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ScriptReel review

ScriptReel Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Introduction – What and why ScriptReel?

ScriptReel is going to open up a new traffic source for you. The non-English markets.

In short, ScriptReel is actually a video editing + marketing software (We’ve seen a lot of those before, don’t we?). But the big difference is, with ScriptReel, you can publish videos in different languages (not just English).

In other words, your traffic sources and viewers are not only from the English-native audience. This is a global, untapped market, which is bigger than the English market itself.

An overview of the ScriptReel software

Product name:ScriptReel
Product creators:Abhi Dwivedi
What is it about?Video translator + publisher + submitter
Launch date:Nov 13th, 2018
Official website:Visit ScriptReel website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offers:View our complementary bonus offers here

Pros and cons of the ScriptReel software

– ScriptReel software really delivers. What you see in the website is what you will get.
– New traffic opportunity. Tap into a new, non-English markets.
– Super easy to use and understand.
– No need to upload or download anything.
– Viral traffic software is included with the ScriptReel package.
– Tons of editing features within the software that you can build an impressive video.

– It’s not a free software. But, you won’t find any free software that can do the same as ScriptReel does.

ScriptReel review

Why use ScriptReel? Why publish a non-English video?

We know the power of video marketing. However, as for today, there are a few major problems with video marketing:
– The English-based keywords are competitive. It will be hard to rank on Google or Youtube for any English-based keywords these days.
– 80% of the traffic and viewers speak other than English as their language.

Want to gain advantages above the rest? Use ScriptReel
Why do you want to compete on Google or Youtube for competitive English keywords? The internet is getting bigger today with 80% of its users are not speaking English. It makes much more sense that you tap into non-English markets and then steal tons of traffic on the web.



Features of the ScriptReel software:

List of ScriptReel software features can be summarized into 4 parts. I will explain them here, one-by-one.

Part 1: ScriptReel comes with the AI-based auto caption technology

AutoCaption Creation Technology
ScriptReel automatically extracts the audio from the original English-based videos, and then convert them into auto-captions by using the AutoCaption Creation Technology. This is actually an AI-based technology that will keep learning and improving as you create more videos.

AutoCaption Placement Technology
Once the captions are created, the ScriptReel software will automatically edit and then place the correct caption into the video. In other words, the fragments of the videos will be placed at the correct time during the video playback.

Part 2: Translation technology

The ScriptReel software comes with powerful translation technology to translate the captions and finally the entire video into whatever language that you choose.

AutoCaption Translation Technology
The AutoCaption Translation technology allows you to convert the captions into various languages (Up to 92 languages). To list a few here, those languages are Arabic, Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Multi-Lingual Audio Creation Technology
If you wish to create just the audio version, you can do so with ScriptReel software. This program can translate and convert the video into different audio from 27 different languages.

Part 3: Powerful video creator, editor and publisher are packed into one

No lagging problem. ScriptReel is a cloud-based app:
Just like the majority of video editor programs today, ScriptReel is also a cloud-based app. Therefore, this program can avoid a lot of common bugs and problems experienced when you use a Windows-based app. For example, you can edit and render one video without any lagging since it is running on the ScriptReel server. Then, you can run this program on any operating system, including Linux or Android since it can be run on any browser.

No upload required. Just enter a URL from Youtube:
You can start by entering a URL from Youtube to edit a video. This function will save your time since you don’t need to wait for the upload process to finish. Other than that, you can also upload the video directly from your computer, just like you did when publishing a video on Youtube.

VidCuratorFX2 is included:
VidCuratorFX2 is one powerful web-based software that can create hundreds of videos by using just keyword. If you wish to expand the video traffic further, you can use this software to create tons of videos by entering a few keywords. Then, use the ScriptReel to translate and render them into multi-lingual videos. The result? You will get hundreds of videos in various languages, ready to be published.

Part 4: ScriptReel will skyrocket your traffic, on complete auto-pilot

Upload and publish right from the ScriptReel dashboard:
Once the video is ready, you can upload to both Youtube, Facebook and 8 additional video sites. No need to leave the browser. Just click and upload the translation-ready video right from the ScriptReel dashboard to send and publish it on Youtube and Facebook.

SyVID integration is included:
SyVID is another powerful software created by the same creator of ScriptReel. SyVID is one powerful video submitter, where you can scale up your traffic by 20X and get even more viewers to your live and existing videos. While ScriptReel can publish your videos only to Youtube and Facebook, SyVID lets you submit the videos to 8 different video sites and 15 social media sites. As the result, the viewers will come to your videos and website from a lot of sources.

VidOptimizeNeos is included for better ranking on search engines:
VidOptimizeNeos is one powerful software to optimize and rank your videos. So, you can get the search engine traffic from Youtube and Google. This program works like a charm even on competitive English-based keywords. Just imagine if you leverage the power of this software on less competitive keywords in other languages. Yes, you can do this by combining both ScriptReel and VidOptimizeNeos software.

Who needs the ScriptReel software?

Video marketers: Getting the video traffic today is harder when compared to years ago. However, if you tap into a foreign market, that will be another story. ScriptReel opens up a new market for you, by offering you an easy-to-use software for non-English markets.

Freelancers and local agency: If you are selling services for local clients, then the ScriptReel software will be very useful. Send traffic to the local clients based on their geographic region. Impress your local clients with quality of your work.

Social media marketers: Video sharing is a proven method to attract social media traffic. Since the creation of Youtube, billions of viral traffic are generated via online video sharing. If you wish to drive traffic from Pinterest or Reddit, then ScriptReel software is the way to go. Get the traffic from non-English audience on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Web marketers: If you are building a business on the internet, whether as an affiliate, merchant or even an e-commerce seller, ScriptReel can help you, a lot. Use this software to turn an existing video into a new, non-English video. Impress the customers by presenting your business in foreign languages.

My ScriptReel bonus, only from this site

As the way to help you, I am offering these products as bonus offer to the ScriptReel purchase. They are available only from this website and you cannot claim them somewhere else.

After making your purchase, please send me an email. Otherwise, you won’t be receiving the following products. (More details at the bottom of this page).

ScriptReel Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest is an untapped traffic source for small business and marketers. While Facebook traffic is good, it is hard to get the traffic from it today. There are a lot of giant companies are using Facebook these days to sell their products.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is different. These are advantages of Pinterest over Facebook:
– Less spam since the total number of users is low.
– Cheaper and easier traffic.
– Pinterest terms is not strict as Facebook.
– Pinterest is a great website for viral traffic.

If you are using the ScriptReel software, then you can combine the techniques inside the Pinterest Traffic Formula course. Use your videos to attract Pinterest visitors and then get a lot of traffic to your business.

ScriptReel Bonus #2: List Authority

List building is one of the keys to building a successful online business. While you can use video marketing for traffic, most of the visitors won’t buy anything from you directly from your video. It is recommended that you collect the contact information or email of your visitors to boost conversion rates.

Follow them up with fresh, engaging content by using the autoresponder. If you never build a list before, I am offering you List Authority course as a bonus. This course will teach you the fundamental aspects of list building such as the squeeze page, autoresponder, follow-up messages and conversions.

How to claim the ScriptReel bonus above:
1. Purchase ScriptReel software from this website. Click here to visit the ScriptReel website and purchase.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me ScriptReel bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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