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Reddule Review – Get Massive, Untapped Traffic From Reddit

Reddule review

Overview of the Reddule course + software:

Just as the name implies, Reddule is about promoting and marketing your brand on Reddit. In fact, this is the ONLY course on the internet so far that teaches you how to market products on Reddit. Plus it comes with cloud-based software that can automate the tiresome process, from research, tracking your progress and increasing your Reddit karma and more.

Product nameReddule
Product creatorsBen Murray, Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav
What is it about?Untapped traffic source from Reddit
Demo videoWatch the demo video here >>>
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended. 100%.
Looking for Reddule official website?Click here >>>
Refund policy30 days money back guarantee
More informationRead our full review here >>>
Bonus offerView our bonuses here >>>

Full review of Reddule

Introduction: Why use Reddit?
When comes to social networking sites, many people will have one thing in mind – Facebook. Other than that, they will usually go after Facebook-owned companies such as Whatsapp or Instagram. There is nothing wrong with Facebook marketing, but keep in mind that the advertising cost is high, whether you want to get free or paid traffic from Facebook because there are already too many marketers are using Facebook or FB these days to promote their companies or brands.

Reddit is a brand new, cheap traffic source
If you want an untapped traffic source, Reddit is one of best choices. Believe it or not, Reddit is the 6th most visited website on the internet today. In fact, the popularity of Reddit is on the rise and there is no sign of its popularity is going down. If you don’t utilize Reddit as your traffic source, you will leave lots of traffic and money on the table.

Here comes the bad news
The popularity of Reddit is still new, so many of the giant corporations are struggling hard to get the traffic and run a successful campaign on Reddit. While these companies might perform well with Facebook marketing, so far, they have no idea on how to tap into the Reddit marketing. Plus, the Reddit users are somewhat savvy and they are aware of big, pushy brands that aren’t interested in helping or engaging with the Reddit community.

The good news is……
For small marketers with a tight budget, this is a good opportunity for you if you are willing to follow the rules and then add more value to this Reddit social networking site. So far, there aren’t any guru courses out there that teach anyone how to do marketing on Reddit effectively.

Reddule gives you access to a massive, untapped traffic source

Whether you are a seasoned marketer who wants to diversify the traffic source or perhaps a beginner who want to get more traffic with the lowest budget, Reddule can surely help you.

Reddule consists of 2 parts, the course and the cloud-based app

Reddule comes with 2 parts

Part 1: Reddule Traffic Training System
What good an internet business without traffic? The Reddule Traffic Training system is an in-depth training video series which comes in 9 modules plus PDFs, list of resources and audio are included for easier reference.

All the video tutorials are presented in HD format, so rest assured you can easily follow the entire system and get the idea on how to tap into Reddit traffic.

Reddule review

These are some of the things covered in the Reddule training series:
– The real case study that works: Reddule is created by three marketers and software developers, Ben Murray, Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav. In this video, you can watch hand-to-hand on how to the creators set up a real, working funnel, make lots of leads and then get viral traffic from Reddit.
– Traffic from subreddits: Did you know that Reddit discussions are separated into subreddits? In this video, you will figure out how to discover the easiest subreddits for massive amount of traffic. Other than that, special tricks and tools are included for finding subreddits that can rake easier traffic and leads from Reddit.
– Paid advertising on Reddit: This one is hot. Why? Because it is similar to using Facebook or Google Adwords, but years ago. Reddit PPC is unsaturated because you can get thousands of views with pennies on the dollar. Forget Facebook ads – that traffic source is expensive and saturated already. It is time to get a fresh start.
– Rules to follow: This is important to avoid the “spam trap”. Discover how to easily engage into the subreddit communities and avoid from being labeled as a spammer.
– Money in the list: This video tutorial will explain on how to build a list of potential customers from Reddit. Also, it will explain how to convert those customers into real, repetitive buyers.
– Viral marketing with video: This tactic works like a charm on Reddit. Find out how to “go viral” on Reddit by using the power of video and you will see that your brand can get featured on the homepage of Reddit website.
– How to automate the process: While the Reddule software doesn’t come with full automation, since that will make you being labeled a spammer, but yes, you can automate some of the marketing processes. Just watch over the shoulders how to create a working funnel, on auto-pilot by using the Reddule software and then save hours per day.

Part 2: Reddule Cloud App

This is one of the earliest software related to Reddit marketing. The Reddule cloud app allows you to find the right info and then put your Reddit marketing efforts on auto-pilot. You don’t need to download or install anything; it is actually a web-based app so no download or installation is required.

Reddule cloud app

Watch how the Reddule Cloud-Based App works

Reddit keyword alerts and email notifications to drive traffic:
What if you can get notified when there is an opportunity to enter the traffic source at Reddit? This program will go through all the comments and threads on subreddits for any keyword and then send you the email once the keyword is posted.

This function is somewhat similar to many forums and social sites, where you will be notified via email once there is a relevant discussion on your topic, so you can chime in and then respond quickly.

Reddule keyword alert

Schedule Posts and Links to Specific Subreddits:
You don’t need to login to the Reddit account to post into this social site. You can utilize the Reddule software to build and schedule list of text posts, link posts or video posts to any subreddit. Then, get email alert whenever you need to post new content.

Know and get notified exactly when to post for the most traffic:
This function will save lots of time. If you are into Reddit discussion for a while, you will realize that some of the threads or discussions will active only at certain times. It shouldn’t be a problem if you post into a discussion that you already familiar with.

However, if you want to diversify your traffic source to the different type of topic, you can set this Reddule software to instantly tell you the times and days of the week, when you will get the most views and feedback on your comments.

Reddule Traffic Tracking

Find and schedule viral videos:
The Reddule software can search on Youtube or Facebook for relevant videos that you can post into subreddit that you wish. Once you’ve posted a relevant, viral video, you can expect the traffic to boost, the Reddit “Karma” to increase which means more traffic to you.

Reddule viral videos

Let Reddule tell you what’s driving traffic:
Reddule also comes with a browser extension where you can track popular subreddits, posts, comments, users plus much more. Thanks to this extension, you can get the idea and track a list of proven, using viral content that you can post on a regular basis.

Tracking feature is included:
You don’t want your posts or videos to get down-voted, this is the reason why the tracking feature is very important. The Reddule cloud-based app comes with a function that anyone can track and make sure that your Reddit “karma” is high at all times so your scheduled posts and videos are guaranteed to get tons of views.

Reddule post tracking

You can also add multiple Reddit accounts and commercial license:
Are you a marketing agency? Or perhaps you are running this software app with a team of more than 3 people? Thanks to this feature, you can add multiple Reddit accounts and add more clients across multiple niches.

Research Hot Subreddits:
There are tons of subreddits in one topic. However, which subreddit is hot and which one doesn’t? Reddule allows you to research hot subreddits that you can track, analyze and post. Just research whatever subreddits which are relevant and less saturated in your niche.

Who can profit from the Reddule video training + software?

The answer is Anyone who wants to build a real, steady income online.

Offline business owner: People who are looking for clients in their business are hungry for targeted leads, whether offline or online. Why not send the Reddit traffic to their business? Thanks to the commercial rights to use this Reddule app, you can add your client’s Reddit account and then send them the traffic to their website or business.

Social media marketer: Why pay more for Facebook ads, while you can get the same, plus even cheaper thanks to Reddule and Reddit ads? Reddule will teach you how to tap into Reddit advertising plus marketing.

Video marketer: If you know how to publish a good Youtube video, it is time to expand your reach online. You can utilize the power of Reddit to drive viral traffic to your video and then increase the brand awareness. While you can get some traffic from Youtube, but thanks to Reddit, your videos will be visible to even more people.

My killer Reddule bonuses

Purchase the Reddule software from this website, and then you are qualified to get all my bonuses below.

How to claim the bonuses:
1. Purchase the Reddule app + course only via the links from this website. Click here to purchase.

2. All the bonuses and ebooks above are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase you will be directed to the download page.

3. If you cannot access the bonuses for certain reasons, feel free to contact me, Thomas Henry, at my contact page.

List of my KILLER Reddule bonuses

Reddule Bonus #1 – Pinterest Perfection with master resale rights (MRR)
This product is geared for social media marketers. If you are looking for a complimentary product with Reddule software, Pinterest Perfection is just for you.

What else could be better than getting free-targeted traffic from social networking sites? While Facebook could be one of the options, it is not the only player in town. Pinterest, on the other hand, is better if you are looking for a massive, untapped traffic plus less advertising cost.

Today, Pinterest is one hot social media site with millions of visitors per day. You don’t need to learn how to create fancy videos, unlike Youtube marketing. All you need to know is what kind of audience who are interested in the products that you are promoting.

This Pinterest Perfection course is suitable for anyone who wants to diversify his knowledge of social media marketing, especially on Pinterest. This is more than just how to register and use Pinterest; it is actually a real course on how to make real money out of Pinterest. Inside the Pinterest Perfection course, you will discover how to attract lots of audiences, drive the massive amount of fans, how to be more creative and make your images are attractive and finally how to monetize the traffic.

Reddule Bonus #2 – Smart Agent Pro with Master Resale Rights (MRR)
What is more important than traffic is conversions. While getting the traffic to your business website is tiring enough, getting the visitors to purchase something or at least to leave a feedback is even harder.

The Smart Agent Pro script allows you to prevent or at least to reduce the number of bounce rate or the total number of visitors leave your website. Just like the name implies, Smart Agent Pro will prompt a live chat session to your visitors and ask them questions so they will leave a feedback or perhaps purchase something, instead of leaving your website empty-handed.

This script is very useful if you are running a merchant website like a web hosting company or perhaps selling a product on Clickbank or JVZoo.

Reddule Bonus #3: WordPress Profitable Post with master resale rights (MRR)
If you are familiar with website creation, probably you know how to use WordPress. While we all agree that WordPress or WP is the #1 content management system, CMS, we also agree that managing one single WordPress site is a pain in the ass, especially when you already have thousands of posts in one single website.

How can you monetize every single post in your WordPress site? One way would be to utilize this powerful plugin, WordPress Profitable Post. This plugin allows you to place banners ads, affiliate links, or even opt-in form at the bottom of every single WordPress post. No hassle to log in, and then browse through every single of your WordPress post just to edit and then add one single banner ads.

You can place any advertisement or monetization models at the bottom of your WordPress post, including Google Adsense, Chitika ads, affiliate links. Also, if you have a list of buyers who are looking for WordPress plugins or website software, you can sell this plugin to them and keep 100% profit since WordPress Profitable Post comes with master resale rights.

Reddule Bonus #4: Niche Authority Gold with Master Resale Rights
Struggling with the niche marketing? The Niche Authority Gold can help you, a lot. Choosing the right niche is one of the aspects that stop most beginners from making real money online. If the niche that you choose is too competitive, you won’t be making any money. If the niche that you jump into doesn’t have any demand you will also fail the earn real money online.

The Niche Authority Gold will outline just the right recipe to choose the correct niche for anyone who is building a real, solid business model online. You will be given a list of tools where you can use to find the right niches, most of them are free. Plus, in this video blueprint, you will discover the most common mistakes made by newbies when choosing the right niche, how to find the correct niche as an affiliate marketer plus a lot more. This video blueprint alone is worth $97 and it is free for you, as long as you purchase Reddule app right from this page.

All the bonuses and ebooks above are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase you will be directed to the download page.


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