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Snapishop Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Snapishop product

SnapiShop is a new cloud-based app that allows you to instantly profit from social media marketing and e-commerce. If you want to run an e-commerce store, probably you know software programs like Shopify or BigCommerce.

The problem with these software apps is the fact you need to work to get the traffic. Shopify, for example, doesn’t have any feature that allows you to get the traffic. 90% of people who used the Shopify platform fail to get a good ROI and survive on their e-commerce business.

Snapishop, on the other hand, is different.
– You don’t need to pay for a monthly fee. Snapishop is a one-time payment software.
– No need to learn or use Shopify.
– No hassle to learn HTML, PHP, WordPress or whatever site builder programs that you want to use.
– Snapishop is easy to use; no complicated stuff that you need to learn here.

Product name:Snapishop
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
What is it about?E-commerce store + social media marketing
Official website:Visit Snapishop website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Who needs the Snapishop system

Affiliate marketers: Snapishop can be integrated with Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and Ali Express affiliate programs. Selling physical products as an affiliate is one solid business model. You can make a lot of commissions in the long term once you know how to sell physical products properly.
If you are struggling hard to earn the real income from affiliate marketing, Snapishop is just for you. You don’t need to learn how to use WordPress, HTML and you can also get easy traffic thanks to the social sharing feature.

E-commerce business owner: There are tons of benefits of using Snapishop system when compared to other systems like Shopify. One of them would be, is you can get easier traffic since Snapishop already has built-in sharing and traffic function. Another advantage would be the cost. You don’t need to pay monthly for Shopify or other expensive software. You can reduce the cost drastically thanks to Snapishop system.

Web design agency: Need to design an e-commerce website for clients? This tool can help you creating a beautiful, high-converting website for clients. Best of all, your clients will thank you for this since a Snapishop store allows them to get free, targeted traffic from Facebook, Instagram and more. Snapishop is much cheaper and easier to use when compared to other site builder software out there.

Full features of Snapishop

Integrates with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account: Snapishop allows you to connect with Facebook account and then create the store. This allows you to share the website content on Facebook and then attract viral traffic from it. You can also integrate the store with Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Create a store by just selecting a theme: Once you’ve integrated your online store with a Facebook account, you can easily create a store with no technical skills. Just select a theme, (that is what your web store is all about) and then you are good to go.

You can easily add the image, Youtube video, price, and monetization: The system is pretty straight forward. Once you select a theme, you can edit any page of your online store easily. Just select an image, customize the currency, monetization method. You can also add a demo video from Youtube.

Boost your sales with reviews: Adding customer reviews can increase your sales. You can use the Snapishop system to pull and add customer reviews from Amazon.

Monetize with your Paypal account, affiliate link or your own product: The Snapishop system can be integrated with your Paypal account, Amazon Associate, Ali Express affiliate program, eBay Partner Network and also Best Buy. Sell the product right from your online store.

Search for images within the store: You can search for stunning images by entering the right keywords. Then, you can also edit the image as you please right from the Snapishop dashboard.

Analytics and tracking are included: You can track the traffic that comes to your online store thanks to this feature.

Snapishop Demo – How to use the Snapishop system:

1. The main dashboard. This is how the main dashboard of Snapishop looks like. From here, you can navigate to search for images, integrate with social accounts, build a new store, integrate with Paypal account and more.

2. Add a social account. Add your Facebook account at this point. This is where you can connect with Facebook and then add the account.

3. Edit the profile. Once you’ve added the Facebook account, you can also edit the profile. For example, changing the profile image, change your name or even add new social media accounts.

4. Select your profile to begin creating the store.

5. Select a theme. In this section, you can select a theme for your store. These are ready-made images and website templates that you can use to publish your online store later on.

6. Select an album. The album is a collection of images. You need to select one and then move forward.

7. Select images.

8. Add the description, logo and store the main title. Here at this point, you can add the store logo, the title, description and more.

9. Edit your online store. From this point, you can add the description and monetization models. For example, you can monetize the online store with Amazon Associate ID, eBay partner network, change the currency, add Paypal account, add Youtube video demo and more.

11. Pull customer reviews from Amazon. Snapishop system allows you to integrate with Amazon and then pull customer reviews right from the Amazon website. Adding positive reviews from customers will greatly improve your conversion rates and increase your total number of sales. The customer reviews will be displayed as a hover pop-up, so it will attract the attention of your visitors.

My killer Snapishop bonus

Get Snapishop software from this website and you are qualified to receive all my bonus offers below. These bonus products are complementary to the Snapishop system. Which means you can increase the total traffic, conversion, and sales thanks to these products and Snapishop system.

You cannot get them somewhere else. They are available only when you purchase Snapishop via this website. After the purchase, please send me an email to claim the bonus. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Snapishop Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Snapishop is about e-commerce and social media marketing. Therefore, in my opinion, this course would be suitable for you if you want to increase the traffic to your Snapishop website. Pinterest Traffic Formula is about getting free, viral and targeted traffic from Pinterest.

You don’t need to use expensive tools to implement the techniques inside this course. You can just use free tools available online and right from the Pinterest website.

Discover the following from this book:
– Your target audience on Pinterest.
– Rules and terms on Pinterest that you need to know and comply.
– Tools and automation available on Pinterest that allows you to automate the traffic.
– The type of content that goes viral each time people share those on Pinterest.
Plus, a lot more will be exposed inside this product.

Snapishop Bonus #2: WordPress Sales Robot with PLR

If you have a WordPress site, this plugin will be very useful. WordPress Sales Robot is both a traffic and conversion plugin. This plugin will display a message, offering your visitors a special coupon code in exchange for X number of Facebook shares. You can decide how many shares (that is X), in order for one particular visitor to unlock the coupon code.

Once the visitor gets the coupon code, she will make the purchase since she is already in buying more. Then, you will get not only sales but also free traffic from Facebook thanks to her.

Snapishop Bonus #3: Social Media Marketing Complete Blueprint

This product is going to increase your overall traffic from Instagram and Reddit. Both Instagram and Reddit are 2 of the most popular social media sites in 2019.

Discover the following inside this course:
– A quick glance of Instagram and Reddit.
– The target audience and why you should care.
– Tips to make your images or content go viral on Instagram.
– Tricks to use the hashtags to laser-target your audience and get free, targeted traffic.
– Tools that you can use to automate the process.
Plus, a whole lot more will be exposed in this course.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the Snapishop product from this website. Click here to purchase Snapishop product.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me the Snapishop bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and the date of purchase for verification.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.

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