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SMSBot Review

SMSBot Review, Bonus, OTO Info + Discount, Official Website

Overview of SMSBot product

Just as the name implies, the SMSBot is a unique software to automatically send SMS to anyone. And then, capture their phone number. Software like this has never been released before. It will generate you tons of mobile traffic and generate autopilot sales.

Why use the SMSBot?

You should already know this, but SMS stands for short-messaging service. SMSBot allows you to tap into one new traffic source, that is the phone SMS.

While SMS is not a new thing, most companies and marketers still neglect the power of SMS marketing. However, it is still way better than other traffic sources like email marketing or even Whatsapp marketing.

Here’s why:
More open rates: People are more likely to open and read an SMS. SMS has a huge open rates, that is 98% open rates. This is a huge amount of traffic source. If you don’t use SMS for marketing, you are missing a lot of money on the table.

More engagements: The average respond time for SMS is 90 seconds. People are more likely to respond via SMS, so you have automate this process by using a software. SMSBot is the only software that allows that kind of automation.

More sales: Most people love an offer via a text message, not email or messenger service. SMS promotion is less spammy when compared to email promotion.

xMails official website

SMSBot demo video – Watch how SMSBot works


SMSBot is the one-of-a-kind SMS marketing software. There is no other software that can do the same like the SMSBot.net.

– Email marketing: Traffic is much lower, less attention from users, low open rates,
– SMS marketing: The traffic is three times bigger than the internet itself, more attention from users, higher open rates.

Product name: SMSBot
Product creators:Gaurab Borah & Satish Gaire
What is it about?SMS autoresponder software
Launch date:October 12th 2018
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit SMSBot website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

About the creators of SMSBot

Gaurab Borah is a well-known marketer with proven track records. He teaches others killer marketing strategies in products like Simple CPA Siphon, Tube CPA Loophole, Buyers List Blueprint and Viral Funnel Builder. All of these courses prove that Gaurab Borah walks the talk and really deliver. Now, you can also learn and implement his strategies inside getsmsbot.net

SMSBot review – How the SMSBot works

With SMSBot, you can Capture and convert visitors in 3 steps (and, they are easy to follow):
Step 1: Capture the phone number.
Just use one of the special opt-in forms to capture your visitors’ phone number from anywhere that you wish.

Step 2: Follow up (automatically).
The SMSBot software will automatically send follow-up messages to your visitors every now and then. Yes, you can schedule the follow-up SMS, just like an email autoresponder. This will build you a smart funnel that will convert into sales.

Step 3: Generate the profits.
Let this SMSBot do all the hard work. All you need to do then is count the profits. Just rinse and repeat the entire process.

The features of SMSBot software

The automatic phone system is included for more profits: Thanks to this function, you let the bot respond to your client’s phone call. Yes, this will take your profit to the next level since you can showcase yourself as a big corporation.

The robot will answer your client’s phone call whether with male or female voice. You can also customize the calls, greetings plus the accents used. Just like the SMS system, the phone calls works anywhere around the world.

Free training is included: You won’t be left alone in the dark. Once inside, you will get a comprehensive training series. The entire training videos cover 7 different modules. Each of them explains in details how to collect leads, get traffic and scale-up your profits to the next level.

Reseller license is included: SMSBot is a new, hot program. What makes it better is the fact a reseller license is also included. Therefore, you can sell products to clients or marketers for big profits.

Global audience: The SMSBot can send SMS to anyone, anywhere around the world. It doesn’t matter what the cell phone service provider is and what country your visitors from.

Capture a lot more information: SMSBot software can capture the visitors’ name, city, zip, race, age, income, sex, address plus a lot more info. After that, you can save these important data and then export somewhere else.

Send/Schedule Mass SMS: We all like automation. Nobody wants to send thousands of SMS manually. SMSBot also comes with the feature not only send mass SMS but also to automatically schedule your messages.

Receive notification when others reply: Some of your visitors will probably reply to the SMS that they received. For example, they want to know more about your companies, services, products. If they do, you will receive notification on their messages. Just turn on this function via the SMSBot system. This feature is useful for e-commerce stores, offline business or perhaps high-ticket offers.

The bot logic can be programmed: When your visitors answer the SMS, you can guess what they really want or need. Then, you can program the bot to create logic based on their responses.

Let the bot take over the conversation: This feature lets SMSBot takes over by responding directly to your leads. It is very useful to answer important questions from potential customers and then close the sale.

SMSBot Review – Video Training Inside The Members Area

What good a software if you cannot understand how to use it? This is why, SMSBot comes with complete video training to assist you along the way.

The following are list of video modules inside SMSBot:

Video Module 1: Get the your account ready
If you don’t have an account, you cannot use the system. This section is basically about creating an SMS service account, sign in and then follow the links to use the system.

Video Module 2: Create Your LOGIC Bot
SMSBot allows you to collect more than just phone number. This video will explain what you can add into the opt-in form. This includes the email, age, location and more.

Video Module #3: Copy-Paste The Mobile Widget
Follow this video to start collecting phone numbers or leads. Once you’ve finished the steps in module 2, your opt-in form should be ready. The code is available inside SMSBot user area and then you can copy the code and paste into your website or blog. Other than that, feel free to share the code in the emails, flyers, social media profiles or even PPC ads.

Video Module #4: Simple Traffic
Don’t understand how people can opt-in into your contact list? This video will explain everything. Your clients can send you a special “keyword” to the phone number and then they will automatically be subscribed. Or they can also enter the phone number inside a form which will trigger a text message confirmation.

Video Module #5: Scaling Your Campaigns
Once you’ve made the profits, it is time to make your business bigger. This video will show you the correct way to re-invest and scale-up your entire campaigns.

Video Module #6: The Free Traffic Hack
If you are new to online marketing, you should watch this part first. This video will demonstrate how to get free online traffic with little or no money. No hassle to invest in paid advertising.

Video Module #7: Maximize Profits With Intelligent Retargeting
Retargeting your campaign is the best way to boost your profits and minimize the overall traffic cost. This function works like a charm with the real landing pages that ask for a phone number. If you don’t understand how the process works, don’t worry. Just watch this video and you will get the correct idea of the whole concept.


See the inside of SMSBot user’s dashboard:

Features of SMSBot with images:

My killer SMSBot bonus

As a way to say thanks, I am offering you the following products as bonuses with SMSBot purchase. They are not really part of SMSBot product, but they can add more value to your purchase.

You can use these products in many ways. For example, you can sell them since most of these products come with master resale rights. Other than that, you can also watch the video course or use them as it is. These are high-quality internet business products, so expect to learn a lot of useful stuff from them.

These bonus packs will be delivered to you once the purchase is made. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

SMSBot Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

It is no secret that email marketing works. This is why having an email list is important to all online entrepreneurs. Unlike other marketing channels, emails are always being read every now and then by your readers. Even better, the subscribers are targeted customers. In other words, you know that they are interested in your products, and that’s why they subscribe to your list.

Despite all that, most people are struggling not only to build their list but also to profit from them. While you can grow a list of subscribers, if you don’t know how to laser-target them properly, you won’t make the money.

Autoresponder Profit Formula is a comprehensive course on email marketing. This video series is jammed-packed with hours of training videos, plus complete tools to build a profitable list.

Let me explain what you will get from this course:
Part 1: List building basics
– A quick glance of list building, email marketing, and squeeze page.
– Your entire gameplan to build a profitable list.
– The list of tools that you should be using.
– Squeeze page conversion secrets.
– Tricks to send the traffic into your opt-in page.

Part 2: Grow a buyer list
– The reasons why some of your subscribers won’t buy something from you.
– Tips to become famous, known as an authority in your topic and get a massive amount of traffic to your website.
– Traffic tactic to make anyone, including your competitors, send you the real buyer traffic. Hint: It is no ad swap or solo ads.
– List of free forums where a lot of buyers are hanging around. You can register, post into these forums and then grow a list of buyers.
– Joint venture partners are your secret weapon to push yourself from the ground up. Find out more about joint venture marketing.
– 4 websites where you can register, and then post your JV proposals.
– Common list building mistakes made by a lot of new marketers.

Part 3: Selling high-ticket products to your list
– The difference between selling a low-ticket product and a high-ticket product.
– Find out the reasons why you should aim to sell a high-ticket product into your list.
– This module comes with complete tools that you can use. This includes an upsell page, swipe emails, sample of the squeeze page, videos plus a lot more.
– Video instructions on how to connect between these tools with your traffic source. As the result, you will get a powerful cash-producing machine.

SMSBot Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is a refreshing course. Why? Because it is no longer about getting the traffic from Facebook or SEO. Yes, you still can get traffic from these websites, but it is no longer profitable as it was years ago.

As you might know, today, Facebook and Google Ads are saturated with a lot of competitors. It would be hard to get a single traffic onto your website with good ROI. This is why Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is not going to teach you about Facebook Ads. Instead, it is actually about Reddit marketing.

Reddit is one solid platform and in fact, its popularity is rising in 2018. This year, 2018, Reddit has ranked the 4th most trafficked websites in the US.

The good news is, Reddit is a new traffic goldmine and the competition is much lower. You can think like using Facebook or Gooogle Ads, but years ago. It is completely a refreshing experience.

The bad news is, not many resources that you can find online, whether free or paid, is going to teach you Reddit marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is different. It is going to reveal the exact steps to use and benefit from Reddit. Plus, it will also expose another popular traffic source, Instagram.

Let me explain what you will get from this PDF blueprint:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– An overview of the Reddit website.
– The reasons why Reddit should be added to your marketing tactic.
– Introduction to subreddits, how Reddit users benefit from them and what it has to do with you.
– Bigger or smaller subreddits; the pros, cons and when to use them.
– Increasing your Reddit Karma point is super important. Find out how to boost your Reddit Karma.
– List of other features and functions within Reddit that you should know and use properly.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing:
– Introduction to the Instagram website.
– A quick glance of an Instagram account, the features and when to benefit from them.
– The hashtags function and why you should use it properly.
– Techniques to send the traffic from Instagram into your website.
– Important rules of Instagram that you need to follow. Otherwise, you might get banned.
– The quick reference in PDFs, including summary, and the recommended gameplan.

SMSBot Bonus #3: Youtube Traffic Secrets

Youtube is the new way to watch videos. In fact, many companies are already switched from the traditional TV ads into Youtube advertising. Not only Youtube Ads is much cheaper, but also it is getting bigger than it was 10 years ago. Soon, it will replace the traditional offline television.

While you know the huge potential of Youtube, not many of us know how to profit from it. Yes, Youtube has a lot of potential for small entrepreneurs like you and me. But, you must know what you are doing.

Youtube Traffic Secrets is an awesome course that will expose true secrets about Youtube marketing. This hasn’t been revealed somewhere else. This is the exact steps used by top channels to get thousands of views per week. In fact, if you implement the techniques outlined in this book, you can gain 10,000 views per week to your Youtube video.

It is actually not that hard to get that kind of attention on Youtube. In fact, most of the top videos on Youtube are short videos, but due to certain reasons lots of people are watching them.

The key lies within the functions made available by Youtube. For example, you need to use the correct video title and description. Plus, the video tags function is also super important to get a lot of traffic.

Other than that, you can read this PDF course and find out for yourself.

SMSBot Bonus #4: SEO Success Blueprint

Is your website ranked on the first page of Google? Many newbies fail to get ranked on Google and find that it is hard to do so.

However, you still need to get ranked on Google or Bing for traffic. These are some of the reasons:
– The traffic which comes from search engines is targeted. In other words, you can easily deliver whatever product or service that your visitors want.
– Search engines are proven to survive for years, as long as the internet exists. On the internet, people are looking for information. They will have to rely on certain tools to look for information. Search engines are the tools to look for information.
– The conversion rates of search engine traffic are high. People who enter relevant keywords on Bing, Yahoo or Google are already in the buying mode.

While some people think that getting ranked on Google is hard, the truth is, it can be easier than you think. However, you must know what you are doing.

SEO Success Blueprint is just the course that will help you on this aspect. Unlike other SEO courses out there, this PDF course will outline the fundamental parts of SEO. Once you know the fundamental stuff, it would be much easier to move on. It is similar to that you need to learn how to walk before you can run.

SEO Success Blueprint is free to you, with the purchase of SMSBot product.

Steps to claim the above bonus products:
Method 1: Claim the bonus automatically after the purchase
1. Click here to visit SMSBot official website and make your purchase.

2. After the purchase is complete, you will be given access to both my bonus offers and SMSBot product. This process is automatic and you don’t need to do anything.

In case you didn’t know, I already link my bonus offers above with the JVZoo.com system. JVZoo is the party which handles the product delivery to you. So, rest assured, all of the above products will be sent to you automatically once the purchase is completed.

Method 2: Claim the bonus via email
This method is not really needed, but you can also claim the products above via email.

1. Compose an email with the subject “Send me SMSBot bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase for proof of payment.

2. Send the email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading this post.
– Thomas H

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