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Viralightning – Viral Marketing + List Building Machine

In-depth Viralightning review

Introduction – What is this program about?
Viralightning a ready-made online business system where you can get tons of other people send you the traffic, just like a guru earn traffic to their products. However, the best part is, you don’t need to have your own product, in other words, if you are a beginner or perhaps intermediate internet marketer this product can give you a life-changing income.

In this in-depth Viralightning review , I will demonstrate to you step-by-step on how Viralightning (viralightning.com) works, and why you need it, especially when you are an affiliate marketer.

It’s all about viral marketing – no SEO, no Facebook Ads, no JV
While lots of top publishers on JVZoo make millions per year from their own affiliates, you don’t need to do that in order to achieve the same. You can simply utilize the power of viral marketing and list building in order to generate steady traffic and earn the life-changing income from affiliate marketing.

Who is Viralightning for?
This product is geared for almost everyone who into making money online, especially beginners or intermediate marketers. Viralightning.com is about getting steady traffic and sales with list building and affiliate marketing.

While we all agree that making money with affiliate marketing is indeed a solid business model, we also agree that getting the traffic, building a list and finally making a sale to your affiliate link is a tiresome work. That’s where people will need a powerful income system like Viralightning.

Why you need the Viralightning software?
Have you ever wondered how super affiliates and gurus on top affiliate networks like JVZoo and Clickbank are doing? The real secret is simple – they have their own products. As a matter of fact, once they launch a product on these networks, they will have thousands of affiliates sending the traffic, growing the list and making money for them on auto-pilot.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this business model. In fact, having your product and an army of super affiliates to sell for you is one solid business model. However, the worst part is, you, as the affiliate, need to compete with the rest of other affiliates just to enjoy a fraction of the pie.

Viralightning introduction

These are some of the most common problems that stop most people, especially newbies from earning a real income online:
– They don’t have their own product. They only sell other people’s products as an affiliate.
– They don’t know how to build a real list of buyers.
– They don’t know how to drive traffic to their website.
– They don’t know how to make other affiliates to promote for them.

However, thanks to Viralightning software, all these problems come to an end. Once you utilize the power of Viralightning program, rather than working for others to drive traffic, you can make others drive the traffic for you. 

What is inside the member’s area?
This product comes with a built-in system where you can promote any product from JVZoo or Clickbank marketplace with its ready-made website. All you need to do is adjust some of the settings inside the member’s area of Viralightning.com software and you are good to go.

Viralightning dashboard

What’s the difference between Viralightning and having my own website?
In short, there’s a huge difference in this.
– Viralightning comes with a real, built-in referral system where your visitors and subscribers will refer to other people to the JVZoo products of your choice.
– You don’t need to register a domain name, subscribe to a hosting company or perhaps hire a graphic designer from scratch. Viralightning is a cloud-based software where the websites, squeeze page and graphic are built-in and integrated together with the system.
– You don’t need to have the experience to profit from the Viralightning system.
– Viralightning is basically about viral marketing and list building. Hence, not only you will be getting massive, free traffic from viral marketing, but also from your own mailing list.
– You don’t need to have your own product to launch the campaign. However, the best part is, you can still have other people, in other words, you referral send the traffic for you. That is via viral marketing. In other words, once you utilize the power of Viralightning.com system, it will become like this:
viralightning results 2

The step-by-step guide on how Viralightning works:
1. Just set up your Viralightning campaign within the dashboard, together with your JVZoo or Clickbank affiliate link. Also, you need to set the number of referral in order for the social unlock to work (more about this in later steps). In this example, let say you set the total number of referral to be 3.

Viralightning step 1

2. Once you do so, you will get a link to your own funnel and start promoting or sharing this link however you want. The concept is similar to guru product owner who promotes their JV offer from Facebook to their latest product launch.

You can also replicate the same. There are tons of methods to do this. For example, you can your social sites like Facebook or perhaps any traffic methods, like solo ads, SEO, your own blog, guest blogging, anything that you choose from.

3. Your Viralightning funnel is designed to turn small results into bigger one. This is how viral marketing works and that is the entire purpose of Viralightning.

4. Once your visitors arrive at your funnel, they will be presented the opportunity to join the new Viralightning campaign for free. Of course, many of them will do because this is one of easy, free money-making opportunity for them.

Viralightning step 4

5. Your visitors will be automatically given a free version of your web funnel, but with a difference, they need to unlock it first. In other to unlock the funnel, they have the options to choose Coupon Unlock and Social Unlock.

Coupon Unlock: This is where your visitors will buy your built-in featured affiliate offer. This is where you will make the sale. Once they’ve made the purchase, they will get a special coupon code which instantly unlocks their own Viralightning website so they can also earn on the built-in affiliate offer as well.

Social Unlock: If your visitors don’t choose to buy, then they will have to refer others to your funnel. These participants will have to refer ‘X’ number of people to your funnel in order to unlock their own Viralightning funnels. You set this ‘X’ number of people back in step one.

Viralightning step 5

6. From this point on, the way Social Unlock feature continue to make your campaign go viral is very brilliant. For example, if one visitor, let say Bob chooses to use social unlock and then refer to 4 people, then the rest 4 people also refer to other for people, that is 16 new subscribers being added to your list.

Viralightning step 5a

In other words, this is no different then getting your videos shared and viral on Youtube, but with one big exception, it is not video marketing. Viralightning (viralightning.com) is actually a form of affiliate marketing and list building.

A little bit about affiliate marketing
You might already know this, but affiliate marketing is about selling other people’s products online. This is one of the biggest opportunity thanks to the internet. All you need to do is register for an affiliate network, get approved to promote a certain product.

After that, you will be given a referral link called the affiliate. All you need to do is send traffic to your affiliate link and if you made a conversion, in other words, a sale, you will earn commissions.

What are JVZoo and Clickbank?

Both JVZoo and Clickbank are top affiliate networks for digital products. While anyone can earn money from selling physical products, let say from Rakuten Network or Amazon Associates, I highly recommend that you get started with these two networks first.

For a few reasons:
Massive payout per sale. Clickbank and JVZoo are top networks for digital products. Digital products are easier to sell and ship to the buyers because they can simply download these products right from the internet. So, there’s no need to pay for a shipping cost. Hence, expect to earn 50% or sometimes 100% commissions per sale.
Easy to register, easy to get paid. JVZoo, especially, is easier to register and get paid. All you need is a Paypal account. Once you do, all of your affiliate commissions will be sent right to your Paypal account. Even better, some of the merchants here offer you instant commissions per sale.
Great support for both customers and affiliates. JVZoo provides excellent support and how to guides for new affiliates and merchants. Once you’ve registered, all the tutorials and training videos are provided within the member’s area.

A little bit about list building
If you read any internet marketing blog, forum or perhaps read any materials related to online marketing, you should know by now that having your own list is the key to online success. In fact, many gurus out there claim that the money is inside the list for a reason – because list building is important not only for conversions but also for steady traffic and sales.

However, if you are a new marketer, then having your own list, let alone your own product can be very tiresome. Here’s why:
– You need to learn how to use an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse from scratch.
– You must know how to design a website or at least know people who can design a real, working website. Otherwise, you cannot sell online.
– You must know how to design fancy graphics page or banner for your website or squeeze page.
– You must write follow-up email series to your mailing list before earning your first dollar from your list.

In other words, for any newbie, in order to get things done, from setting a website to building list and making money from it is a big job to do.

Viralightning can reduce years of your time and at least half of your initial cost on list building and traffic generation.

Finally, if you purchase Viralightning from this website, then you are qualified to get my bonuses below:

Bonus #1 – Buyers Generation 3.0 with Master Resale Rights
Viralightning software is not complete without this course. Buyers Generation 3.0 is about getting a huge list of buyers to your autoresponder account. While we agree that the money is inside mailing list, but super affiliates and gurus know that there’s a huge difference between growing a list of freebie seekers and growing a list of real buyers.

Too bad that many of the courses out there are teaching on how to get traffic and grow a list, but not many of them are focusing on getting more buyers. However, that is not the case with Buyers Generation 3.0.

Viralightning bonus 1Bonus #2 – High Ticket Authority Gold with Master Resale Rights
Why make just $20 commissions on low ticket products, while you can earn even more per sale with high ticket products? If you are selling a low ticket product, you will need lots of traffic to earn your first $1000. However, if you are selling a high ticket product, you just need a few traffic to earn your first $2000. The problem is, selling a high ticket product, especially with $1000 price is easier said than done.

High Ticket Authority Gold is the answer. This is the course that you need if you wish to sell a $500 or perhaps a $2000 product to anyone online. It comes with 11 modules with a different set of tools, from the special free report to autoresponder series, upsell page plus much more.

Bonus #3 – List Authority with Master Resale Rights

List Authority is a complete course on how to build an email list of 1000 subscribers in 30 days. This video series comes with a complete game plan, step-by-step system on how to create a bribe, follow-up emails, squeeze page and finally traffic generation. If you think that money is inside mailing list (why not?), then this product is the one that you should not miss.

Viralightning bonus 3

Bonus #4 – Profitable Webinars Blueprint

It is no secret that running your own webinar is the key to making a real sale and conversion with affiliate products or perhaps your own products. Profitable Webinar Blueprint will walk you step-by-step on how to run your own profitable webinars, send the invitation link to your list and then close up the sales. While running a webinar is not really needed for anyone to earn money from their list, it is very important especially when you want to sell a high ticket product to your traffic because high ticket product is not that easy to sell, compared to low ticket or digital products.

Viralightning bonus 4


All of my bonuses above are integrated with the JVZoo system, so rest assured once you’ve made the purchase, all of them will be delivered to you.

Click here to get started with Viralightning software + download all my killer bonuses above.


Viralightning bonus jvzoo


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