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Storymate review

Storymate Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of Storymate product:

Introduction to Instagram and Facebook Stories:

Instagram and Facebook Stories is a feature that allows you to announce news, updates or stories on your Facebook or Instagram profile. After 24 hours, the stories will be gone from the top of your profile. Therefore, your fans and followers on Instagram will check out these updates before the stories are gone.

Today, 300 millions of Instagram users are posting stories on Instagram every single day. The beauty of Instagram and Facebook Stories is the fact you can place a link inside the Instagram stories. Therefore your viewers will be able to click and visit your website.

What can Storymate do to your business?

Storymate is a tool that allows you to create, post and get traffic to your website from Facebook and Instagram Stories. Just as the name implies, you can quickly create videos and post into Instagram and Facebook stories.

  • You can profit from this sofware even if you know nothing about video marketing.
  • High-converting video templates are provided for you. Just choose one template to get started.
  • Customize the template and your video.
  • Hit render and post to Instagram and Facebook stories.
  • Link to your URL inside the Stories.
  • No hassle to download and upload the video(s) again into Instagram. 
  • Watch your traffic quadruple



Storymate: Full Review

About the creator of Storymate

Luke Maguire is an experienced marketer and digital product publisher. His specialty is social media products. Before this, Luke came up with the Inboxr product, which was a hot-selling product on JVZoo network. The Inboxr product is an automated software robot for Facebook and social media marketing. This product received rave reviews from thousands of happy customers all over the world.

So, rest assured. The Storymate software is going to be a quality product that you are going to love. Just like Inboxr, Storymate is about social media marketing. If you want to get tons of traffic from these social sites, Storymate is the answer.

Instagram Stories: What is has to do with your business

Both Facebook and Instagram have the function to post new updates, known as Stories. The Instagram Stories, for example, let’s you to post the latest photo or video on top of your profile. It will disappear from it after 24 hours. Therefore, your fans and followers will immediately check them out before they are gone.

There are several steps where you can create, post and then get traffic from Instagram Stories:

  • If your Instagram account is verified and a business profile, you can add links to the Stories. The viewers can easily view your website URL just by swiping the screen on their smartphone.
  • Tag your own profile within Instagram Stories to drive traffic. The tags function is useful in case you didn’t have enough followers or want to grow a list of bigger followers.
  • Use the Instagram Stories highlights into your profile. This will display your creative side and attract more followers.
  • 25% of the Story Viewers are swiping the link and engage directly with the website. This is a new traffic opportunity for us marketers.
  • 300 million users interact with Instagram Stories.

Storymate: How can it help you getting more traffic?

Storymate is a powerful piece of software that lets you attract viewers, traffic and engagement to your website.

Create professional stories for more views and engagement: Choose from a series of professionally-made templates within the Storymate. Then, create, upload and post your story on Instagram. After that, watch your views, traffic and engagement increase.

No hassle to use your own camera or photos: Many of us marketers don’t like to use our own photos or camera to upload story into Instagram. However, worry not. Storymate provides tons of royalty-free images to all users in order to create high-converting stories. Therefore, no hassle to use our own images or cameras.

Create niche specific content for more conversion rates: Different type of Instagram story will attract a different type of traffic. Storymate allows you to create content for affiliate offers, personal offer, e-commerce stores, and local business. By creating a specific content for your offers, you can attract targeted traffic and then engage effectively with your visitors.

Grow your list with Instagram Stories: What good a traffic if it doesn’t convert? Wouldn’t it be better if your traffic grows into a list of subscribers? Now you can do so thanks to Storymate. You can create a specific call to actions to build your email list from Facebook, Instagram followers thanks to Storymate.

Sync and upload directly to your Instagram and FB account: Storymate is the first software that allows you to create stories from your desktop but then upload to Instagram. You can sync with your Instagram and FB account. Then, upload the content directly without having to log in.

Send traffic to your website on a mass scale, even better than Insta or FB posts: FB and Instagram Stories will bring you a lot of traffic in several ways. For one thing, your followers will check your story as soon as it is posted. Then, Storymate comes with the pre-made call to action builder like “swipe-up”, “opt-in here”. These features let you grow a massive amount of traffic directly to your website or opt-in page at a higher rate than FB or Instagram posts.

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My Storymate bonus offers

Get Storymate and I will send you the following bonus offers. They will help you in getting more traffic and conversions from your website and internet promotion. You can claim the following products only via email (More information at the bottom of this page).

Storymate Bonus #1: Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint

Social Media Marketing – Complete Blueprint is basically about getting Instagram and Reddit traffic. Storymate is an Instagram software. However, it will be useless if you don’t know how to use it. This blueprint is going to explain how to get the traffic from Instagram.

If you are going to use social media as the main traffic source, this blueprint is the one that you shouldn’t miss, since there are tons of useful social media tips inside this course. And yes, it is free for you if you purchase Storymate from this page.

Storymate Bonus #2: List Authority

List Authority is a list building course for beginners. If you want to monetize the traffic from FB and Instagram effectively, you need to know about list building an opt-in page. And this course is going to guide you, one-on-one on how to build an email list, the opt-in page from scratch. That’s the reason why I am offering this course as a bonus for the Storymate product.

How to claim my Storymate bonus offers:

  1. In order to qualify for my bonus offers above, you need to purchase Storymate from this page. Click here to visit Storymate website and purchase.
  2. Compose an email with the subject “Send me Storymate bonus”. Please mention your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase as the proof of purchase.
  3. Send the email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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