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Traffic Builder 2.0 bonus

Traffic Builder 2.0 bonus offer

Overview of the Traffic Builder 2.0 product:

Product name:Traffic Builder 2.0
Product creators:Ben Carroll and Gee Sanghera
Bonus offer:View our bonuses here
What is it about?Reddit marketing. Untapped traffic.
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official homepage:Visit http://trafficbuilder2.co/live
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee

Introduction: What Traffic Builder is all about?

Traffic Builder 2.0 is about using Reddit to get the traffic. In the past few months, Reddit marketing is one hot topic among online marketers.

Why? Because Reddit is a new traffic goldmine. Reddit is one active community with 8 billion monthly views. The traffic source is huge, untapped and less saturated. So, the advertising cost is low whether in terms of time or money.

What the Traffic Builder 2.0 can do for you?

Setup the Reddit marketing campaigns quickly and easily. You can set up a campaign manually on Reddit, but that will take too much time. Alternatively, you can use the Traffic Builder 2.0 software. Thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard, you can have your campaign running in a few minutes.

Get lots of traffic within a few hours. No kidding here. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait several days before getting the traffic. I want to get clicks to my website or affiliate links in 48 hours. With Facebook, it is impossible now. However, with Reddit and Traffic Builder 2.0 software, it is possible today. In fact, you can get hundreds of clicks within a few hours of starting this software.

Are you starting from scratch? You can learn the Reddit marketing here. Complete training on how to use Reddit for marketing is included with Traffic Builder 2.0. Watch over the shoulders on how to use Reddit the correct way.

No hassle to find images. If you want to make your Reddit post stands out, you need to use images. The good news is, Traffic Builder 2.0 already comes with images that you can plugin into your marketing campaigns.

Cheaper traffic. This is not about getting traffic from Facebook, Google or even Bing. Those were in the past. Traffic from Facebook is becoming more expensive these days. Not only marketers but also giant companies are using Facebook and Youtube to get traffic today. However, traffic from Reddit is less saturated.

Traffic Builder 2.0 bonus

Demo tour of Traffic Builder 2.0 software

At a glance, the Traffic Builder 2.0 software will create a special URL, campaign and track the clicks.
Here are the steps on how you can use the Traffic Builder 2.0 software:

1. The dashboard itself consists of several sections where you can create a post, campaign and then track the campaign.


2. Let’s start by creating a post. You need to enter a subreddit URL in the dashboard.

3. Then, post relevant information about the subject, as well as the destination URL.

4. Then, you can copy the destination URL, as well as the post subject from the dashboard. The copied text will be used when posting into the Reddit website at later steps.

5. Once you’ve clicked finished, the Traffic Builder 2.0 software will open a new pop-up window in the Reddit website itself. It will direct you to the sub-Reddit URL being provided before.

6. At this point, you need to enter the title of your Reddit post, the URL, which is being copied from step 4.

7. Then, once you’ve finished writing the content on the Reddit website, you will be taken back to the dashboard itself. It is time to create a campaign.

8. From here on, you can enter the campaign name and the post URL into the dashboard. The post URL is the link to your sub-Reddit before.

9. At this step, you can choose the type of campaign that you want to run.

10. Then, select campaign speed type. In this case study, you can choose the fast campaign.

11. After all that, you need to wait until the software finishes its task. It will take a few minutes.

12. Once the campaign is completed, you can track and view the results of your this campaign. You can view data such as the number of clicks, the referrer, the finish time and so on.

13. It will take less than 10 minutes to get at least 95 clicks to this Traffic Builder campaign, which is quite good. While not all of these traffic converts, but at least they will be cookied. If that is an affiliate link, you will be credited for commissions.

Full features of Traffic Builder 2.0 software

Newbie friendly. Video training is included. Watch over-the-shoulders on how the Traffic Builder 2.0 software works. Free training in video format is included. Discover how to use the Traffic Builder 2.0 correctly. Then, the creators themselves will explain how anyone can profit from Reddit and its traffic thanks to the Traffic Builder 2.0 system.
[img: traffic-builder-training]

User-friendly software. No technical parts involved. The interface of the user’s dashboard is pretty straight-forward. You can understand and navigate the dashboard pretty easily and quickly. This allows anyone to set up as many campaigns as he wants, quickly. Imagine tapping into a less competitive traffic goldmine, but with a powerful software like this.

Tap into billions of traffic with no competition. Traffic Builder 2.0 is a unique software since it is about Reddit marketing. It is not the same old Facebook marketing methods which already outdated. Even better, you can automate the traffic generation process if you utilize this software program.

No hassle to find images yourself. Free images are included. One way to make your Reddit post stands out is by including a stunning image. If you are just getting started, this feature will be a big help. You don’t need to find images for the Reddit campaign yourself. Just use the images provided free to all Traffic Builder members and you are good to go.
[img: traffic-builder-image]

Track the clicks and the source of traffic. A good marketing campaign must always be tracked. This is the difference between an online and offline business. You have the ability to track the clicks, traffic source, and even conversion. Traffic Builder 2.0 creators understand this and that’s why they’ve provided a real-time tracking system to all users.

Cloud-based software that can run on any devices – Windows, Mac, Linux or even smartphones. In my opinion, the best traffic software must be a cloud-based software. The reason is that I don’t want to spend hours of time downloading and installing the program.

If you are just like me, then it is a good news for you. Traffic Builder 2.0 software is actually a cloud-based application. No hassle to download or install anything on your computer. This is very important since the tracking process should be done only with the internet connection. It is possible only once the program is a cloud-based app. Otherwise, you cannot create and track a successful Reddit campaign.

Unlimited versatility – You can promote any product in any niche on Reddit. Whether your own website or affiliate product. Reddit is a new, untapped traffic source. Whether you are in the make money online or weight loss niche, you can find customers on Reddit. The same goes for e-commerce niches like Amazon. There are always customers available on Reddit.

My killer Traffic Builder 2.0 bonus

Get Traffic Builder 2.0 from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the Traffic Builder 2.0 product from this website. Click here to purchase Traffic Builder 2.0 software.

2. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the bonuses. All my bonuses are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so once you’ve made your purchase, you will be taken right to the download page.

3. Alternatively, if you have any question regarding my bonus offers, you can contact me, Thomas Henry, by sending an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com.

Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

If you need more traffic, Pinterest is also a great alternative to Reddit, Google or Facebook. This Pinterest Traffic Formula is a complete blueprint for how anyone can generate traffic from Pinterest.

Yes, you can get started from scratch and then drive traffic to your website with Pinterest. This course will help you from A to Z. The following are some of the tactics will be covered in the Pinterest Traffic Formula course:
– Introduction.
– Why use Pinterest?
– The target audience. This is the kind of offers which are suitable to be promoted on Pinterest.
– The secret to driving a huge amount of traffic to your website.
– Tactics that you can use to network and increase your Pinterest followers.
– How to automate the Pinterest marketing campaign.
– What kind of content that you need to post and pin on this website.
– The strategies that you can use to partner with fellow bloggers on Pinterest.
– The little trick to make your content and website goes viral on Pinterest.

Bonus #2: Webinar Success Blueprint

What’s more important than getting the traffic is making the conversion. In other words, getting the sales itself. What good an email list if you cannot profit from it? One way to profit from your email list is by running a webinar.

Now, I understand that running a webinar sounds like a daunting task, especially if you never did it before. This is why I highly recommend that you go through this blueprint.

The Webinar Success Blueprint is a comprehensive course on how anyone can run and profit from a webinar from scratch. Below is the list of strategies that you can learn from this course:
– The exact formula for a profitable webinar.
– Where and how to get the traffic to your webinar.
– How can you get the attendees.
– Tips to leverage the power of joint venture partners.
– How to run your webinar on auto-pilot.
– Facebook is a good source of traffic for your webinar. This blueprint will uncover how can you drive traffic from Facebook.

Bonus #3: Autoresponder Profit Formula

If you are an internet marketer, you expand your business further without an email list. No matter where your visitors came from, sooner or later, you need to build an email list.

For anyone who is starting from scratch, this Autoresponder Profit Formula can help, a lot. It will explain from start to finish, on how to create an email list and finally how to profit from it.

This is more than just a video course. It also comes with the exact email templates and even free reports that you can give away to your potential subscribers.

The following are features of Autoresponder Profit Formula:
– Email marketing basics for beginners.
– A solid plan that you can use. This is how to get started.
– List of tools that you will need.
– Sample opt-in page and the free reports that you can give to the visitors.
– The secret to a high-converting landing page.
– How to get real buyers to your list.
– List of traffic source for list building. Getting traffic to your opt-in page is not the same as getting them for ordinary websites.
– How to leverage top forums for list building. The list of top forums is also included.
– The example of messages that you can post in social media or forums to grow your list and make people subscribe.
– Why growing a buyer list is better for a longer term.
– How to differentiate between freebie seekers and buyers.
– The strategies that you can use to find and build a list of buyers and not freebie seekers.
– Example of follow-up messages that you can use to convince people to buy something from you.
– A free viral report is included. No hassle to find them somewhere else and then distribute.
– Why the launch jacking methods work well and what does it has to do with list building.
– List of tips that you can use to build credibility so others will see you as an authority.
– Why you should reduce the total number of freebie seekers on your list.
– What is a joint venture marketing and how to leverage the power of joint venture partners to grow bigger list and faster.
– How to craft a joint venture or affiliate page if you are a beginner. This blueprint even provides sample page that you can copy or modify.
– List of mistakes to avoid when comes to list building.
– Why you should sell high-ticket products to your list and how can you do that.

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