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Sqribble review

Sqribble Review, User Experience, Demo, Limited Time Discount + Huge, Relevant Bonus Offers

Introduction – Build a huge eBook business with Sqribble:

Sqribble is an all-in-one eBook creator platform. I know you already tried other eBook software before, but Sqribble takes it to the next level. In fact, no other software publishers have done this before. Sqribble will make eBook publishing possible and affordable to everyone on the planet.

Now, if you published an eBook before, you always have to rely on the third party tools, like Photoshop, PDF creator, and then website creator like Dreamweaver or WordPress. You also need to invest in cover graphics plus the third-party ghostwriter.

The entire projects will cost you thousands of dollars. This is not affordable to most people. Plus, you might end up with a lot of trial and errors in the middle of the process.

Thanks to Sqribble, you can eliminate all of that.
– No need to hire ghostwriter anymore. Just use the ready-made content in the Sqribble library.
– Forget paying for graphics or 3D covers. Sqribble users have access to thousands of awesome images and 3D graphics.
– Attract more customers by displaying flipbooks (more about that later in this review).

Sqribble launch day DISCOUNT

Enter coupon code “spock” to get a $3 discount for Sqribble during the launch day only. You will want to bookmark this page (Press Ctrl + D) to grab Sqribble during the launch day.

Product name:Sqribble
Product creators:Adeel Chowdhry
What is it about?All-in-one eBook publishing software
Launch date:November 5th, 2018
Do we recommend it?Yes. 10/10 rating from us.
Official website:Visit Sqribble website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee
Bonus offer:View our bonus offers here

My Sqribble Review

A little bit about the creator of Sqribble

Adeel Chowdhry is the real deal. He is one of the top publishers on Clickbank, JVZoo and other digital product networks. If you are going to sell products online, especially eBook products, Adeel is one of the legit gurus that you should learn from.

Before this, he created the Pixel Studio FX, which was sold tens of thousands of units all over the web. In case you miss it, Pixel Studio FX is actually a powerful eBook cover make software. It received thousands of positive reviews from online entrepreneurs worldwide.

Features of the Sqribble software:

Sqribble library, with 150 professional eBook templates: Sqribble library is a compilation of awesome ebooks that you can paste, edit, publish and finally turn them into your own products. Even better, new, 15 premiums “limited edition” eBook templates will be added to the dashboard each month! You don’t have to worry about finding content anymore. All of them are done-for-you on a single platter.

Automatic content: This feature alone makes Sqribble worth every single penny. Yes, you don’t have to write a word in order to publish your own eBook. The content is pulled from around the web or from the Sqribble library of articles itself. Just paste a URL and then let this software do its work.

The automatic content function is a total game changer and makes the Sqribble software the #1 choice for publishing an eBook. Why spend days of time writing eBooks in topics that you know nothing about? Why not power up this program and let it do the work for you?

Auto job finder software is included: This function is very useful for freelancers. If you want to use the Sqribble software to get paid for writing books or eBooks, then use this software. Sqribble’s Auto Job Finder will scrap and then fetch relevant jobs from various freelance websites. After that, you will be notified so you can apply, fulfill the task and make money from it.

Beautiful eBook covers with 3D covers are included: Professional covers, graphics and editor are included with the Sqribble software. If you want to save more time, ready-made, beautiful 3D covers are also included. No hassle to edit and turn the flat cover images into a 3D design manually.

Most eBook cover maker can’t create a gorgeous e-covers like Sqribble do. You need to find a third-party source of graphics in order to design a stunning cover.

However, that is not the case with the Sqribble software. The covers made with the Sqribble software are impressive. Use them on the sales letter or Amazon Kindle – after that, people will trust you as an authority.

Create flipbooks: Publishing your “flat” eBooks into flipbooks will attract more buyers. Unlike normal eBooks, people can look inside your flipbooks and read a few pages from it, before purchasing. This way, your readers will trust you even more. The result? You will get more sales and happy customers.

Also, you can embed the flipbooks into your website to attract more traffic (and customers too). Just paste a simple piece of code which is provided by Sqribble software once the eBook is published.

Cloud-based eBook creator tool: You can run Sqribble anywhere, from any computer with the internet connection. You don’t need to download anything. This is different when compared to years ago, where the eBook cover software like Adobe Photoshop, must be installed in your PC. Sqribble takes it to the next level by providing you with a cloud-based app.

My Relevant, Killer Sqribble bonus offers

As a way to help you, I am sending you the following bonus offers. If you are going to use Sqribble to publish and sell eBooks, the following offers are relevant to you (and will help you, a lot too).

Some of them are provided by the creator of Sqribble himself, Adeel. However, some of them are personal bonus offers from me, Thomas Henry.

You can claim these bonus files via email. After purchasing Sqribble from this website, send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. (Read more instructions at the bottom of this post).

Sqribble Bonus #1: 10 Additional Sqribble templates
Need more templates for your eBook project? Purchase Sqribble from this website and you will receive 10 additional templates. You can create an eBook with Sqribble without this bonus offer, but it will give you more options to start a project.

Sqribble Bonus #2: Ebook Profit Formula
New to eBook publishing? Then this course will help you getting started. Sqribble itself is a powerful tool, but it is useless if you don’t know how to use it and sell eBooks with it. This PDF course will help you getting started, quickly and easily.

Sqribble Bonus #3: Publish Ebook On Kindle video series

I think this offer is very relevant to the Sqribble product. While you can produce a quality eBook, if you cannot sell it, it means nothing.

One of the best places to sell your eBook online is the Amazon.com website itself – the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

For a few reasons:
– People who love to read books will always browse the Amazon Kindle marketplace.
– No hassle to promote your newly made eBook because Amazon.com itself is a buyer search engine.
– Amazon Kindle marketplace gives you more control over the price and even the traffic that comes to your eBook listings.
– You can leverage the Amazon website and send the buyer traffic to your own website.

Publish Ebook On Kindle is going to walk you through the process of selling an eBook on Kindle marketplace.
– Learn how to register on Kindle and upload your eBook.
– How to create an publish your own eBook cover.
– Edit the eBook description, title and more.
– How to modify and update your eBook even when you already upload and sell it via Amazon Kindle.

Sqribble Bonus #4: Niche Authority Gold with MRR

Finding the right niche is a huge obstacle for most people. Even for some experienced entrepreneurs, they will have a hard time figuring out the right niche to jump into.

The Niche Authority Gold is a solid niche-finding course. This product will walk any beginner for A to Z about finding the correct niches for her/his business.

If you are experienced, this course also share the techniques to create your own niche products fast. In other words, how to create your own eBook quickly in any niche.

Plus, the Niche Authority Gold also comes with master resell rights (MRR). So, if you are selling eBooks on your website, this product can add more value to your existing product.

This is why I am offering the Niche Authority Gold as the bonus for Sqribble product – because I know that you are selling eBooks.

Sqribble Bonus #5: High Ticket Authority Gold with MRR

The High Ticket Authority Gold is one solid course for people who wish to sell a high-ticket product. Selling a high-ticket product might not relevant for some people. But, it might be useful to you later on if you wish to expand the eBook business.

For example, if you wish to publish and sell your own eBook as a high-ticket product soon. You cannot sell a high-ticket product easily without the correct guidance. This is why, the High Ticket Authority Gold is relevant to you, as online entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, if you are just getting started, you can add this product as a bonus to your existing customers. It comes with master resell rights (MRR), so it can be repackaged and then sold with an existing products to your customers.

Sqribble Bonus #6: List Authority

List building is always relevant to you when you are building an online business, especially the eBook business. This is the reason why I think the List Authority product will be useful for you as the Sqribble customer.

The List Authority product is not for gurus or list building experts. However, for beginners, this course is much easier to follow and implement when compared to more advanced courses out there.

This video series will explain how to setup a funnel, build squeeze pages and then get the traffic. It also covers important aspects of list building like choosing the correct autoresponder service provider. Finally, how to compose the follow-up emails the correct way.

How to claim these bonus products:
1. Purchase the Sqribble product from this website. Click here to purchase Sqribble product .

2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Sqribble bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase.

3. Send the email to support[at]italica-virtus.com.


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