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Resell Titan bonus – The Ultimate Resale Rights Package

Read this Resell Titan review + get my killer Resell Titan bonus only from this page.

If you are looking for more products with master resale rights (MRR) as complementary of the Resell Titan software, then I have tons of Resell Titan bonus complete with master resale rights. While these MRR products are not really part of Resell Titans, they can add more value to your purchase.

What is Resell Titan?
This is more than just an ordinary traffic system or affiliate marketing training. This is actually a 4-in-one internet marketing software programs, plus products with resale rights, packed into one single package, also at an irresistible price.

Killer Resell Titan bonus with MRR – only from this website
As a way to say thanks for purchasing Resell Titan from this site, you are qualified to get my bonuses below. They are not part of Resell Titan itself, but they will be very helpful if you are looking for ways to add more products to your digital online store. All of these bonuses come with master resale rights, complete with graphic, e-cover plus sample sales letter.

Bonus #1 – Pinterest Power
Getting the traffic on Pinterest is a solid business model. In fact, Pinterest receives millions of visitors per day thanks to their popularity and the social sharing features. As a marketer, if you ignore Pinterest, you will leave lots of traffic (and money) on the table. Pinterest Power is the course that you should go for if you are looking for ways to monetize the Pinterest traffic and get lots of viral traffic from this site automatically.

resell titan bonus

Bonus #2 – Pinterest Perfection
Again, Pinterest Perfection is about using Pinterest to generate traffic, but more advanced stuff, compared to the Pinterest Power above. Inside Pinterest Perfection, you will learn how to pre-sell on Pinterest (not selling), get creative, how to update Pinterest frequently, how to link up to trusted bloggers, how to choose the right picture, plus even more.

resell titan-bonus pinterest perfection

Bonus #3 – Niche Authority Gold
Finding the correct niche could be one tiresome work for most people, especially beginners. The internet is so wide open that finding the right niche is not that simple. However, thanks to Niche Authority Gold, you will discover the secret to uncover profitable, yet untapped niches by using free and paid software. Even better, this product also comes with PDF, video tutorial to help you understand the correct method to discover profitable niches. If you are into niche marketing, Niche Authority Gold is the course that you shouldn’t miss.

resell titan bonus niche authority gold

Bonus #4 – High Ticket Authority Gold
Selling a high ticket product is one of the keys to online success. In fact, some of the gurus online made $3000 per day only by selling one or two high ticket products online. If you are selling low ticket products, expect to earn $20 per sale, which means you will need at least 5 conversions and even more traffic per day to earn your first $100 per day. However, with high ticket products, the case is different. You can earn up to $1000 per sale, which means you don’t need much traffic to earn tons of money. High Ticket Authority Gold is the key to selling any high ticket product online. If you are into affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t miss this course.

Bonus #5 – Shopify Blueprint
E-commerce is a booming industry. However, for anyone who is just getting started, it could be a long, tiresome learning curve in order to master and profit from e-commerce properly. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce software platforms that anyone can utilize and make a real income from. The Shopify Blueprint is a step-by-step video tutorial that you can watch and learn on how to get started with Shopify, from installing this software on your website to its dashboard plus how to identify hot products that sell like cakes.

resell titan bonus shopify blueprint

Bonus #6 – Buyers Generation 3.0
Having a list is actually not really about the relationship with your list subscribers. While part of it could be, the rest actually depends on whether your subscribers are interested in buying or not. Buyers Generation 3.0 is about getting real, targeted buyers to your list. Discover how to get joint venture partners, where to get real traffic from search engines that contains buyers plus much more stuff that will skyrocket your income online.resell titan bonus buyers generation 30

All above bonuses are already integrated with JVZoo system, so rest assured, once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the bonus page to download all of them.

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Is Resell Titan for me?
The question is, do you want to make real money online? In general, Resell Titan is geared for anyone who wants to make real money online, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already somewhat experienced.

– If you are looking for a program or WordPress theme or perhaps a website template to create a working online store, Resell Titan has the software to create this within a few minutes.
– If you are looking for real products that you can sell to your list or on your own website, this is for you.
– If you are an affiliate who is struggling hard to earn the real income online, because you haven’t yet created your own product, Resell Titan is just perfect to change your income.
– If you are looking for an easy-to-use video software that gets traffic to your Youtube video or your website, Resell Titan has something to offer.

What is included with Resell Titan product?

In easy, Resell Titan has anything that you need to start selling online and then profit as fast as you can. This is not a typical “make money” course or how to get rich quick. These are real software programs that you can plug and play to your domain name and profit consistently.


#1: Reseller Store theme – This is a custom-built WordPress theme that can create real digital product stores in a few minutes. This is not just another WordPress theme. It is geared for anyone who is looking for sell digital products, master resale rights products or even physical product on his own website.


#2 – Six-Figure Resell Rights – These are software package which made Chris 6 figures with JVZoo in the past few months. If these products already making money to him, then there is no reason that it won’t be making for you. If you know about Resell Titan, probably you already know about Chris X. Chris and his partners have made over 7-figures with internet marketing alone in the past ten years. So no doubt, his products are high quality and sell like hotcakes.

#3 – Traffic DB – Are you struggling hard to get traffic to your website? Who doesn’t? Even if you already earned traffic to your website or company, you will be needing more traffic to increase brand awareness, make more sales and perhaps maintain the income for years to come. Traffic DB is just the perfect tool for you. This is a database of thousands of websites and traffic platform for the internet marketing niche.


#4 – Resell Database software – The database software is pre-loaded with 1000s of extra software and other hot products that you can easily license and resell. This includes 100 WordPress plugins, 3000 master resale rights, 600 PLR products and then thousands of other products with master resell rights such as video, graphic, ebook, audio, website designs plus much more.



#5 – Rapid Video Creator – the video create auto-creates instant sales videos, for any product that you want to sell in a few seconds. If you are into video marketing, then Rapid Video Creator is just perfect for you. With Rapid Video Creators:
– You don’t need any experience with video creation software or any video editing software.
– You can create any video that works within just a few minutes.
– You can use this Rapid Video Creators software hand-to-hand with Resell DB to drive traffic to your online digital store and make the money out of it.
– If you can use Powerpoint or similar software, then no doubt, you can use Rapid Video Creators with ease.


How does Resell Titan work?

There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to make real money with the Resell Titan product. Don’t worry if you cannot follow this step-by-step guideline on this website, because you will be provided with free training for members only in the Resell Titan member’s area.

Step 1: Plugin and activate the Resell Titan WordPress theme.
– No need to write anything, let alone learn the coding from scratch.
– This is a WordPress theme that you can install on your own domain name.
– Choose from 10 of professional designs.
– Enter your Paypal information and then autoresponder settings.

Step 2: Use the Traffic DB
– Traffic DB takes thousands of internet marketing websites that you can get the traffic from.
– This is the ultimate list of traffic database with low hanging opportunities.
– The Resell Titan Traffic DB software scans websites for exclusive traffic opportunities, those includes:
– Adwords and Adsense that you can run on.
– Affiliate programs that you can join.
– The Facebook campaign that you can start with.
– The email list that you can promote.
– WHOIS email of that website that you contact and then place your ads on.

Step 3: Once your store is alive and get the traffic, it is time to monetize. This is where the Resell DB comes in.
– Resell DB is a website where you can find thousands of products with master resale rights and also private label rights (PLR) products.
– You can find lots of products, videos, audios, graphic designs and more.
– This is the ultimate database of products with resale rights.
– Anyone can simply license any of the products here, from $3 price and then log in to your resell store, drag and drop this new product into the store builder and finally, the software adds the products to your digital store automatically.

Step 4: Use Rapid Video Creator to drive the traffic.
– The Rapid Video Creator software is an easy-to-use video creator software.
– Simply add images, text, and sound and then you are good to go.
– After that, upload and embed the video into your digital online store.

In conclusion, Resell Titan is the fastest way to create the sales video and also set up your own online store so you can sell unlimited products with unlimited sales videos. This is a complete business-in-a-box for anyone who just gets started online.

How to sell and process payment with Resell Titan?
The main methods are by using Paypal and JVZoo. Just like being mentioned in the Resell Titan video, all you need to do is setup the Resell Titan WordPress theme into any of your domain names and then set your Paypal account.

What and why use JVZoo?
JVZoo is the number one affiliate network for digital products. In fact, it is becoming more popular among marketers than other competing affiliate networks for two reasons: The ease of payment and then the ease of approval.

Unlike other affiliate networks, like Clickbank, there is fewer refunds and frauds with the JVZoo system because sellers are able to process the refund manually and then buyers can also contact sellers directly when they have issues about their products.

resell titan benefits

How to process and get payment via JVZoo system?
The main method is by using Paypal. You need to login to the seller’s dashboard and then follow the instructions in order to link to your Paypal account. Even if you don’t have your own products to sell in the JVZoo marketplace, you can still sell products here as an affiliate. However, linking to your own Paypal account is important.

A little bit about affiliate marketing and list building
Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where anyone can earn commissions from 4% to 100% commissions by promoting, in other words, marketing other people’s products. This is a form of web marketing that anyone can do it and get started even with a tight budget.

One way to generate steady affiliate income is by using email marketing and mailing list. There are tons of ways anyone can grow their own mailing list, but one of the most effective methods would be to use popular autoresponder service like Aweber or Get Response. Thanks to the JVZoo and Resell Titan system, any average Joe, including you can grow a huge mailing list on the daily and monthly basis.

How to make money online with JVZoo and my own list?
You can try Resell Titan and see for yourself how this system works. It is a huge opportunity for everyone. In case you didn’t know, Resell Titan is backed with 30 days money back guarantee, so in case you are not happy with the purchase, simply email Chris X or his support team for a refund.

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