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Where to upload your videos for viral marketing

If you are into online marketing or perhaps want to increase the conversion rate of your own website, one way to do that would be to use video on your website or at least upload on any video sharing sites.

There are tons of video sharing sites on the internet that you can try and upload your videos into, some of them have even more features than the other. The following are the list of popular websites to upload, share and store your videos online.

1. Youtube
Unless if you live under the rock in the past ten years, you should know about Youtube. Youtube is one of the oldest video sharing sites owned by Google. Ten years ago, this website had gone viral with massive exposure and sharing all over the web. Today, it becomes even better since Youtube app is available directly on any of your smartphones.

If you want to increase traffic via viral marketing and search engine marketing, Youtube is still the number one way to go. For one thing, people who are looking for something on Google or Youtube will probably enter relevant keywords into the search box. Then, anyone who likes your video will probably share them all over the web, since Youtube encourage social sharing.

2. Amazon S3
Amazon S3 is one of the most popular video platform used by internet marketers to upload video tutorials, ebooks, and even sales video. However, this online storage requires low payment and it is a charge for the usage. Once uploaded, all of your files will be there permanently.

You can use Amazon S3 to boost the conversion rates of your website, that is by uploading HD videos to pre-sell or sell to your target audience on your website.

3. DailyMotion
This is one of the biggest video sharing sites for years. DailyMotion has over 110 million new visitors per month so you can expect to get lots of traffic from this video sharing site. Even better, DailyMotion also offers various methods for your videos to get shared all over the web. The look and design of DailyMotion are somewhat similar to the Youtube but years ago.

Just like Youtube, DailyMotion gets even better by having the ability to upload videos on different languages, different video topics, with more than 3 billion videos are watched every month.

4. Vimeo
If you are looking for an HD-type video, then Vimeo is the place that you should go for. For the users, they can watch any type of high-quality videos for free on Vimeo from a different type of topics, like Art, Animation, Documentary, Travel plus much more.

As for the video marketer, Vimeo also provides you with video hosting where you can upload high-definition videos to boost your conversion rate, or perhaps share tutorials, how-tos, tips, facts and a lot more than you can imagine.

Another cool thing about Vimeo is the fact you an watch all kind of videos on this website without annoying ads. This is contradicting to Youtube which always displays ads before the videos are being played.

5. Veoh
This website is a combination of video sharing site plus social media platform. If you are looking for a place to upload video, Veoh is an option. From short videos and longer ones, Veoh is providing videos of all length. Just like Youtube, you can upload videos on just about any topic, from games, movies, trailers, presentations plus a lot more.

Another feature that makes Veoh unique is the fact it also comes with social media functions, such as the ability to mark your favorite videos, create playlists plus you can also send a message to any of the Veoh’s users.

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