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Tips to promote your WordPress blog

One way to increase traffic and your online presence is by having your own blog. While people do make money and get traffic from blogging, the job is easier said than done, because you need to do more than just posting the content inside it. You need to promote your blog.

This guide will help you getting traffic and promote your blog to the mass on the internet.

1. Use Facebook. Unless if you live under a rock in the past few years, you’ve probably known about Facebook. This is the largest social media sites so you can expect the traffic to be massive.

One way to use Facebook is by linking your articles or blogs to your Facebook account and then make your family or friend read or at least follow your content. Even if this doesn’t bring much traffic instantly, but if you have a great post, it will become viral sooner than you think.

2. Twitter. Sending tweets and include the link to your post is welcomed on Twitter. While Tweeting new posts is an easy task, but you will need to invest some of your time planning it. Attention-grabbing tweets can always increase clicks and traffic. Be creative and know your topic well.

3. Use Instagram or Pinterest. These sites are useful only if your blog contains awesome images inside one particular post. Just like the name implies, with Pinterest, you can tag or pin whatever images that you find interesting or useful. This is one form of viral marketing.

4. Improve your writing and always write interesting content. Interesting and useful content always attract not only viral traffic but also ranking on search engines. The trick is to know your topic very well and keep researching for more articles or relevant blogs in your niche.

5. Guess blogging. The trick here is to find relevant blogs to your topic or niche with Google, Facebook or even related forum to your niche. Guest blogging is one way to attract traffic from both the blog itself and search engines.

6. Write a daily plan, rinse and repeat. Not only you need to promote the blog or the website itself, but you also need to keep posting content on the blog. Therefore, without a solid daily plan, you cannot achieve your goal and build a successful web presence. Keep a notepad file on your computer and then follow your schedule on when to post new content, when to tweet your blog and then when to send out newsletters to your subscribers.

Advanced strategies:

1. Use email marketing. Just like people go to social media to exchange information or interact with others, they also check their email accounts every now and then to gather information. Hence, collecting emails and sending a newsletter to your subscribers occasionally is one great method to maintain the traffic and promote your website.

2. Use Youtube. Youtube can be very powerful if you utilize it properly. However, your video must be professionally-made so that it becomes viral. It can cost you money, but in the long run, this method is very powerful because people always search and watch videos on Youtube these days, just like they watched television in the past. The trick is to use a good software like Camtasia Studio to capture video tutorials and attract lots of audiences.

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