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Soci Jam Review

Soci Jam Review, OTO Info, Discount And Complementary Bonus

Soci Jam is the #1 Facebook marketing software

It is no secret that using Facebook is the best way to get traffic. Not only you will get more traffic from Facebook or its ads, but also via viral marketing. This happens when your content on Facebook gets liked or shared all over this social media site.

However, let’s face the fact that getting traffic from Facebook is not as easy as it sounds.
– You need to post an outstanding content to impress the readers.
– There are some promotion works involved, such as getting people to like your content.
– The content on your FB account needs to be updated regularly in order to maintain the traffic.


Visit Soci Jam official website

Product name:Soci Jam
Product creators:Cindy Donovan, Gary Alach, Viktor Grant
What is it about?Social media marketing software
Launch date:6 Sept 9AM EST
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit Soci Jam website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Soci Jam will save your time for website promotion and traffic
Soci Jam will make your content goes viral on auto-pilot. This is actually an automated content poster.
– No hassle to write the content on your own. Soci Jam software will automatically create one for you.
– You don’t need to keep logging into the FB account to post frequently. The Soci Jam platform will automatically post for you.
– Automate the promotion part. The Soci Jam software will automatically promote your content, giving you lots of likes, shares, and comments.

Soci Jam OTO Info

The front-end of Soci Jam software itself is awesome already. However, if you want to get the traffic and profit faster, I highly recommend that you take at least one of the upsells/OTO.

The following is the sales funnel of Soci Jam software:
Front-end: Soci Jam – the base software. This software allows automated content posting and promotion.

Upsell 1: Soci Jam Pro – Unlock access to 30+ compatible services from Skype to Youtube and many more. Plus emoji too.

Upsell 2: Soci Jam Extreme – Access to swipe files, templates, and resources. Done for you. I highly recommend this one if you want to save the time on promotion and campaigns.

Upsell 3: Soci Jam Agency – Allows you to create user accounts of Soci Jam for the clients.

Upsell 4: Soci Jam Reseller – Sell Soci Jam and keep 100% profits. If you have a list relevant to social media software, internet marketing or social media marketing, then this OTO is for you. Sell Soci Jam software and keep 100% of its profits.


My killer Soci Jam bonus, with MRR and PLR

Purchase Soci Jam from this website to receive the following bonus offers. They are complementing the Soci Jam product. In other words, they will add more value to your purchase.

Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

Bonus #1: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

It is no secret that getting traffic from Facebook is one solid method to grow an online business. However, in 2018, I highly recommend that you pay attention to Reddit.

The reason is that Reddit’s popularity is rising in 2018. In other words, if you are looking for an untapped traffic goldmine, Reddit is the answer. It’s like using Facebook or Google ads, but years ago.

How to get started on Reddit? This blueprint has the answers. This PDF course will teach you how to profit from both Reddit and Instagram.

You don’t need to invest a lot of time to drive the traffic. But, you still need to know the exact formula on how to utilize Reddit and Instagram properly.

Some of the most useful tips that you will learn from this course:
Part 1: Reddit marketing.
– The overview of the Reddit website.
– Discover your target audience.
– Subreddits and how to utilize these for traffic and profits.
– Find out how to make your Reddit post outstanding.
– The difference between bigger subreddits and the smaller ones.
– Reddit Karma and votes. Find out how to use these features to gain popularity.
– List of tools that you can use for Reddit marketing.
– Viral marketing strategy.

Part 2: Instagram Marketing.
– Instagram website and why you should utilize it.
– The secrets to making your content viral.
– Step-by-step gameplan for Instagram marketing.
– Comparison of Instagram with other social media sites.
– Features and functions of Instagram that you shouldn’t miss.
– The right tactics to uncover, approach and sell to the right audience.
– Giant companies are also using Instagram. Discover their tactics and how to copy those to your advantage.
– Website creation and its integration with your Instagram account.
– Examples of Instagram marketing campaigns and plans that you can replicate.

Bonus #2: Buyers Generation 3.0

Many marketers say that “the money is in the list”. However, that statement is not quite accurate. The money is actually inside the buyer’s list. There’s a huge difference between a freebie-seeker list and buyer’s list.

If you get the traffic at random, let say from social media, your subscribers will less likely buy from you. However, if you know how to get the traffic from the correct source, your conversion rates will be improved.

Buyer Generation 3.0 is going to teach you just about that. It is more than just a list building course. It is actually a course about getting more buyers.

Some of the lessons that you will learn from this course:
– 5 different methods to build a list of responsive buyers. Discover proven strategies to build a huge list of buyers that will quadruple your profits.
– The secret to making your competitors send you the buyer traffic.
– Free report secret. Discover the correct method to distribute a free viral report to grow a list of buyers and eliminate freebie seekers.
– Discover how to build your credibility and be seen as an authority. Once people see you as an authority, getting lots of subscribers will be much easier.
– Joint venture marketing tactics. Discover 4 great places to look for joint venture partners who will send a massive amount of traffic and build a list of buyers.
– Learn the 4 critical points in your proposal to build your buyers’ list. These points should be mentioned when you want others to send traffic and build the list for you.
– 3 newbie mistakes to avoid when comes to list building.

Bonus #3: Shopify Blueprint

You know e-commerce, but how to get started? One answer would be: learn and use Shopify. Shopify is the number one e-commerce software today. If you are looking for a platform that is simple, but still has all the features that you need, Shopify is the answer.

List of chapters inside this video series:

Shopify at a glance: This video will introduce you to Shopify.

Getting started with Shopify: The detailed comparison between monthly and yearly plan. Discover which one is the best in terms of functions and budget.

Shopify dashboard: See the main features and functions of Shopify. Plus, learn how to configure your account.

How to set up your Shopify e-store: In this section, learn how to choose an appealing template. After that, you are good to go. Then, discover how to set up your payment and shipping methods.

How to identify hot selling products: Some products sell like hot cakes. However, some don’t. This chapter will help you identify the hot selling products which are high demand, and popular.

How to create a buy button/shopping cart: You need to set up the buy button correctly. Otherwise, the money won’t go into your bank account. That is why this video will explain in details how to set up a buy button with Shopify.

Launching your e-store: This is where you send the traffic and see results coming in.

Other ideas to make the money from Shopify: You do not need to sell your products inside the Shopify e-store. You can also send traffic to an affiliate link or perhaps do dropshipping on your website. This video will explain in details about the money making ideas.

How to migrate the website from Bigcommerce to Shopify: Learn how to switch from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify. This video will guide you through the entire process to migrate from other platforms to Shopify with ease.

Bonus #4: High Ticket Authority Gold

This is a 10 video series which walk you over the shoulders on how to profit from high-ticket products. Selling a high-ticket product is the best way to monetize and earn the real money from your website, blog or email list.

You don’t need to drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate offers with a high-ticket product. Just one or two sales per month are enough to make you $3000 per month.

List of modules inside this package:
Module 1: Videos. Learn how to set up the entire funnels, from your website to driving traffic.
Module 2: Upsell page. This is where you can sell the product. The page provided is just an example, but feel free to modify it, as you please.
Module 3: 7-day autoresponder series. You can use these swipe emails as the example.
Module 4: Special report. You can use this report to grow your list, get more traffic or perhaps attract more affiliates.
Module 5: Affiliate toolbox page. You can edit this page as you need. It will be useful for your affiliates to promote your brand.
Module 6: Social media swipe kit.
Module 7: List of forums and blogs. You can target these forums and blogs for promotion and traffic.
Module 8: Keyword list. This list is useful if you want to target your website for search engine traffic.
Module 9: Presentation. This is the slideshow inside the video series.
Module 10: Feature images.
Module 11: Audio files. The audio files which are used in the 10-step video series.

High Ticket Authority Gold also comes with MRR and sales letter. So, you can sell this product and keep 100% of its profits.

Bonus #5: Niche Authority Gold

Let’s face the fact that niche research is hard to most people. Even for experienced marketers, finding the correct niche can take months of time.

What if you can reduce the learning curve? What if you can finally figure out the hot niche to tap into today? Now you can, with Niche Authority Gold video series.

What you will learn from this course:
– The options that you have when it comes to choosing profitable niches.
– Mistakes made by most people when comes to niche research.
– The right mindset of researching for profitable niches.
– Why you should start with something that you know.
– Discover how to find a niche that you are not familiar with.
– Top 10 niche finding tools that can help you, a lot.
– The secret to finding profitable niches as an affiliate.
– Step-by-step techniques to create your own niche products fast.
– Summary of the entire system.

Bonus #6: Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest is the hottest social media site today, with millions of visitors per day. However, did your Pinterest account bring you any income? If not, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you know how to use pictures correctly, you can drive traffic and monetize images by using the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest Perfection is more than just a course on how to drive traffic; it is actually the course to profit from Pinterest, for real.

Discover the following and more from Pinterest Perfection course:
– The basic tips when using Pinterest.
– The secret to posting images that will go viral.
– The type of information which are relevant and helpful.
– Creativity is the key. Find out how to become more creative when posting your content here.
– Techniques to approach and partner up with other bloggers in your niche.

Along with these tips, you will also receive master resell rights to this ebook. The resell right comes with PDF file, sales letter, and cover.

Bonus #7: Youtube Traffic Secrets course

As an online marketer, your task is to get the traffic. Using Youtube is one of the obvious choices. However, the question is, how to get the traffic for real?

This PDF course has all the answers that you need. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in video creation or software for massive video traffic. The viewers don’t care about how much money or time that you’ve invested in those videos.

I have found lots of simple videos, made with MS Powerpoint that get tons of traffic. On the other hand, I also watched a lot of professionally-designed videos which barely get 1000 views for a lifetime.

The key lies in the effective promotion. Youtube Traffic Secrets has all the answers and promotional methods that you should be learning. This is the proven methods used by top channels to get 10,000 views per week and thousands of subscribers per month.

Bonus #8: FBA Profit Mastery with MRR

Making money from Amazon.com is huge these days. Other than becoming an associate, you can also sell your own product at Amazon.com website. This is known as the Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA.

If you are new to FBA, the FBA Profit Mastery video course can help you get started. On the other hand, if you have a list relevant to Amazon or online business, you can also sell this video blueprint for profits. The sales letter, video, and cover are included.

The following are some of the lessons that you will learn from FBA Profit Mastery:
– A quick overview of the FBA program.
– Sourcing for FBA and how to source your product effectively.
– How successful Amazon FBA sellers do their work.
– Local sourcing techniques.
– Discover how to search for relevant products for sourcing on websites like Craiglist, newspapers and other offline sources.
– How to leverage the local auctions.
– Real estate secrets.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the Soci Jam product from this website. Click here to purchase socijam product.

2. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the bonuses. All these bonuses are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so once you’ve made your purchase, you will be taken right to the download page.

3. You can also claim these bonus files by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Please include your proof of purchase in your email. For example, the time and date of purchase, Paypal ID etc.

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