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Xmails review

xMails Review, Killer Bonus, Discount, Official Website Access, OTO Info

Overview of xMails product

xMails is a complete solution for email marketers. If you were using autoresponder service like Getresponse or Aweber before, you should know that these service providers have a lot of limitations.

However, xMails is different. With just a low one-time payment plan, you will get the same as Aweber plus even more. Best of all, there is no limitations.

Why use xMails?

Unlike other autoresponder services, xMails is a one-time payment autoresponder. Even better, you will get a lot of other bonuses, such as the email templates, lead capture page and more with xMails.

Aweber: USD194 per year, limited to 500 leads, basic features.
Getresponse: USD147.6 per year, basic features, limited to 1000 leads.
xMails: Less than $100, one-time payment, unlimited leads, lots of features (you will get the same, even more than Getresponse or Aweber above).

xMails official website

No restrictions or limitations
xMails will remove the limitations by offering more features than the standard autoresponder software:
– One-time payment autoresponder service. No monthly or yearly payment.
– You will get the same as top email service providers, even more with xMails.
– Fast email delivery with no lagging, no downtime.
– No restrictions since you can collect unlimited email contacts and send unlimited broadcast emails.

xMails Full Review

Features of the xMails autoresponder service

Capture unlimited email contacts:

– xMails is the world’s smartest autoresponder service.
– Capture unlimited leads and email contacts with the xMails service.
– Create unlimited email marketing campaigns.
– Send unlimited broadcast messages.
– xMails has the ability to send unlimited emails to all subscribers.
– No more poor conversion rates. Now you can increase the email delivery, click and open rate instantly thanks to xMails.

Top notch SMTP servers for the best delivery and open rates:

– The SMTP servers are 100% free to all xMails users.
– No need to purchase a web hosting, domain name or even edit the SMTP servers.
– All the services are managed in a 100% cloud-based server.
– Craft, edit and send emails by using a different kind of templates.
– 500+ email templates are provided in any niche.

Manage the email contacts easily:

– The segment between your subscribers by using the smart tags feature.
– Send an exclusive email promotion for each segment.
– Get faster inboxing to unlimited subscribers.
– Craft the email messages accordingly and give a unique touch to every subscriber.
– Create personalized content for the different type of buyer list.

More conversion rates:

– Over 100 free high-converting lead capture pages are provided for maximum leads.
– Landing page builder is also included.
– Over 100 done-for-you email templates will be released each month.
– 50 webinar pages are provided for the best webinar signup rates.

xMails reseller license is also included:

– This feature is provided exclusively for agencies.
– Get 500 account license.
– Free sales materials and sales pages are included.
– The ability to create an account in 1 click.
– A low one-time investment but with higher returns.

Other features:

– One-time payment autoresponder service with no monthly fees.
– Stop paying to the third-part autoresponder service.
– Get a lot more leads, and subscribers again and again.
– 100% user-friendly with zero technical skills required.
– GDPR can-spam compliant email service.

How to use the xMails to send a broadcast message:

1. Choose the editor type. From this point, you can select whether to use the plain text editor or inline editor.

2. Enter the message details such as subject, your name, email, and SMTP.

3. Select your email template. There are a lot of templates to choose from.

4. Edit the template as you please. For example, you will want to add your company name.

5. Select the list segments that you want to send the offer to.

6. Set the date and then schedule your email to a later date.

Who needs the xMails software

In general, anyone who runs an email marketing campaign. Even if you already pay for an autoresponder, you will get the same plus more with xMails. Also with a much lower one-time fee.

Affiliate marketers: I think this audience is the most relevant to the xMails product. As an affiliate, the money is inside the list. Of course, you cannot run a profitable business for long-term without an autoresponder. Rather than paying a lot to popular autoresponder service, you will get the same, even more, thanks to xMails.

Freelancers and marketing agencies: Thanks to the reseller license, you can even host and sell the emails service to your existing clients.

E-commerce business owners: Do you run an e-commerce store? Then, you will want to send the email promotion every now and then. For example, if you have a special offer during a certain season, you can increase the sales rates by sending promotion emails on certain dates.

Newbies to online marketing: Are you starting from scratch? Then, you will need to grow a list. But why pay for a monthly autoresponder fee, while you can get the same, even more, thanks to xMails? Sign up for xMails and you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free email autoresponder service. Also with much lower cost.

Pros and cons of the xMail autoresponder

– One-time payment autoresponder service.
– Capture unlimited leads and send unlimited emails to your list.
– Get the same, plus even more with xMails when compared to popular autoresponder service provider.
– Lead capture pages are included.
– Lots of additional freebies such as email templates are also included.

– I cannot find any so far.

– xMails is recommended to all online marketers, especially email marketers and list builders.

My relevant, killer xMails bonus, only from this site

Get the xMails software from this website and I will send you to following bonus offers.

These products are not part of the xMails software, but they will help you boost the income from online from online marketing.

xMails Bonus #1: Autoresponder Profit Formula

As you know, xMails is an autoresponder service. But, what if you know nothing about email marketing and autoresponder? This blueprint can help.
This is why I am offering my exclusive Autoresponder Profit Formula course as the bonus with the xMails product.
While the information inside this course could be nothing for an email marketing guru, but it can help you a lot if you are a beginner.

Learn the following and more inside this course:
– The introduction to the autoresponder and email marketing.
– Squeeze page and its importance to your entire email marketing campaign.
– The factors that can increase conversion rates of a squeeze page.
– Discover the correct way to write follow-up email messages.
– Find out the big difference between a buyer list and an ordinary email list.
– Discover the reasons why you should care about getting the buyer traffic and not just any type of traffic.
– Joint venture marketing secrets and what has to do with your autoresponder campaign.
– Traffic generation strategies that you should implement for any email marketing campaign.
– The secrets to selling a high-ticket product to your email list.
Plus, a lot more autoresponder and list building strategies will be exposed inside this course.

xMails Bonus #2: Pinterest Traffic Formula

It is no secret that social media sites are great traffic sources. Now, what if you are new to social media marketing? Is there any traffic opportunity that you can grab today?

Well, the short answer is Pinterest. Facebook is the hottest social media site, but it is way too saturated when compared to Pinterest.

You could be asking: Why should I focus on Pinterest? Well, some of the reasons are:
– Pinterest terms are less strict when compared to Facebook or even Twitter.
– The marketing and traffic strategies are much easier.
– Pinterest is a huge traffic source with millions of users per month.
– For newcomers, you can get the traffic with much less work involved and lower competition.

The Pinterest Traffic Formula is just the course that will guide you through the entire process of marketing on Pinterest.

Learn the following plus more inside:
– Tools and automation with Pinterest.
– The type of audience who are using Pinterest.
– Blogging and what it has to do with Pinterest.
– CPA and affiliate offers that will sell by using Pinterest traffic.
Plus, a lot more tips will be exposed inside this blueprint.

How to claim my bonus offers above
1. You need to purchase xMails product only from this website. Click here to purchase the xMails service.

2. Compose an email with the subject: “Send me xMails bonus”. Please state your Paypal transaction ID and date of purchase as the proof of payment.

3. Send your email to support[at]italica-virtus.com. Replace [at] with @.

Thanks for reading.

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