites.
– Boost your search engine ranking thanks to social backlinks included for free with Ninjashoppe Enterprise only. Which means even more traffic.
Ninjashoppe Enterprise– More control, automation, and viral traffic since the ability for your visitors to share your website via top social media sites are included.
– Boost your conversion rate, reduce the bounce rate and attract more visitors thanks to in-depth analytics and tracking reports.
– You can also automatically add Amazon product reviews and also its user reviews. Automate the content creation plus even more conversions.
– The ability to integrate this product with a webinar software so you can follow-up your clients, and convert prospects into real buyers.
– Add stunning banner ads into your website and display those on the WordPress post or anywhere around your website.
– More money into your pocket thanks to the Google Adsense integration.
– Suitable for companies since your website can be shared with 5 different people.

Ninjashoppe Reseller (Upsell):
If you wish to resell the Ninjashoppe WordPress theme, you can do so with the Ninjashoppe reseller version. The reseller version allows you to sell this Ninjashoppe theme and keep 100% profits. If you are an online marketer or perhaps a seller at JVZoo or Clickbank marketplace, the Ninjashoppe Reseller edition is a must-have.

Can I create a web design service by using Ninjashoppe?
In short, yes you can. However, you need to purchase the upsell, that is Ninjashoppe Agency License for this purpose.

Grab Ninjashoppe from this page and you are qualified to download my exclusive bonuses below.

Bonus #1: WordPress Profitable Post with master resale rights (MRR)
This is an exclusive new WordPress plugin that anyone can use to monetize all of your WordPress blog posts at once. It doesn’t matter if you want to generate income from affiliate commissions, banners or Adsense. You can also place an opt-in form on every post of your WordPress blog to turn your blog posts into lead generation machine and grow your very own mailing list. This product comes with master resale rights, cover graphics and sales letter, so you can sell this anywhere just like your own product.

Bonus #2: Shopify Blueprint
Do you want to build a real online store for dropshipping? Then, use Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for creating an online store, thanks to its updates, ease of use and popularity. If you are just getting started with Shopify, this Shopify Blueprint video course can help you, a lot. Discover how to setup Shopify software on your own website, choose a hot-selling product, how to navigate the dashboard, how to launch the online store, how to get the traffic plus much much more. If you are into e-commerce or dropshipping, Shopify Blueprint is a must-have.

Bonus #3: Discount Motivator Pro
How to increase the conversion rate? The short answer is: Offer your visitors a discount. By offering limited time discount offer, your visitors will be more eager to buy, rather than leave your website. Discount Motivator Pro is just the software that you will be needing to boost the conversion rate by offering limited time discount to any of your visitors. No need to learn programming or web design from scratch. This software program will let you create the right offer with ease.

Bonus #4: WP Profit Doubler
WP Profit Doubler is another conversion booster plugin. If you are using NinjaShoppe WordPress theme, then this one will be another bonus for you, since this is also a WordPress plugin. Just as the name implies, WP Profit Doubler will double your profits from existing traffic. If you experience bad conversion rate from your existing WordPress site, or if you want to double your profits, but at the same time reduce the cost on advertising, WP Profit Doubler is the plugin that you should go for.

Bonus #5: WP Bad Ass Countdown
Some of your visitors might not eager to buy due to certain reasons. One of them would be they are not in the buying mode or at least want to think twice before buying. Introducing the WP Bad Ass Countdown. This powerful WordPress plugin will add the countdown timer on your website in order to boost the conversion rate. So, rather then your visitors leave your website empty-handed, they will make the right decision to purchase or at least to subscribe to your list.

Bonus #6: Smart Agent Pro
Want an easy method to add a live chat box to your website? This is the software that you will be needing. If you visitors or traffic are just looking around then greet them with the live chat feature. Ask them what they need, how can you help, what they are looking for plus a lot more. If you are selling services on your websites, such as web design, social media marketing or perhaps a web hosting company, this software is a must-have.

Bonus #7: Pinterest Perfection
If you know social media marketing, you should know about Pinterest. Pinterest Perfection is the course that allows you to find, get real traffic and boost your income from one of the hottest social media sites, Pinterest. Unlike traffic from e-commerce store or search engines, people on Pinterest are not in the buying mode. However, you can still drive traffic to your website and make more money for longer term thanks to Pinterest. Why? Because if you know how to market your company or website properly, you can drive and generate steady traffic by utilizing the power of Pinterest. Pinterest Perfection is more than just a course to beginners – it is a course for experienced marketers to attract, and use the power of Pinterest to the fullest. Pinterest Perfection also comes with master resale rights, sales letter and cover graphic, so you can sell this ebook can keep 100% profits.

Bonus #8: Niche Authority Gold
Finding the right niche is a tough work for all newbie entrepreneurs. Even if you are already an experienced entrepreneur, you still want to diversify the knowledge on how to find the correct niche to jump into. Niche Authority Gold has the answer to all of your questions. For a newbie entrepreneur, Niche Authority Gold will show you, step-by-step on how to crack the code, how to use free and paid keyword software tools to find the correct niches, how to find a niche that you are not familiar with, what are the top ten niche research tools and the most common mistakes when finding the niche. This product is presented in a neat, step-by-step video blueprint and has something for everyone.

Bonus #9: List Authority
List Authority is more than just a marketing course. It is a list building course. If you want to make the real money on the internet, one of the methods would be to grow and utilize the power of list building and mailing list. Why? Because once you have a list, your existing customers will keep buying from you again and again. You will have a way to contact them because they give you their emails in the first place. List Authority comes with a real, step-by-step game plan, opt-in bribes, how to follow up your prospects, how to write the right sequence email, how to make the prospects eager and willing to buy plus much more. If you want to build a successful online store, then List Authority, plus the Ninjashoppe Elite or Enterprise version can be very useful.

All the bonuses above are integrated with JVZoo system, so if you made the purchase right from this website, you will be directed to the download page.

Click here to access NinjaShoppe + all my bonuses above

A little bit about e-commerce
E-commerce is the short term for electronic commerce, that is the new way of doing shopping all over the world. In fact, e-commerce and online stores like Amazon, eBay, Ali Baba and more are taking over the world, with billions of customers every month. While you don’t need to build the next Amazon or eBay, you can still profit from this revolution by becoming an affiliate, or should I say, profit from affiliate marketing.

A little bit about affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a unique business model where people can register with one company or network and then sell their products or services to keep profits. There are tons of affiliate networks all over the web, and if you are into physical products, some of them including Amazon Associate, eBay Partner Network, Commission Junction, Ali Express and Rakuten affiliate program.

A little bit about Amazon and Amazon Associates
If you do a little homework about affiliate marketing and e-commerce, you will know that Amazon Associate is one of the oldest, largest and most successful affiliate network in the world. Today, Amazon is more than just about buying books. It is basically about selling anything online, including physical products and electronic products.

Why Amazon Associates?
Due to its popularity, not only you can sell just about anything as an Amazon affiliate, but also you can expect high conversion rate thanks to Amazon. Which means more money in your pocket. Yes, you can monetize your website by using other affiliate networks, but expect the conversion rate to be much lower. This is due to the fact that the buyers, especially from North America trust Amazon. So, if you place the buy button, such as “Purchase from Amazon”, expect people to click and buy.

Click here to access NinjaShoppe + all my bonuses above

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