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Web Siphon review

Web Siphon Review, User Demo + Bonus

An overview – Why use Web Siphon?:

Web Siphon is a powerful content fetcher WordPress plugin, designed for affiliate marketers and bloggers. If you are running a blog for one month or two, probably you will encounter content problems every now and then.

For example:
– You need images to be posted on your blog.
– Content is the king. You will want to post fresh, unique articles into your WP site.
– Including a video on your website is also important these days.

However, scrapping the web and fetching these content manually will take hours to days of your time. This is where the Web Siphon plugin becomes very useful.

Web Siphon official website

Web Siphon full review

What Is Web Siphon and how can it help you

Like being said before, this is the software tool that will scrap popular websites on the internet and then fetch relevant content to you. This is the ultimate tool to rediscover the web but without hours of manual work.

For a blogger, this is actually a dream comes true WordPress plugin. You can activate this plugin within the WordPress dashboard and then curate content from other sites much faster.

What type of content can be curated?

In summary, the Web Siphon plugin will curate pretty much any type of content that you need for a standard WordPress post. Those include:
– videos.
– viral images.
– popular quotes.
– articles.

This plugin will curate the content from popular content sharing websites and even news websites. Those include:
– Youtube
– Flickr
– Twitter
– Webhose Blogs
– Google+
– Bloomberg
– Buzzfeed
– Fox News
– Medical News Today
– National Geographic
– Techcrunch
– The Huffington Post
– The Washington Post
– Google News.

Features of the Web Siphon plugin:

The Web Siphon plugin comes with both content editor and content fetcher system.

The content fetcher section

Keyword suggestion feature is included: This feature is very useful in case you want to brainstorm for an idea or relevant content.

Easy to navigate user interface: This WP plugin is super easy to activate and use. The user-dashboard, interface and the search function is super easy to understand.

Content editor section

Drag and drop editor is supported: Anyone can easily curate and then edit the content with the Web Siphon plugin. This plugin supports the drag and drop system and visual page editor. Which means you can easily add new images by just dragging and then dropping it into the editor. It is the same as using the standard WordPress editor.

Built-in image editor is also included: Need to edit an existing image? Then, you can do so within the WordPress dashboard. No need to leave this dashboard. Just upload and then edit the image as you please.

No need to copy and paste: Once this plugin fetches an article from the web, you can easily add the content with just a single click. No need to copy and then paste. This will save a lot of time.

Edit an existing post or page for curation: Need to add content from the web to an existing post? This feature will save a lot of your time. Web Siphon allows you to edit an existing post and then add new articles, images from the web later on.

Who need the Web Siphon software?

In summary, this software is going to help anyone who wishes to make the real money online.

Bloggers and WordPress users: Web Siphon is actually a WordPress plugin. Therefore, no doubt it will help a lot of WordPress users. Impress your readers with viral videos, stunning images in your blog post. Add quality articles by fetching them from news websites. There’s no limit on how you can use and profit from this plugin.

Web designers and agency: Need to design a stunning website for clients? Then, you can save a lot of time getting the content and images. Use this plugin to pull stunning images, embed impressive Youtube videos and then add quality articles. Impress your clients with the quality of your work.

Affiliate marketers: Selling other people’s products online? Then, Web Siphon plugin will help you, a lot. Just use this plugin on your WordPress site. Add viral images, quality videos and then attract a lot of traffic from various sources. Build trust and engagement with your readers by building quality content thanks to the news websites’ content.

Social media marketers: Getting the traffic from social media is very powerful, especially when you have this software. You can pull viral Youtube videos and then share in your WordPress site or Facebook page. However, if you don’t have a website, then you need to register a domain name in order to use this software.

My Web Siphon bonus, only from this website

Get the Web Siphon plugin from this page and I will send you these products as a bonus. You cannot get these products somewhere else since they are not part of the Web Siphon plugin.

However, they can help you a lot, when comes to online marketing, WordPress and traffic generation. You can claim them only via email. (More information at the bottom of this page).

Web Siphon Bonus #1: Pinterest Traffic Formula

I think this product is the most relevant to the Web Siphon plugin. While you can have a stunning blog content, you still need to promote it. Otherwise, you won’t get people to share your blog post, and get the viral traffic.

Pinterest Traffic Formula is just the course that you will be needing in order to promote your blog. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, getting Pinterest traffic is much easier. This is due to fact that Pinterest is not popular among giant companies and big businesses.

Discover the following and more inside this product:
– An overview of Pinterest and your target market there.
– Discover the type of offers that sell on Pinterest.
– The correct way to sell on the Pinterest audience without being pushy.
– Tools that you must know and utilize to automate the Pinterest traffic.
– Terms of the Pinterest website that you should know to avoid from getting banned.

Plus a whole lot more will be exposed inside this blueprint.

Web Siphon Bonus #2: WordPress Sales Robot

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin, then WordPress Sales Robot is relevant to you. WordPress Sales Robot is both viral marketing and sales plugin. It will boost your traffic and sales by offering a special coupon code.

How to claim my Web Siphon bonus offers above:
1. Click here to visit the Web Siphon official website and make your purchase. Remember, you are qualified for the above bonus products only when you purchase Web Siphon from this website.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me the Web Siphon bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase as the proof of payment.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.


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