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Reddit marketing tactics – How to use Reddit for your marketing strategy

Did you know that Reddit is now one of the most trafficked websites on the web today? With billions of users per month, Reddit is now the 4th most popular websites on the internet.

For small marketers and entrepreneurs, Reddit is the way to go. You don’t need to invest big budget in order to profit from Reddit. Forget Facebook or Google – that kind of traffic sources are not for you if you are just getting started.

With all being said, how can you get traffic from Reddit? The following tips can help:

1. Avoid from getting banned.
Reddit users are somewhat sensitive to spam and promotions. They don’t think twice before flagging certain users. The good news is, you can market properly on Reddit with a good strategy.

Here’s are some tips to avoid getting banned:
– Don’t link only to your website.
– Don’t try to be pushy or overly promotional.
– Never ask for upvotes.
– Avoid sharing illegal content.

In other words, as long as you play nice, and avoid promoting yourself on Reddit, you should be fine.

2. You can post articles on Reddit or you can also link to outgoing sites.
There are two type of posts on Reddit – the post from outside sources and the articles that you’ve posted on the Reddit website itself. Just make sure that whatever you are posting is relevant to the discussion and its community.

If you post content within the Reddit domain name itself, you should be fine. However, if you post an outgoing URL, please be a little careful, especially when that website is your own link. You could be flagged as a spammer and getting banned if you are not careful.

3. Find the relevant subreddit for posting.
Ever participated in a forum discussion before? If so, you should realize that one forum will have different sections. In each section, people are discussing different topics. Their attitude and interest in each section also differ from one to another.

The same goes for Reddit. The Reddit domain name itself is divided into different sections known as subreddits. People who posted in every subreddit discuss different topics, depending on their interest.

Niche or topic-specific subreddits tend to convert well, but it takes more time for traffic. If you posted and engage in bigger subreddits, you might get a lot of traffic, but less conversion since the discussion is less specific. You should find and try which one really works for yourself.

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