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Socifeed review

Socifeed Review, Information, Demo Video and Killer Bonus

Introduction to Socifeed:

Customers love to buy. This is actually an undeniable fact. As more people are connected online, there will be a lot more transactions will be done online. In fact, $2.4 trillion dollars will be spent online this year and in 3 years, it will be $5 trillion.

In order to make the sale, you need to do 2 things.

First: Your customers want video. Therefore, you will want to present them with the right kind of video. In other words, it must be a relevant video.

Second: Your customers will always buy with emotion. In other words, your video muust trigger their emotion. Customers will watch your video, buy with emotion and then justify with logic.

Yes, only video content that triggers emotion will sell: You need to upload and share videos that trigger emotions.
– Smart marketers and super affiliates know this fact. For years, they’ve uploaded and shared tons of funny, emotional videos on Youtube.
– Wealthy gurus, top industry leaders are distributing these type of videos to get a lot of views, shares and engagements.

Socifeed is not just another video creator. It is a conversion booster. Not only it will create a video, but it will also trigger the emotion of your customers so they will purchase from you.

Product name:Socifeed
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Product creators:Brett Ingram and the SociFeed team.
What is it about?Viral video software
Official website:Visit Socifeed website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

Socifeed Full review

Full features of the Socifeed software

Socifeed is a 100% cloud-based software app

You don’t need to download anything. This program will run on the cloud. All you need to do is log in with your username and password and after that, you are good to go.

Easily create and publish video that triggers emotion

Emotion always sells. People will buy something because they want that product. Or at least they think the product is interesting. Socifeed allows you to easily create high-converting videos with an easy-to-follow wizard.

Various video themes/categories available

There are tons of video themes/categories that you can choose from. From abstract, motivation to love theme.

Post the video directly to Youtube or Facebook

Socifeed has the ability to integrate with your Youtube and Facebook account. Therefore, you don’t need to download or upload your video. On the other hand, you can also choose to download the video and save into the local computer if you want to.

Step-by-step system on how Socifeed works

I have the review access to this software. Therefore, I can show you how the Socifeed software works. Let me show you the demo here:

Step 1: Choose the category of your video.

Step 2: Enter relevant details, such as the video tags, fonts, music tracks and more.

Step 3: Your video is ready. Then, you can choose to download if you wish. It’s that fast.

Step 4: Ready to promote your Socifeed video? Then, use the Youtube and Facebook integration feature to upload the newly-made video to Youtube or Facebook.

My Socifeed bonus, only from this site

Purchase Socifeed from this page and I will send you the following bonus offers. These products are not part of the Socifeed software.

However, they will be useful if you wish to boost your income from internet marketing and video marketing. You can claim these offers only via email. (More information at the bottom of this page).

Socifeed Bonus #1: Youtube Traffic Secrets

I think this is the most relevant bonus offers if you choose to purchase Socifeed. Youtube Traffic Secrets is about getting thousands of subscribers to your Youtube channel every month. Unlike other courses, the information inside this product is easy to implement.

You can have a high-converting video thanks to the Socifeed software. However, this course is going to take your profits and traffic to the next level.

Socifeed Bonus #2: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Need to promote your Socifeed video on social media? While you can build an outstanding video with Socifeed, you still need to promote it in order to get more views and traffic. Socifeed can help you in terms of engagement, social sharing, and conversion. This blueprint will take your traffic to the next level.

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is basically about sending traffic to your business with Reddit and Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and if you have a video on Youtube or Facebook, you can share that on Instagram.

Learn the following and more from this blueprint:
– The introduction to Instagram and why you should care about it.
– Content is the king. Discover the right type of content on Instagram that you need to publish and share to get a lot of viral traffic.
– A hashtag is a powerful function on Instagram. Find out the correct way to utilize Instagram hashtags for traffic.
– Learn why Reddit marketing is vital for you in 2018.
– Reddit Karma feature and how it can help you in getting a lot of trust, fans, and followers.
– Terms of Reddit that you should know to avoid from being flagged.
– Effective monetization models on Reddit.
– The tools and automated software that you can use to get traffic from Reddit. Also on complete auto-pilot.

Socifeed Bonus #3: Pinterest Traffic Formula

Pinterest is another great platform to promote your Socifeed video. While you can get some traffic from Youtube or Facebook, it is recommended that you utilize Pinterest for traffic. After all, getting the Pinterest traffic is much easier when compared to SEO or even Facebook marketing.

I know that some of you might be new to Pinterest marketing, and that’s why I am offering you this PDF book. Unlike other products out there, Pinterest Traffic Formula will explain the concept of Pinterest marketing, from scratch.

Learn the following plus even more inside this course:
– An overview of Pinterest and your target audience there.
– Tools and features of Pinterest that you should know.
– Rules of the Pinterest website that you need to know and comply.
– The type of content that attracts traffic, social shares, and sales.
– The correct techniques to joint venture with fellow bloggers on Pinterest and get a lot of traffic.

Plus, a whole lot more will be exposed inside.

How to claim the above bonus offers:
1. You need to purchase Socifeed product from this page. Click here to purchase Socifeed product.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me the Socifeed bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase in the email.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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