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VidCommissions Review, OTO Info And Complementary Bonus Offers

A little bit about the creator, Paul Counts
Paul Counts is a well-known internet entrepreneur and internet marketing guru. He had helped thousands of people worldwide, for years. Yes, he is a real person and not an actor.

In fact, Paul had been giving lots of seminars worldwide and producing tons of quality info products all over the web. People are raving about the quality of his products because they really work.

Product name:VidCommissions
Product creators:Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee
What is it about?Affiliate marketing + Done For You Pack
Launch date:Sep 12th at 11:00AM EST
Do we recommend it?Highly recommended.
Official website:Visit VidCommissions website here
Refund policy:30 days money back guarantee.
Bonus offer:View our complementary bonus offers here

About the VidCommissions course
Just as the name implies, VidCommissions is about affiliate marketing. In other words, if you are serious about making money online, this is the course that you should go for.

What makes VidCommissions unique is the fact it is super easy to implement. Plus, the $9 price tag is affordable to everyone. Affiliate marketing is a solid business model, where average people like you, can earn real money from huge companies like Amazon or eBay. The best part is, you can earn the money online. In other words, you can earn money from home or even on a vacation.

You don’t need to become a mad genius or techie geek in order to profit from affiliate marketing. However, you need to know the right recipes in order to make it work. And, this VidCommissions course is the exact recipe that you are looking for.

What’s inside the VidCommissions upsell?
If you want to profit from the VidCommissions system much faster, I highly recommend that you take one or two upsells. Why? Because there are lots of done-for-you upsells included.

In other words, if you want to save the time, the upsells can help you, a lot. Yes, Paul takes it to the next level by providing done-for-you materials inside the VidCommissions course.

Upsell 1 – Success Counts Club. This is a coaching club.

Upsell 2 – Traffic Checklist.

Upsell 3 – DFY Landing Pages. This is a done-for-you package. While you can skip the first and second upsells, I highly recommend that you take this one.

Upsell 4 – Profit Booster Upgrade. Again, this is actually a done-for-you pack. If you want to take your profits to the next level, I highly recommend that you take this one.

My killer VidCommissions bonus, with MRR and PLR

Buy VidCommissions course from this website and you are qualified to get all my bonuses below. They are complementing the VidCommissions product.

In other words, if you are looking for a PLR or MRR product, then I offer those below. Plus, you can also learn new things from these bonus files, since they are quality courses.

They are available only when you purchase VidCommissions from this website. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the following products. (More info about this at the bottom of this page).

VidCommissions Bonus #1: WP Sales Robot with PLR

If you are looking for a PLR product, WP Sales Robot is one of the best options. As online marketers, we all know that conversion is more important than traffic. Now, here’s the problem. While lots of products out there focus on traffic, not many give attention to conversion.

WP Sales Robot is different. This WordPress plugin can boost your traffic and conversion altogether. Anyone can use this plugin since it works on WordPress. Just upload the files and then activate, just like a normal plugin.

Features of this plugin:
– More sales with coupon code: You can set up a special coupon code for visitors who are about to leave the website. People won’t think twice before buying if you do this. They don’t want to lose the chance to save money. Offer them what they want, and your conversion rate will increase.

– More Facebook traffic with social sharing: In order to unlock the coupon code, your visitor needs to share your website on Facebook. This will give you free traffic and more exposure.

– PLR is included, with selling tools. You can give this plugin for free to anyone. You can also rebrand it and use as your own. Or you can also sell it and keep 100% profit. It is up to you to use this plugin and profit from it.

VidCommissions Bonus #2: High Ticket Authority Gold with Master Resell Right

Want to know the real secret of making a killing online? Sell a high-ticket product. One high-ticket product will pay up to $1000 commissions per sale. This is somewhat different with lower ticket product which pays $10 per sale.

You don’t need to get a lot of traffic to make $2000 per month. All you need is a few conversion to your affiliate links. However, making the real sale of a high-ticket product is not that easy. People will think a lot of time before buying, due to the price of these products.

High Ticket Authority Gold is the blueprint to help you get started selling high-ticket products.

What’s inside the High Ticket Authority Gold:
– The video series: These videos will outline the steps needed in order to set up your sales funnel, autoresponder and traffic.
– Upsell page: This is an example of the upsell page which will be seen by your visitors.
– 7-day autoresponder series: Modify this swipe emails, or you can also use these email swipes as its own. Then, send the emails to your list of subscribers.
– Special report: Use this report as an offer to invite others to join your list.
– Affiliate toolbox page: Make others send the traffic to your website. The toolbox page is a complete set of tools for your affiliates. Encourage them to promote you, and you will earn the real money on auto-pilot.
– Top forums and blogs: These are the source of traffic where you get the visitors from.
– Keyword list: If you have a blog or website, this list will be very useful. Just use these keywords and then get ranked on Google. No hassle to research the keywords on your own.
– Sales letter, e-cover, and MRR: High Ticket Authority Gold can be sold to anyone. All the sales materials are included. You just need to plug and play the entire funnel. Once you’ve made the sales, keep 100% profits to yourself.

VidCommissions Bonus #3: Profitable Webinars Blueprint With Master Resell Right

Running a webinar is a simple, but effective methods for infopreneur to earn the real money from home. In fact, webinars can add an extra 1 or 2 figures from your current income today.

Profitable Webinars Blueprint is an easy-to-follow video series to run a profitable webinar from home. It will make the entire process sounds easy, as it should be.

The following are the list of videos inside this blueprint:
– Profitable webinar formula and the solid plan to get started.
– The secret to close a sale.
– Your traffic sources and how to get the attendees.
– Joint venture marketing secrets and what it has to do with your webinar.
– Leverage the power of Facebook to generate traffic and get more attendees.
– The list of tools and tricks to make your webinars automated.

This video series also comes with cover graphics, sales letter, and MRR. Sell this product to anyone and keep 100% of profits to your own.

VidCommissions Bonus #4: Pinterest Traffic Formula

This is one complete blueprint for Pinterest traffic. Now you can use Pinterest to generate a massive amount of traffic to CPA or affiliate offers.

The lessons that you will learn from this course:
– Introduction to Pinterest.
– The reasons why you should be using Pinterest.
– The concept of following on Pinterest.
– Tips to boost your popularity.
– Tools and automation that you can use for easier traffic and less work.
– Discover how to network with fellow bloggers in your niche.
– The perfect kind of websites for Pinterest traffic.
– Find out how to market to the Pinterest audience without being pushy.
– Creativity matters. Find out the kind of photos and images that will be shared all over this social site.
– The reasons why you should update your profile and content frequently.

VidCommissions Bonus #5: WordPress Optimization Secret with Master Resell Right

It is no secret that WordPress is the number one tool for Google ranking and traffic. WordPress Optimization Secret will outline tips and techniques to optimize your WordPress site for massive, targeted traffic.

Some of the techniques that you will learn from this book:
– Content optimization and blog posts.
– The list of WordPress plugins that you can use to your advantage.
– Link building basics and where to get the backlinks for your WordPress site.
– Find out how to leverage the directory websites to get powerful backlinks.
– The importance of sitemaps and how to include them in your WordPress site.
– Article marketing and its relationship with SEO.

VidCommissions Bonus #6: Shopify Blueprint with Master Resell Right

Shopify Blueprint is a newbie-friendly course on e-commerce and Shopify. Unlike the rest of e-commerce course, Shopify Blueprint gives attention to only Shopify platform.

The reason is simple: Shopify is the number one software to build an online store and setting up your shopping cart.

Also, Shopify Blueprint comes with a complete sales letter, cover graphics, and MRR. So, if you are looking for products to sell, this one should be added to your list.

List of chapters inside this course:
– Overview of the Shopify platform: This video is a quick overview of the platform. Discover why you should be using Shopify as your e-commerce software.
– Getting started with Shopify: This video will highlight the monthly and yearly plans for Shopify. Then, you should use the plan which matches your needs perfectly.
– The dashboard: The dashboard is the heart of your Shopify software. This video will navigate the entire dashboard and then see how to configure your account.
– How to setup your Shopify E-Store: One best thing about Shopify is the fact its system is very user-friendly. All the templates and designs are provided to you. This part will show you directly how to choose the right template, setting up the payment and choose the shipping methods.
– How to identify hot selling products: The key to profit online is to sell products in high demand. This video will explain the free tools that you can leverage to research for new trends, market demand and more.
– How To Create Buy Button / Shopping Cart: Setting up and connecting the buy button with your payment processor is very important. While it sounds easy, you need to do it correctly. Otherwise, you won’t be receiving the money for each sale.
– Monetization: There are various methods to profit from Shopify. Not only you can sell your own products, you can also sell other people’s products here. Plus, Shopify also allows you to do drop shipping right from your website made with Shopify.
– Migrate from other platforms to Shopify: This video will explain how to migrate your existing website to the Shopify platform.
– Launching your online store: This section is about traffic, and perhaps the most exciting part of the entire process. Watch the traffic and profit grow on auto-pilot from your online store.

VidCommissions Bonus #7: Alibaba Profit System With Master Resell Right

Unless if you live under the rock in the past few years, you should have known about Alibaba. This wholesale website is rising in the past few years and will keep getting bigger, together with Amazon.com.

Alibaba Profit System will help you a lot if you want to do business with Alibaba. You can also help others by selling this course since it comes with master resell right. Tools like sales video, sales letter, and swipe emails are included, so this product can be sold easily.

List of videos:
– Overview: The introduction of Alibaba, its pros and then the cons of using this website.
– Getting started with Alibaba: This video will explain how to set up the Trade Assurance account and how to it is important to you.
– Finding a product to sell: Not all products are an easy sell. Some products are harder to be sold than others. This video will explain how to find a good product to sell. This includes criteria and information inside Alibaba website that you need to look for.
– How to reduce your risk as a buyer: Find out how to decide which companies to deal with. Plus, how to reduce your risk as a buyer on this wholesale website.
– Start by contacting suppliers: This video outline the things that you should keep in mind when contacting potential suppliers. Then, things that you should know when negotiating with suppliers.
– Testing Your Samples: Testing is important to avoid a scam. This video explains what to do to test your samples.
– Moving Forward With An Order Once Your Sample Checks Out: Learn how to negotiate with the supplier once your sample checks out.
– Placing Your Order Using The Online Order Form From Alibaba: Find out why using the online form at Alibaba is the best when ordering the products from suppliers.
– Making payment: Discover how to use the secure payment gateway and other relevant stuff.
– Having Your Products Shipped: This video covers not only Alibaba but also the Amazon FBA program and its relation with you. Also, the checklist that you need to look at when comes to product shipping.
– When Your Product Arrives: Learn what you should do when the product arrives, what to inspect and record the unboxing using video.
– Conclusion: The recap of the entire video series.

How to claim these bonuses:
1. Purchase the VidCommissions product from this website. Click here to purchase VidCommissions product.

2. Once you’ve made the purchase, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the bonuses. All these bonuses are already integrated with the JVZoo.com system, so once you’ve made your purchase, you will be taken right to the download page.

3. You can also claim these bonus files by contacting me, Thomas Henry. Send an email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Please include your proof of purchase in your email. For example, the time and date of purchase, Paypal ID etc.


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