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Why do you need to use Youtube for effective marketing?

Unless if you live under the rock in the past ten years, you probably know about Youtube. This is the hottest video sharing site, owned by Google. While there could be tons of other competitors of the Youtube, such as Vimeo, Daily Motion or even Facebook, Youtube is still the number one video sharing site.

In fact, if you don’t utilize Youtube for marketing yet, you are missing lots of traffic and also real money on the table. The following are some of the reasons why you should utilize Youtube for internet marketing:

1. Relevant traffic: People use Youtube not only for entertainment but also for product reviews, tips, how-tos, and tutorials. One thing that differentiates between Youtube and other social sites like Instagram is the fact this website has a search feature where anyone can enter relevant keywords to find the tutorial, how-tos and product reviews that can help them. Therefore, you are going to advertise and reach an only relevant audience for your products or services.

2. Social sharing: Youtube allows anyone to share the videos not only via social bookmarks but also by embedding your videos all over the web for massive exposure. If you place a link in the video and then the video goes viral, or get embedded here and there all over the web, then people will know your website and visit it often. This will give more brand awareness to your company or your website.

3. Ease of use: Youtube also has lots of features for video publishers not only to upload but also to edit the video before publishing to the mass. Yes, you don’t need to purchase an expensive webcam in order to upload a video to Youtube. You can simply use your Android smartphone to capture video from your phone and then upload via Youtube app. Then, you can also edit the video, add subtitles, description, tags and even clickable links on the video.

4. More conversions: People who are already in buying mode usually go to search engines, including Youtube to hunt for product reviews. This rule is true especially when you are promoting physical or electronic products from your own e-commerce store or perhaps as an affiliate, let say Amazon Associates. If you are selling a brand new smartphone, then you can demonstrate how to use it, its features, new improvements, additional functions plus much much more on Youtube. If you can give a full review of the products you are selling, then people will be more eager to buy, because they know what they will get.

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